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In Career Last updated: October 29, 2022
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Salesforce is one of the IT innovations that people talk about the most. Salesforce certifications are recognized in the industry to confirm the individual’s skills.

A Salesforce Administrator earning the Salesforce Admin Certificate indicates their competence in the sector and dedication to the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce developed from a simple sales force automation package in 1999 to a system that includes sales, service, marketing, and social. It allows application creation on its platform.

Early on, it was simple to learn all the functions and keep up with the constant upgrades because the software was new. It has become increasingly challenging to keep up and understand all components of the solution as it has grown in size.

Salesforce Developers are in high demand and have many employment options in today’s industry. Thanks to its high demand and attractive compensation packages, Salesforce is a hot commodity, especially in the information technology sector. As a result, now is the decisive moment to earn your Salesforce Certification and further your career.

Salesforce certification proves a Salesforce professional’s ability. It’s the ideal approach to show existing or prospective employers your skills and knowledge. It helps you boost your professional career by applying for better organizational opportunities. Employers desire Salesforce-certified specialists. Salesforce Certification gives you a competitive edge.

Do you want to become a Salesforce administrator and want to get better at your job?

Want to get certified by Salesforce and get your career off to a good start with a good salary?

Awesome! You are in the right place. Here is the guide for you.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an American firm specializing in cloud computing and is well-known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. It gives companies the ability to handle all contacts with customers as well as prospects. Administration, development, and consulting are the three primary uses of Salesforce products among Salesforce professionals.

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The following is a list of practical uses of the Salesforce CRM system:

  • Analytics Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • IoT Cloud
  • App Cloud
  • Chatter
  • Sales Cloud
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud

Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is built on a collection of cloud platforms. These platforms allow you to handle all contacts with new and existing clients, contributing to your business’s success.

What is a Salesforce Certification?

Certifications offered by Salesforce are adaptable and quick methods to demonstrate your skill level. Obtaining a Salesforce Certification indicates to employers that you are proficient in the company’s platforms, apps, and technologies.

The Salesforce Administrator Certification is essential for anybody working in the Salesforce industry. Salesforce certifies users. Salesforce is a helpful tool for managing and promoting CRM.

There are eight unique certification paths offered by Salesforce, catering to a variety of skill sets and positions, as follows:

  • Salesforce Certifications for Administrators,
  • Salesforce Certifications for Architects
  • Salesforce Certifications for App Builders
  • Salesforce Certifications for Developers
  • Salesforce Certifications for Pardot Experts
  • Salesforce Certifications for Marketers
  • Salesforce Certifications for CPQ Specialists
  • Salesforce Certifications for Consultants

We will be covering Salesforce Certifications for Administrators in this guide.

Salesforce Admin Certification Overview

What is a Salesforce Admin Certification?

The Salesforce Admin Certification will show that the candidate has the required skills and expertise for the Salesforce Administrator profile. Every candidate should pass the basic certificate before taking other high-level certifications.

This certification tests the candidate’s knowledge of essential functions such as user setup, organization setup, workflows and mobiles, standard and custom objects, sales and marketing applications, security and access, etc.

There are two certified administrator exams, Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Certified Advance Administrator.

Let’s see the detailed guidelines for Salesforce Administrator Certification.


Candidates appearing for Salesforce Admin Certification Exam must have appropriate experience. The Administrator must have practical know-how and related concepts per the exam objectives.

The exam covers the Salesforce platform, including features, functions, configurations, and management options available to the Administrator for cloud-based Sales, service, and collaboration solutions. The candidate should be well versed with the platform.

Exam Fees

The Salesforce Admin Certification Exam costs $200, plus any applicable taxes in your area. If you fail the first time, each attempt will cost you $100 plus tax.

Salesforce Training Material

Salesforce gives candidates the examination guide for the Salesforce Admin Exam. The examination guide includes training material, recommended courses, online classes, and guidelines for maintaining the certification.

Salesforce also has its learning platform Trailhead, which helps candidates acquire and market the required skills.

The training material includes preparation guidelines for Salesforce Administrator Credential and instructions for studying for the Administrator Certification Exam. Salesforce Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp provides live coaching with Salesforce-certified instructors and Q&A with fellow candidates.

