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In Windows Last updated: December 16, 2022
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Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that significantly aids in organizing and managing organizational activities. Due to its speedy and accessible design, you may access people, applications, and content instantly.

Microsoft SharePoint is a comprehensive platform for organizing, sharing, and communicating information. It provides various features to help users manage their data more effectively. SharePoint is also used to create intranets and extranets web portals.

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Users can collaborate on projects and share information with this web-based tool. You can track and share projects and create and manage documents, calendars, contacts, and groups.

It includes a blog engine, collaboration tools, information management, task management, recordkeeping, security, and automation. The most recent version of SharePoint is intended to be robust, adaptable, and quicker.

SharePoint is inbuilt with Office 365. It can also be accessed online as a Server edition and subscription service. It is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

How is SharePoint different from Onedrive?

Users can collaborate on files and documents using Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, two online storage options. It can be challenging to choose which program is the best for a particular circumstance because both offer many features that differ from one another.

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Companies of all kinds employ cloud storage OneDrive and the well-known collaboration tool SharePoint. OneDrive has numerous capabilities, such as creating folders and labels, making it a better option for some users. SharePoint is more robust and has many features that make it a better choice for enterprises of all sizes.

Only the SharePoint platform offers corporate functions like Project Management, automated processes, more storage capacity, etc.

While Onedrive is exclusively available in the cloud, SharePoint is available both on-premises and in the cloud.

Onedrive is primarily concerned with ease of use, a significant distinction between the two services. On the other hand, SharePoint is a superior option for larger enterprises because it has more features and capabilities, including the ability to create Intranet websites.

Why is there a need to track SharePoint performance and server?

The popular technology SharePoint meets the demands of many different businesses. The monitoring of SharePoint ensures its features are operating as intended and that critical apps always have access to the resources required to function at their best.

The company site, document management, project administration, and collaboration platforms will all become utterly unavailable if a specific feature or process ceases working.

Even a minor lag can result in poor usability and sluggish performance across the entire platform. Hence it is essential to monitor a SharePoint Server that hosts all SharePoint activities.

Furthermore, server downtime might prevent field workers from accessing the company portal, prevent team communication, prevent access to crucial documents, and cause many other problems.

Therefore, it is crucial to continuously monitor SharePoint and the Server environment to ensure all operations go smoothly.

Let’s now look at some of the best SharePoint performance monitoring tools.

PRTG Paessler Network Monitor

Paessler Network Monitor is a monitoring, tracking, and management tool for all facets of the SharePoint environment.


It offers real-time monitoring of SharePoint components such as SharePoint container instances, SharePoint farms, and SharePoint URLs. Due to its predefined sensors, PRTG starts monitoring the SharePoint environment within minutes.

Its single centralized console monitors every SharePoint metric, including the volume of data flow, the number of transferred files, active threads, SQL queries, CPU use, and page requests.

Its mobile app and automatic warnings during threshold breaches guarantee that the environment is constantly under surveillance.

Other capabilities, such as adaptable sensors to keep an eye on particular datasets and data backup, guarantee that every component of the SharePoint network is compliant. Additionally, it can create various customized reports to present to other senior members.

The PRTG software comes with 30 days risk-free before converting to the freeware version. You can purchase its premium license to unlock additional features.

Solarwinds SharePoint Server Performance Monitoring Tool

Solarwinds Performance monitoring is an essential tool for ensuring the stability and performance of your SharePoint Server. You can ensure peak performance by making the appropriate adjustments once you clearly understand how the server’s various components are operating.


With Solarwinds, administrators can quickly and easily monitor the performance of their SharePoint servers and large SharePoint farms from a single monitoring dashboard. Without having to log into each server separately, Solarwinds makes it simpler to monitor server objects.

When certain performance thresholds exceed, we can set this tool to generate alerts and notify potential problems. It is possible to combine historical and current performance measurements for a thorough SharePoint health check.

It assists with detailed metric tracking, such as request wait time, cache API, and queued SharePoint requests, which enables speedy root-cause problem resolution and performance improvement.

Top Features

  • Automated alerts based on set thresholds to take preventive steps before a major breakdown
  • Customized metrics reporting to understand current and historical SharePoint performance
  • Determine the location, components, or server infrastructure causing the slow page load issues.
  • Snapshot server performance at specific points in time for performance analysis.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) has a built-in Microsoft SharePoint monitoring tool that offers comprehensive performance information. Admins can customize its slick interface to watch particular SharePoint data in real-time and provide alerting and reporting from a single location.

