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In EdTech Last updated: September 12, 2023
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School management software is a great tool to increase productivity and automate regular tasks with accuracy.

Tools to manage processes have become essential in this digital age to ensure streamlined workflow, stay competitive, and offer high-quality education.

Not to mention, the covid-19 pandemic has changed the way educational institutions used to work. With lockdown prevailing everywhere, schools were struggling to manage their administration.

To this, school management software sounds like an excellent strategy. And even before the pandemic, many schools had been considering this software due to its remarkable features and functionalities that save time, money and make school administration effortless.

So, let’s discuss this software and how it can help your school.

What is School Management Software?

School management software is a valuable tool that helps streamline the administration of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. It offers different modules to help staff members and teachers maintain students’ academic history and essential records.

In addition, it unifies different school departments and functions that administrators, accountants, registrars, and office managers can access at any time and from anywhere.

School management software also helps automate admissions, class scheduling, attendance, etc. It integrates with your existing tools such as a billing tool, grade book tool, and classroom management software to offer powerful automation.

Modules and Features of School Management Software

Some of the standard modules and features in school management software include:

  • School Information Management: It assists schools in managing admissions, dividing classrooms, student registrations, generating and allocating exam admit cards, etc., by calculating the number of faculties, students, and classrooms.
  • Campus management: This module helps improve workflows by automating repetitive tasks. It also lets you manage school administration, generate gate-pass, manage security and visitors, and schedule appointments.
  • Student management: It provides complete information about students from admission to their current status. It may include their profiles, photographs, guardian and family data, reports, etc.
  • Faculty management: The module helps assign classes to teachers, schedules timetables, and helps faculties create lesson plans. It also tracks their attendance and allows teachers to share data with other teachers.
  • Exam management: It calculates exam eligibility, creates question papers, assigns classrooms, evaluates the scores, and generates reports.
  • Attendance and leave management: The software maintains student attendance via ID cards, biometrics, or register. It tracks the entry and exit things and leaves for students, teachers, and other staff members.
  • Fee management and payroll: Student management software creates fee planning, categorizes students under fee plans, generates reports and fee receipts, etc. In addition, it handles payroll for teachers and staff with payroll calculation, tax deduction, managing reimbursements, generating payslips, etc.

Apart from the above, school management software also offers modules for managing human resources, library, and inventory. Other features you can find in the software are management for subjects, parents, users, notice board, notifications, results, promotions, and reports and progress cards.

Why do you need School Management Software?

Managing a school may look easy from the outside, but it’s not from the inside. It’s a sensitive area that needs careful administration of school workflow and security, finding a correct rhythm between students, staff, and faculty while ensuring quality education.

Although the traditional system allowed managing different aspects of school management, the modern world needs more functionalities. It’s crucial, especially in the events like covid-19 that shut down schools and other educational institutions worldwide.

School management software can help them run educational activities properly no matter where students, staff, or teachers are.

Benefits of school management software

Higher efficiency

You can store and manage information about students, parents, staff, and teachers with accuracy minus redundancy using a school management system. You can also update and modify the data more efficiently than traditional methods.

Easy to use

School management software is easy to use for everyone with computer skills. Its simple user interface keeps students, parents, and teachers engaged directly on their smartphones or computer. In addition, you can quickly notify them about exams, fees, report cards, events, dues, meetings, and more.


School management software offers greater transparency between students and schools regarding attendance, exam reports, fee information, etc. Hence, error-free data and the option to see all the information increases trust.

Accurate tracking

Tracking attendance becomes effortless with school management software for your students, teachers, and staff. In addition, it helps monitor fee submissions, reports, dues, and other aspects that might go unnoticed.

It saves time and cost.

Using school management software saves a lot of time on performing repetitive, tedious, and time-consuming tasks. It can automate them and free you time to concentrate on other areas.

In addition, it’s cost-efficient as you can manage everything from a single software without investing in costly systems.

So, let’s now discuss some of the best school management software in the market.


Go fully digital for your children with School management software to experience a better management process. MyClassCampus is the school ERP that includes over 40 modules to help you operate in an organized and most efficient way.

It offers modules like finance management, fees management, result generation, lesson planning, timetable module, inquiry management, inventory management, library management, target management with ratings, hostel management with the mess, human resource management, and more.

Get the advanced mobile app, GPS and transport management system, reports and analysis, wireless bio-metric system, SMS gateway facility, profile scanning via a QR code, etc., to bring teachers, parents, staff, and students together for convenience and effective communication.

