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If you want to become a Semrush affiliate partner, you need to read this!

Semrush has a LOT to offer for everyone in the digital marketing space. For bloggers, PPC experts, SEOs, and content marketers, Semrush is one of the best SEO tools for keyword research, competition analysis, and overall online growth.

As a content marketer, I have been using Semrush for my website and my client’s websites. The tool has helped me discover underserved keywords, analyze backlink gaps, and optimize my copy with SEO writing assistant.

But today, I want to talk about the Semrush affiliate partner program.

And let me give you a spoiler: It is one of the highest-paying SEO affiliate programs. A GOLDMINE for affiliate marketers. 🤑

In this Semrush affiliate program review, I will share everything about the program – the eligibility criteria, cookie duration, payment methods, how to sign up, and more.

So, let’s jump straight into the article.

Introducing Semrush  

Semrush is a recognized SaaS platform for online visibility management. It is an industry-leading company used by over 10 million marketers and 30% of Fortune 500 companies.

Semrush’s exceptional suite of digital marketing tools and solutions lets you harness the full potential of search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content marketing, social media, competitive research campaigns, and more.

It is also one of the best reporting tools that offer insights for companies to build, manage, and measure campaigns across various marketing channels. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Semrush also offers one of the highest paying SEO affiliate programs. Now let’s explore what Semrush Affiliate Program is below!

The Semrush Affiliate Program

With the Semrush Affiliate Program, you have the opportunity to promote a trusted and highly sought-after digital marketing solution while earning generous commissions for every successful referral.

Furthermore, Semrush offers one of the best high-ticket affiliate programs.

As an affiliate, you can earn generous commissions at every stage of the customer journey: $200 for new sales, $10 for new trial activations, and $0.01 for a new registration, i.e., when a user doesn’t purchase a plan or trial but only registers with Semrush.

No wonder that when in comes to affiliate SEO, Semrush definitely is the best!

Here’s a handy table to help you get a better hold of the nitty-gritty!

Affiliate ProductSemrush Subscription Plans – Pro, Guru, and Business
Commission✅ $200/Sale of Subscription plans
✅ $10/Free Trial of Subscription plans
✅ $0.01/Registration
Additional Affiliate ProductsContentShake, BuzzGuru, AdClarity, and more from the Semrush App Center
Cookie Duration120 Days and last-click attribution
Payment MethodsPayPal or Electronic fund transfer
Payment Cycle21 days from the confirmed sale date
Minimum ThresholdUSD $10 or equivalent
How to Join?Via Impact
Who Can Join?✅ Content Publishers
✅ Marketing Agencies
✅ Paid Search Specialists
✅ Course Creators and Professors
✅ All-Around Marketers
Acceptance Criteria✅ Minimum 1k traffic or followers
✅ Write about/promote digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing.
✅ Regular updates on blog/channel/page (1-3 times a week)
❌ No promotion with only emails

How to Sign Up for the Semrush Affiliate Program?

You need to sign up for the Semrush affiliate program via Impact. Impact is a popular partnership management platform where you can find the world’s largest brands across retail, travel, beauty, fitness, financial services, and more.

Step 1: Sign Up to Impact

Joining the Impact affiliate program is free. So, open your Impact Partner account today and apply to brands you want to promote.

You can skip this if you already have Impact account.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know how sometimes Clickfunnels denies your account without any valid reason. So, Impact can be a great Clickfunnels alternative.

Furthermore, when it comes to SEO affiliate marketing, Impact collaborates with big, trusted brands like Adidas, Lenovo, Levi’s, HSBC, Semrush, and more.

Step 2: Apply to Become a Semrush Partner

Go to Semrush Affiliate Program landing page and click “Apply Now” to get it started. It will take you to Impact Sign Up/Login wizard where you can enter the necessary info.

Make your proposal strong, and here’s a unique trick to get the approval quicker: write some Semrush-related articles beforehand and link them in your proposal message. 😉

This way, you establish yourself as an authoritative content marketer who already knows the Semrush product and is a dedicated user, not just an affiliate marketer trying to make extra cash. Show them you mean business!

Once approved in the Semrush affiliate partner program, you can head to Brands and select My Brands.

Now, you just need to copy your affiliate links and promote Semrush and its products.

How Does the Semrush Affiliate Partner Program Work?