Options to take Certification Exam

On-site and online options are available for taking the test.

On-site: Take the test in person at a Salesforce-certified training facility. A list of Salesforce examination centers is available on the Salesforce online portal, and you must make an appointment in advance. It is an excellent choice if you like offline test settings with rigorous rules, no distractions, and an invigilator watching your every move!

Online: Take the exam online if there are no exam centers in your area from the convenience of your home or workplace. To prevent malpractices, you’ll need to set up monitoring software on the computer. An external webcam that can cover your entire desk and computer is also required.

Exam Instructions

The Salesforce Admin Certification Exam instructions are the following:

  • There will be 60 questions with more than one answer choice.
  • There may be five questions that do not count towards the score.
  • The passing score is 65%, meaning the candidate must get at least 39 questions correct.
  • The candidate will have 105 minutes to finish the test.
  • Candidates can take the test in a test center or on their computer from a distance.
  • It is recommended to attempt all questions as there is no negative marking.
  • Each question carries equal weightage, whether a single-choice or multiple-choice question.
  • During the test, Candidates can mark questions they want to review again before turning in the test.
  • Salesforce Administration Certification Exam is not an open book exam, so candidates cannot use paper or online materials to help.
  • 65% is the passing score for the exam

Exam Validity

Salesforce Certifications are valid for four months. Every four months, in the spring, winter, and summer, the maintenance module by the Trailhead should be taken (3 times a year). Initially, it will set you back about $200. First-time passes get two free trials for the rest of the year. Attempting the exam a second time will cost around $100 if the first one is unsuccessful.

Average Salaries

Salesforce knowledge and abilities gain credibility when you receive Salesforce Certifications. Accreditation by Salesforce indicates that the person is an expert in the subject. Salesforce Administrators are in high demand. Therefore, an average Salesforce Administrator’s salary would be $110,000 to 120,000 a year.

Resources to Prepare for Salesforce Admin Certification Exam

Those planning to take the Salesforce Admin Certification test will find abundant materials. Here is a list of the most dependable study materials you should use:

Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course by Udemy

The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course is designed with the new Salesforce administrator in mind. This course contains over 10 hours of video instruction and is constantly updated to be current with the latest release of Salesforce. Very well presented, excellent video quality, incredibly easy to follow.

Salesforce Administrator Certification by Whizlabs

Whizlabs Salesforce Admin Certification allows administrators to validate their knowledge of Salesforce applications, configuration, and management. 100+ practice tests with a detailed explanation of answers are very similar to the actual exam.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Training Course by Simplilearn

The online training material for 12 hours is in line with the official Salesforce Certification Guide. The Salesforce Admin Certification Training Course by Simplilearn will help candidates build their reputation in the Salesforce world. Through virtual laboratories, candidates can learn by applying what they would have learned to real problems and making capstone projects with real data sets.

Salesforce Training Course: Administrator and App Builder Certification by Edureka

Edureka offers online Salesforce training curated by specialists in the field. This training will assist candidates in preparing for the Salesforce Administrator Exam (ADM 201) and the Platform App Builder (CRT 403) certification exam.

Salesforce Training Course: Administrator and App Builder Certification by Edureka will help candidates learn how to set up workflow automation, create high-value reports and dashboards, maintain and import clean data, and maintain and import clean data.

Additionally, candidates will learn how to customize their application, including page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes.

Salesforce Administrator Certification – Pass in by Udemy

This course will help candidates pass their Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam in the first attempt. Salesforce Administrator Certification – Course by Udemy helps candidates with tips and tricks to pass the exam. It covers all the functions, and features candidates should know for the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam.


Salesforce professionals are increasingly opting for certification as a means of enhancing their employability as well as their professional development. Many seasoned professionals have made money because of their high employability.

You may learn various Salesforce skills at your own pace and from any location using Salesforce’s online portal. You can even refer to the courses mentioned above if you think you would like a guided approach to learning Salesforce. While looking for a new job, these seasoned individuals may get help studying for the Salesforce Administrator test with the help of the Salesforce trailhead.

If you’re determined to put in the time and effort to master the platform inside and out, Salesforce certification tests are within your reach.

You can look at some more Salesforce Admin Certificate Prep Courses.

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