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  • Who does not want to live a healthy life?

    Everyone does!

    But how do you ensure that you are all fit and fine and living a life free of any dangerous medical condition? Especially when you are so busy running around in a hurry trying to check all the boxes in your to-do list for the day, which of course, keeps repeating in its endless cycle.

    Finding time to see the doctor confirm your fitness is hardly possible with such busy schedules waiting for you each day.

    So what’s the alternative? This article is all about it.

    Today, we have a list of devices that can keep your health monitored. These health trackers have been designed with the most advanced technology to track how you are doing in your day-to-day life. Every time a flaw is detected, it notifies you immediately so that you can see a practitioner right when it is needed.

    ECG Guard

    ECG Guard is a wearable heart and health monitor that continuously keeps an eye on you to ensure you have excellent health. By wearing this device on your body, you not only ensure that you keep your heart rate, body temperature, and sleep patterns monitored but also get a chance to manage your stress level, control your posture and do a lot more.

    Health Trackers, ECG Guard

    Just put the device on any part of your body and continue with your daily routine. It will give you a detailed insight into your body after tracking your activities, analyzing it carefully for you. The app is available to be downloaded in your iOs or Android, and you can use your phone display to check the results.


    Spire is an intelligent health tracker that is available just at $49. If you think it’s a massive device that you need to carry around, you are wrong. Spire is a tiny little health tag that comes with an app which is available to download on your smartphone.

    Health Trackers

    All you need to do is attach the tag to the clothes that you wear the most and use your clothes like you usually would. Your clothes are even ready to go to the laundry with the tag attached to them. It will work exactly as it did before getting washed. These tags also do not need to be recharged because you can get the batteries replaced for free once they die out.

    Now when you wear the clothes with the tag attached to it, it works by monitoring your heart rate, sleep pattern, etc. and takes action before your body would show a symptom. You can then have a detailed insight into your health in the monitor where you have installed the app.  


    Withings is another smart health mate that you should consider for a healthy and happier future. It is the perfect partner in letting you take the right action to keep you healthy. From tracking your weight, sleeping patterns, heart rates, and much more, Withings comes with so many options to let you know every detail of your body.

    Set goals every week and make Withings remind you about it unless you attain it. You have once done reward yourself to keep yourself motivated. You can also look for inspiration by connecting with your friends or family through the app.

    Health Trackers

    Not just this, it even lets you track your child’s health and also offers to coach during your pregnancy. You can also monitor your sleep patterns and make sure you use Withings to wake up at an optimal point so that you are all fresh to start the day.

    It also gives you other vital information about your body like temperature, blood pressure, etc. These are just a few features. There are more that it offers.


    Try out the Fitbit health tracker and stay away from all tensions about your health. This wearable tracker has been voted as the Tracker of the year 2018 by ‘Wearables.’ This means it is a fantastic device, and people have loved it for its features and ease of use.

    You can wear it like a regular watch and get the comprehensive insight into your fitness and health. The watch can be used up to seven days without re-charging its battery. With its advanced heart rate sensor and algorithm, you can uncover meaningful insights into your heart as well.

    Health Trackers

    It also tells you the exact amount of calories you are burning each day. And of course, like most other health trackers, this one too tracks your sleep pattern, real-time heart rate, and much more.

    If you are a women FitBit user, we have good news for you. You can uninstall all your feminine apps because it covers all of it. From tracking your period cycle to estimating your ovulation and fertility window, smart FitBit does everything to make your life better.   


    Moov Now is the next one on the list. This is an extremely light-weight and reliable leather band that can be worn around your wrist or foot wherever you are more comfortable with.

    Moov Now wants to make sure that you never have to stress out too much to keep yourself fit. So you can use it to get real-time coachings for a fit and healthy body. This water and the dust-proof band comes with a battery life of up to six months.

    Health Trackers

    The band constantly keeps an eye on what exercises you do. But most importantly, it monitors the postures. Because according to the team behind its creation, the way you exercise is more important than your exercises. This is to ensure that you do not injure yourself in the process.

    As soon as an incorrect posture is detected, it notifies you through the app that you need to install on your smartphone. It also helps you learn the correct postures while you are working out on your trade mill or during indoor cycling, swimming, etc.

    Motiv Ring

    The Motive Ring is another brilliant product that you should consider checking out. Just as mentioned in the name, this product is a simple ring that you need to wear on your finger to know what exactly is happening with your health.

    It is a minimalistically designed, smart, yet straightforward ring that is available in 7 different sizes. You can wear it at all times round the clock, even when you go swimming. It is fully waterproof and comes with a 1-year warranty too.

    Health Trackers, Motiv Ring

    The ring will monitor all your physical activities and reflect the results in your app. If you are a no exercise person, you will immediately notice the change in your body, as soon as you hit the gym or even take the streets for a quick run.  

    It even tracks down the time you fall asleep and the time when you wake up. This is done automatically, and you need not take any action for it to start working.

    Total Health Set

    The Total Health Set monitors, records, analyses, and provides biometric insights about your health by using the clinical-quality pulse oximeter. The data is then synced and downloaded to your smartphone on which you use the app that comes with it.

    Health Trackers

    The kit comes packed with a USB cable, Shoepod, shoe clip, and three bands in different colors. The straps have displayed a great battery life, and they are quickly chargeable so that it can be used again immediately.

    The kit is easy to use, and it helps you tailor your workouts so that you get the maximum benefit out of it. It tracks your sleep pattern and all other activities too to ensure you know exactly how your health is doing.

    Leaf Chakra

    The Leaf Chakra is a beautiful piece of jewelry, designed specifically for women who want to take care of themselves in the most fashionable way. This is more than just smart jewelry that enhances your look instantly.

    It comes in two different styles — one with the Rose Quartz stone that is meant to promote a positive outlook towards yourself and others. The second one is designed with the Oxyn, which protects you from all negativity and helps you keep yourself focused and balanced.

    Health Trackers

    You can use this as a necklace or a clip and let it work for you as a wellness tracker to use the natural energy to make you feel positive and happy. The batteries are rechargeable and can be used up to 6 months without replacing them. It is water-resistant, and the app is compatible with both iOs and Android.

    Garmin Fitness Watches

    With over 20 fitness watches in the collection, Garmin has been in the industry for a while now, and they’ve yet to disappoint. Their watches come in different trendy styles, and the features of each one leave us absolutely awestruck.

    For example, their latest release called Venu has features like:

    • GPS-enabled
    • Over 20 pre-loaded sports apps
    • Monitor your energy levels
    • Tracks your stress levels and suggests improvements like calm breathing if necessary
    • Tracks menstrual cycles
    • Reminds you to stay hydrated
    • Helps improve your breathing pattern
    • Monitors your sleep for improvements in the future
    • Monitors your heart rate
    • Full set of workouts in fun animation style
    • Lasts up to 5 days after a full charge

    With all these great features, I would be lying if I say they aren’t expensive. Yes, they are, but the features totally make up for it. In short, you get access to every single health and lifestyle information inside your watch.


    These were some of the health and fitness tracker devices that you might want to use to keep yourself strong and healthy. The greatest benefit of using these devices is that you get to know about the slightest complication in your body even before your body starts showing the symptoms.

    So, you not only keep yourself monitored at all times but also get rid of all the suffering that would otherwise show up. Because with the right device by your side, you can always focus on your health and take the precautionary action right when it is needed.