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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 25, 2023
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Social media influencer marketing is an essential part of any brand’s user engagement, storytelling, and success. In fact, in 2022, the influencer market in the United States was valued at a record $16.4 billion

On top of this, nearly 90% of marketers who already use influencer marketing say that they plan to increase or maintain their investment in the space in 2030.

As influencer marketing continues to grow, the landscape will become more competitive, and brands need more of a dedicated strategy to plan, execute, and review their efforts. Along the way, brands should be leveraging platforms for influencer marketing that can streamline operations and maximize results. 


Tools like the Influencer Marketing App in the Semrush App Center can help with influencer discovery, monitor campaign metrics in real-time, and track competitors’ social media influencer campaigns. 

The result is better online visibility, a stronger competitive advantage, and a more impactful social media influencer marketing strategy. Here’s why and how brands and agencies should be tapping into the power of platforms for influencer marketing.

Sticking points for social media influencer marketing

Social media campaigns can be demanding. Brands and agencies have to search for influencers, try to maintain relationships with each one, curate content, schedule posts, and gather analytics data. 

All of these tasks consume valuable time and energy. A survey from VerticalResponse even revealed that 43% of small business owners spend six hours weekly on social media marketing. That’s close to a full day’s work on one area of marketing. 

Finding the right influencer in the first place is also a challenge. There are 50 million people around the world who consider themselves influencers, and trying to sift through everyone to pinpoint the person with an appropriate brand audience can be laborious. 

Communications are a huge challenge. When you finally pair with influencers, running multiple campaigns is like working with a number of freelancers and clients at once – but each requires their own timings and terms. That’s a lot of responsibility for businesses that have other priorities and stakeholders.

Following what competitors are doing is often impossible. Agencies and brands often face a blind spot when trying to understand what their competitors are doing with their social media influencer marketing. It’s hard to know which competitors are collaborating with which influencers unless brands happen to already follow those specific influencers. Agencies and brands therefore aren’t as aware of what’s going on in the wider sphere, which could lead to missed opportunities to get ahead of competitors.

Social media influencer marketing platform as a solution

The Influencer Marketing App in the Semrush App Center can assist brands and agencies with smart social media influencer strategies. It’s a resource that empowers savvy marketers who use it to strategize, execute, and manage influencer marketing campaigns with ease.

First, find the perfect Influencer match

The Influencer Marketing App in the Semrush App Center offers an easy way to initially find creators. You can access a database of over +27 million people with a subscriber base.


You can narrow down the search according to preferred social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, or TikTok) for your campaign. 

Below we are filtering for Instagram influencers:


Then you can apply criteria from over 30 filters, including the number of ​​subscribers or followers, influencers’ main demographics, the broadcast language, and the country they want to target, to make it easier, saving time and effort. 


You then receive an extensive list of influencers that match the search.


The dashboard additionally displays advertising budget estimates for each influencer. You can also see information about influencers’ channel quality, account activity, audience statistics, and content analytics.


Keyword filtering

Another functionality of this influencer marketing app in the Semrush App Center is that you can find all posts – as well as content that contains a specific product or keyword in the title or description. 

It’s then possible to filter the results by most relevant, date, price, and location and use these results to highlight influencers that are most prevalent in the sectors or with the audience that you want to reach. 

Below we can see influencers in the gardening sector:


Similarly, this keyword search is beneficial for SEO purposes. When it’s important to form campaigns around primary and secondary terms, or in correlation to existing campaigns that have a specific keyword focus, this is an ideal tool.

Using an influencer marketing app to discover influencers means that you save time and find more compatible marketing matches. Find it in Semrush App Center.

Conduct smart competitor analysis

Another strength of the platform is that it can uncover how your competitors’ influencer marketing campaigns are unfolding on social media. 

You can enter competitors’ domain names and see the number of mentions they have, both paid and organic, across social media. 

Here’s what Amazon is doing:


Likewise, the platform shows the best-performing days of competitors’ publications, their latest and most viewed videos. 

At the same time, you can see the influencers that have been involved with competitors’ highest-performing campaigns.

On top, you can view the advertising budget of competitors and make realistic comparisons and goals around their own campaigns. 

Your brand can also harness more specific data around apps too. For instance, you can view all the influencers who have ever promoted a particular app and which days competitors prefer to launch a social media campaign for an app.

Efficient, economic-driven campaign management

This platform for influencer marketing provides an online space to manage and oversee campaigns running simultaneously, as well as previous campaigns. You can subsequently monitor whole campaign lifecycles, compare historical data, and establish automated reporting. 

For example, brands and agencies can:

  • Observe the status of campaigns (active, paused, and complete)
  • Document the last time an influencer was contacted
  • See the average number of views for a campaign
  • Understand the estimated amount of interactions, number of clicks
  • And get insights into much more detailed information – all broken down in clear, trackable tables.

This management ensures that you know exactly how your campaigns are progressing and how they have performed in the past. In turn, you can make more informed decisions about the direction of future campaigns, KPIs, and influencer selection.

Social media influencer marketing will remain an integral part of brands’ journey for the long term. Brands and agencies that embrace social media influencer marketing platforms will have the best outcomes. What’s more, they’ll be better prepared to scale the ROI of their social media influencer strategies.

Start a free trial of the Influencer Marketing App in the Semrush App Center today – and set up your next campaign.

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