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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 17, 2023
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Snigel provides an effective way to improve ad revenue and deliver better experiences for users.

Websites generate revenue by different means – selling products, services, content, e-books, materials, and much more.

Due to growing customer demands and competition, many businesses reduce the cost of their product and services to increase sales. As a result, it becomes difficult for website owners to generate good revenue from their offerings.

Enter Snigel. It is one of those services that can help you increase your ad revenue even after optimizing the pricing of your products and services.

Along with building a better ad platform for your website, it also allows you to monitor the performance of each ad using real-time reporting and offer many benefits.

In this article, I’ll discuss Snigel in detail and its products, services, and features, along with some ad revenue basics.

Here we go!

What Is Ad Revenue?

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Ad revenue is a method used by publishers and creators to make money online through advertisements. To earn money, you need to sell space on your site or monetize your unique content on social media, where you can place ads that help you earn money per click or impression. 

Ad placement can be done on your websites, social media platforms, and videos. This allows the content and the ad to be freely available to audiences who might click on an ad or make a purchase. As a result, the creators can earn money from these ads.

Companies that want to promote products and services on your website often work with you to get mutual benefits. 

How Can AI Technology Scale Ad Revenue?


AI technology is rapidly growing and changing the ad landscape due to its ability to get intelligent over time. Organizations can use AI in various ways to generate ad revenue. 

  • Personalization: Personalization in ads refers to the use of consumer insights in order to enhance the ad’s relevancy to the audience. These insights can be demographic information, buying intents, interests, behavior patterns, and more. 
  • ML: By leveraging ML, you can find patterns in customers’ messages and behavior. ML considers all the information about an individual, such as online behavior, search history, and demographics, to make decisions on what niche to show visits a website. 
  • Decision-making: AI is also able to make advertising decisions, ensuring no extra money for the ad copy that doesn’t convert. This can be done using A/B testing so that AI can make data-driven predictions. 
  • Marketing: Interactive marketing tools like conversational marketing tailor ad campaigns based on customer interactions. 
  • Predictions: AI uses an analytical approach in advertisements. It can make predictions on future trends with accuracy. It targets the right audience with the right personalized message that helps in reducing advertising waste and getting greater ROI. 

That was about the benefits of AI in enhancing ad revenue; now, let’s talk about how Snigel uses AI technology to help organizations and individuals earn money from ads.

What Is Snigel?

Snigel is a software solution that provides the best-in-class AI ad optimization technology, dedicated account management, and fully customized ad strategies. Snigel experts build a monetization strategy according to your business needs, from header bidding to Smart Refresh, Adaptive Ads, and native video. 


Whether it is about the arrival of Core Web Vitals or third-party cookie depreciation, the technology landscape of modern ads is changing. The ad stack is updated continuously, enabling your website to be ready for the latest SEO best practices and revenue growth. 

Snigel is a Google Adx Partner and Google MCM Partner offering access to premium advertisement campaigns. Its AdSense revenue calculator helps you enhance your ad revenue. Snigel is working constantly to become number one in the industry with its out-of-the-box capabilities. 

In 2012, Snigel was founded by two Google executives, Peter Gallagher, and Chris Krischnig, after understanding the crucial benefit of great SEO content in the tech ecosystem.

The primary goal of Snigel is to focus on the important stuff, including creating great content, growing the audience, and ensuring a better user experience. It is the publisher, so you won’t need to spend time on ad monetization.

Snigel is specially designed for busy content creators and web publishers who need a better ad management service to enhance ad revenue. This helps them focus on creating engaging content, delivering quality user experience, and growing audiences. 


Snigel has partnered with more than 30 of the world’s largest Exchanges and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs). This means only the highest bidder can serve an advertisement on your website, ensuring you get the highest price point. 

