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In EdTech Last updated: November 14, 2022
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Online courses have become widely popular these days, especially after the pandemic, where people had to work from home, learn from home, shop from home, and so on.

Basically, the world has moved to the online space like never before.

If you talk about statistics, the online learning market is expected to grow at a 20% CAGR from 2022 to 2028 and has already surpassed US $325 billion in 2021.

Whether the reason is the pandemic or the craze for digitization, online learning is advantageous for both educators and learners.


While learners can easily access courses on their devices using the internet without going to the coaching center, educators can deliver courses efficiently while doing good business out of them.

So, if you are thinking about creating and selling online courses, platforms like LearnWorlds can help you.

In this article, I’ll discuss a few things about online courses and how LearnWorlds can help you create amazing online courses and sell them.

Let’s start!

What Are Online Courses?

An online course involves lessons and learning activities on a specific subject delivered via the internet. They can be instruction-led, self-paced, or a mix of two. Online courses can be distributed through online videos, webinars, audio, text, etc., on a website or platform.

What Are Online Courses

Educators and EdTech companies create and upload the course content on a Learning Management System (LMS), or you can make it a SCORM course through an authoring system.  

Online courses enable EdTech companies and experts to impart their knowledge and experiences on a topic or subject to the world so that others can learn from them while also making money.

Meanwhile, learners, no matter where they are, can access and learn the content and increase their knowledge. Similarly, businesses can purchase these courses to train their employees and staff.

Why Sell Courses Online?

If you can create quality courses and sell them online, you can generate a decent income. Let’s understand the reasons why you should make and sell courses online.

Enhances Brand Presence

Creating and distributing courses online enables you to reach more people you can educate. Whether you educate people through quality courses or tutorials on your blog, LearnWorlds, YouTube, or podcast, you impact people’s lives.


This gives them a chance to improve their skills and knowledge. It also helps you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and strengthens your brand presence.

Brand Loyalty

Effective content can bring enormous success when mixed with the right marketing and advertising efforts. It will help you boost brand awareness and get more leads to your offerings. And through consistent efforts in content quality and promotions, you can build greater brand loyalty.

Training Customers

Your customers might face certain issues while using your product or service. Although you may have created a user manual, everyone doesn’t need to understand everything written on it.


But create a thorough course on using a given product or service with examples and clear instructions (presented in a video preferably). It will help the users understand its correct usage. This will make them feel you care about them and are not leaving them stranded after the purchase.

How Can LearnWorlds Help?

If you want to monetize your skills, audiences, and experiences, you can use LearnWorlds to create, sell, and promote online courses directly from your website. It’s a powerful platform to help educators and businesses impart their knowledge to learners without depending on a third-party website.


LearnWorlds is one of the best platforms for online courses used by thousands of educators and EdTech businesses around the globe. It will help you craft the best learning experiences for your students. It’s useful for coaching, compliance training, employee or customer onboarding, and continuing education.

With this fully eCommerce-enabled platform, you can build a high-converting site for your EdTech business or school, create effective marketing funnels, and boost your ROI.

Features of LearnWorlds


Some of the key features of LearnWorlds include:

Content Enhancement

Since your content is the heart of your course, it must be presented well to capture attention, boost learning efficiency, and increase engagement and satisfaction rates. A click of a button is enough to view a video’s transcript and add images, titles, questions, etc.

  • Transcript synchronization: Make your audience understand the content more by displaying interactive transcripts automatically extracted from the video. It also helps the viewers easily access and navigate.
  • Add interactions: You can easily add overlays, pointers, questions, links, and other interactions to your videos and make them more engaging without waiting for post-production.
  • Content hosting: LearnWorlds can host your content on the cloud and distribute them seamlessly to your customers. However, if you already have hosted your content elsewhere or are planning to do so, you can do it quickly because the platform can be connected with leading video providers.
  • Analytics: Measuring the numbering is important to understand how you can improve your videos. For this, LearnWorlds provides statistics on how the learners and viewers interact with the videos right when they start engaging with them to their completion.