The Semrush Affiliate Partner Programs is one of the best SEO affiliate programs and can help you maximize your earnings while promoting a leading digital marketing toolkit trusted by millions.

Semrush is used by a wide customer base: digital marketing agencies, SEO experts, PPC campaign marketers, content publishers, and more. So, making money with Semrush is super-easy, provided you get the right audience on your channel/website.

Semrush takes pride in offering one of the most generous commission structures on the market, ensuring your hard work is duly rewarded.

Sign-up takes only a few minutes, and applications are reviewed during working days as quickly as possible.

Let’s understand the Semrush affiliate partner program in detail.

#1. Products

With Semrush, your audience can purchase one of the three subscriptions: Pro, Guru, and Business. With each plan, the features vary. 

As an affiliate, you can promote different Semrush plans according to your audience. This flexibility allows you to tailor your promotions to your audience’s requirements.

#2. Commission Rates

One of the biggest reasons to join the Semrush affiliate partner program is its high commission rates. Even with 5 subscription sales a month, you can make $1000 easily.

Semrush’s affiliate program is free to join, and there are no limits to how many sales an affiliate can acquire.

You get $200 for every new subscription sale and $10 for every new lead – somebody who didn’t purchase a subscription plan but opted for a free trial. Even if they didn’t opt for a free trial but just signed up with Semrush, you still get paid $0.01/new sign-up.

Semrush follows a Cost-Per-Acquisition/Action (CPA) model with flat rates instead of percentage commissions. This is superb because no matter which plan the customer buys – cheapest or costliest – you still get paid a fixed commission.

The Semrush subscriptions are the main affiliate product, but you have plenty of other products to promote as well.

Semrush affiliates can promote and earn with new apps in the Semrush App Center. Some of the most popular ones are ContentShake, Influencer Analytics, and AdClarity. However, the affiliate commissions for these apps are lower than the subscription plans.

Commissions for the aforementioned apps:

TypeInfluencer AnalyticsAdClarityContentShake

Note: For each app in the Semrush App Centre, the commission rates for Sales and Trials will vary.

#3. Tracking Referrals and Reports

Each referral will be tracked via your unique affiliate link. The reports will be shown in the Impact dashboard, and you can zero in on the metrics to gain powerful insights for business decisions.

You can compare data from two distinct time periods and even sort the reports according to your designated KPIs, such as rebills, the number of visits, the date of purchase, sign-ups, sales, etc.

#4. Payment Cycle and Transfer Methods

Since the Impact network manages Semrush’s affiliate program, your affiliate commissions will be sent to you via Impact’s payment processing methods. You can opt for electronic funds transfer, aka wire transfer or PayPal. 

For PayPal payments, the minimum threshold is $50, and you will be paid automatically on the 10th and 25th of each month when your account balance reaches the minimum threshold.

For wire transfers, the minimum threshold is $1000, and you have to fill out an invoice to get paid once you reach the minimum threshold.

Alternatively, you can schedule a specific payout day each month.

Semrush does not just have one of the highest-paying SEO affiliate programs, but it has one of the highest cookie durations among SaaS affiliate programs, too.

With the Semrush affiliate partner program, you get a long 120-day cookie window. It allows for extended tracking and boosts conversions immensely.

(Compare that with the Amazon affiliate program’s 24-hour cookie duration! 😂)

Semrush also offers last-click attribution. That means all of the credit, i.e., commission, is attributed to the last channel the customer interacted with before purchasing.

Who Can Join the Semrush Affiliate Program?

Semrush affiliate partner program is free to join and welcomes various types of affiliates. Most affiliates who join Semrush are bloggers, social media influencers, website owners, and digital marketers.

  • Content Publishers: Individual bloggers and companies writing about SEO, PPC, PR, marketing, and content marketing. 
  • Marketing Agencies: Do you handle your clients’ digital marketing campaigns? Semrush is one of the best tools for agencies to keep clients and businesses happy.
  • Paid Search Specialists: Individuals, agencies, or companies who run ad campaigns for themselves or their clients. You also get free trial landing pages and pre-designed banners. 
  • Course Creators and Professors: If you teach SEO and marketing via webinars or workshops, you can promote Semrush with affiliate links.
  • All-Around Marketers: Just a SaaS affiliate marketer looking to grow on the web? Yes, you can join in, too.

