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Runway Secures $27.5M for Its Financial Platform

Runway provides busineĀ­sses with a cloud-based solution that simplifies theĀ­ process of creating, managing, and sharing financial models. This veĀ­rsatile platform seamlessly inteĀ­grates with over 100 data sources, including popular accounting softwareĀ­ like QuickBooks and NetSuite, as weĀ­ll as productivity tools like Google SheeĀ­ts and AWS.

According to the latest reĀ­port, the company successfully secureĀ­d $27.5 million in a Series A funding round. The inveĀ­stment was led by Initialized Capital along with otheĀ­r contributors. With this recent round of funding, the company’s total raiseĀ­d capital now stands at $33.5 million.

It creates dynamic reports and dashboards with live charts, tables, and dynamic text. Runway seamlessly integrates with all departments like accounts, HRIS, data warehouse, etc., simplifying staying updated with the latest data for accurate forecasting.

Voice Cloning Platform Resemble AI Raised $8M

Resemble is a generative AI to clone realistic-sounding voices. It is used by some of the world’s top firms, such as World Bank Group, Netflix Bolingo, Byjus, etc.

As per a report, the company raised $8M in a Series A round led by Javelin Venture Partners and other investors. This fund adds to its total funding of $12 million.

Some of its features include translating your voice to 60+ languages and easily expressing a wide range of emotions like happiness, sadness, and anger effortlessly in your voice without needing extra data. Convert your voice to another voice in real time with speech-to-speech technology for authentic and immersive results.

Meta Announces Generative AI for Text and Images

Meta announced a generative AI model called CM3Leon (pronounced like “chameleon”) for text-to-image and image-to-text generation. It is one of its types that is capable of generating captions for images.

CM3leon was created to generate text and graphics from mixed-modal input. This innovative strategy combines retrieval-augmented pre-training with multitasking supervised fine-tuning techniques to produce an efficient tokenizer-based multimodal model.

CM3Leon stands out by demonstrating extraordinary performance in generating images of complex objects and text prompts; for example, the prompt: A small cactus wearing a straw hat and neon sunglasses in the Sahara desert has produced the image shown above.
You can also try Meta’s text-to-video generator.

You can also try Metaā€™s text to video generator.

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