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In Data Visualization Last updated: April 25, 2023
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Web unlockers are advanced web scrapers that are efficient at collecting data from different websites and come with modern features to help you improve your business. 

Business data is an important input to find valuable insights and opportunities for growth. 

Extracting data from the web is necessary to market effectively, which is what you can achieve with web unlockers. And if you perform web scraping manually, it would consume a lot of time and resources. 

Using a web unlocker not only can improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy but also guide your business toward success by automating data extraction tasks. 

In this article, I’ll discuss the importance of web scraping and how a web unlocker helps in efficient data extraction. 

What’s Web Scraping?

Web scraping is a simple and powerful process of gathering structured data from websites automatically. Unlike extracting data manually by spending more time, web scraping uses smart automation techniques to collect millions, even billions of data from the web. 


Most of the data you get from the internet are in HTML format in an unstructured way. Through web scraping, you can extract data and then convert it into structured data stored in a database or spreadsheet. This will be further used in various applications to understand the strategy and make your own. 

Many businesses and individuals use web scraping to extract information available publicly on websites in order to generate insights and make intelligent decisions. Some of the main use cases of web scraping include competitor analysis, price intelligence and monitoring, market research, news monitoring, and lead generation. 

Challenges of Web Scraping


Although web scraping is an important technology in extracting and gathering specific data, it has some challenges. 


Websites can choose whether to allow web scapers bots for scraping purposes or not. There are many websites that do not allow the web scraping process since, most of the time, bots drain server resources while scraping data from the website. Thus, it indirectly affects site performance. 

Frequent Structural Changes

To maintain good advancements in UI/UX and add more features, websites undergo structural changes regularly. Web scrapers are written specifically with respect to the webpage code elements at the time of setup. Frequent changes complicate things, giving scrapers a sort of a hard time. 

Although every structural change doesn’t affect the setup, some might lead to data loss. Also, it’s hard for web scrapers to maintain a tab of changes to remain active when a user extracts data. 



The primary goal of captchas is to differentiate between humans and bots by displaying some sort of logical problems. So, the basic job is to keep unwanted spam away. In the presence of a captcha, basic scripts used by scrapers will not work.


When a web scraper bot sends parallel requests multiple times or unnaturally makes a high number of requests, there is a chance that the bot crosses the thin line between unethical and ethical web scraping and gets flagged. Web scraper needs to be smart enough to encounter such issues by staying on the right side of the scraping rules and achieving what they want.

Real-Time Data Scraping

Real-time data scraping is important for many businesses to gain crucial insights and make better decisions. From fluctuating stock prices to changing product prices, data scraping helps gain capital for your business. 

Acquiring large datasets is overhead and making decisions based on this data can be a challenge. Thus, real-time web scrapers use REST API to monitor dynamic data available and scrape it. But, it still remains a challenge. Careless data scrapping can cause damage to the site and internet and negatively impact your business.

Honeypot Traps

Website owners put a honeypot trap on pages to trap parsers. Traps can be links that parsers can see but ordinary people can’t. When a parser gets into the trap, the website uses the information it receives to block the scraper bots.

Login Requirements


Sometimes you need to log in to the page to get the information. Once you send your login credentials, the browser will add a cookie value to your requests that run on another website. Through this, the website can know that you are the same person who logged in earlier and might block you. 

How Can Web Unlocker Help?


A web unlocker is an advanced version of web scraper. It helps digital marketers, data analysts, and internet researchers access websites (even blocked ones) for their research purposes. It unlocks the whole internet for you, bypassing blocks, banes, captchas, and restrictions while automating the web scraping process.

Accessing public data is legal as per various rules. And web unlocker was developed as a solution to unblock the scraping path. With a web unlocker, you just need to send requests without worrying about any traps or blocks.

A Web unlocker enables the following:

  • It automatically uses a residential IP address or a data center proxy to bypass bot detection systems
  • Lets you appear as a regular user of websites
  • Solves login issues
  • Accesses localized content across the world
  • Saves you from traps
  • Manages full-cycle IP rotation management
  • Customizes fingerprint in real-time
  • Unlocks and solves captcha-related problems
  • Accesses geo-restricted websites for the extraction of data
  • Adjusts itself to stay undetected
  • The machine learning algorithms of Web Unlocker make data extraction easier
  • It will let you use the scraping APIs function.
  • You can stay undetectable with the help of expanding repository of browsing cookies, emulated devices, and HTTP header requests
  • You can make unlimited requests to get the data you need

How Does a Web Unlocker Work?

To extract the required data, it is necessary to specify it so that a web unlocker extracts the data accurately and quickly.

For example, if you want a list of juicers available on a shopping site, not the customer reviews, then you can specify your requirement of getting the list of juicers only. 

When a web unlocker scrapes a site, the URLS are first provided. It loads HTML codes for similar websites. An advanced scraper can even extract all the Javascript and CSS elements. Next, the scraper converts the data in the HTML code to a simple and understandable format. 

Source: Quora

Mostly, the output format is in the form of a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet. The data can also be stored in other formats, including a JSON file. 

Web scraping comprises two parts:

  • The crawler is an AI algorithm that browses the internet to search for particular information required by the links across the web. 
  • A scraper is a specific tool designed to gather data from the website. The design varies with respect to the complexity and scope of your project. 

