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In Mobile and Smart Gadgets Last updated: August 31, 2023
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We all know how essential sleep is to our daily productivity. Researchers have found a direct connection between our health and sleep schedule among other things such as our diet and our physical activity.

As we get more competitive and dedicate more and more time hustling and working towards our dream, sleep takes a backseat in our priority list and even though we don’t see it, it hampers our growth in the long run.

Gadgets and apps such as Muse Meditation Headbands are a revolutionary breakthrough that not only measures our brain activity through 4 Electroencephalographic (EEG) sensors but also converts these EEG signals into audio feedback that is sent to the user via headphones.

But before we get down to business discussing all the ways which can help us with our sleep, let us try to understand why improving sleep is so important and why it should matter to us.

Why Improving sleep is important?

According to Wikipedia, sleep is a naturally recurring state which relaxes the mind and body through inhibited sensory and muscular activity. When you sleep, your brain gathers new information and gets rid of toxic waste accumulated throughout the day.

Since sleep is characterized by inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles and reduced interactions with surroundings, your mind and body charge themselves by communication and reorganization of nerve cells, which eventually leads to healthy brain function.

The body, during your REM sleep, repairs cells, restores energy and releases essential molecules such as hormones and proteins. These molecules go on to rejuvenate your muscles and mind. Thus, it becomes all the more evident to improve sleep to help our body psychologically and biologically.

How can Technology help?

Now that we know how important sleep is, let us move to the next big question, how can we improve it, and what help can technology provide to us in this space.

The rise in data collection and the insurgency of technology in our lives has made everything around us quantified, and our sleep schedule is also not untouched by it. We now live in a world where we can quantify our sleep and assess its good, bad, and ugly impact on our daily lives.

Sleep Headbands are devices that measure brain activity and feed audio feedback to users through headphones. These gadgets have proved to be elementary in helping its user reach a much more relaxing state. This device is worn around the ears and uses Bluetooth technology to connect with mobile apps.

Sleep gadgets and apps are the breakthroughs that are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Access to sleep data of users not only helps them in assessing their progress but also elevates their understanding of their own body and mind.

We have handpicked some of the gadgets coupled with mobile device apps that are leading the marketplace with the full edge. These devices and mobile apps have garnered support from communities all across the world and have turned the lives around of millions.

Amazon Halo Rise 

Halo rise is a sleep-tracking device that records and tracks your sleep cycle. The sleep tracker is a smart bedside device that provides sleep data, such as duration, stages, and sleep quality.

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  • Easy to setup and use 
  • It is featured with the automated sleep tracking system 
  • Easily paired with the sunrise alarm clock 

With this, you won’t have to wear a tracker while you sleep to keep track of it. This contactless solution is one of the greatest sleep-tracking solutions, allowing you to track your sleep more comprehensively than ever before. With this technology, you have access to tips to sleep well.

Withings Sleep

Withings Sleep Analyzer is designed to help you get the same data you would receive from a fitness tracker on your wrist without having to wear a bulky watch to bed with you.

Withings Sleep Analyzer is a convenient and affordable device that allows you to monitor your sleep quality and detect sleep apnea without attaching any equipment to your body.

An essential feature of the Sleep Analyzer is that many sensors are packed into a thin mat covered in multiple sensors and can be slipped under the mattress.


  • It allows one to keep track of sleep apnoea
  • This sleep tracker allows you to determine the sleep heart rate
  • Its high technology provides accurate data

It is very convenient to set it up once, and then it is astounding how much data can be collected from the mattress, and it only takes one step! As far as the results are concerned, most of them are similar to those of other sleep-tracking devices. 


Launched in 2014, Muse is the product of a company named InteraXon, which is a Toronto-based innovator in the field of brain-sensing technology. The company has a long list of achievements related to the field of designing memorable experiences. The company has already built popular products like a levitating chair and a brain-powered beer tap.

YouTube video

Muse is marketed as a brain fitness gadget designed to sense your brain activity similar to how a heart monitor gauges your heart rate, and it is very accurate. The gadget uses short, fun sessions to calm your mind, increase focus and composure and reduce stress.


  • Real-time brainwave feedback (EEG)
  • Multi-sensor meditation device
  • Capable of pairing Muse with any apps to layer real-time biofeedback with external content.
  • Monthly New Content for guided meditations
  • Hours of Continuous Use
  • Wireless Connection BT 4.2

There are two major types of Muse products marketed by the Toronto-based innovator, namely Muse 2 and Muse S. These products can provide real-time brainwave feedback, heart rate, breathing, and body movements. You will have an elevated understanding of your mind, body, heart, and your breathing pattern.

The leading platform provides 500+ guided meditations from globally renowned meditation instructors that use a variety of teaching styles.