Beautiful and Customizable Course Player


Allow the students to have a simple, powerful, and flexible way of studying with a customizable and visually compelling course player. It offers different ways of adding highlights and notes and helps learners improve their reading and scanning strategies.

You can choose how users can navigate – sequentially or feely. You can even set your restrictions on navigation. In addition, schedule online course delivery using drip feed and enjoy greater flexibility.

Advanced Testing Engine

In your videos, you can offer graded, upgraded, formal, informal, open, or closed-type questionnaires. So this will make your content more engaging instead of just one format.

  • Various assessment types: You can put your learners through different formats and types of assignments, tests, and quizzes to keep them learning more and enjoying the process. In addition, you can easily monitor, track, and report your students’ results.
  • Question bans: Create large question banks and connect these to your tests and courses. This will help you make your tests randomized as well as secure for certification programs and continuing education (CE).
  • Branded e-certificates: You can design, personalize, and award branded digital certificates to learners. This will help them showcase their skills and competencies to future career prospects and land their dream jobs.

In addition, you can engage learners with your ebooks, group or 1:1 sessions, surveys, SCORMs, and more.

Eye-Catching Themes and Templates


Create versatile learning experiences with beautiful templates and themes for the course player. You will get the flexibility to choose a free course pathway, paid, drip-fed, curated, or private. You can choose from hundreds of 400+  templates to help you create visually appealing and high-converting sites. 

LearnWorlds will provide you with an intuitive drag-and-drop block-based builder to create pages. After your content part is done, you can beautify your site with different designs that suit the content.

Marketing Funnels

LearnWorlds will provide robust sales engines and flexible pricing options suitable for different types of digital products. You can see courses, memberships, and bundles and optimize them to capture more leads and customers.

Furthermore, upsell or cross-sell your products that customers find irresistible. This can be done using coupons, promotions, discounts, etc., on your sales page. You can also create wonderful check experiences and 1-click funnels to witness more growth.

Network and Promote


Your social media profiles and networking are not just for fun or casual talks. You can leverage it to boost your business. Similarly, with LearnWorlds, you can build a growing learning community where students and education providers can meet online and discuss issues, ideas, solutions, and share feedback, experiences, tips, and advice.

In addition, learners will get a chance to connect and communicate to expand their professional network, find partners and learning buddies, share their knowledge, and help each other.

Access Controls

Security and privacy are important in digital services. LearnWorld takes care of this by providing custom user roles and permission levels that you can change or scale based on requirements. It will also help you streamline your collaborations and control user access to the platform and courses with a few clicks while ensuring safety for your sensitive content.

Branded Mobile Application

Mobile usage is increasing exponentially worldwide, and so is the demand for useful applications. You can quickly build your branded mobile applications for your class to boost engagement, reach, and return.


The best thing is that no coding is required to create the app, which will be Android and iOS native. Some features included in it are:

  • 100% white label with your domain name and brand identity
  • Visual editor
  • Push notifications
  • In-app purchases

LearnWorlds Integration


You can connect your coaching class, school, or platform with many virtual tools for marketing and affiliates to promote your courses and increase your reach and sales. Some tools you can integrate with LearnWorlds are Zapier, Mailchimp, Zoom, HubSpot, AWeber, Freshdesk, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, etc.

Other Features

Apart from the above, LearnWorlds offers some more valuable features for learning activities through forms, Soundcloud, HTML5, SCORM,  Slideshare, Zoom, embedding options, and more. You will get a multilingual library to customize your content’s language, dozens of fonts to choose from and create unique designs.

In addition, LearnWorlds allows learners to display their achievements and activities. You will get a Daily Newspaper of your own with chosen tweets and articles and track your AdWords and Facebook campaigns.



