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In Digital Marketing Last updated: February 14, 2023
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Tread the highly turbulent ocean of digital businesses of websites, apps, and products by getting market trends, insights, and competitive intelligence from Semrush .Trends.

In any business, first-hand information on the current trend is your best asset. Then, complement this knowledge with insights from the marketing and promotional strategies of your competitors. 

Now you’ve got an unbeatable recipe to strategically place your content, websites, apps, or products on various digital platforms and gain instant results while minimizing the cost of content and management of such campaigns. 

Many tools can help you strategize the above, but one of the leading is Semrush .Trends. Read on as I explore various features, how-tos, and benefits of this robust competitive insight and market overview tool from Semrush.     


Semrush .Trends is a collection of analytics tools that enables you to research the market for the target audience, competitor’s strategy, business performance from the traffic point of view, and market trend intelligence.

This digital market analytics tool is a part of the Semrush Toolkits. When you get a paid subscription from Semrush, you get the option to add Semrush .Trends market analytics packages.

This market trend and audience research tool consists of the following data analytics and prediction tools: 

Traffic Analytics for a bird’s eye view of the current performance of all of your digital assets like blogs, articles, ad campaigns, social media posts, landing pages, app download pages, newsletter subscription pages, and so on. 

Market Explorer sets you up with data analytics on organic competitors in the digital business space as well as niche-specific rivals. 

EyeOn functions as the competitor intelligence module that automatically collects and reports marketing,m content, promotional, etc., strategies opted by your rivals. 

At the time of reviewing the Semrush .Trends tool supported any business industry, services market, product market, and website. Also, you can find analytics from up to 190 countries using the tool. 

In short, you need Semrush .Trends for competitive research and market trend discovery. Find below some notable reasons to use this digital marketing toolkit from Semrush: 

  • When you need to discover top digital business market players and their monthly, quarterly, and yearly share of traffic.
  • If you must find out the traffic generation pattern of the current market, you need this tool.
  • When you need to enhance your digital business strategies by observing a superior rival’s operations, you can use Semrush .Trends to explore competitors’ traffic sources, visitor count, promotional activities, and so on. 

#1. Traffic Analytics

The Traffic Analytics tool offers competitive research and market intelligence gathering functionalities. Using this tool, you can estimate the mobile and desktop traffic to your digital assets like websites, apps, landing pages, etc.


Expert digital marketers use this module to evaluate a new digital business niche, audience market, benchmark websites, and create a strategy to acquire media businesses like online tech blogs, lifestyle magazines, etc.

Here are the things you can do with this tool: 

  • Estimate traffic to domains, subdomains, and subfolders.
  • Standard website analytics like bounce rate, unique visits, clicks, redirects, visit duration, etc.
  • Explore the original sources of traffic
  • Web traffic analysis with geolocation
  • Compare up to 5 domains

#2. Market Explorer

The Market Explorer function is useful for discovering new markets and opportunities. If you are entering the digital business space or looking to explore the verticals of your existing business entity, you will benefit greatly from this tool. 


You can analyze a target audience base in detail to understand their monetization values and decide whether you want to focus on this audience group or not. Furthermore, you can deep dive into a niche domain to understand its monetization potential.

Moreover, the Market Explorer feature of Semrush .Trends empower you to benchmark your digital assets, like websites, landing pages, eCommerce stores, apps, etc., against direct or organic competitors.  

#3. EyeOn

With the EyeOn tool, you can create an informative and elaborate dashboard of competitor activities across several digital business channels like website domains, social media, mobile app marketplaces, eCommerce marketplaces, etc.


It provides the following data: 

  • Newly posted text or multimedia-based content by your rivals
  • Newly launched advertising campaigns
  • Updated or new pages published by rival websites
  • Recent posts from social media handles
  • New product launch events
  • Product pricing and feature changes
  • Find out promos and landing pages posted by the rival agencies
  • Competitor benchmarking within the business niche 

Primarily this package of market analytics toolkit is to improve your digital and content marketing business operations, market reach, and thereby revenue. Find below the advantages you enjoy using this tool over your rivals: 

  • You never run out of content ideas by using the market trends and analytics feature of this tool.
  • Content managers, creators, and SEOs can use the tool to find new opportunities in the same business by analyzing it from many angles of content, products, services, apps, etc.
  • Find out how the top-performing content, websites, products, apps, services, etc., of your rivals. 
  • You can reduce the costs of content promotion, digital ads, etc., by pinpointing the best channels for audience engagement.
  • Discover the marketing and content promotion channels that your competitors use and utilize those channels for your digital business. 
  • Do not feel that you are running out of target audience by using Semrush .Trends for geographical analysis, consumer behavior analysis, etc., to create new markets.  

Using this digital marketing analytics tool is truly effortless and has virtually zero learning curve. The Semrush .Trends user interface (UI) shows components that exactly mean the same as displayed.

After logging in to your Semrush dashboard, follow these steps to use the tool efficiently: 

  • While on the Project Home Screen, Click SEO on the left-side panel to retract the SEO menu.
  • Now, you must see the .Trends toolkit on the left side navigation pane. Click on it.
  • Click Get Started if you are new to the market and competitive analytics.
  • The landing page will explain all three features of the tool, its API functionalities, etc.
Go to Traffic Analytics on Semrush
  • Once done, click Traffic Analysis on the left side panel.
  • In the Competitors field, enter up to 5 competitor’s domain names separated by a comma.
Competitors on Traffic Analysis
  • Now you get a detailed Traffic Analytics dashboard with key metrics like Visits, Unique Visits, Pages/Visit, Avg. Visit Duration, Bounce Rate, and more.
  • You can also visualize the advanced analytics data by switching the tab to Audience Insights, Traffic Journey, Top Pages, Subfolders, Subdomains, etc.
Market Explorer on Semrush
  • Now, you can just switch the tool between Market Explorer Overview, Audience Insights, Top Pages, and Benchmarking.
EyeOn on Semrush
  • For the EyeOn module, you just need to create a monitoring list to get weekly updates on Ads, Blog Posts, New Pages, Social Media Posts, and Social Media Engagement for the rival websites.     

Semrush .Trends is only available with paid plans of Semrush subscriptions. After subscribing to any of the Semrush plans, you can add Semrush .Trends as an add-on. If you’re opting for a custom Semrush subscription for an agile agency, you can also get the toolkit. At the time of writing, it costs $200/month/user.


Now that you’ve explored the tools and features of Semrush .Trends, you must have figured out how beneficial the tool is for all of your digital and content marketing efforts.

The digital business ecosystem is highly dynamic, and trends change every day, if not hour. Hence, you need a reliable tool that will fetch the latest trends on demand. 

Also, you need tools to understand how your competitors operate their digital businesses, like choosing content topics, marketing platforms, online ad campaigns, audience targeting, and many more. You get all these by subscribing to one powerful digital analytics tool Semrush .Trends.

You may also explore Semrush for Agency to bring together most of your agency’s workflows.

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