Enhance your sleep quality with Hapbee and find you a peaceful state of mind. The wearable device makes it easy to track sleeping patterns and take control of your life to feel better. It plays a recording of magnetic frequencies that can help your body feel relaxed without giving any side effects.

Sleep through the night while feeling the effects of melatonin to control your life and feel better. The device helps in elevating your performance, enhances your sleep, boosts physical well-being, and supports mental wellness. The aim is to have restorative, deeper, and faster sleep gaining better focus, more energy, and creativity.

YouTube video

It will help you get more relaxed, have better movement, and have less pain to have better days ahead. The device replicates natural compounds effects, emits ultra-low energy signals, and takes effect quickly. It has Bluetooth low energy, is lightweight, and is water-resistant.


The creator of BrainTap, Patrick K Porter, Ph.D., has been around the science of brain calming since the age of 12. He applied the techniques learned to himself and transformed himself into an elite athlete and an honor student.

Today, Patrick along with his team is now making news in brainwave entrainment technology. They have along the way created BrainTap technologies as a torchbearer in the self-awareness and self-growth industry.

YouTube video

Braintapping as a technique is a way to quickly relax and optimize the brain’s potential. This technique comes with guided meditation, visualization, tonal therapy, and others while infusing waves such as alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta waves to monitor states such as Relaxing, Active, peak concentration, recovery, and healing.

The company boasts of conducting over 4,900,000 sessions and being published by some of the big names like The Wall Street Journal, People Business, Business Week Entrepreneur, NBC, ABC, Inc, and others.


Flowtime is created by the Entertech team, a company that develops high-tech wearables, making the way for EEG acquisition and EEG acquisition techniques.

The company has been making headlines since its inception with its R&D team packed with scholars from universities like Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, University of York, and others.

YouTube video

FlowTime by EnterTech is a biosensing muse meditation headband that makes you calm, resilient, and healthy. The gadget is a meditation tracker, monitoring heart rate, brainwaves, breath, HRV, pressure, focus, and stress.


  • Cowork with other apps
  • Guided and Unguided Meditation
  • State of the art design

The users can visualize their meditation performance with FlowTime. As it is supported by biosensing techniques, the device, analyses your heart, mind, and body while you are in meditation. The quantified feedback provides you with ample knowledge about your meditation state and how you can do better.

The scientifically proven lessons provided by the device have helped millions of users across the world, by equipping them with basic techniques and tracking their progress daily. The device also provides a detailed bio-data report providing you with the progress of every minute and enabling you to compare the data from the previous week, or month, or year to see how far you’ve come and what necessary changes you need to inculcate in your life.

Their long list of satisfied clients goes well beyond the boundaries of one nation. You will find happy customers of FlowTime and Entertech in cities like London, Canberra, Vancouver, Houston and so many more. Their dominance in the field is certified a little more when you know that they’ve talked of the town on platforms like Daily Mail, BBC, Amazon, Huffington Post, Trendsetters, and many more such platforms.


QuietOn is on a mission, a mission to make the Nordic quietude accessible to everyone, at all times. This vision pushes them to innovate in their technology and science which is already far better than most of their peers in the industry.

The gadget QuietOn works on a technology known as Active Noise Cancellation Tech, The QuietOn 3 earbuds have come as a solution to get you in a state of tranquility and calmness, anywhere you want.

YouTube video

These devices come in handy while waiting for your flight in a busy airport, or on a long bus ride filled with passengers going about their day. But particularly, this state-of-the-art gadget has been proven very useful to people who suffer from sleep deprivation. This device attenuates noises and sleep disturbance, and thus enables you to find calm in noise when you cannot sleep.

The interesting technology of Active Noise Cancellation also known as active noise reduction is a series of methodologies and principles any unwanted sound is reduced by another sound specifically made to cancel the former out.

The ANC enabled earbuds of QuietOn to use microphones to sample the noises, and then use in-build speakers to create a phase-shifted sound to cancel the noise out.


Sleepphones is the creation of the 2007-established company, Acousticsheep LLC, founded by Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and her husband Jason Wolfe.

Sleepphones are designed to be worn around the ear, making them super comfortable for side-sleepers as well. Build from super smooth sheepcloud™ fabrics, the band-shaped headphones contain thin, padded removable speakers to play any type of music, podcast, audiobooks, meditation, white noise, or anything you can want.

YouTube video

These lightweight and washable headphones come with a 3.5mm jack, and also a wireless option, and you can choose whichever suits your lifestyle better.

The company and the brand around the product have been making customers happy across the globe, while being featured in leading magazines and online portals such as Digital Press, The view, Tripadvisor, Amazon, Travel CHannel, Daily Mail, CNet, Buzzfeed, and a lot more.

Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle is yet another innovative gadget/ app that makes your sleep more fulfilling and immersive. The technology behind the product tracks your sleep patterns through your sleep cycle.

Not only does the sleep cycle track your sleeping patterns but also attenuates noise and accentuates your sleep by utilizing its microphone to listen and analyze your sleeping sound and further using Artificial Intelligence to help you better.

sleep cycle app

A lot of trackers in the market just specifics the superficial details of your sleeping patterns. However, when it comes to products such as sleep cycle, it directs your patterns further and finds the deeper root cause of your change in the sleeping pattern thus equipping you with a deeper understanding of yourself.


We saved the best for the last. Calm is unarguably the most used sleeping assistant application /device across the internet. This does so much more than just getting you to sleep. This helps you in improving your sleep quality, reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus, self-improvement, and a lot of other things.

While other apps focus on getting you to bed and making you sleep, Calm focuses on your overall development by providing you a calm experience throughout your day anytime you seek.

YouTube video

The application is visualized, produced, and instructed by Tamara Levitt, who is also the Head of Mindfulness at Calm. She has been studying meditative practices for the past 30 years, learning the nuances of schools of thought such as mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana, Shambala, Zen, Theravada and so much more. She pours everything she has learned into her apps and helps her clients live more peaceful and calm lives.

Oura Ring

Use an engineering breakthrough like Oura Ring that has the potential to optimize your health and track your activity using an enhanced sensor package. Oura Ring includes three daily scores for the one wearing the ring, such as:

  • Sleep Score analyzes REM sleep, deep sleep, nightly heart rate, light sleep, bedtime schedule, etc.
  • Activity Score analyzes an individual’s daily routine, such as resting time, movement, etc.
  • Readiness Score analyzes body stress signals, activity, and sleeps with HRV and body temperature.
YouTube video

It is considered that the finger offers a better detail about sensitive movements and heart rate data across all skin tones. The device also has a long battery life and research-grade sensors to monitor activity, sleep, heart rate, temperature, recovery, stress, etc. The design is exceptionally comfortable that is ultra-lightweight and water-resistant.

Oura Ring is a new state-of-the-art sleep staging algorithm making it a popular device for accurately tracking sleep quality. It deciphers key vitals like HRV, heart rate, and body temperature to understand the time spent in the sleep stage and quality. Oura Ring also reads the quality of nightly rest and analyzes blood oxygen levels using a 24/7 monitor. It explores how the body responds to choices or habits and restorative time.

The smart sensor reads body temperate to understand the signals, predict period, discover if you are unwell, and changes in hormones. This device aims to get smarter results and optimize the predictions unobtrusively and seamlessly.

Philips Sleep and Wake-Up Light

If you aim for relaxed sleep, Philips Sleep and Wake-Up Light can be your stop offering a natural sunrise simulation and sent to keep your body refreshed while sleeping or waking up. The soft light provides a smart touch to the sleeping pattern and light-guided breathing to sleep without worrying about anything.

Philips Sleep and Wake-Up Light simulate sunsets that give a sense of night to the body with optional sound and decreasing light. Also, it stimulates a natural sunrise where the light gradually increases with time, giving a vire of red, orange, and bright yellow light in the room. The light-guided breathing will help the body relax and sleep while unwinding and decompressing activities.

This device is easy-to-use. Tap on the product to snooze, and use a smart touch to display for easy device control and soft light that doesn’t jar senses. The wake-up light is clinically proven to improve general well-being, mood, and quality of sleep, to ensure that you feel refreshed. Users can choose the music or sound to wake up from local FM radio or music library. It is easy to select brightness levels with several light settings to increase the intensity and set higher light intensity.

Sleepace Dot 3502T

The new gadget Sleepace Dot 3502T can be a great fit to achieve the best sleep. Sleep Dot helps measure body movements and sleep cycles, offering sleep reports, wake-up refreshed, and sleep aid.

The non-wearable device is user-friendly, easy to use, and has long battery life offering related sleep. The aim is to improve sleep quality with patented sleep aid music and soothing music or sounds. Sleepace Dot 3502T offers remote care allowing users to learn the sleep status of friends and family.

YouTube video

Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB

Lumies’s Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB offers 31sleep/wake sounds, DAB radio, sunset/sunrise duration, low-blue light feature, Bluetooth speakers, etc. The device puts the users into a better mood using the built-in DAB Radio option. The light helps put the user in a better perspective and boosts productivity and energy upon waking up. Luxe ensures that users are ready, alert, and awake for the day after enjoying a healthy sleeping environment.

Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB comes with a light-sensitive display that switches on and off the light based on the room brightness. It is a great way to cut screen time as to doesn’t require relying on the phone or scrolling down for sleep. The device makes you wake up energized with no jarring alarm clock but has 20+ wake or sleep downs or DAB/DAB+ radio stations.