Moreover, it creates long-lasting and deep relationships with its publishers by understanding the priorities and customizing its solutions to meet the demands. With Snigel, you can avail of never-ending features for your ad campaigns. They are:

  • Header bidding
  • AdBlock revenue recovery
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Ad layout optimization
  • Bid and pricing optimization
  • Native video
  • Anti-malware scanning
  • Smart Ad refresh
  • PMP deals
  • Next-gen Ad formats
  • AMP header bidding
  • Core web vitals optimization
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance

Snigel requires you to follow three steps to build a partnership:

  • Plan: Discuss your performance benchmarks, needs, and goals with Snigel experts.
  • Build: Let Snigel build an ad stack to complement your unique content strategy suitable for your needs. 
  • Grow: Snigel will continuously optimize and diversify your ad revenue without any hassle. 

Snigel Products

#1. AdEngine

AdEngine helps you enhance your Ad revenue using AI-powered monetization. It uses AI tech to intelligently maximize your ad setup. This can be done by monitoring 100+ real-time data points, such as advertiser demand levels, page speed, and user browsing behaviors. Snigel guarantees revenue for every impression you create by building the ad setup for you. 


Snigel deploys cutting-edge ML and lets AdEngine optimizes every auction by utilizing rotating bidders and floor prices to secure the highest and fastest winning bid. To this, it gives you the most competitive CPMs that escalate auction intensity, enabling maximum profitability. 

Technical specifications:

  • Optimization of machine learning ad auction
  • Loading of asynchronous ad
  • Optimization of core web vitals
  • Integration with many demand sources, such as Ad Exchanges and 50 SSPs. 
  • Recovery of Adblock revenue
  • Smart auctioning technology 
  • Flexible and multi-platform ad sizes support
  • Malvertising filtering system

#2. AdStream

Diversify the ad revenue with Snigel’s AdStream and get more profit. It allows publishers to display video content on their sites. Through this, you can add value to users by showing them relevant content and providing a new way of ad revenue. 


AdStream is plugged directly into the ad exchanges and major SSPs to ensure you get everything about each impression. In addition, it provides a wide range of customizable video units which can be easily implemented on the publisher’s site to meet prominence, viewability, and size goals. 

Furthermore, AdStream monetizes the existing video content and promotes your unique YouTube channel using Instream. But, if you do not have any video content of your own, you can let Snigel create videos for you by providing your website’s resources and syndicated content. Alternatively, you can create additional revenue using Outstream. 

AdStream can also be used as a floating or in-content unit. Ad experts offer custom setups for desktop and mobile based on user experience and revenue goals. AdStream is responsible for providing needed benefits, such as:

  • Promoting video content
  • Getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel
  • Providing CPMs 10x higher than the display ads
  • Increasing user engagement and time-on-site
  • Creating high-quality video content  

#3. AdVantage

AdVantage allows you to view all the real-time performance data of the ads in a single user-friendly dashboard. It is Snigel’s interactive portal that offers ad performance data directly into the dashboard, enabling you to track data without any hassle.


The easy-to-use and powerful interactive dashboard lets you see the performance updates in real-time. AdVantage is a mobile-friendly application that enables you to check revenue, stats, and performance on the go. 


  • Has an intuitive UI
  • Provides real-time updates
  • Filters reports by impressions, CPM, CTR, and ad requests
  • Offers filterable reports

#4. AdConsent

AdConsent is Snigel’s IAB-registered Content Management Platform that enables users to make decisions based on the ad targeting level they are comfortable with. This allows your website to comply with the privacy regulations.


Snigel’s CMP keeps your website speed intact and the remaining 100% compliant with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

AdConsent CMP is future-proof and customizable so that it can be seamlessly used to meet new regulations and demands. If you have audiences in California and the EU, you need a mechanism to gather content from the users. With CMP, the process is automated so that it can give assurance of remaining complaints. 

When users view targeted ads, cookie data is collected to provide personalized ads. CCPA and GDPR require to make the user understand the content for such targeting. 


  • Provides the most lightweight solution
  • Registered in accordance with Consent Framework and IAB Transparency
  • Offers free integration with AdEngine
  • Compliant with CCPA and GDPR
  • Updated regularly to remain secure and compliant with new rules and requirements 

Snigel: Major Features

#1. Header Bidding

Snigel’s header bidding stack helps you increase your revenue with the help of AdEngine. It is fast and connected to major advertising platforms, such as Amazon TAM and Google Open Bidding.

