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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: September 4, 2023
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Need a single interface to strategize, operate, monitor, measure, and optimize conversations between the sales team and potential leads? You should check out these best sales engagement web tools now.

A sales engagement tool hosted on the cloud or business premises provides a unified platform for every action related to the sales team of your organization. Here, sales leads can create a strategy for sales teams while the sales agents can send promotional emails to clients or discuss deals.

The app mostly helps you with the following:

  • Automate sales team activities like sending emails or text messages
  • Accumulate all leads and customer data in one database
  • Creating preferred channels for customer outreach 

Benefits of Using a Sales Engagement Platform

The primary benefit of using a sales engagement tool is the automation of the entire sales channel. Find below other notable gains of using such tools:

  • Organize customer, lead, and visitor data in one place so the entire sales team can access this data to reach prospective buyers.
  • Most of these tools come with templates for sales pipelines. Thus you can create an automated workflow for faster conversion of a lead.
  • Secure sales plans, customer data, sales collaterals, and more with SSL encryption.
  • When you use such tools, you can engage with a potential buyer before any competing business does.
  • It becomes easier to optimize an existing sales operation since the tool highlights flaws in the sales planning.  

Must-Have Features for a Sales Engagement Platform

Find below the features of the best sales engagement tool:

#1. Centralized Database

Your sales engagement platform should have a central data hub from where teams can easily access the necessary information for communication.

#2. Sales Collaterals 

The solution should also consist of standard sales content management tools, such as email templates, handphone scripts, call center scripts, etc. 

#3. CRM Integration


The sales engagement platform should be integrated with your native CRM and other tools you use. This will streamline team collaboration and eliminate the chance of sync errors. 

#4. Workflow Automation

The software should also support workflow automation. It should let you set up trigger actions for repetitive tasks and free up the precious time of your reps. 

#5. Lead Categorization   


A reliable and robust application for sales engagement allows you to find and categorize your leads. It also comes with a lead scoring system so sales executives can know which leads are the most qualified.

#6. Multi-Channel Outreach

Multi-channel outreach is another essential feature of these solutions. This helps you send customized messages to all leads through different channels.

#7. Performance Analytics

For a sales engagement platform, it is important to provide companies with performance analytics of their reps and teams. To visualize analytics, the tool must provide a sales dashboard to easily monitor activities. 

Now, find below the best sales engagement tools you must check out:


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Sales Cloud is a sales automation platform by Salesforce. Its AI-powered automation allows you to maximize efficiency with data intelligence. The real-time digital selling feature of this platform is perfect for a business of any size and industry.


  • Data-driven insights for a strong and personalized relationship with each lead
  • Get full visibility into every prospect at every stage of their journey
  • Real-time AI intelligence for revenue prediction and smarter business decisions
  • Track best practices across the teams and scale those up
  • Automate business processes with drag-and-drop visual workflow
  • A complete view of activity history, customer communication, and internal discussions
  • Closely track your deals to continuously optimize your campaigns 

Sales Cloud can also transform your mobile device into a portable office so that sales executives can be productive on the go.

Zoho SalesIQ

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Zoho SalesIQ is a futuristic customer engagement solution that provides you with all the necessary tools for the sales team. As a result, they can communicate with the customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. It lets you proactively engage with prospects for rapid lead conversion.


  • Create personalized chatbots for answering basic queries with relevant responses
  • Customer engagement analytics for a historical overview of each lead communication
  • Segment agents to route leads to the most knowledgeable support executives
  • Instant one-click phone call option from live chat windows
  • Two-way Zoho CRM integration to access lead and contact details 
  • Add SalesIQ embed code in emails for initiating live chat sessions

Moreover, Zoho SalesIQ supports real-time chat translation during the live chat between English and the native language of the customers. It also lets you prioritize your leads with customized scoring rules.

Freshsales CRM

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Freshsales CRM is a reliable platform for sales engagement that offers you customer insights within the CRM. It helps you build strong customer relationships through constant personalized engagement and nurturing.


