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In HR Management Last updated: August 21, 2023
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Your business success depends on the skills and efficiency of your workforce. Make your employees more competent using the best skill management platforms.

If you want your organization to work efficiently, you need to have skill diversity among your workforce. It brings variety in perspectives and problem-solving approaches, making your team ready to adapt to dynamic challenges. 

Additionally, you need to assign tasks to people with the right skill set. Only by that can you make sure to have enhanced productivity among your team and deliver your projects on time. 

To keep pace with the current business scenario, companies need to manage their employees’ skills. However, It is not easy to manually address skill management.

Overcoming the Challenges of Internally Addressing Skills Management 

Manual skill management done internally is an outdated and problematic process that comes with several challenges. The process is not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. It needs you to collect, analyze, and document the data manually.

If your workforce possesses a diverse skill set, it can be overwhelming for the people involved in the assessment.


As your internal teams try to find the skill gaps, they might fail to do it accurately. Moreover, planning training programs, scheduling them, managing resources, and progress tracking individual employees are indeed difficult without automated systems.

All-in-all, the manual internal process is not scalable and agile and could be resource-intensive for the organization.

All these problems could be resolved using skills management platforms. These tools offer a better understanding of organizational talents by mapping the skills of employees.

With these applications, companies can accurately maintain a skill database that can be used for allocating resources to suitable projects. It also enables you to hire the right people and build the career path of an employee based on their skills and business strategies.

Here is a list of some robust skills management platforms that help you take a strategic approach toward skills management.


MuchSkills is a people-focused platform that works to build autonomous teams through skill optimization. It offers clear insights into the competencies, interest levels, skills levels, and certifications of the employees of your organization. Thus, you can readily build high-performing teams for various projects.

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MuchSkills emphasizes the visualization of skills and skill sets so you can easily understand the current skill of your team. It also helps you find out the skill gaps and identify upskilling and reskilling opportunities.

The Team Builder feature of this software enables you to create teams based on skill and competency. The platform also suggests recommended skills for particular roles and departments. 


AG5 is a plug-and-play application for visualizing skill gaps in teams. It is the perfect alternative to complex Excel skills matrix spreadsheets. It provides you with a clear overview of all skills and certifications owned by your employees. 

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You can even easily search for suitable and qualified persons for each role based on their skills. AG5 has a training tracking feature that can locate required and expiring certifications which is useful for scheduling necessary training in a short time.

Skills Base

With Skills Base, companies can make transparent and real-time talent decisions with precise skill insights. It not only helps you with visualizing skill strengths but also lets you close gaps and make the most of the interests of every employee. 

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It uses a proven measurement methodology to produce accurate skills data that focuses on delivering results. The software also builds a centralized, scalable, and accessible skills taxonomy. There is a mapping facility for context-rich relationships among skills, teams, roles, and locations.

Skills Base generates real-time analysis reports on skill metrics and skill gaps. It even follows strict data compliance to keep your data safe.


GrowthSpace enables organizations to perform skill-based talent management by identifying top-rated experts for upskilling training. The platform lets you create a development program for the employees by defining the challenge and connecting you with the experts who can help you with that.

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Here, you get 2,000+ mentors, coaches, and trainers to train your team with hard and soft skills in your preferred language and time zone.

For that, you can use GrowthSpace to map your employee skill sets to identify the gaps. Then, the software uses AI technology to find the experts who can fill the skill needs. 

It also helps you create and manage talent development programs for everyone from a single platform through automation.

Pluralsight Skills

Pluralsight Skills is the platform where you can take part in skill assessments and find out where you stand in terms of knowledge and skills. As you can identify your strengths and gaps, it suggests custom learning recommendations to level up.

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Here, this solution helps you measure your position against your peers who participated in the assessment, and you can opt for skill-specific certifications. Organizations can also use Pluralsight Skills to customize the team’s learning according to their company strategy.

Just create a tailored learning path for your team and identify their success through analytics.


Primetric helps you manage your internal talent pool with an overview of the skills they have. It can instantly generate the skills your people have and how those have been developed over time. Thus, it becomes easier for organizations to allocate projects and tasks to the right persons. 

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Primetric also comes with a customizable dashboard where you can add updated reports and share those with your teammates. It also supports integration with Jira Software Cloud, Clockify, and Harvest.


If you are looking for software to locate both skills and skill gaps in your workforce, go for Cinode. It assists with creating a career growth plan for your employees by combining their experience and interests. 

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Companies can build a skills inventory from which they can seamlessly find the right person for any task or project using the search function with synonym support and filters. Cinode also enables organizations to create development plans for their employees and follow up on goal achievements. 

As this software helps you visualize the skill set necessary for particular roles, identifying skill gaps and getting insights into upskilling and reskilling also becomes easy.


What sets Skilltree apart from the other tools on this list is its ability to make hidden skills of your employees visible. Apart from assisting in creating perfect teams for each project, this solution can dynamically analyze the skills and offer targeted training to the employees.


Here, you can create a skill database with data from all industries, including your own skills. It can be integrated into your IT architecture using plug-and-play. You can choose the data that will get synced and use its Open API to connect with your internal system.


Augmentir offers a smarter approach to managing the skills of your constantly evolving workforce. Providing insights into employee performance, it helps with upskilling and reskilling optimization. The solution lets you track individual and team progress visually for more targeted training.

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Augmentir digitizes the skills tracking and training programs by connecting these with the frontline operations. It has a drag-and-drop editor that lets you set up, create, and manage training courses and programs.

The skills mapping feature of this platform can be leveraged to intelligently assign tasks to the most competent member of the workforce. Besides training program optimization, it helps you monitor individual and team progress.


Fundamento empowers you with deep intelligence for driving superior performance from your frontline team. This platform helps you map skills and perform predictive assessments to measure impact and make data-driven decisions on talents. 


Moreover, it can accurately predict candidate performance to speed up the talent acquisition process. Organizations can also use Fundamento to transform their workplace with targeted training on power skills. 

It also builds a learning culture in your organization by letting you seamlessly develop micro-learning content. This platform also enables employees to build a customer-focused mindset that positively contributes to business ROI.

Final Words

Every organization wants to have a skilled workforce that can timely deliver projects and contribute to the overall growth of the business. However, manually managing the skill of your employees is an inefficient approach. 

Hence, it is suggested to use powerful skills management platforms to get rid of skill gaps through continuous skill development and intelligent hiring. You can choose any of the tools mentioned here according to your organizational needs.

You can also read about performance management software for employee evaluation. 

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