This way, it can accurately and quickly extract data. 

Importance of a Web Unlocker


Whether you are new to business or a growing one, data extraction helps you increase your business growth by 10x. There are many reasons that developers, analysts, and business love using a web unlocker over self-managed proxies and captcha handling in terms of features and capabilities. Let’s find out how web scraping with a web unlocker benefits businesses.

Simplifying Data Extraction

With modern technologies like web unlockers, you can simplify the process of data extraction. It enables anyone to extract data at scale easily. In addition, you can access bots that allow you to gather data at any scale. 

Innovation at Lightning Speed

Crawling and scraping allow businesses to innovate and create new products faster. Many companies grow by gathering and utilizing data from multiple sources. With web scraping, you can improve your value proposition. In addition, it helps you test and execute new ideas with extracted data from websites. 

Lead Generation

With the help of a web unlocker, you can effortlessly access competitors’ business data. This helps you build automated sales machines too. You can search and aggregate data depending on the quality and level of accuracy you need. Once you have the required data, you can generate leads and maintain growth. 

Marketing Automation


Data scraping is directly connected to marketing automation. Let’s say, you spot your competitor’s profile on Instagram with 18k+ followers. But, if your product is better and users get to know about it, they can easily switch. For this, you need better marketing.

To do so, you can scrape data containing the follower list and follow and DM them. You can also do this on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Additionally, you can do the same for competitor websites. This will help you grow faster in the market, knowing what your customer needs and giving them exactly what they want. 

Brand Monitoring

The basic step that most customers follow is checking reviews before buying. Businesses must recommend products according to their needs and make them believe that they are making the right choice. With a web unlocker, you can understand your customers and offer better offerings.

Furthermore, you can monitor social networks and combine them with sentiment analysis to respond to and reward users quickly. 

Market Analysis


Quality over quantity is what matters the most in today’s competitive world. Instead of large volumes of data, you need smart data.

For example, if you are selling spare parts for machines, you need to specify the purpose of buying the parts. Here, you just need to gather data from specific websites that distribute such spare parts as well.

Now, it is your turn to improve sales using the data you’ve extracted. This helps you analyze the market quite well and increase your sales. 

Works with Machine Learning and Deep Learning

You need a large data volume to train your machines to build a model according to the input. Data is your primary input when you want your machine to do the job. 

Whether you want to predict the stock market or strategy of your competitor products’ sales, extracting data from the websites by using ML and DL and specifying your reason is a good step towards success.


SEO experts use different tools to find the right keyword for the content. It becomes easier with data extraction with a web unlocker. SEO experts perform data extraction about your competitor’s SEO efforts to know how their content is performing. This also helps you understand what changes you must bring about to improve your SEO.  

End-to-End Testing


If you are a developer, extracting data from different sources helps improve your testing efforts and saves time in processes that won’t give results.

Web Unlockers

Here are some of the best web unlockers that you can use and start extracting the required data.

#1. Bright Data

Bright Data offers a web unlocker tool that allows you to overcome website blocks in real-time. The automated web unlocker tackles browser user agents, captcha solving, and cookies. It also scrapes data from target websites consistently with the help of IP address rotation. 

To use this web unlocker:

  • Just select the site which you want to unlock
  • Make a straightforward proxy request along with the site URL, and
  • Get the data you seek
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With Bright Data’s Web Unlocker, you won’t get blocked again. It develops new methods automatically to keep websites open to data extraction at all times. It also manages IP usage rates so that you never ask for any amount of data from one IP. In addition, it emulates the devices that servers want to see.

You will get automated user emulation. This includes clicking on targeted homepage links, making human mouse movements, and more. Web Unlocker ensures that the target website will see you are coming from a popular website. Moreover, it identifies honeypots and avoids the trap. 

#2. Oxylabs

Get block-free data scraping at scale with Oxylabs’ Web Unblocker and access public data from difficult websites by paying only for successful data extraction. You will get ML-driven management of proxies, dynamic-browser fingerprinting, auto-retry functionality, and ML-powered response recognition. 

Oxylabs ensures your IP address is never blocked again with an AI-powered proxy solution. It bypasses anti-bot systems with a high success rate and saves resources. Its dynamic fingerprinting allows you to view content as a real user.


Oxylab’s Web Unblocker selects the right cookies, headers, JavaScript rendering, and more for you so that you can have reliable results and human-like browsing and never face any captcha-related issues. Regardless of your location, you can access localized content in any place on the earth. 

You will find more than 102M ethically generated proxy pools. It allows you to collect public data without any hassle. Additionally, you will get session control, a convenient dashboard, easy scaling, JavaScript rendering, and more. 


Web scraping is beneficial for businesses to gather important business data and put it to use for improving their business. Manual web scraping is tedious and time-consuming, which is why modern organizations use web scraping tools to automate data extraction tasks.

However, web scraping tools also come with certain challenges as technology is advancing, and websites are figuring out how to detect and block less powerful web scrapers. To this, a web unlocker can help since it’s an advanced form of a web scraper that can bypass restrictions, blocks, and banes. It will help enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of web scraping processes. 

So, if you are looking for a powerful web scraping tool, consider using a web unlocker. Above mentioned are some of the best web unlockers available in the market that you can choose based on your business requirements.

You may also explore some best social media scrapers to extract valuable data.

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