With this feature, you get:

  • Client-side and server-side header bidding
  • Recovery of AdBlock revenue
  • Third-party cookie replacements
  • AMP integration
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Bid optimization and AI pricing
  • AI anti-malvertizing

#2. Native Video

Snigel’s native video solution allows publishers to publish top-quality video content in order to provide a source of revenue by adding value to the users. It is plugged directly into ad exchanges and major SSPs to make sure you get everything out of the impression. 

Native video offers:

  • Instream and outstream
  • In-content and floating
  • Up to 10x higher CPMs that display ads
  • User engagement and increased stay time on site

#3. Next-Generation Ad Formats

You can enhance your user experience with Snigel’s next-generation ad formats. It offers adaptive ads, parallax units, and interactive quiz units.

#4. Website Optimization

Many publishers heavily rely on SEO to get more traffic. And they don’t have time for an A/B test of their ad placements.

To this, Snigel helps you improve your SERP rank and optimize ad revenue. Snigel’s experts can maximize your ad layout, core web vitals, and viewability. 

#5. GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Your business ads will cohesively and easily comply with CCPA, GDPR, and Google’s EU user content policy. Snigel’s AdConsent allows users to make decisions on ad targeting levels they want to access and ensures that the website will remain compliant with regulations. 

#6. Publisher Payment Information

Snigel pays all of its publishers on the basis of NET 30, which means completed activities in a month plus 30 days. All the payment is made via bank wire transfer. It supports both USD and EUR so that publishers around the world can take advantage of the partnership. 

Snigel: Publisher Eligibility Criteria

Snigel partners with a wide range of publishers of different niches, but it works extensively with gaming, education, auto content, music, and technology. In general, as long as publishers run or open to display advertising and get at least 2M page views every month, Snigel can easily help them to generate more revenue. 

Snigel has some eligibility criteria for their publishers:

  • Snigel on-boards those publishers who have high-quality and unique content on their site along with high traffic from different sources. If there is any bot-driven and fraudulent traffic, Snigel will close the partnership. 
  • Snigel evaluates publishers’ websites generating $50/day approximately. However, it can consider websites that are generating below $50/day but must have growth potential and publish high-quality content. 

To onboard a publisher, Snigel first checks the publisher’s business, audience, and site. It is utterly important to know a publisher’s priorities, like growth, revenue, user experience, and more. It asks about publishers’ goals and expectations along with recent benchmarks.

Thus, publishers partnered with Snigel can enhance their ad revenue by over 30% of their current ad revenue. 


Q1. What web technologies does Snigel support?

Answer: Snigel supports all programming languages. Its tags will work with, WordPress, HTML5, Pearl, and Laravel. If your website supports GPT or AdSense, it can easily accommodate its code. 

Q2. How does Snigel guarantee high-quality advertisements on your website?

Answer: Snigel integrates anti-malware software within its AdEngine to offer you the highest ad quality and security. It works with publishers to make sure there will be no channel conflict with powerful blocklists in place. 

Q3. Does Snigel’s solution slow down your site?

Answer: Firing up bids may cause a slight delay until the ads are shown on the page, but it is minimal and never hampers the website’s overall performance. Snigel, along with enhancing ad revenue, optimizes latency, page speed, and user experience. 

Q4. How much time will it need to go live?

Answer: Snigel aims to make everything ready as soon as possible. The process generally takes 1-2 weeks. This includes getting approval for your site from multiple SSPs, demand partners, and exchanges.


Snigel, being one of the proficient AI ad optimization applications, helps various companies, individuals, and enterprises generate more revenue with ad placements on their website’s open space. It helps you earn extra revenue just by giving space to ad companies who want to promote their products and services on your site and reach a wider audience. 

The tool offers many perks, products, and services. It offers products – AdEngine, AdStream, AdVantage, and AdConsent. These help you not only generate revenue from ads but also maintain a good website performance and enhance user experience. 

So, if you want to generate more revenue from ads in different niches, you can consider Snigel. Try it today.

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