  • All customer data in one place for boosted sales productivity
  • Sales intelligence data for understanding potential customers 
  • The relevant context for deeper communication and scheduling more meetings
  • Customize Action-oriented followups depending on the customer’s response
  • Visual deals pipeline for revenue prediction
  • Better visibility into effective approaches for lead conversion
  • Pre-designed workflow templates for routine task automation
  • Automatically assign leads to sales executives across teams and locations

Apart from the above feature, this CRM lets you have a chronological timeline view so businesses can track their lead activities from within the CRM.

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Are you looking for software that can automatically create new opportunities for your business at scale? Check out, an AI-powered solution for driving revenue growth through a better social engagement experience. You can use it for both inbound and outbound sales.


  • B2B contact database with 10+ filters for focused prospect lists
  • Tailored multi-channel sequences for different cases
  • Begin meaningful conversations with basic responses to customer queries
  • Easy meeting scheduling for quick engagement
  • Cloud calls, SMS, messengers, and social media communications
  • Reports and analytics to improve team performance also supports integration with several third-party apps, including LeadBoxer, G2, Slack, Sendspark, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Gmail Outlook, and many more.


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Being one of the leading platforms for sales engagement, Salesloft assists you in expanding your current customer base by roping in new prospects and renewing existing clients. Now, it is possible to perform every interaction, call, meeting, and email from one platform and sync all the activities to your CRM.


  • Multi-channel messaging to increase the response rate
  • Insights on opportunities and pipeline health to win more deals
  • Step-by-step guide and accurate forecast for future steps
  • Track sales calls and get conversation transcription for coaching
  • Complete insights into all interactions of a customer’s journey 

Whether you are a sales leader, sales manager, sales ops, and customer success executive, this application will help you overcome business challenges with ease.


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Sales professionals worldwide love Apollo, and there is a reason for that. This application lets you reach your potential buyers from a database of more than 250 million contacts. It has a collection of 150 million+ verified email addresses and contact numbers that get refreshed frequently.


  • All-in-one platform for targeting prospects with high precision
  • Workflow automation with popular sales engagement tools
  • Sales analytics and split tests for data-based prospecting decisions
  • More than 200 data points for scoring and routing conversations
  • Multiple affordable plans that suit your budget

Apollo also comes with a Chrome extension, so you can use this platform anywhere to find new leads for your business.


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Entrepreneurs and sales teams looking for quick deal closing can opt for Autoklose. Besides being a sales engagement tool, it is also a B2B data bank. Hence, you can utilize the verified B2B leads to find the right prospects using a number of filters.


  • Send highly personalized emails to convert prospects into customers
  • Real-time tweaking of campaigns for better results
  • Sales process automation to free up agents from mundane tasks
  • Monitor campaign performance through dashboard report analysis
  • Manage your teams better by tracking individual performance
  • Have higher opening and click-through rates for emails

Overall, it lets you customize your communication with your leads for the best results.


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Outplay is a platform that has got everything your sales team needs to grow and thrive. Using features like multi-channel outreach, prospect tracking, and sales automation turns your sales team into a more efficient one. 


  • Enriched reports with insights on the best salesperson, team, and sequence
  • Free Chrome extension for migrating Gmail and LinkedIn leads into 
  • Create customized sales sequences, including any combination 
  • Automate lead transfer to a different sequence based on their actions
  • Track the presence of your prospect on your website in real-time
  • Smart chatbot to start a conversation with the leads from any web page

If you belong to a growing sales team, the integration facility of Outplay will be useful for you. It supports deep integration with Microsoft 365, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, Zapier, Hubspot, Slack, and Vidyard.

Final Words

Now you know the features and functionalities of the trending and popular sales engagement platforms. Give any of the above tools a try to enhance your sales and marketing team’s performance.

Next, check out the best sales funnel tools for lead generation.    

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