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Who does not want to live a healthy life?

Everyone does!

But how do you ensure that you are all fit and fine and living a life free of any dangerous medical condition? Especially when you are so busy running around in a hurry trying to check all the boxes in your to-do list for the day, which of course, keeps repeating in its endless cycle.

Finding time to see the doctor to confirm your fitness is hardly possible with such busy schedules waiting for you each day.

So what’s the alternative?

This article is all about it.

Today, we have a list of devices that can keep your health monitored. These health trackers have been designed with the most advanced technology to track how you are doing in your day-to-day life. Every time a flaw is detected, it notifies you immediately so that you can see a practitioner right when it is needed.

Body Cardio

Get the holistic views of your overall health using Body Cardio by Withings. It provides highly precise BMI, weight, body fat, water percentage in addition to bone and muscle mass. The device can also check your cardiovascular health through standing heart rate.

Weigh smarter with Body Cardio by tracking your complete body composition instead of just measuring weight, which helps you direct your health efforts in the right direction. Leverage their Health Mate application; you can set your fitness goal and seek encouragement and tips from it. You can install the application on your smartphone or tablet and track various health parameters in addition to what works for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Speaking of the device’s material and design, it uses a solid base made up of aluminum and is 0.7 inches thick. Its revolutionary design with greater stability and slimness adjusts well on various surfaces, from thick carpets to hard floors.

The device can recognize up to 8 users automatically with their data synced to the respective profiles in Health Mate. It supports weights ranging between 5kg to 180kg and stores more than 15 readings. Body Cardio includes Wi-Fi synchronization and has a rechargeable battery.

It shows the local weather forecast along with the previous day’s steps from an activity tracker. You can also utilize the Pregnancy Tracker, baby weighing, and Athlete Mode to address your unique needs.

Body Cardio costs $149.95 with 1 year of warranty, including 30-day returns.


MorePro’s SmartWatch is a great option to track your blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep patterns, and fitness. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and sends reminders as well.

This unique wearable provides professional heart rate analysis. For this, you have to rest your fingers over its sensors for about 30 seconds. Next, it will show the result instantly on the application with no need for gels or wires. The smartwatch has an HD color screen of 1.14 inches in size, which lets you read even in the sun if you adjust the brightness.

It is IP68 waterproof, which is why you can wear it while washing your hands, in light water sports, and while taking a shower. The 24/7 health monitoring watch works not only in the night to track your sleep patterns but also during daytime naps. It cares for you by providing sleeping statistics in detail, such as deep sleep or light sleep.

Get to know about your health specifically through infrared dual detection plus green light for blood pressure and heart rate with a personalized report on your app. The smartwatch can easily be paired with the activity tracker to track walking distance, calories burned, steps count, activity time, etc.

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Health reports are available on the application for 30 days. It has wide compatibility with devices, including all the devices with iOS version 8.0 or higher and Android 4.4 or higher, in addition to having a longer battery life.

GoBe3 Smart Band

HEALBE GoBe collection is one of the most popular smart bands in the market for efficient health tracking. This smart band works with the Flow technology that monitors changes in glucose level and an impedance sensor that sends signals to measure the frequency of fluid in the cells.

HEALBE’s GoBe3 Smart Band is an advanced wearable that can easily track stress levels, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and enhance the wellness of users. It offers a whole-body dashboard for efficient health tracking.

The significant features of HEALBE GoBe 3 Smart Band are:

  • Autonomous calorie tracking using Flow technology
  • Lightweight and comfy design
  • Constant Pulse measurement
  • Bio-grounded drink reminders
  • Steps and distance measure
  • Energy balance

GoBe uses advanced algorithms that can easily highlight the deficiency if there are lower calories consumed than burned.

3D Fitness tracker

This fitness tracker by Moov Now is a real-time audio coach for your body weight, cardio boxing, cycling, and running. It uses a sophisticated swim tracker by providing stroke counts, stroke types, and lap analysis and recommending ways to improve your stats.

The wearable 3D tracker can also monitor sleep and active times, body motion, track progress, and encourage you to accomplish fitness goals. Its band is breathable and lightweight, so you can wear it comfortably on your wrist while swimming.

Wear the tracker on the ankle while cycling or running, whereas wearing 2 of them in case of cardio boxing. The tracker is waterproof and includes 6 months of warranty. The fascinating thing about the tracker is that it uses motion sensors that provide better sensing than standard trackers. It also represents data insightfully or in any color you want.

Oura Ring

Improve your health by understanding the movements of your body with the help of the Oura Ring. The health tracker is the only ring-shaped, expert-vetted tracker. It can sense temperature and track sleep, so your physical and mental health can be maintained.

High-performing athletes and sportspersons can also use the Oura Ring to keep a check on their performance. It embodies the great quality of technicality in its elegant and tiny surface area with intelligent data collection. The tracker provides you with a detailed report about your sleep, readiness, and activity every morning so you can better plan your entire day.

It does by interpreting the signals sent by your body while you are asleep to provide parameters like heart rate, body temperature, etc. Oura Ring maps your health-related information overtime, otherwise called health trends, to focus on long-term patterns and insights which help you maintain healthy practices each day.

Samsung Health

Maintain optimal body conditions by using the advanced technology of Samsung Health. It helps you set activity goals like workout intensity, water, calorie intake, and sleep quality and track daily progress.

If you have a Galaxy Watch, you can exercise with more effectiveness through CoreHealth, Technogym, and Life Fitness. Using the device, you can also track the total number of steps and floors you have climbed and track wall push-ups metrics.