The software can be downloaded and used for free for 30 days before being switched to a subscription or perpetual licensing.

Manageengine SharePoint Monitoring

ManageEngine Application Manager is a comprehensive and affordable application monitoring tool that effectively monitors and manages SharePoint servers.


It keeps track of the SharePoint servers’ performance and availability and offers an in-depth analysis of server usage, user activity, and workflow.

Additionally, this SharePoint monitoring solution offers a simple web interface for viewing and analyzing data. It is the perfect option for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to maximize their investment in SharePoint.

It quickly diagnoses problems, accurately measures a wide range of parameters, and expedites troubleshooting.

Top Features

  • It helps to allot database space as efficiently as possible.
  • Based on critical SharePoint performance criteria, it determines how frequently jobs fail or break down.
  • Oversees a sizable SharePoint infrastructure made up of SharePoint farms.
  • It provides insight into your SharePoint server’s operational health status.

SharePoint’s ManageEngine Application Manager is a thorough monitoring solution that addresses every area of SharePoint’s performance. It keeps track of user activity, server performance, and website performance. It also gives users access to extensive reporting and analysis tools.

You can use its trial version for 30 full days, and If you don’t apply for a commercial license, it will revert to the free edition.

Metalogix SharePoint performance monitoring

Quest Metalogix Diagnostic Manager offers complete SharePoint environment monitoring, reporting, and diagnostics.


It assists you in proactively identifying and resolving performance issues, optimizing your SharePoint environment, and ensuring that your SharePoint farm operates at its top efficiency.

The Diagnostic Manager can find and fix problems before they become serious by automatically gathering and analyzing data from SharePoint objects.

Its single dashboard view comprehensively assesses the SharePoint environment’s performance, identifying any location-independent underperforming servers and pages.

The system also comes with a wide range of reports to locate problems, fix them, and plan capacity and performance enhancements.

Top Features

  • Builds unique reports based on problems in your environment.
  • Assists in troubleshooting problems affecting various SharePoint servers, databases, and the network.
  • Proactive alerts to notify admins about any bottlenecks.
  • Offers options for configuring SQL servers and database fragmentation.

In-depth and real-time visibility to the SharePoint environment, including SQL, search, and content databases, is provided by Quest Metalogix Diagnostic Manager. Pricing for the software is available upon request, and there is a free trial period.

eginnovations SharePoint Performance Monitoring

eginnovations offers a comprehensive SharePoint performance monitoring solution for SharePoint 2013, 2016, and 2019 that provides real-time insights and actionable recommendations.

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It is an excellent way for businesses to keep an eye on SharePoint environments in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid. Keeping a watch on SharePoint infrastructure is beneficial so that issues may be immediately fixed and improve SharePoint performance.

Its straightforward web console makes it simple to identify the precise location of the slowness and determine if the SharePoint farm or the infrastructure supporting it is to blame.

SharePoint administrators may view every component, including site collections, web apps, content growth, databases, services, logs, and more, from one window.

It allows administrators to spot issues before they become bottlenecks or cause other problems, making it easier to manage and optimize SharePoint performance.

Top Features

  • SharePoint administration is made simpler by keeping track of Unified Logging System logs in one location.
  • Tracking and reporting a content increase in advance to prevent data explosion.
  • Automatically identifies and maps the SharePoint dependencies.
  • Utilize internal reports to assess trends, user activity, and content growth.

To assist administrators in streamlining, optimizing, and troubleshooting the environment, eG Enterprise eginnovations takes care of every aspect and parameter of the Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure. The software has a trial time, and users can purchase a subscription, perpetual, or cloud-based commercial license after the trial period.

SharePoint Monitoring best practices 

The following are a few crucial elements to ensure the SharePoint platform operates as efficiently and effectively as possible:

  • Reviewing health reports regularly.
  • Examine the ULS (Unified Logging System) logs and events.
  • Keeping an eye on SQL Server disc capacity.
  • Tracking the use of the SharePoint server.
  • Keeping an eye on web components and applications.
  • Establishing automated alerts.
  • Role-based user access privileges.

You should think about the scope and demands of your budget before making your choice. Consider your needs carefully, and keep in mind that many professional solutions also come with free trials, allowing you to test them out before making a purchase.


It is essential to monitor SharePoint’s performance due to the multiple dependencies it has introduced into enterprises and the fact that many tasks and activities go through its infrastructure. Your infrastructure would benefit from adding some SharePoint monitoring tools to ensure business operations don’t stop. I hope your SharePoint platform will benefit from the monitoring tools I discussed.

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