Security is everyone’s responsibility.

There is much focus on how to secure front ends like Apache or Nginx, but when it comes to a backend, we often ignore it.

If you are working in a critical production environment where every minute counts you may want to explore all the options to secure as much you can.

IBM WebSphere Deployment Manager Console is a gateway for all the changes you do for application, and you must consider restricting access from authorized IP’s or hosts.

You may also consider implementing NCSA logging to trace DMGR login.

Now, you might be thinking why to restrict when it’s secured with username/password. Are you?

Well, let’s take a real-time scenario….

  • You are using generic user/password, and that is leaked or known to another team.
  • One of the team members has joined the other side of the business and may take advantage of credentials.
  • For some reason, you have disabled the WAS security, and someone got the console by chance


Let’s move on implementation now.

As a best practice, take a backup of configuration so you can rollback if something goes against the plan

  • Login into DMGR Console
  • Go to System administration >> Deployment manager


  • Click on Web container transport chains


  • Click on WCInbouceAdminSecure if DMGR is SSL enabled. If not, click on WCInbouceAdmin.


Note: if both are enabled – you have to do it for both.

  • Click on TCP inbound channel (TCP_3)


  • Enter the IP in “Address include list.”
  • Enter the hostname in “Hostname include list


  • Click on Apply and Ok
  • Review and save the configuration
  • Restart the DMGR to get the configuration effective

So in above example, I have included only as allowed IP. Let’s see what happens when I try from the hostname or different IP.

Accessing with hostname


Boom.. so you see it’s blocked.

Accessing with allowed IP


Here you go.. It was accessible from the allowed IP and blocked from all others.

By implementing IP restriction, you add another layer of security to your production environment.

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Head here if you want to configure WebSphere Deployment Manager Console Identity.