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In Crypto Last updated: May 11, 2023
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Looking for the best Shiba Inu wallets to store your coins securely? Check out our list of the top wallets to store your favorite meme coin! 

Although it started as a joke in 2020,  Shiba Inu evolved significantly to develop its Metaverse. Moreover, this meme coin has a market capitalization of over $5 billion

Source: CoinMarketCap

Shiba Inu has strong community support that plays a crucial role in developing this crypto project. For example, they have over 3.7 million followers on their official Twitter account.

As the native token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, SHIB tokens are widely used for swapping, trading, and investing. As a result, it is very important to choose the best wallet to store your tokens.

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What’s a Shiba Inu (SHIB) Wallet?

Shiba Inu wallets allow you to store your SHIB tokens more securely. Besides you can also use this wallet to transfer or exchange your tokens with others.

You can also choose different types of wallets based on your convenience and safety requirements. For example, Suppose you have a substantial number of SHIB tokens; in that case, you can opt for hardware wallets.

Unlike other types of wallets, hardware wallets come with a price, but it’s worth the money. You can find great ones for around $150.

In addition, you can also prefer software wallets based on the device you use for crypto storage and transactions. Here Shiba Inu wallets support Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Are you looking for quick token transactions? If so, web wallets come in handy. You can use this wallet to connect with crypto platforms from your web browser instantly.

Now let’s understand the benefits of having Shiba Inu wallets.

Benefits of Shiba Inu (SHIB) Wallets

The major benefits of using Shiba Inu (SHIB) wallets include:

  1. Security: Having a secured wallet is an important factor to consider. Here Shiba Inu wallets help you to secure your crypto assets using advanced data encryption methods.
  2. Community Support: The Shiba Inu community consists of dedicated crypto enthusiasts. For this reason, their wallets are subjected to constant improvement in functionality and features.
  3. Convenience: Meme coins are capable of attracting thousands of new users. Here the user-friendly interface of this wallet makes the wallet creation, storage, and transfer a few simple steps. 
  4. Multi-device Support: You can find multiple wallet types that support your PCs or mobile devices. Also, you can access and manage one wallet from multiple devices. 
  5. Crypto Compatibility: Shiba Inu wallets are not limited to the storage and transaction of SHIB tokens. This wallet also supports the storage and transaction of numerous other cryptocurrencies.

Meme coins have high price volatility based on the crypto market sentiments. So, always consider the risk involved with trading and investing.

Let’s get straight to the best Shiba Inu (SHIB) wallets!

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet allows you to store and manage your SHIB tokens securely. In addition, you can also manage more than 300 crypto assets.


This wallet also comes with an impressive token swap feature. You can use this feature to swap SHIB tokens with other supported cryptocurrencies directly using the wallet.

A licensed EU payment provider handles this wallet’s processing. Moreover, your crypto transactions are completely encrypted. 

You can also use this Shiba Inu wallet to stake your crypto tokens. At the time of writing, Atomic Wallet provides up to 20% annual yield for 10+ cryptos.

In addition, this wallet provides a user-friendly interface to manage your overall crypto portfolio. Here you can also check your transaction history at a glance.

You can also get cashback on every crypto swap through this wallet. This incentive applies to more than 60 crypto pairs.

Atomic Wallet is available for MacOS, Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora. Besides, you can install its mobile wallet from the App Store and Google Play.

Infinity Wallet

Available in over 170 countries, Infinity Wallet has a vast user base of over 200,000. Moreover, this wallet supports a large number of crypto assets.


Besides, this wallet has a multi-purpose user interface. This feature can exchange, track and manage all your crypto assets on a single screen.

Here, you can also create multiple wallets to diversify your assets. For example, you can create a dedicated Infinity Wallet to store all your NFTs.

This Shiba Inu wallet provides high-end encryption for your data and private keys. Moreover, your data stays anonymous.

This wallet also provides instant swap features based on the live crypto market price. Therefore, you can exchange your SHIB with other crypto tokens instantly.

Currently, Infinity Wallet is only available for PC users. You can download this wallet for your MacOS, Windows, or Linux devices.


ZenGo is a go-to crypto wallet for more safety features. Its major feature includes high-end cryptography that protects your SHIB tokens and other assets.


Similarly, this wallet also provides useful 3-factor recovery and keyless encryption. Moreover, you can also activate biometric protection and add a safety layer.

This wallet also comes with an inbuilt portfolio tracker to monitor all your crypto assets at a time. You can also check the historical chart directly from this wallet.

The best thing I’ve noticed about ZenGo is its single swipe or tap option. For example, you can instantly send or receive SHIB and other cryptos without transaction fees.

You can also use this Shiba Inu wallet to buy SHIB tokens using popular fiat currencies. Also, they have dedicated customer service support that works 24/7.

However, ZenGo is only available as a mobile wallet. You can install it from the Google Play or App Store.


As the name indicates, Freewallet allows free crypto transactions between its users. Moreover, this wallet supports the storage and transfer of over 100 cryptocurrencies.


Are you someone who enjoys gifting your loved ones? Then this wallet also allows you to buy and send gift cards with your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Freewallet stores the majority of your crypto assets in its offline vault. As a result, your assets will be safe from online attacks.

In addition, this wallet also provides security features such as:

You can also use this wallet to monitor the value of your total crypto portfolio. Moreover, you can track the live-market price of all major cryptocurrencies.

