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In SEO Last updated: February 22, 2023
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Find out the SEO tools and processes on Semrush that help you create a robust yet effortless SEO automation workflow for your small business, web content, PPC, or marketing initiatives.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about understanding how big search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and more search and present content to the public.

Here, you do online research to explore trending and performing keywords. Then you go for content creation, content updating, backlink generation, social media engagement, and a hundred other things.

Often, SEO experts find that by the time they get their content in the market, the keyword’s value drops heavily. This happens due to the manual work involved in SEO taking much time before you can implement the strategy.

How about a fully automated SEO solution where, with the click of a button, everything is done from strategy inception to SEO implementation?

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Well, you may be unable to automate everything in a single click. Still, you can automate a lot compared to your current manual SEO workflow by using the Semrush SEO toolkit for small businesses and digital marketers.     

SEO is Repetitive, Boring, and Time Consuming


In conventional SEO, here is mostly what you do in a workday:

  • Use a third-party web app like Google Trend or any other to research trending keywords.
  • Search the keyword on Google or Bing to find top search results related to content like blogs, infographics, press releases (PRs), videos, online courses, and more. 
  • Now, you sit with a content creator to create a content outline.
  • You send the outline for approval, and when approved, start creating the content by liaising with the content creator.
  • Again, you send content like blogs, videos, or infographics to the site editor or client for approval.
  • Once done, you publish the content and start promoting it from social channels.
  • Also, you go on a mission to create hundreds of backlinks to your original content to increase content performance.
  • Not to mention, monitor content every day for ranking going up or down and do more SEO to pull the content up if the ranking goes downwards.

Now, that is a lot of manual work that you do for all the keywords throughout the year. This is not an efficient system. You need automation to remove manual work from SEO, make SEO work flaw-less, and invest less in boring work and more in selling.   

What is Automation in SEO?


SEO automation is the process of automating manual and repetitive tasks of SEO. You can otherwise call it a factory lineup or streamlined workflow for your SEO marketing strategy.

SEO automation is highly beneficial for SEO agencies, digital marketers, and businesses that do SEO themselves. For example, you can analyze bulk keywords directly from a spreadsheet or project document by using a Zappier integration of Semrush. 

What is more, you can automatically create hundreds of content outlines by using the Semrush Content Outline Builder app. And the list keeps on going!

With SEO automation, you can publish content faster than your rival agencies and businesses. Thus, you enjoy organic traffic to your blog, eCommerce outlet, dropshipping platform, online courses marketplace, etc., websites earlier than your competitors.      

Which SEO Tasks Can You Automate?


Almost any task in an SEO pipeline that does not require creative and decision-making inputs from humans can be automated using Semrush. 

However, you may need to learn to script some advanced automation using Semrush and Python. Alternatively, there are If This Then That (IFTTT) tools for conditional programming, like Zapier. However, find below the SEO tasks that you can automate today:

  • Keyword overview and keyword discovery analysis
  • Keyword position or ranking analysis
  • Website visits or crawls by search engine bots
  • Automated monitoring for backlinks, brand mentions, etc.
  • Auditing backlink profile quality
  • Creating SEO performance reports
  • Log file analysis
  • Creating SEO titles and meta descriptions in bulk
  • Creating short-form backlink content in bulk and posting them online
  • Analysis of keyword intent 

What Is Semrush Automation?

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Semrush is a renowned SEO toolkit. It comes with many automation features for SEO marketers

Almost all the SEO tools that are available within your Semrush subscription package are automation compatible. It means you can use the built-in features of the SEO tools of Semrush to automate bulk research. 

Alternatively, you can integrate the Semrush features with other business tools using third-party integration tools, like Zaprier or IFTTT. Thus, you just need to assign a few SEO marketers to run a big SEO agency or SEO project in a business to promote brands and products.

There are many automation opportunities on Semrush. Find below the most widely used and effortless Semrush automation you can use right now:

Best Semrush Automation Tools

#1. Automated Site Audit

Staying on top of all technical SEO problems is indispensable. Sometimes, the Google Search crawler may not efficiently crawl your article or content page, creating many downstream problems. Hence, you need to invest in multiple SEO marketers to find and troubleshoot such issues.


However, by automating the technical audit process, you can identify issues yourself. And that is exactly what the Semrush Site Audit tool does.

Create a site or page crawl using the tool. The tool will present you with an array of insights. Currently, it checks against more than 140 factors. Once you know the site crawling issues, you can resolve the page code or indexing problems immediately. 

#2. Automatic Tracking of Keyword Position

The Semrush Position Tracking tool helps you to monitor the position and ranking of the keywords on which your site usually ranks. Any indication of downgrade rankings will help you create a strategy to update the content as soon as possible to get back to the top of the Google Search Engine. 

Automatic Tracking of Keyword Position
Image credit: Semrush

SEO marketers can also schedule keyword position tracking reports to go directly into the email inbox of SEO managers weekly, monthly, and so on. 

The Semrush Backlink Audit tool can automatically track backlinks to your websites, landing pages, content pages, etc., from third-party websites. You can set various backlink quality metrics on the tool and start a monitoring project.

Image credit: Semrush

The tool will check for backlink quality continuously. When the number of toxic backlinks goes beyond a previously set threshold, you can get an email report or email notification. Thus, you can instruct your SEO marketers to start removing toxic backlinks. 

#4. Analyze Log Files Automatically

Analyzing log files and understanding site issues could improve site performance. However, this is a repetitive and manual task.

Analyze Log Files Automatically
Image credit: Semrush

Thanks to the Log File Analyzer tool from Semrush, you can now completely automate the above process to find instant answers to the following questions:

  • What are the site errors that the crawling tool discovered?
  • Which page of your website did not get a Google crawler after content publishing?
  • Are you spending the crawl budget cost-effectively?
  • Which pages of your website got the most crawls?
  • What is the process for managing Googlebot’s crawling?

#5. Automating SEO Reports

It is a real pain for a digital marketing agency to create monthly or weekly SEO reports for clients. Similarly, in a business, you may find the whole SEO team is after the month-end SEO reports at the end of the month when they should be researching search engine ranking strategies.

Automating SEO Reports

Thanks to the SEO Reports tool from Semrush, your SEO team can create professional SEO reports automatically in a few minutes. The report can include the following metrics:

  • Organic search positions for keywords
  • Monthly SEO reports
  • A full report for backlinks
  • A complete report of the site audit
  • Monthly competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • A complete report of site issues from the site audit 

Wrapping Up

You might think that SEO is not suitable for automation, but you will be surprised to know that Semrush has an array of SEO tools aimed at automation.

Try Semrush 14-day trial

All you need to do is use the above-mentioned tools on your Semrush package to automate most tasks that successful and highly-grossing SEO agencies do not do manually.

You may also like to know about the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant tool, Semrush .Trends tool for marketing strategy research.

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