Banala Lite

Fall into a more profound and faster sleep with just one button with the help of Banala Lite to ensure that you don’t spend your night tossing or turning. The device is integrated with isochronic sound technology with a smart sleep-cycle-inducing system. It also comes with a mini-speaker to offer an excellent and better sleep with the benefits of isochronic tones that offer improved well-being and sleep.

YouTube video

Banala Lite is a one-button solution to put the user to sleep and wake up with a clean, comfy, fresh mind-giving delta mart. Pushing the button sends out 10Hz theta waves that increase to the 0.75HZ delta range. It processed to the whole cycle of low theta and delta, emulating the sleep cycle to sleep deeper and faster.

Proper rest with delta deep sleep allows users to heal and regenerate cells, enhance hormone release, and maintain the level of sleep journey. The slow-wave and REM phases enable users to understand the oscillation of their sleep cycle for a rapid eye movement sleep. The secret is to blend sleep with beneficial waves to slow down messy brain activities.


Get better and faster sleep with DreamOn, which offers enhanced features with a prominent rhythmic pulse and overall control. The wearable device allows users to fall asper faster, meditate, and relax their minds, backed by science and psychiatrist with neuroscience research. It is simple to use and lightweight that comes with single touch activates feature for a relaxed sleep.

YouTube video

The device offers drug-free, high-quality, chill sleep with no side effects to make tomorrow a better day. Users can start it on their ankle, palm, or wrist, active it with the button, and pulses will do the work of pulling stress away. The low-frequency signals are emitted in the device for the brain to replicate signals pushing users towards faster and deeper sleep.

It helps in focused relaxation, reduced stress, and good sleep packed with proven opportunities to improve health. The application allows users to unlock the potential of DreamOn Band for medication, tracking sleep, breathing exercises, and changing pulse settings.

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets

Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology comes with different sleep bracelets to boost energy and improve sleep. The natural in-tune technology resonates with strengthening the biomagnetic field and help in reducing stress, improving sleep quality, cognitive functions, and food cravings. By wearing the bracelets, the users can fall asleep faster and profoundly and wake up refreshed.

The significant features of the bracelets are weight control, boosting mood, improved health, healthier heart, and offering better focus and energy. It helps strengthen the immune system to fall asleep faster and deeper to wake up refreshed.

Hatch Restore

Hatch Restore can be a good stop if you are not a fan of wearable devices. It combines a meditation app, smart light, sunrise alarm, sound machine, and an alarm clock. The smart sleep routine assistance helps the users wind down and wake up refreshed. It offers no eye-straining blue hues with soft-glow reading light and sleeps stories to calm the mind.

This device includes a digital clock display, white noise, and relaxing sounds to avoid distractions. It also has an expandable library, sunrise alarm wake-up call, and control with soft-touch buttons. Hatch Restore allows users to customize the setting for sleep routine on the application.


Now is the best time to start sleeping better and less to think clearer. Cove offers 20 minutes session that improves mental performance and reduces stress on wearing it twice daily. The device activates a brain pathway offering emotionally balanced and calm. It provides a top-notch experience such as improved mental performance, less stress, and better sleep.

Cove offers focus and energy to users allowing them to stay refreshed throughout the day. The app provides access to accelerometer and heart rate data, tracks stress level changes and sleep, sets session reminders, and explores an in-depth user guide.

Smart Nora

If you want a contact-free snoring solution, Smart Nora is your product. The device offers a practical and straightforward solution for detecting early sounds for gentle and snore-free sleep. It helps the users to get in a better mood and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Smart Nora works on every body aspect, such as the stomach, back, and side, covering the entire length. The product is designed to work with puffy, thin, soft, and firm pillows. It also allows users to customize for better, consistent, and comfortable results. Smart Nova also comes with sensitivity and inflation settings on the Base unit, offering the best snore-free sleep routine.


Breathe in and out to get better sleep with Dodow offering hypnotic effects. Users can tap once or twice on the sensitive surface for 8-minutes or 20-minutes mode, respectively. The product provides deliberately longer sleep with exhalation and inhalation to fall asleep faster and better.

On completing sessions, Dodow can switch itself off as you fall asleep naturally. It is a one-stop solution for everyone that wants to improve their sleep and maintain mental health.

Conclusion 😴

Sleepy evenings can lead to a lack of productivity. Soothing music or dim lights or a combination of both can help you sleep better but more restful nights are coming your way because of the apps and gadgets discussed above. They help you get your body and mind in better condition to wake up fresh and full of energy. 🏃

You may also be interested in reading about the Best Smart Health Trackers.

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