It also supports women’s health by tracking their menstrual cycles, symptom management, along with personalized content and insights. Samsung Health includes videos prepared by expert coaches for fitness programs like weight loss, stretching, endurance training, etc.

Maintaining fitness is not boring anymore, at least not with Samsung Health. Because it allows you to challenge your family and friends against you in an interactive and fun way so that everyone close to you stays fit. Samsung Health supports integration with third-party apps for extra resources like fitness guides and diet trackers.

You can also sync it with important tools like glucose monitors for taking additional care of your health. All your health information stays safe and secure through Samsung Knox. Download the app in Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Apple Watch

Discover new fitness insights and experiences powered by an intuitive Apple Watch. Workout and track your performance on your iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad. Now, they are also offering 3 months absolutely free on buying Apple watches.

You can choose from three variants:

  • Apple Watch Series 6, available at $399

It notifies you of high and low heart rates along with irregular rhythms of the heart. The watch also supports family set up and GPS + Cellular GPS. It is water-resistant and has a 44 or 40 mm case size along with an Always-on retina display. It also comes with ECG and blood oxygen applications.

  • Apple Watch SE, available at $279

This watch has a case size of 44-40mm and shows similar notifications as the Series 6 for heart rates. It has all the same features, except it offers a standard retina display and no app for ECG and blood oxygen.

  • Apple Watch Series 3, available at $199

The watch has a case size of 42-38mm, and you get notifications for the heart the same as the other two variants. It is also water-resistant and comes with a retina display and GPS.


Get personalized fitness, sleep as well as recovery stats delivered daily using WHOOP in real-time. Join the WHOOP membership for just $30.

You get the WHOOP Strap for free, which collects your physiological data all the time to provide you with precise insights. WHOOP is waterproof, lightweight, and has improved battery life that lasts 5 days long in addition to BLE connect.

It can track your daily activities and sleep to report on your desktop and mobile apps. The Sleep Coach guides you on how much quality sleep you need and shows you how you can sync it with your routine.

You can join like-minded people, family, and friends through the WHOOP teams. Besides, you can also create your custom team according to activities, training groups, interests, etc. It makes your health goal fun, and you stay motivated through prizes and challenges.

Health Mate

Withings’s smart health mate you should consider for a healthy and happier future. It is the perfect partner in letting you take the right action to keep you healthy. From tracking your weight, sleeping patterns, heart rates, and much more, Withings comes with so many options to let you know every detail of your body.

Set goals every week and make Withings remind you about it unless you attain it. You have once done reward yourself to keep yourself motivated. You can also look for inspiration by connecting with your friends or family through the app.

Not just this, it even lets you track your child’s health and also offers to coach during your pregnancy. You can also monitor your sleep patterns and make sure you use Withings to wake up at an optimal point so that you are all fresh to start the day.

It also gives you other vital information about your body like temperature, blood pressure, etc. These are just a few features. There are more that it offers.

Fitbit Charge 4

Try out the Fitbit health tracker and stay away from all tensions about your health. Fitbit tracker has been voted as the Tracker of the year 2018 by ‘Wearables.’ This means it is a fantastic device, and people have loved it for its features and ease of use.

You can wear it like a regular watch and get a comprehensive insight into your fitness and health. The watch can be used up to seven days without re-charging its battery. With its advanced heart rate sensor and algorithm, you can uncover meaningful insights into your heart as well.

It also tells you the exact amount of calories you are burning each day. And of course, like most other health trackers, this one too tracks your sleep pattern, real-time heart rate, and much more.

If you are a women FitBit user, we have good news for you. You can uninstall all your feminine apps because it covers all of it. From tracking your period cycle to estimating your ovulation and fertility window, smart FitBit does everything to make your life better.   

Leaf Chakra

The Leaf Chakra is a beautiful piece of jewelry, designed specifically for women who want to take care of themselves in the most fashionable way. This is more than just smart jewelry that enhances your look instantly.

It comes in two different styles — one with the Rose Quartz stone that promotes a positive outlook towards yourself and others. The second one is designed with the Oxyn, which protects you from all negativity and helps you keep yourself focused and balanced.

You can use this as a necklace or a clip and let it work for you as a wellness tracker to use the natural energy to make you feel positive and happy. The batteries are rechargeable and can be used up to 6 months without replacing them. It is water-resistant, and the app is compatible with both iOs and Android.

Garmin Fitness Watches

With over 20 fitness watches in the collection, Garmin has been in the industry for a while now, and they’ve yet to disappoint. Their watches come in different trendy styles, and the features of each one leave us absolutely awestruck.

For example, their latest release called Venu has features like:

  • GPS-enabled
  • Over 20 pre-loaded sports apps
  • Monitor your energy levels
  • Tracks your stress levels and suggests improvements like calm breathing if necessary
  • Tracks menstrual cycles
  • Reminds you to stay hydrated
  • Helps improve your breathing pattern
  • Monitors your sleep for improvements in the future
  • Monitors your heart rate
  • Full set of workouts in fun animation style
  • Lasts up to 5 days after a full charge

With all these great features, I would be lying if I say they aren’t expensive. Yes, they are, but the features totally make up for it. In short, you get access to every single health and lifestyle information inside your watch.


These were some of the health and fitness devices you might want to use to keep yourself strong and healthy. The greatest benefit of using these devices is getting to know about the slightest complication in your body even before your body starts showing the symptoms.

So, you keep yourself monitored at all times and get rid of all the suffering that would otherwise show up. Because with the right device by your side, you can always focus on your health and take precautionary action right when it is needed.

Next, find out some of the best home security systems to keep the house safe!

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