The world is getting smarter and so are our homes.

Thus it comes with no surprise when you see more and more household having a smart speaker actively on use every day. Whether you want your assistant to set a reminder for you, play your favorite song, or look up for something online, it does it’s best to help you.

Not just this, with these intelligent devices it’s now easier to even turn off your lights or flip through TV channels with just a command.

That sounds like a game. Isn’t it?

If you too just made your mind to get one of these smart devices home, you have landed on to the right post.

Sonos One

The Sonos One for starters is an elegantly designed smart speaker available in 2 colors – black and white. At 229 Euros, you get an extremely compact, easy to fit speaker that gives you hands-free or voice control of your favorite music. Of course, there are more you can do with it apart from listening to your playlist.

Smart Speakers, Sonos

The speaker is combined with 2 Class – D amplifiers and drivers which are custom built. The illuminated LED indicators give rich sound, whilst providing the indication regarding active or turned off the status of the microphone.

Another great feature Sonos offers is its resistance to humidity.

Sonos is compatible with most of the popular streaming devices, internet radio, your podcasts and audiobooks besides your personal downloads. Controlling the Sonos One is extremely easy with your voice, the Sonos App, AirPlay or via your music streaming device.

JBL Link 20

The new JBL Link 20 has in-built Google Assistant which connects you to any Bluetooth ready device and is always ready to help. The speaker is hands-free and supports far-field voice recognition. The set-up process is extremely simple and compatible with Google Home, iOS and Android.

Smart Speakers,, JBL Link 20

The sound quality is exceptionally superior with 24 bit and 96kHz sound output. The speaker supports wifi and Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a 6000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers up to 10 hours of non-stop playback time.

Available at 199.95 dollars, the JBL Link 20 is an affordable and a fun-to-use smart speaker.

Google Home

Google Home is the new player in the smart speaker segment. The Google Home responds to voice commands, manages your schedules, reminders, news, etc. Get access to your video streaming sites, music sites, downloaded tracks, and videos.

The Google Home also works as an alarm, give you weather updates and a lot more.

Smart Speakers, Google Home

The mic is positioned at the top of the Home, with the mute button and power light at the front.  The set-up process is really simple –  just plug the power cable into Google Home, Plug the power adapter into the wall socket, download and run the Google Home app on a phone or tablet.

Amazon Echo Dot(3rd Gen)

Amazon’s third-generation Echo Dot is a newly launched affordable Alexa-powered smart speaker.  It looks much better, sounds a lot stronger, and still costs just 50 Pounds.

Smart Speakers, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen

The Echo dot is small like a hockey puck with power socket at the back, a 3.5mm analog socket for stereo connectivity. The updated version is packed with an improved speaker.

Looking at the sound quality of the Echo Dot 3, the mids are zestful while the highs are mildly refreshing. This also comes with three colors – black, white and grey. The sound quality is clear and extremely audible though it might get slightly distorted at high volumes.

Amazon Echo Spot

The Amazon Echo Spot was the device that changed the way the Echo devices of Amazon were looked upon. The Spot is available at just $130 and in 2 different shades – black and white. The speaker is extremely lightweight and easily connects to Alexa.

Smart Speakers,, Amazon Echo Spot

Settings and adjustments are just a drop down away, and the Echo also offers you options to customize the themes. The Echo is very user-friendly, and the sound delivery is much more vibrant than the other iterations of Amazon. The Echo Spot is packed with a one year warranty for services as well as parts.

Google Hub Home

Google Hub Home is another product in the smart speaker segment by a preeminent player, Google. Released in October 2018, at a price of $139, the device with a screen at an affordable price was a deal to grab. For the size in which it comes, the product is neatly packed and finished.

Smart Speakers

It has a 7-inch display and integration to Google photos expands its usability by a greater extent than its competitors. The speakers are light sensitive, thus turning into dimmer shades based on the outer light of the location.

Though Google is omitted the camera due to privacy concerns but searching for a place becomes much easier as the Hub Home brings up a map where you can check you the place before visiting.

Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam prices at 449 euro and sold in black and white shades packs a punch in any room size. The device can be placed anywhere and even be used as a wall mount. The Sonos Beam soundbar can also be further enhanced with multiple speakers to get the home theater feel.

Smart Speakers, Sonos Beam

Upon connecting with the remote, the Beam also allows your TV to be voice controlled, and the device is compatible with Android and Apple devices. It comes with five amplifiers and has straightforward set-up instructions.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a really cute smart speaker. Available in four shades – blue, red, white and black. Weather updates, information, infotainment, music connectivity across major streaming sites and device, traffic and business information, reminders, alarms all put in one device.

Smart Speakers

The volume buttons are neatly tucked at the corner of the speakers, and it is equipped with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. This tiny little entertainment enhancer is available at just Rs. 4,999.

Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display presents you the very best of Google Assistant supplemented with a visual experience. So your kitchen recipes, favorite episodes, latest news, location support and integration to other smart home devices from Philips, tp-link, we-mo, and other brands.

Smart Speakers, lenovo smart display

It also allows you to make video calls with a crystal clear resolution via its 8 inch and 10-inch display and 5 MP camera. The Smart Display is powered by SnapDragon 624 octa-core processor, and the sound quality is brilliant thanks to the 10W speakers. The Lenovo Smart Display is available at $150 and $180 for the 8 and 10 inches respectively.

Apple HomePod

Well, Apple is not far behind in the smart home system segment. At first glance, the device is elegant and beautiful from every angle. It comes with an Apple-designed woofer at the top and a six microphone array.

Smart Speakers, Apple HomePod

These microphones allow the sound to be captured from every corner of the room and lets SIRI give you the music you want. The homebuilt A8 chip orchestrates all the remarkable audio innovations inside HomePod. It is available in 3 colors – black, grey and white.

Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy Home marks the foray of Samsung in the smart speaker market. For the looks, the Galaxy home looks like a vase at least or maybe a flower pot. Unlike the original voice commands of Google and Apple, Samsung has tied up with Bixby to cater the voice command needs.

Smart Speakers, Samsung Galaxy Home

The Smart Things hub allows the Galaxy home to sync with your Samsung smart home devices and gets your daily chores with just a voice command. As of now the device is not on sale in the market and stay hooked as the Galaxy Home is sure to take the market by storm.


Those were some of the smart speakers that you might want to check out before you make a purchase. All the speakers in this list are super attractive, extremely user-friendly and are in high demand in the market.

We hope you liked the collection. Do let us know if you are using a fantastic speaker that we have missed out upon.