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In Mobile and Privacy Last updated: August 31, 2023
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Although technology has evolved so much, one question always bothers everyone. And that is – Is your messaging app safe?

And by messaging app, we mean the app people use the most to communicate worldwide – WhatsApp.

This article will give you an overview of WhatsApp, its security and privacy flaws, and discuss some alternatives you can use.

WhatsApp – Overview and Hype

Communication is vital, and WhatsApp has changed how people communicate over the past few years. No doubt, it’s the most popular messaging app across the globe. 


Officially launched in 2009, it has more than 2 billion users monthly. More than 100 billion messages flinging worldwide are sent daily on WhatsApp.

This indicates the impact of this tool in our day-to-day lives.

The issue of privacy has been a significant concern for the app since its launch. Let’s discuss the flaw that makes WhatsApp users second-guess their communication app choice.

Security and Privacy Flaws With WhatsApp You Should Know

The end-to-end encrypted message feature has gained a bit of popularity for WhatsApp. It ensures the secure delivery of messages to the recipient. But how safe is it?

To begin with, WhatsApp uses your phone number for logging in. Despite the encrypted chats, it still puts your private information at risk. 

Recently, governments fined it for sharing users’ private data with its parent company, Meta, formerly Facebook. 

That created havoc and scared people relying on WhatsApp for daily communication. It compelled them to search for better alternatives that respect their privacy and allow them to communicate with more freedom. 

Now that you know why you need WhatsApp alternatives, it’s time to explore your options.


Signal is a private messaging tool that you can use to share pictures, videos, and many such moments with your friends, families, and community. 



  • End-to-end encryption ensures more privacy and enables a secure communication channel
  • Supports free voice and video calls that keep you connected to your loved ones from anywhere in the world
  • Self-destruct mode allows auto-deletion of messages to keep your message history tidy
  • The in-app payment feature enables you to perform a safe transaction (supports cryptocurrencies as well)
  • Uses private group technology to enable secure group conversations

The signal is free, and you can also explore the rich features of secure messaging here. Whether desktop or mobile, you can count on this tool to share your moments of celebration.

Telegram Messenger

If you want a messaging tool that is secure and super fast, Telegram is for you. With over 700 million active monthly users across the globe, it’s one of the most popular messaging apps. 

telegram messenger

Telegram boasts some exciting features that can care for your personal and business needs. 


  • The MTProto mobile protocol provides solid end-to-end encryption along with fast delivery of text and voice messages
  • Telegram groups enable you to share files and build a community by adding up to 200,000 people in a group
  • Self destruct timer deletes the message for both participants as soon as the time runs out
  • Start a Telegram Channel to broadcast your messages to a large audience at the same time
  • Cloud-based storage provides unlimited storage for your data, media, and documents

Telegram is paranoid about making your communication more secure and reliable. There are no hidden charges to use, and you can seamlessly connect as many devices as possible to your account simultaneously.



Threema is a uniquely designed instant messaging platform that puts security and privacy first. Trusted by over 10 million users, it is the top paid communication tool on Google Play.


  • The state of the art end to end encryption prohibits anyone other than the recipient from reading your messages
  • Guarantees privacy with anonymous chatting, i.e., without even displaying your phone number
  • Ensures a risk-free communication channel among corporate teams without the danger of compromising your business secrets
  • Lets you verify the contact by scanning their unique personal QR code
  • Poll features allow you to conduct polls among contacts 

Threema ensures complete anonymity while communicating, including no collection of user data whatsoever. You can pay once and chat forever.


Viber is a beautifully designed platform that allows free and secure calls and messages from anywhere worldwide.  


It’s more than a standard messaging platform. It allows you to express yourself with its beautiful features.


  • Initiate group calls with as many as 40 people at the same time
  • Makes secure delivery of texts, high-quality voice/video calls, and photos instantly
  • Enables more deep and fun conversations by sharing playful GIFs and colorful stickers
  • Features like deleting the messages that you sent accidentally give you total control over your communication
  • Lets you add a self-destruct timer to ensure extra privacy

Viber is perfect for people who want fast and fun ways to engage with an individual or a large community sharing the same passion as theirs. You can start using Viber now and make new friends across the globe.


Wire provides a modern-day communication solution by providing a more thorough end-to-end encryption that allows you to collaborate in a secure environment. 


Trusted by government officials and corporate leaders, Wire is one of the most secure collaborative platforms that gives you complete confidence while sharing your data.