MyClassCampus is the integrated platform where you will get regular updates and new features. You will get everything as per your needs in a single application. All essential things are at your fingertip to manage or track in the dashboard. Receive push notifications for the updates so that you will never miss a thing. Moreover, the setup process is simple, easy, and quick.

PowerSchool SIS

Give power to your operations with the easy-to-use, innovative, and flexible technology of PowerSchool SIS – the leading software for K-12 educational institutions. It provides hybrid, remote, and in-person learning solutions from flexible attendance and scheduling to customizable pages, fields, and more.

Improve your educational operations by collaborating with the worldwide community of engaged and active users via user groups, national or regional training events, videos, and forums. In addition, build your reports or use the pre-built one to submit provisional or state compliance reporting online.

Use PowerSchool mobile app to get access to progress, grades, and responsibilities. You will get the option of online student and parent portals to keep students accountable and families engaged. Also, its dedicated team of compliance and security experts will take care of the app’s security so that all your data remains safe.

Furthermore, extend its functionality via the interoperability of PowerSchool SIS and other solutions. You can also rely on this always available, easy-to-use, and modern student information system to improve day-to-day administration, productivity, operations, and communication and identify problem areas to ensure proper funding with easy reporting.

PowerSchool offers boundary and addresses verification, advanced grading calculations, asset tracking, attendance, change history, course creation, course assignments, customizable database, progress tracking, plugin system, API, report cards, state reporting, test history, transcripts, and more.


Education is the priority for everyone, and hence Vidyalaya introduces a digital platform to make your management work easier, starting from student admission to accounting. It improves the functionalities of the education system with the latest technologies and extraordinary features.

Vidyalaya provides end-to-end solutions for each phase of the school management, such as staff management, attendance, academic management, and admissions. It has various features like SMS, mobile app, e-exam, online portal, biometric, etc., to offer everything you need in a single software.

Let Vidyalaya take care of your administrative tasks and empower the educational institutes to deliver new ways of education.

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Start a new journey of education with the easy-to-use mobile app for schools, parents, and management. Use the app anywhere and at any time to save money and move faster. Leverage the power of social media like WhatsApp that can play an indispensable role in the school’s growth and students’ education.

Essential activities from admissions to academic activities, fees collection, exam management, and employee payroll, this comprehensive school management software offers everything to make the process hassle-free for you. 

Vidyalaya school management software is compatible with plenty of tools. Additionally, you get hosting options to store data in the enterprise, premises, or the cloud. You can also access the software from anywhere and whenever you want.

Complete the form and get a free demo to watch what benefit you are going to get.


Digitalize your school, adapt to new ways of learning, and build your brand from the centralized SaaS platform – Ireava. It introduces a new way of education by providing an application to teach engageable and interactive content via hologram classes and a projector.

School branding and results matter as today’s generation gathers information from online like reviews, verification, etc., and Ireava prepares you for it. It is developed on the most trusted and secure language framework and offers a faster data transfer, better platform, and smooth interface.

You get more than 30 modules to monitor students’ growth, analyze individual activities, and manage infrastructure, finance, online classes, exams, school activities, transports, report cards, and inventory.

Ireava ensures complete security for your data and provides risk-free as well as secure school management software. It allows a user to access anything in a single click with the conductive and straightforward design of the software. You will also get an easy backup option to backup your data and import it anytime to have more safety. In addition, you can configure the system functionality that fits your use by the custom select options.

Ireava utilizes a secure cloud host so that you can access the software anywhere and anytime without downtime. It lets you upload or check data quickly with the school management software and supports multiple languages. However, if you require any customization in the module, you can contact the support team and tell them your requirement.

The price per school per year is $400 and per student per month is $0.3.

Improve enrollment, save time, and fulfill your school’s mission with Gradelink. This easy-to-use software can empower schools to perform the best with the integrated teaching, learning, and management tools. It also allows you to click less and educate more with its intuitive and easy-to-use software.

You will get unlimited support via email and phone, training for all the staff members, unlimited access to the extensive library of videos and how-to articles, software updates, development webinars. Additionally, build administrative reports by filling address labels, birthday lists, classes by attendance, and average grades.

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Maintain a family directory, IEP tracking, lunch reporting, security activity log, staff roster, standards, and volunteers service hour tracking.

You can also experience the features like attendance, classes and scheduling, communication, discipline, districts or dioceses, IT or general, medical records, report cards, staff accounts, standards, student information, parental access, grade books, and many more.

