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8 Scanner Apps to Digitize Your Old Photos

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Bring your old paper photo memories to present with popular scanner apps.

Everyone wants to preserve their old memories in the form of photographs. And therefore we all capture photos on all special occasions. These days photographs reside in both formats print as well as digital. However, in the earlier days, smartphones and advanced digital devices were not introduced. Even if they existed, they were rarely accessible.

You will also surely have memories of your childhood or early days of your life in those traditional albums. You might have tried to capture pictures of those photographs using your smartphone to digitize them.

But a regular camera app on your smartphone will not be able to give that many effective results. To get better results, you need to try photo scanner apps. In this article, we will be covering the best scanning apps to digitize your old photographs.


Why Digitize Your Old Photos?

There may be several reasons why you want to digitize your old photographs. Let’s find out.

Keep Your Memories for Years

The majority of people refer to the old photographs of their ancestors as one of their valuable assets. In such a case, digitization is the best way to ensure that these assets are safe for years. Once you have digitized them, there is no fear of them getting faded. Even if your original photos get damaged, these will remain safe.

Easier to Store and Organize

By digitizing photos, you can store them on your computer, laptop, smartphone, cloud storage, or anywhere. You can make any number of copies and store them in multiple locations. Digital photos are also quite easy and convenient to store and organize. You can also organize the photographs according to occasions, persons, or, in any order and label as per your convenience.

Easy Sharing

In this era of social media, you would definitely want to showcase your old photographs to your friends. Digitized photographs that are stored on your device can be easily and quickly located and shared on any platform. You can create presentations, scrapbooks, and even printed publications of them anytime.

Preserve Your Family History

Your family history records can effectively be recognized via your old family photographs. You can create a well-maintained digital collection of your old photos. This will help your children and grandchildren access them easily and explore your old memories.

Now let’s explore some cool photo scanner apps that can help you digitize your old photographs.

PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan is an amazing photo scanner app product from Google Photos. Google Photos has introduced this product especially to let you scan your old printed photos and digitize them effectively. This app lets you scan and then store your favorite photographs using the camera of your smartphone.

photo scanner apps

It lets you scan a glare-free image of your printed photo. It can detect the edges of the scanned photo and thus crop it automatically. Its smart rotation technology keeps the photo right-side-up irrespective of the way you are scanning it. This app also ensures the safety of your photographs as well as your personal information.

Photo Scan App by Photomyne

Photo Scan is a photo scanner app from Photomyne Ltd. that offers you a quick way to scan your old photos. This AI technology-based application can scan multiple printed photos in a single take. As a result, you can scan your album in minutes with this app.

photo scanner apps

Its scanner can automatically detect the boundaries of the photos. It can crop, restore, rotate, and color the pictures automatically according to the requirement. This app is free to download however offers in-app purchases. You can anytime switch to its premium plan and enjoy multiple advanced features.

FilmBox Film Negatives Scanner

FilmBox is an AI-based negative film scanner application that is developed by Photomyne. If you have negatives available for your old photographs, it can quickly scan them and turn them into digital pictures in seconds.

photo scanner apps

The scanning algorithm that this app uses can completely reveal and scan negative images. It inverts the colors and improves the image contrasts so that you can have the best scanning of your negatives.

SlideScan – Slide Scanner App

SlideScan is another wonderful photo scanner app by Photomyne. It lets you scan your old printed photographs and come up with high-quality digital images. Its AI-based technology lets it automatically crop and enhance scanned photos.

photo scanner apps

You can save the scanned photos to your phone, computer, or any device and share them conveniently with your friends. This app is available to download on Google Play Store for free. However, you can enjoy features such as unlimited scanning and sharing, photo backup, etc. with a premium plan.


Quisquee is a photo scanner and photo editing application that besides offering wonderful scanning facilities offers great features. Its scanner comes with a solid photo scanning algorithm. Its photo editor features a large number of frames, stickers, enhancements, and effects that you can apply to your photos.

photo scanner apps

Quisquee allows you to view scanned photos just like a gallery. It lets you delete or share photos and set them as your phone wallpapers.

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is a Microsoft product that lets you enhance, trim, and thus make old photos viewable. It allows you to scan your photos and thus store them on your device. Besides photographs, it makes pictures of documents and whiteboards readable. It can also scan your documents to a more readable and digitized format.

photo scanner apps

It lets you convert image files to Word, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint and then save them to your local device or cloud storage. This app is not only suitable for scanning old photographs but is also ideal for students and professionals.

Pic Scanner Gold

Pic Scanner Gold is a photo scanner app for iPhone that comes packed with a large number of features. It can scan your old photographs and then crop and edit them automatically. You can conveniently create greeting cards, slideshows, and calendars using those photos.

photo scanner apps

Its scanner is capable of delivering high-end scanning along with the capability to scan multiple photos at once. You can also add captions to your scanned photos and export these files to any device or online storage.

Photo Scanner Pro

Photo Scanner Pro is a cool photo scanner app designed for iPhones and iPad. It can instantly detect, scan, and crop your photos in no time. It allows you to use filters to revive the faded colors of those printed photos. The scanned photos can be stored on iCloud anytime.


It allows you to directly share your photos to Apple Photos, Facebook, etc. You can create an unlimited number of albums using this. It is a highly easy-to-use and quick scanner app for iPhone.


So, if you are finding an ideal way to safe-keep your old memories for a long, digitizing them can help greatly. You can try these suggested apps and scan your printed albums and a digital gallery which is easier to manage, store, and view. You may also want to explore the best free or paid iPhone camera apps to use.

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