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In SEO Last updated: February 8, 2023
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Creating a strong SEO foundation and generating organic traffic for clients is the most challenging task for any agency. Semrush for agencies is a cost-effective solution for all.

Digital marketing and SEO services are some of the most lucrative businesses. A recent Research and Markets report suggests that SEO will become an 83.7 billion USD industry in 2025 from 40.92 billion USD in 2021.

However, such agencies have to deal with challenges like market data research and insight. Their tasks are distributed in different apps and tools, and managing these often becomes a problem. Semrush offers an all-in-one solution so that agencies can focus on growing clients and increasing revenue.

Best Features of Semrush for Agencies


SEO and digital marketing agencies rely on hundreds of software for regular operations. In most cases, different teams of an agency use different apps and scatter the tasks everywhere. When the entire agency needs to sit together for brainstorming, it becomes a chaotic situation.

Not to mention, your teams become less productive when working on different apps. Because they invest a chunk of their working hours in installing and updating tools. In addition, there is a high chance that any client’s work could get stuck if one of such apps breaks down.

Therefore, you need to consolidate your agency’s operations in a few apps. Semrush Agency Growth Kit is a convenient and affordable option. 

When you sign up for Semrush, you can bring together most of your agency’s workflows in this tool, such as: 

#1. Management

Every SEO and digital marketing agency uses software to track everything happening in client projects across the departments. It is vital to track the project status so that managerial employees can report the client regularly and bill appropriately.

The objective of management tools for agencies are as below:

  • Integrate various project resources, apps, data, etc., in one central app
  • Share knowledge among the project teams and increase collaborative work
  • Monitor reporting, people, and finances

Agency management systems like, Jira, Asana, etc., work with Semrush Site Audit Tool via Zappier integration. You can use the Semrush Site Audit connector of Zappier to sync tasks from the management apps. With such a robust integration, you can create tasks on Jira, Asana, etc., directly from Semrush.

#2. Lead Processing

Lead Processing in Semrush for agencies

Semrush comes with an out-of-the-box lead generation and processing feature. Some of its sub-features are:

  • Use the Agency Partners platform to build a trustworthy digital marketing partner.
  • Businesses and brands who are interested in an agency find you instantly.
  • You can also create and embed modern lead generation widgets into your websites and landing pages.

As a result, you can get more leads. Then you can send them directly to Hubspot for further processing down the marketing funnel.

#3. CRM

Semrush CRM for agencies

CRMs are an indispensable tool for any B2B client management agency. You can use Semrush’s CRM tool to onboard new clients and manage existing clients right from the platform where you do SEO, content marketing, competitor analysis, etc.

#4. Project Management

YouTube video

Digital marketing and SEO project management are also vital for any agency. Agencies can seamlessly perform these tasks on the same Semrush platform using tools like My Reports, Calendar, Client Manager, etc.

#5. SEO

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Agencies also need various local and global SEO tools to track, discover, and manage the trending keywords for their clients. Also, agencies need to analyze their client’s competitors and find keywords that competitors use. Semrush has all the tools for such client responsibilities.

#6. Content Marketing

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Content marketing is also a great responsibility and requires many tools for content strategy, content research, locating content gaps, content audit, content creation, etc. Semrush content marketing tool consolidates all the functions in one platform.

#7. Social Media Marketing

For SMM, you do not need to pay for another app. You can create posts, analyze, benchmark your client’s performance with their competitors, and run paid campaigns.

#8. PPC

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You can also consolidate all the PPC campaign management, like ad keyword research, competitor’s ad research, shopping ads, display ads, search ads, etc., on Semrush. 

#9. Marketing Automation

If you want to grow your agency and deal with hundreds of clients, you need to scale up your workflow using marketing automation. Semrush offers various automated processes to put regular and repetitive workflows like SEO, PPC, client reporting, SMM, and lead generation into autopilot.           

What Is Semrush?

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So far, you must have understood that Semrush deals with digital marketing, SEO, and allied services. You are right! It is one of the leading tools in the market to discover marketing insight and improve the visibility of brands and websites. It is almost an all-in-one marketing tool so that your teams can focus on delivering more work rather than learning new apps.

Since it comes with many functionalities out of the box, experts also consider Semrush best for agencies. Hence, it is the perfect tool for your agency if you are in PPC, SEO, Keyword Research, SMM, PR, competitive research, marketing insights, content marketing, campaign marketing, etc.

It is really a cool web app that you can operate on any computing device that can open website browsers. Also, it comes with less to no learning curve. Hence, your representatives can start delivering work from the first day and increase your return on investment (ROI).  

Semrush User Interface

Semrush home page

The UI of Semrush is a walk in the park. The home page is the Projects page that shows all the client projects in a dashboard-like interface. It is known as My Projects and offers key insights like: 

  • Site Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Poster
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Organic Sessions
  • Content Analyzer

Competitor analysis is just above the dashboard and designated as My Competitors. Simply enter the domain address of the competitor and choose a country to keep track of your rival’s performance.

Semrush navigation pane

On the left side navigation pane, you can access all the tools for SEO and marketing from Semrush. Popular functionalities are grouped into the following categories: 

  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Advertising (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Semrush.Trends
  • Agency Solutions

You can access the following tools for agency management tasks from the Management section, also located on the left pane. These tools are:

  • My Reports
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Notes

If you are new to the tool and want a training or online demo, you can request that by clicking the Online Demo option from the left-side navigation pane. 