Gradelink integrates with Apple School Manager, Clever, ClassLink, FACTS Tuition Management, Google Classroom, NCEA reporting, PaySimple, Schoology, and a lot more to make your work easier. Request a demo account for taking a free trial.


OpenEduCat is a comprehensive open source ERP for schools. It helps you organize live classrooms with integrated tools like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Big Blue Button. 

You can keep student information in a single place to easily access and manage faculties with an inclusive and transparent platform. Share, edit, and create courses to provide powerful learning.

Conduct exams to test learning, add automated attendance processes and open for extraordinary talent. It also offers LMS to enable schools to provide online courses and essential modules like payment, application, classroom, timetable, and assignment.

OpenEduCat has advanced modules such as results, events, dashboard, reporting, mobile application, and library. In the LMS module, you will get gamification, tests, exams, quizzes, student portal, drip content, activity reports, e-commerce, built-in authoring, and more.

Furthermore, it has other modules such as management, communication, ERP, and technical modules that simplify your work and life more straightforward. Get started with the online demo testing and know about the software.


Automate your school operations, generate reports, and make faster decisions with Fedena online school management system software to simplify your school’s administrative and academic process. It helps you deliver the same interactive learning environment efficiently as inside the classroom.

Fedena allows students to download the content within the application and watch recorded classes offline mode. They can also track the course progress and ask if they have some doubts regarding the course. You can add MCQ-type questions as well as descriptive quizzes inside the course to assess student performance.

From organizing meetings to tracking online fees collection and management, Fedena management software handles everything efficiently and smoothly so that you can focus on developing the minds of students.

It includes online classes, paperless admission, parents collaboration, timetable and attendance, fees management, and more. You can also customize the settings as per your need. In addition, it enables you to increase data security from malicious and unauthorized access and instantly automate the data recovery process from the storage and backup files.


Veracross is a web-based and fully integrated student information system that allows you to manage every process effortlessly. You will get modules like academics and student life, admissions, enrollment, development, business, payments, tuition, health, and a lot more.

This tool integrates with third-party applications to make your work easier, such as Follet, Finalsite, Ravenna, Canvas, SchoolPass, etc. Combine the power of the advanced API with the Veracross single database to manage data seamlessly. Moreover, it guarantees 99.9+% uptime and is dedicated to serving K12 schools and providing a better user experience.

Book a demo today and see how it can be beneficial to your school management.


Improve your student outcomes by enhancing school operations with Alma school management software. Start making proper and faster decisions with understandable graphics and analytics and help your educators follow the development decisions.


Give instructional practices in both progressive and traditional ways to support the learning community. You will get a standards-based grade book, standards tracking, custom standards, custom rubric, differentiated assignments, personalized learning schedules, and Google classroom.

It will help increase parent, teacher, family, and student engagement. Alma also offers modern tools that promote digital literacy and technology-oriented culture and has an intuitive interface that is comfortable to use.

Alma provides many features like calendars, standards tracking, Google classroom integration, biographical, student-parent portal, schedule tracking, rosters, curriculum mapping, report-card builder, state reporting, emergency communications, and more to save you time while handling tasks.


Classe365 is the modern management software that bundles LMS, CRM, and SIS features for forwarding thinkers across the globe. From admissions to attendance, you can discover many ways to innovate learning activities for your students.

Features like pre-admission, finance and accounting, analytics, LMS, integrations, educational add-ons, paperless admissions, online application forms, online fee payment, form mapping to SIS, etc., are helpful when you start using the all-in-one student management software.

Get CRM features like lead nurturing, lead management, follow-ups, SIS features, accounting and finance, analytics, LMS, etc. Moreover, you can enhance these features using integrations and add-ons. You can also customize and create a solution that meets your requirements and comes within your budget. It’s’ cost-efficient and requires you to pay only for the module you want to manage your operations.


Take your school online with ThinkWave online school management software. It helps you enable distance learning for your students by delivering announcements and assignments. Let students upload their works with an easy-to-use upload option. In addition, you can send messages by email to parents, classes, specific groups, and students.

Everything is organized, from messages to assignments, in a single place so that whenever you want, you can access it from any computer. ThinkWave allows:

  • An administrator to manage classes, students, custom data, attendance, and schedules.
  • A teacher to use a pre-populated grade book to record grades, submit attendance, and plan curriculum.
  • Parents and students log in to help them track progress, submit assignments, and download materials.

Conclusion 👨‍🏫

Embrace the challenges of this digital age and use school management software to streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and save time and money. Choose any one of the software mentioned above based on your requirements and budget and experience their benefits.

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