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Secret Whiteboard for Your Smart Office

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All of us have seen or used a whiteboard in our daily life. We can undoubtedly say that though whiteboards are helpful, they look incredibly dull and unattractive on most walls.

On top of that, whatever we write on these whiteboards can be openly seen by everyone around. This somehow hampers the privacy of the whiteboard users.


Now you might wonder if there is any alternative to these traditional boring whiteboards which destroy your privacy. Well, you are fortunate! Sable Flow offers Secret Whiteboards, a hanging poster frame that opens like a book to expose a double-sided magnetic whiteboard.  

Sable Flow’s Secret Whiteboard has many benefits and a unique structure. Let us know more about why we should use whiteboards and why secret whiteboards are a preferred option when it comes to buying them. 

Why use a Whiteboard?

Of all the things you might ask, the first question would be why I should use a whiteboard. Or else, why should I even use a whiteboard when everything can be easily managed using devices?

The answer to both questions is that using whiteboards allows you to organize your lives in the best manner. 

We all have different electronic devices to maintain our tasks and schedules, but many people have started to face technology fatigue.

Technology fatigue is caused due to continuous use of electronic devices and increased screen time. It results in a gradual disliking of all devices, and whatever you do on them will cause discomfort. 


So when we write down our thoughts and tasks before doing them, we might do the work better and memorize them. Also, it has been medically proven that you recall your goals, notes, thoughts, tasks, and memories better by penning them down. Remembering what you want to do next increases your chances of doing work on time. 

Also, when you use a whiteboard, you get to express your ideas in your own ways. You can use exciting shapes, different colors, and attractive handwriting to make your whiteboard notes look interesting and striking. It makes you want to look at your notes and does not make you feel bored. 

Why use Sable Flow’s Secret Whiteboard?

Whiteboards may be pretty helpful for certain people who dislike forgetting things since ideas are continuously springing into our thoughts. However, some people find these scribble-covered white surfaces to be a nuisance when it comes to relaxing during leisure at work.

Others can find it difficult to expose their thoughts and ideas to those around them. This is the purpose for which Sable Flow’s Secret Whiteboard was designed. 


The Secret Whiteboard allows you to close the double-sided board and swap it out with a picture of your choice rather than having to review or erase all of your whiteboard notes at the end of each day. This is all due to the whiteboard’s magnetic properties.

Additionally, you can attach any essential material to the Secret Whiteboard with a few magnets. Although it’s a simple idea, it can help you reduce stress and have a more organized office.

Features of Sable Flow’s Secret Whiteboard


Three Different Sizes

The Sable Flow’s Secret Whiteboard comes in three different sizes. They are small, medium, and large. Whiteboards in the small size have closed dimensions of 14.5 x 20.75 x 1.5 inches and open dimensions of 26.25 x 20.75 x.75 inches.

The medium-sized whiteboards are 20.5 x 26.5 x 1.5 inches closed and 41.25 x 26.5 x.75 inches open. Lastly, large secret whiteboards have closed dimensions of 22.5 x 32.5 x 1.5 inches and open dimensions of 42.25 x 32.5 x.75 inches.

Changeable art piece

You can instantly slide out the provided image for your preferred poster or print to personalize your Secret Whiteboard.

The photo that the company will send is the artwork you can see in the first picture of your selected board on the website. With the quick-swap mechanism included with the whiteboard, you can quickly refresh your space.

Storage is included in the frame

You can store your markers, erasers, and papers within the secret magnetic whiteboard. So, with magnetic storage within the secret whiteboard, you can keep your area organized. Each board comes with magnetic embellishments that stow away within.

Two distinct frame color options

All boards are available in either black or white frames, regardless of size. These wide frames work well with practically all sorts of backdrops and walls. The frames are sufficiently broad, which gives them a more beautiful and attention-grabbing appearance.

Easy setup

All you have to do to install the Sable Flow’s Secret Whiteboard is choose a location and drill the screws. The screw-in drywall anchors must first be attached to the wall.

You must adjust the keyhole hardware so the board opens in the desired direction. To lock the whiteboard, insert the keyhole hangers into the anchor screws and press down.

Completely safe closure

The Secret Whiteboard is a fantastic tool for separating work and leisure. You can scribble down your thoughts on the blank whiteboard in the morning, then close it as the day closes and reveal the peaceful picture hidden behind it. The corners of these whiteboards have a strong magnetic closure that prevents unauthorized opening.

Two-way door opening

You can pick which direction the Secret Whiteboard will open thanks to the keyhole hardware’s adjustability, giving you a wide choice over how it will appear. These whiteboards are simply adjustable so that they may hang in either direction.

What is included with the Secret Whiteboard?

Sable Flows offers a lot of accessories along with its secret whiteboard. It has an art print that is simply removable for replacement.

In addition, it comes with a mounting kit and a magnetic whiteboard or frame. It also includes a magnetic marker, a magnetic eraser cloth, and six wooden magnets for a more structured arrangement.


What is the Cost of these Secret Whiteboards?

There’s no doubt that Sable Flow’s Secret Whiteboards are a must-buy for most people. These whiteboards come at a very genuine price compared to a traditional whiteboard’s cost. The prices of these hidden whiteboards vary according to the size of the whiteboard.

The cost of all the accessories and the art piece is included in the total cost. The cost of a small secret whiteboard is $159.

The medium-sized secret whiteboard costs $199, and the large-sized secret whiteboard costs $259. These whiteboards also come with additional accident protection, which costs some extra money but offers a lot of benefits.

Where to keep your Secret Whiteboard?

You can take a good, long look about your home for a wonderful area to tuck away a concealed whiteboard since they are a terrific accent to any space. It can be fixed to any wall, no matter the color or style of the walls. 

The home office is the most typical room in the house where a concealed whiteboard may be found. It’s simple to use and a fantastic location to save essential reminders. The majority of your work is done at the home office, where you may also jot down your chores and afterward store your list.

Use a concealed whiteboard in your study space for yet another fantastic application. It doesn’t matter where you or your children study. It can be a room or modified space where keeping a concealed whiteboard would be a fantastic idea. 

A concealed whiteboard works nicely in a craft area as well. You can make lists if you need fresh supplies to ensure that you don’t forget. Alternatively, you can create a list of the tasks you want to complete on your secret whiteboard so that it is right there next to your craft supplies.


Secret Whiteboards are an excellent addition to any house. It can be considered one of the best innovations to traditional whiteboards. These whiteboards not only keep your notes hidden but also give your walls a clean and aesthetic look. Undoubtedly, buying a secret whiteboard is worth your money and is very useful in the long run.

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