  • End-to-end solid encryption ensures a higher degree of privacy and security
  • Conferencing feature allows you to communicate with your co-workers and team members via video or audio call in a single place
  • Ensures secure file sharing among team members to avoid any third-party interference
  • The security alert system flags potential dangers while sharing information and trigger responses for the team
  • Secure Hold feature stores your documents in a place devoid of access by a third party or even Wire

Wire provides futuristic and safe collaborative solutions that serve small teams, organizations, and startups. It comes in three plans with versatile features, each committed to ensuring advanced security and superior user experience.


Pryvate provides secure digital and mobile communication solutions that can undermine any threats by hackers and cyber criminals so that you can have a safer internet experience.


It’s led by highly experienced telecom experts and has several salient features to improve your communication and safety. 


  • Military-grade encrypted voice and video calls ensure complete security and privacy 
  • Secure Private emails ensure total security of the message as well as the sender’s address
  • Provides safe file transfer passage to keep your data away from hackers
  • Allows safe storage of encrypted files on your device
  • It has an ad-free web browser that uses Tor/I2P to protect your privacy. 

You might expect exorbitant prices with such extensive features, but it’s pretty affordable. 


Element provides a universally secure collaborative solution that empowers people to communicate with anyone on their terms. 

It has a broad user base of over 42 million people across the globe, including the world’s largest democracies like the USA, France, and Germany.


Many people and governments widely trust the element because its powerful features ensure maximum security while sharing information. 


  • It lets you decide where you want to store your messages, giving you autonomy over your data
  • Avoids data mining and ads that could benefit your competitors
  • Cross-device signing and end-to-end encryption to ensure a secure collaboration
  • Provides an open network to talk to people on different apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram without even changing your platform

An element is a game-changing tool that supports decentralized communication. When availing of those services, they have flexible pricing plans.

You can choose the most suitable one for your organization, with various add-ons and bridges available.

Messages by Google

Messages is a simple messaging app designed by Google. It works well in categorizing your messages so you can find essential conversations in no time. 

messages by google

Intuitive design and several chat features make it different from other messaging apps. 


  • Enables simple and authentic communication with the help of stickers, GIFs, and emojis for free
  • Allows sharing of high-quality media like images and video over messages
  • Integrates Google Assistant for audio assistance when messaging
  • It helps you to find useful information about businesses from the Messages app
  • Enables you to send payments from the chat with a single tap

Although Messages has no unique add-ons related to privacy and security, it’s one of the most popular apps worldwide for messaging. It’s free and easy to use, which makes it a modern-day texting tool with excellent features.


Chat is the most personalized way to communicate, especially among young guns and adults. Kik started as a messaging app where you can send messages across Blackberry, iOS, and Android. 

However, with time it evolved into an incredibly sassy messaging tool with excellent features, oriented towards teens.


Today, Kik has more than 100 million users worldwide.


  • Allows you to build deeper engagement with your favorite people and community with Kik codes
  • Lets you express yourself with funky stickers, available for different situations
  • Intuitive and gorgeous interface results in better communication
  • Kik’s Safety Center allows law enforcement agencies to access a user’s account on safety violations

You can get Kik on iOS and Android to share your emotions modishly and be yourself.


Keybase is a secure messaging and file-sharing app. It allows safe storage of your documents like photos, videos, and other important files.



  • Has public key cryptography so that your private messages stay private
  • Safe group chats among friends, families, and clubs, which remains untracked even by Keybase
  • Secure connection with Twitter, Reddit, and other public communities
  • Sending exploding messages feature helps delete sensitive messages after a specific time automatically

As you can see, Keybase is much more than a messaging platform. You can communicate with anyone without revealing your email address or phone number. Apart from that, it is also ad-free and free to use for everyone.


Wickr provides secure communication solutions across sensitive industries like military, legal, and IT professionals. Its zero compromise policy makes it one of the trusted communication platforms across different organizations.



  • Multi-Factor authentication – a high-security protocol that allows secure communication across the app without a compromise
  • Advanced cryptography, with 256 end-to-end encryption, ensures highly secure video conferencing from computers as well as personal devices
  • Zero trust platform design automatically deletes the data after delivery in case of a data breach
  • User key verification ensures the message between you and the recipient is encrypted
  • The ephemeral feature replaces the data with random bits of code after a designated time

Wickr provides premium data security solutions to some of the leading industries in the world. It comes in different pricing plans, starting from basic to platinum.

Wrapping Up

By now, we all have been aware of some of the most reliable alternatives to WhatsApp you can use to build more meaningful relationships across the world and keep conversations private at the same time.

It’s hard to distinguish which one is the most secure of all.

Only one way to find that. 

Try and look for the one committed to keeping your messages to only yourself and nobody else.

Now you may read the best Video Messaging Apps to Record Screen and Cam and also how to get imessage on Windows.

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