LearnWorlds provides 24/7 support to edupreneurs and trainers. You can reach out through email or phone whenever you find some difficulty. They also conduct daily webinars wherein experts explain the techniques, strategies, and practical knowledge to help you grow your learning platform.

LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds offers different affordable, risk-free plans for you to choose from based on your requirements.

  • Starter: It starts at $24/month and includes a FREE trial. You will be charged a $5/course sale and get features like 1 admin, site builder, custom domain, 4 payment gateways, free SSL certificates, coupons, and more.
  • Pro Trainer: It starts at $79/month and includes a FREE trial. It involves no transaction fees and offers features like 5 admins, unlimited courses, priority support, and many advanced features.
  • Learning Center: It costs $249/month with a FREE trial. It also has advanced features to take your courses to new heights.

But if you want customized pricing, you can contact them.

Create and Sell Online Courses: Step by Step Process


Businesses and individuals wanting to create online courses must focus on delivering value. If you have a skill, idea, or knowledge on a topic, you wish to share with the world, create a good strategy and develop quality courses.

The reason is that people will consider you only if you offer valuable, unique solutions for their personal or professional problems. Your course must serve a purpose and solve people’s problems. It must also be encouraging and provide them with an opportunity to develop or upskill themselves.

Here is the step-by-step process to create and sell your course online.

Planning/Goal Setting


Before you start creating your online course, jot down the learning objectives and goals of your online courses.

Learning goals and objectives can be why learners should take up your course and how helpful it can be for their personal or professional growth. These need to be realistic, measurable, and attainable for learners.

Choose a Topic

After defining the objective and goals, you must choose a topic for your online course. It can’t be random or cover everything from a subject. Instead, your topic must be specific, addressing the solution of a problem.

If you want to deliver value, always choose a topic you have mastered for others to learn from you. This way, it will also be easier to make students explain the topic or clear their doubts.

To choose a topic,

  • Think about something, like a skill; you are good at
  • Ask yourself if you are an expert on the topic
  • Have you already helped other people on this topic?

If yes, perhaps, you can create an online course based on your knowledge, expertise, and experiences. But if you are still stuck, ask your colleagues, friends, connections, or social media followers.



After choosing a topic, start researching it thoroughly, offline and online.

You can start by reviewing your course materials, like academic books, files containing hands-on practices, notes, and other materials. Next, you can research online and find recent developments and news on the topic and other free and paid resources to garner deep knowledge and command on the topic.

Doing this will give you a fair idea of what to include in your course. And never forget to write important points and notes with their resources. Once you have your main topic and sub-topics, you can also research the sub-topics to ensure you don’t miss out on an important detail.

Create Your Outline

Once you have good materials in your hands, start preparing the course outline.

You can write the main topic, sub-topics, and different sections. Ensure that you design the course structure logically and based on what your students would benefit from the most. You can arrange them by difficulty, context, or chronology, whatever is the most suitable so that learners can easily transition from one topic to the next.

Create and Edit the Content

Now, it’s time for you to fill in the colors (here content) in your outline.

In this step, you will develop the course content based on the plan. You can create the content from scratch or repurpose the old one with updates.

For example, if you are going to create a video tutorial, you can come up with the script first and then make your video out of it.


Once you have created your content, review it for errors. If you find something odd or need some adjustments, edit your content. Finally, it’s ready to get published on your destined site, YouTube, or LearnWorlds for sale.


Creating online courses is a profitable business yet can be satisfying to the soul since you can pass on the knowledge you have gained to others who may need it.

With many platforms like LearnWorlds, creating and selling courses online has become easy. This platform will provide you with awesome features and pricing options to earn good profits. At the same time, it will help you keep your learners engaged and craving for more. 

  • Amrita Pathak
    Amrita is a freelance copywriter and content writer. She helps brands enhance their online presence by creating awesome content that connects and converts. She has completed her Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Aeronautical Engineering…. read more
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