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In Privacy and Security Last updated: April 13, 2023
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Are you searching for the best scammer phone number lookup app to stay safe from scamming attacks? You’re in the right place!

With the widespread growth of digital technologies, phone and online scamming have sprung up. Those people become the victim of these scamming attacks, inexperienced in the IT field. Not to mention, tech-savvy people also fall prey to these scammers mainly through social engineering and greed.

However, using the right digital tools and apps can keep yourself and your wealth safe from such scamsters. It does not require much effort or IT skills to prevent scam attacks. It only needs your willingness to stay away from illegitimate offers and phishing. You can do so effortlessly using scammer phone number lookup mobile apps.

Smartphone and Online Scams Are in Their Peaks

A recent report from Scam Watch suggests that online scams are not just rising they are thriving. So far, global scam victims have reported a total amount loss of $381,256,046 in phone or online scams. There are a total of 146, 776 scam reports so far.


The same report says that investment scams are almost 100 times more than all other scams. Find below a table to understand the global scamming attacks visually:

Type of ScamAmount Lost
Investment scams$267,263,910
Romance and dating scams$23,4564,80
Remote tech support scams$16,670,008
False billing issues$15,006,570
Phishing of personal data$11,965,331
Threats to arrest, audit, life, etc.$9,094,071
Identity theft$6,874,922
eCommerce scams$5,981,554
Classified ad scams$5,478,024
Pyramid or MLM or Ponzi scams$3,469,380

Scamseters use various types of delivery methods to find the next scam victim. The most common way a scammer may try to make you their prey are mobile apps, mobile phones, emails, social media, and text messages.

Another interesting and concerning finding of the Scam Watch report on global scam attacks is that the target audience for such scams falls into the following age groups: over 65, 55 to 64, and 45 to 54.

Now that you know how concerning are the scam attacks in today’s purview, find below some apps that can help you with scammer phone number lookup:      


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Spokeo uses the reverse phone lookup algorithm. When you get frequent phone calls from a specific unknown number, you can look up its owner’s information on this web app. The key features of this online software are: 

  • It fetches the full name, gender, and age of the unidentified callers.
  • It also retrieves additional details like email addresses, social media profiles, and alternate mobile numbers.
  • Its in-house database consists of updated phone numbers from the customer care of brands across the globe. The tool uses this database to identify fake call center numbers.
  • Delivers a detailed report of incoming unknown callers. Its app is available on Google Play.

It only offers its services to premium members. You can become one by signing up for a one-month plan ($19.95/mo) or 3-month plan ($14.95/mo).

  • It works on:
  • Android


If you are looking for a more convenient look-up of unknown incoming callers directly from your smartphone, you must try YouMail. It offers a smartphone app available on Google Play and App Store.


The concept of spam caller identification is the same as mentioned in the first app. The mobile app will use a reverse look-up program. The algorithm searches through many white pages, Yellowpages, business databases, customer support portals, online yellow pages, local businesses, and more. Its app is available on Google Play and App Store.

A pop-up will show up immediately when you get a call from a potential scam call center. It warns you to think twice before answering the call. The pop-up may show the risk status, location, other user reports, and more. You can get started with a free 2-week trial.  

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


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Yet another trending reverse phone number finder for scammer phone number lookup is SocialCatfish. Its search algorithm is powerful and searches through various online content like yellow pages, business registration databases, business listings, local business websites, online images, social media posts, online profiles, and email addresses.

Hence, with this app, you increase your efficiency in detecting fake call center calls and reduce the number of false positives. It detects if the incoming caller is a scammer or not using the following solutions: 

  • VOIP number detection
  • Online dating app profile verification
  • Checks business or professional background
  • Authenticate customers and businesses
  • Locate and reunites with lost connections

The popular subscription plans from SocialCatfish are Unlimited Social Search for $27.48/month and Unlimited Image Search for $26.99/month. You can also get a search specialist for a one-time fee of $ 297.00. Its app is available on Google Play.

  • It works on:
  • Android


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You can also give Intelius a try when you need one of the best scammer phone number lookup tools. You just need to sign up for a paid plan on this website and set up your profile. Once done, simply enter the incoming mobile number on the search portal. It offers the following reverse look-ups using a phone number:

  • People search
  • Criminal record search
  • Background check
  • Reverse address lookup
  • Public records search 

It comes with a comprehensive database and partner data resources. When you type in a number for verification, its data engine scours through billions of records globally. Once done, it produces a detailed report that usually contains name, address, possible acquaintances, age, carrier name, phone type, location, and so on. Its app is available on Google Play and App Store.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


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BeenVerified has been serving as an information-gathering company for many years. The platform is suitable for businesses and individuals. It lets you find out a detailed background of the caller through external and internal database searches.

You can use its web app, Android app, and iOS app, depending on your device usage. Irrespective of the device, you get to search by entering any of the following data about the incoming unknown caller: 

  • Who they are
  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Email address-based search
  • Home or business address-based search
  • Searching usernames of chat agents, calling agents, tech support agents, etc.
  • Look up someone by the vehicle,

Therefore, you can type in the incoming call center agent’s number to verify if the agent belongs to a scam company or a real business. Its app is available on Google Play and App Store.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Instant Checkmate

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Instant Checkmate can discover detailed information on your caller like personal information, photos, online activity, social media profiles, company information, etc. It uses the reverse phone number discovery algorithm that most scammer phone number lookup apps use.