This Shiba Inu wallet is available as a web and mobile wallet. Also, they provide efficient customer support in multiple languages.


Paybis is a secured wallet you can rely on to store your SHIB tokens and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can always verify your transactions to prevent crypto theft.


For user safety, this wallet has introduced 3 layers of protection. Besides, your private keys are secured with the help of “state-of-the-art” technology.

This wallet also comes with a clean user interface. Moreover, you can easily monitor the value of your stored assets based on the live market price.

Here you can also get good customer care support. You can use their service to register your complaints or queries 24/7.

However, you need a Paybis account to access its features. I won’t suggest this Shiba Inu wallet if you want complete anonymity.


Guarda is a cross-platform wallet that allows the storage and exchange of 50+ supported cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can make crypto transactions in a few seconds.


The most impressive feature that I noticed about this wallet is that it doesn’t store the user’s personal information. You can stay 100% anonymous and store your crypto assets.

You also fully control your stored crypto assets, as this wallet never saves your private keys. Additionally, you can contact their customer care representative at any time.

Notably, this wallet also provides impressive staking opportunities for those wanting to generate additional asset returns. Here Guarda provides an annual yield between 3% to 20% based on the staked cryptos.

This Shiba Inu wallet also has the option to buy cryptocurrencies with popular fiat currencies. You can use your bank cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

You can install Guarda from the App Store or Google Play. Moreover, this wallet is also available on Linux, Windows, and Mac.


COINS is a reliable wallet developed by Coinpaprika, a prominent crypto market research platform. Introduced in 2019, this is a go-to wallet that supports over 2,000 cryptocurrencies.


This wallet is highly focused on wallet security. For this reason, you can choose a phone code or a biometric lock.

COINS also doesn’t store your data or private keys. So that you can store and manage all your assets at your convenience.

You can recover your wallet and stored assets if you lose or damage your device. To do so, you just need to enter the recovery phase of your wallet. As simple as that!

Besides all, this wallet provides you with a live crypto market price. This data can be helpful to buy or sell your SHIB tokens.

At the time of writing, COINS is only available as mobile wallets. You can install this wallet on your iOS or Android devices.

Lumi Wallet

With the support of more than a thousand crypto tokens, Lumi Wallet is a popular Shiba Inu wallet to consider. Their simple user interface allows you to buy, exchange, receive and send various cryptocurrencies. 


This wallet allows you to buy crypto tokens starting from $50. Notably, you don’t need to complete KYC for purchases below $150.

On the security aspect, Lumi Wallet provides high-level cryptography and encryption. As a result, all your stored crypto assets remain safe and anonymous.

In addition, all your funds in the wallet are stored as cold storage. This storing feature safeguards your assets from online hacks or attacks.

You can also use this wallet to monitor your asset value based on the live-market price. Moreover, you can set price alerts to buy or sell SHIB or other tokens at a particular price range.

Lumi Wallet is available for Android devices and web browsers. However, this wallet is currently unavailable on the App Store.


With over 600,000 users, Bit2Me is a great option to store your cryptocurrencies. Besides, this Shiba Inu wallet also supports over 200 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, and more.


Partnered with Ledger Enterprise, Bit2Me funds are secured with insurance worth €150 million. This policy will ensure the safety of your stored crypto assets.

Regarding security, this wallet provides Second Authentication Factor (2FA). Besides, their triple-perimeter security vaults help to safeguard your crypto tokens.

In addition, this wallet comes with an instant payment feature. You can now complete your crypto transactions in less than a second. Impressive right?

You can also select payment methods according to your preference. This wallet provides multiple options, such as bank transfers and cash or card payments.

Bit2Me is available for Android and iOS users. Moreover, they also provide personalized customer service that is functional 24/7.


Founded in 2014, Coinomi is considered the oldest available muti-chain crypto wallet. Notably, this wallet also has millions of active users.


This wallet supports more than 1,700 crypto assets. Moreover, you can also send and receive cryptocurrencies from over 125 supported blockchain networks.

Coinomi ensures that your private keys don’t leave your device. This security feature leaves you total ownership of all your crypto assets in your Shiba Inu wallet.

Besides, their strong cryptography and encryption process strengthens the security of your wallet. Also, this wallet provides the best customer support 24/7.

You can also use this wallet to connect with your favorite DApps instantly. Coinomi has integrated with WalletConnect to offer users a smooth experience.

The web wallet version is available for iOS and Android users. You can also download Coinomi on your Linux, macOS, or Windows devices.

Trustee Plus

Developed by BlockSoft Lab, Trustee Plus is a prominent name in the crypto space. You can use this wallet to buy cryptocurrencies using debit or credit cards.


When it comes to security, this wallet comes with real-time audit technology and multiple security features. For this reason, you can store your crypto assets securely.

You can also top up your Shiba Inu wallet without paying any fees. Yes, you read it right! Similarly, you can also transfer crypto tokens for free.

Trustee Plus offers swap features to exchange your SHIB tokens with other cryptocurrencies. Here, you can choose the swap amount based on the live-market price.

This wallet is easy to install. You can easily install this wallet on your Android or iOS devices.

Wrapping Up

Originating as a meme coin, Shiba Inu is no longer a joke. Suppose you plan to store a substantial value of SHIB tokens. In that case, selecting a secured Shiba Inu wallet is important.

You can pick any wallets listed here to safeguard your crypto asset without losing your valuable sleep.

Also, check out the top Dogecoin wallets!

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