Semrush for Agencies: Cost-Effective Subscriptions

Market research insights do not come cheap because providers need to set up robust data centers and cloud computing apps to gather, analyze, and deliver data to you. However, Semrush offers numerous features and data for an affordable rate. Here are the plans that suit agency-level usage:

Semrush Guru for Agencies


The Guru subscription plan is highly suitable for mid-level businesses and agencies. It includes all the features and benefits of the Semrush Pro subscription. Additionally, it offers modern marketing features like historical data, content marketing toolkits, multi-location, device tracking, and advanced reporting.

This plan is available for $379.95/month. However, you can get a discount of up to 20% if you get an annual subscription. You can try the plan for 7 days before paying for a month or year.

Here is a consolidated list of features of the Guru plan:

  • 15 projects per subscription
  • Simultaneous 1,500 keywords tracking with daily updates
  • Full-service content marketing module
  • Access to Semrush CRM
  • Integrate with Google Data Studio
  • Agency Partner listing and certification
  • White label and branded PDF reports

You can get separate functionality boosts like Local SEO listing management, additional users, Semrush Trends, agency growth kit, and ImpactHero.      

Semrush Business for Agencies

Semrush for agencies Business for Agencies

If your agency is seeing an increased number of client onboarding or you are expanding your agency to more units, you can shift your subscription to the Semrush Business plan. All the features become immediately accessible. Hence, the scale-up process is truly effortless and painless.

The subscription is suitable for businesses with extensive marketing and SEO workflows, e-Commerce websites, and highly active SEO & marketing agencies. The plan is available for $599.95 per month. However, you can get a 20% discount if you plan to subscribe for a full year.

The Business plan comes with all the features of Semrush Pro and Guru. Furthermore, additional functionalities include extended limits, the share of voice, API access, migration from third-party platforms, and product listing ads. 

Find below a curated list of features of the Business plan: 

  • 40 projects per subscription
  • Simultaneous 5,000 keywords tracking with daily updates
  • Full-service content marketing module
  • Access to Semrush CRM
  • Integrate with Google Data Studio
  • Agency Partner listing and certification
  • White label and branded PDF reports

Similar to the Guru subscription, you need to pay extra for features like ImpactHero, Semrush Trends, agency growth kit, additional users, and listing management. 

When you compare the features of Guru and Business with alternatives of Semrush, you will find that most competitors are offering something similar to Guru at the highest subscription level.

Comparison With Competitors

For example, Ahrefs’ Advance costs $399/month, Majestic’s Full API costs $399/month, and Cognitive SEO’s Elite costs $499/ month. However, their services against the listed price are not that much exhaustive as Semrush.

Hence, a comparison with other tools reveals that Semrush is affordable and cost-effective. Moreover, when you utilize all Semrush tools to cater to client services, you increase your reliability and brand popularity. Not to mention, you save extra time and money by not buying other agency tools like project management, calendar management, client management solutions, etc.        

Semrush Toolkits

Semrush contains more than 40 tools for your agency operations. All the tools are divided into the following toolkits:

#1. SEO Toolkit

YouTube video

You will be using 18 different modules in this section for all things about SEO and content optimization to increase traffic and users organically. The top ones are the keyword magic tool, keyword overview, organic research, SEO content template, etc.

#2. Advertising Toolkit

For everything SEM, from research to advertising on Google Ads and social media, the advertising toolkit is the go-to destination.  

#3. Content Marketing Toolkit

YouTube video

Content Marketing Toolkit and its modules help you host high-quality website content and get better SEO rankings. 

#4. Competitive Research Toolkit

If you want to focus on data-driven marketing and competitor analysis, use Market Explorer, Organic Research, etc., from this section.

#5. Social Media Toolkit

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You will find Social Media Tracker and Social Media Poster tools in the social media marketing campaigns in this toolkit. 

#6. Management Toolkit

If you manage multiple clients and their marketing plans, you will find all the essential tools in this toolkit. 

Semrush for Agencies: Is It Worth It?

Yes, it definitely is! Here is an explanation below: 

From SEO to management to client reporting, Semrush brings all the features your agency needs in one place. Additionally, it offers a competitive pricing model.

YouTube video

In the course of usage, you shall discover that a Semrush subscription is a value-for-money deal since you get instant access to modern and advanced digital marketing tools.

Speaking of numbers and statistics: 

  • 10+ million users have tried Semrush so far
  • Users searched 22.3+ billion keywords
  • It hosts 142+ geo databases
  • Semrush maintains 808+ million domain profiles
  • Keyword Overview tool is available in 120 countries
  • 500TB of raw data was analyzed by the traffic and market insights tool

Considering the statistics, affordability, and functionalities, Semrush shall be a worthy investment by your agency. 


Search engine optimization can be rocket science if you do not have the right tools. You can sign up for a Semrush trial to find out SEO is just a cakewalk.

Semrush for agencies makes SEO so easy that you can handle hundreds of clients with just a team of 3 to 5 people and save a lot on staff, employees, and workplaces.

You may also be interested in SEO vs. SEM and guide your agency to the right path.

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