If you get any suspicious WhatsApp text, SMS, MMS, phone calls, etc., you can look up the incoming caller by supplying the number to this tool. Mostly scammers impersonate a friend or family member to trap you. You can confidently deal with such situations by verifying the caller’s background details.

Therefore, whenever you do get real emergency calls from strangers where someone you know is involved, you can help them. Else, you can just ignore the call or even share the details with the local authorities for strict action. Its app is available on Google Play.

  • It works on:
  • Android


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TruthFinder also lets you discover the identity of a stranger caller or unknown caller by simply looking up phone numbers on its web app. Besides the web app, you can also use their Android and iOS apps for extra convenience.

Its notable features that might come in handy are:

  • Reverse mobile or landline number lookup
  • Searching for information on strangers
  • Performing background checks on telecallers, sales agents, etc.
  • Reverse address lookup when spammers share fake business addresses
  • Looking through public records to verify a legitimate business
  • Scanning the dark web to uncover illegal activities by fake customer care agents

The tool currently works within the United States. You can get a detailed report on the unknown caller by subscribing to a paid plan. Its app is available on Google Play and App Store.  

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android



Have you been getting a lot of promotional and sales calls lately? Are those telecallers asking for credit cards, debit cards, Google Play gift cards, etc.? If all these are true, you can verify the incoming caller’s details on CocoFinder before giving away any personal or financial information.

The reverse phone number lookup platform is currently offering free phone number validation services. However, the process may seem slower than its competitors.

Though most of the above services only work within the US, CocoFinder offers its services in multiple countries other than the USA. For example, you can look up numbers in Canada, France, Singapore, South Africa, etc. 


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Yet another popular and easy-to-use app for scammer phone number lookup is Kiwi. Its interface is pretty straightforward. You can either search by the phone number or name of the unknown caller. 

The reverse mobile number lookup fetches a detailed report that might include name, age, company information, location, etc. It also aggregates spam reports of a phone number by many users. Hence, you can instantly find out of the incoming caller is a scammer so that you can hang up the phone. 

Commonly Used Scamming Methods



Scamsters create a fictional identity and attract their target victims online via social media platforms. Then, the bad actors either lure them to in-person meetings and abducts them or get financial benefits from the target. 

Social Engineering

Hackers use social engineering to gain corporate or business data from professionals who work in managerial or leadership roles. Then, scamsters use this data to attack the company using ransomware

Tech Support Fraud

It is the most popular way of scamming elderly people in North America and Europe. Fake call center agents will cold call prospects randomly. Then they indirectly threaten households that their phone or internet line has been hacked. 

And, only the call center agents can resolve this. If the user falls prey to this tactic, scammers will take remote access to your laptop or desktop using TeamViewer, Amy Admin, and so on. At a certain point, they will ask you to enter credit card details, which they will steal through screen sharing.

Investment scams

Investment scams

Older adults with pension funds, savings, etc., fall prey to investment scams more often. Scammers use several tactics like Affinity Fraud, High Yield Programs, Recovery Room Schemes, etc., to rob the elderly of their savings. 

Refund Scam

Fake customer care agents cold call customers of Target, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc. Then they misguide the customer that they have placed an order for a lot of money and the agent can only refund. The agent asks for your credit card details and uses that to make online purchases for third parties.   

Google Play Gift Card Scam

  • Some fake websites would give out Google Play gift cards of large denominations at a dirt cheap price. These codes are always fake and never work.
  • Scammers blackmail elderly citizens in the US and UK and lure them to buy Google Play gift cards. Then, scammers also trick their target to send gift card codes to the scammers.

Phishing Scams

In such cases, scammers will send you an SMS, email, WhatsApp, or Facebook message to click on a link or download a file. The ultimate goal is to install a spying app on your device so that hackers can gain access to your financial credentials. 

Best Tips to Stay Safe From Scammers

Best Tips to Stay Safe From Scammers
  • Use any of the above scammer phone number lookup apps to verify promotional and customer care calls.
  • If the scammer identifier app identifies the number as not safe, disconnect the call immediately.
  • Never respond to email messages where the sender promises you millions of dollars for nothing.
  • Do not download, install, or click on unknown links received via SMS, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Do not trust substandard investment agencies that offer you overnight profits that are unimaginable.
  • If someone calls you saying that they are from IRS, FBI, NSA, etc., contact the local authorities or 911 immediately and report the incident. Do not accept buying any gift cards, making money transfers, etc.
  • Most proactive online offers to make you rich, get you a good life partner, give you free gift cards, etc., are scams. Stay away from these! 
  • Help your elderly family members with their computers and smartphone to keep them away from scammers. 
  • Use a spam blocker app to help you identify and block spammy calls. You can read more about how to block spam calls on Android devices.

Final Words

If you do not take the internet seriously, you might fall prey to scammers. You need to share minimum data online. Also, secure your accounts with tough passwords. And, to resist and stay aware when scammers cold call you as customer service agents, use any of the above scammer phone number lookup apps to identify a scammer.

You may also explore some best ways and Apps to Avoid Vishing Attacks.

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