These are all the parties that can join the Semrush affiliate program and start promoting this amazing SaaS tool from Day 1.

Acceptance Criteria for Semrush Affiliate Program

Even if you fit in the aforementioned buckets of digital marketers, there are acceptance criteria to get into the affiliate program. Semrush is very serious about who they collaborate with. Hence, they do have stringent selection criteria.

What do you need to get accepted into the Semrush affiliate partner program?

✅ Your own website/YouTube channel/blog/social media page

✅ At least 1k organic followers/likes/visits

✅ Create original content, such as blog posts, online courses, or videos

✅ Content should be about Semrush-related topics, such as content marketing, SEO, SaaS tools, keyword research, etc.

✅ Website/YouTube channel/blog must be regularly updated

Note: For agencies and consultants, traffic might not be that important, but be sure to link your client portfolio/LinkedIn page to confirm the legitimacy of your activities. 

Semrush’s affiliate managers mostly look for how your website/channel is built, its traffic sources, audience engagement analytics, content updates, and, most importantly, if the content is relevant to Semrush’s audience.

What Do Semrush Affiliates Get?

Semrush is one of the most beginner-friendly SEO tools for search engine optimization, keyword research, and content marketing. However, they have a lot of training and promotional materials to help novice affiliates.

#1. Training

Semrush empowers its affiliates (especially new affiliates) with the knowledge they need to succeed from Day 1. As a Semrush affiliate partner, you will get comprehensive training materials, including webinars, tutorials, and educational resources. 📃

You get detailed training materials about creating effective affiliate content, using ads and assets available on Impact, and more. This ensures you can effectively promote Semrush and its features to your audience.

#2. Promotions

As a Semrush affiliate, you get a lot of promotional material, such as ad creatives, landing pages, banners, and even custom affiliate links. You can use these promotional assets to make your content look authentic.

With these promotional resources, you can effectively showcase Semrush’s value proposition and boost your conversions. Also, some of the promotional creatives are available in local languages like German, Spanish, Italian, and more – very helpful if you do local SEO.

You get different formats and dimensions to promote Semrush on various platforms.

Make your content creation process seamless with Semrush’s assets. You can find these assets right inside your Impact dashboard and promote its products – SEO tools, Advertising, Content Creation, App Center, etc.

#3. Customer Support

When you enroll in the Semrush affiliate partner program, you get a dedicated support team that helps you get onboard and is available for any questions or concerns. They will even map out a promotional action plan for you.

Whether you want to develop a content strategy or need advice on boosting your conversions, the Semrush affiliate team will always be there to help. You’ll receive prompt and reliable guidance to keep you on the path to affiliate success.

What Not to Do as a Semrush Affiliate?

As a Semrush affiliate partner program member, you are not allowed to do certain actions. If you do, you risk an account ban.

Here are some primary restrictions:

Self-Referrals and Commission Sharing: You can’t use your affiliate link to make purchases or create accounts for yourself, your relatives, or employees.

Fraudulent Activities: Activities such as click fraud, cookie stuffing, or using unauthorized promotional methods may get your Semrush affiliate account banned.

No Misleading Content: Provide accurate information and do not misrepresent Semrush or its products/services. Do not make any false claims or misleading statements. 

For example, you cannot present the free trial as a discount or a coupon or advertise invalid trials or offers. This is considered false advertising by Semrush’s standards.

PPC Advertising on Branded Keywords: If you are running PPC campaigns, you are not allowed to bid on Semrush’s branded keywords and ANY misspelled branded keywords like (but not limited to) Smerush, Semrash, Sem rush, Semrus, etc.

Unauthorized Use of Brand Names: You can’t use Semrush’s trademarks in domain names, social media accounts, or social media communities. A full list of restrictions can be found here.

Final Thoughts

Being a Semrush user for years, I totally get why Semrush has a wide range of users, from individual marketers to globally renowned companies. After all, such a diverse audience base offers you multiple opportunities to promote Semrush to a broad range of potential users.

Sign up now for the Semrush affiliate partner program to explore the monetizing opportunities with Semrush and start earning from your audience today.

Next up, want to know more about Semrush? Check out the Semrush: Ultimate Guide to the Platform’s Killer Features!

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