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Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms that allows users to create stores and sell products online. You can decide to sell your own products or even do dropshipping when running a store on Shopify. How will it stand out from the rest? 

As a Shopify store owner, you should offer several alternatives that customers can choose from when selecting their products. Shopify allows shop owners to add up to 100 variants for a product. Such store owners can also have up to 3 options that customers can choose from. 

You may be a busy entrepreneur, but you want to ensure you offer your customers the best. However, the modern customer is looking for products that address their pain points and align with their unique style and preferences. 

Luckily, different Shopify Product Customizer apps can help you achieve these goals while saving time and resources. 

What are Shopify Product Customizer Apps?


Shopify Product Customizer Apps allow your customers to customize products according to their preferences. Product customization/ personalization entails selling products with features, materials, and colors adjusted to suit the customer’s needs. 

Such tools have premade templates that customers can pick and customize to suit their needs. Ideally, the product customizer should have a preview feature that allows users to visualize products as they build them. Users are allowed to try out different combinations and create unique products. 

Features to look for in a product customizer


The Shopify store has hundreds of product customizer apps, and you might be spoilt for choice. These are some of the guiding factors when selecting one;

  • Ease of use: Customers don’t need to be tech-savvy to customize products. Select a product customizer with a user-friendly interface and allow users to personalize products seamlessly. A look at the reviews can give an idea of how easy/ hard it is to use a certain app. 
  • Product visualization: Your customers want to see a preview of the product as they interact with the product customizer. The ideal tool should offer previews from different angles or zoom options to help customers get fine details. 
  • Add logic: Simple logic like “add a 2% discount on orders above $500” can go a long way in boosting your sales. You can also set rules that show/ hide options after a customer makes certain selections. 
  • Responsive design: Your target customers will use different devices to access your store. Ensure you pick an app that works seamlessly regardless of the screen size. 
  • Fast: Time is limited, and you don’t want your customers to wait to complete simple tasks. The ideal tool should be created using the fastest technologies, and its code should be optimized for speed. 

The following are some of the best Shopify product customizer apps you can add to your store today;

Zepto Product Personalizer

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Zepto Product Personalizer is an app that offers customers unlimited customization options. This software has an easy-to-use interface and a live preview feature that allows customers to visualize products in your shop as they customize them. 

Customers can personalize text & monogram inputs, image & color swatches, custom fonts & color selections, drop-down menus, and more. The Conditional logic on this app allows your store to hide and show product options based on customer selection. The Dynamic Pricing feature also allows prices to change based on users’ selection. 

Zepto Product Personalizer has a 15-day trial on all its packages, starting from $9.99/month. 

Product Options & Customizer


Product Options & Customizer is an app that allows you to give your customers the power to personalize products with unlimited options. This product customizer is suitable for all industries ranging from consumer packaged goods, pets, home furnishings, weddings, and jewelry to bakeries & sweets. 

The Image Swatch & Color Swatches feature allows you to switch colors and images with a few clicks. The Conditional Logic feature makes Option Fields disappear or appear based on the variant option. 

Save time by taking bulk actions instead of customizing every item. Product Options & Customer also allows customers to custom upload files such as images and give their products a unique appearance. 

This app has a free plan that allows one product customization. You can unlock more product customization features with paid packages, starting from $19.99/month. 

Hulk Product Options 

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Hulk Product Options is a versatile tool serving as a customizer, filter, and bundler. The app allows customers to upload images and customize products to their satisfaction. Customers can also do bulk customizations in case some products share some features. 

After studying your customers, you can set some default options and help customers personalize their products fast. As a shop owner, you can limit the number of characters in a text box and allow customers to create uniform products.

Hulk Product Options gives customers color or image swatches that are visible during the selection process. You can also validate the number of selections a customer can make when customizing their products. 

Hulk Product Options is a paid service starting from $10/month. 



Customify is a tool that allows Shopify store owners to offer personalized products and print-on-demand services to customers. The tool has a drag-and-drop, easy-to-use interface that allows clients to unleash their creativity. 

Customers can customize different things, from font and images to text. The real-time preview lets them see the changes as they build the custom products. Customify allows users to upload images that reflect their brand voice and image.

This app is responsive; your customers can use it on mobile devices or large screens. This app has pre-designed templates spread across different categories to jumpstart your customers’ creativity. 

Customify has a free plan that allows up to 3 custom products. You can also subscribe to paid plans starting from $10/month. 

Globo Product Options 


Globo Product Options is an app that allows infinite product options. The app provides flexible option choices to help customers design custom products. Such users can apply a particular option set to certain products. 

The add-on price makes it possible to increase/ decrease prices based on the option selected. The conditional logic on Globo Product Options allows showing or hiding options based on the customer’s selections. 

Globo Product Options allow users to upload custom images for unique features. Such users can also import/ export product variants in CSV format. You can use the Free Plan that allows up to 5 Option Sets or go for paid packages starting from $9.9/ month. 

Inkybay Product Personalizer

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Inkybay Product Personalizer is a product configurator & customizer that allows customers to personalize products to their satisfaction. This tool suits store owners selling print-on-demand, digital, and physical products. The tool is designed to automate the way you deliver custom orders without compromising quality. 

Inkybay Product Personalizer has a preview button that allows users to preview the products as they personalize them. When using this tool, customers can get print-ready files in formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG, and SVG. 

The dynamic price generation feature ensures that prices change based on option selection, color, and size. You can also add discount features based on quantity. Inkbay Product Personalizer has a 12-day free trial, and pricing starts from $19.99/month. 

Variant Option Product Options 


Variant Option Product Options provides unlimited product variants and options. This tool lets you get color variants, color swatches, custom text boxes, image swatches, and more. Customers can upload their own images and personalize the products to their liking. 

Users can use the multi-select feature to bulk-edit items for customization. Variant Option Product Options has an easy-to-navigate interface. The price add-on feature makes it possible to adjust prices automatically based on features like size, quantity, and color variations. 

Variant Option Product Options has a Free Plan designed for stores in development mode. To enjoy premium features, you can go for paid plans starting from $9.99/month. You also enjoy a 14-day free trial. 

Bold Product Options 

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Bold Product Options is an app that allows store owners to offer customized shopping experiences to their customers. The app is designed to help customers use every imaginable custom field and product option to customize and create the exact products they want. 

Bold Product Options come with advanced conditional logic that allows you to create rules to show/hide product options based on the customer’s preferences. This tool is designed to help you cross-sell and upsell your products and increase sales. The file upload feature allows customers to upload images and other relevant files to customize products and create variations. 

Bold Product Options is free for those whose stores are in the development mode. You can also enjoy a 14-day free trial with paid packages starting from $19.99/month. 


You now have a variety of apps that you can add to your store and allow customers to customize products based on their needs and preferences. As the number of Shopify affiliate apps and users continues rising, ensure you have the right tools. 

The choice of a Shopify Product Customizer App will depend on the type of shop you are running, the nature of the products you sell, ease of use, and your budget. You may use more than one product customizer on your Shopify store. 

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