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In Privacy Last updated: September 8, 2023
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Reverse Address Lookup is a term given to the process of finding the authentic holding of a property. With the help of some advanced online tools, you can now fetch the desired legal information about a particular address.

This feature mainly helps in validating the property rights claimed by an individual during a real estate deal.

An intelligent reverse address lookup tool like Social Catfish can successfully provide you with historical details about a property on an address. Let us find out more about this technology and how it works.

Reverse Address Lookup: A Brief Explanation

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The Reverse address lookup tools provide the name, age, and contact details of the owner. You may also get access to other information such as legal records, penalties, law violations, and people staying in society.

When you look for an address on a reverse address search tool, it generates an API request to the global address solution providers that manage the whole database. These agencies assist in decoding the true identification of a location.

The online software integrates with these centralized organizations to cross-check the input details to match the most suitable spot. It provides the complete registered postal address of the location with the owner’s information.

The process of reverse address lookup works in three prominent steps: categorizing, arranging, and authenticating the final address output. It means the software first matches the input values with the database. It then resets it in a standard format and displays the output with verified information.

Thus, you must enter the address in the specific pattern of house number, street, city, state, and ZIP code. The reverse address lookup API instantly finds the given address. It then provides the actual details about the place, probably a list of matching addresses.

Social Catfish Reverse Address Lookup


Social Catfish is an online tool that aims to help people find their lost connections by offering the most trusted reverse address lookup feature.

This tech firm focuses on investigating illicit acts or tricks done on emotional partners by potentially faking their personality, profession, or status. They aim to provide a platform where people can verify the details shared with them by anyone.

One must recognize the importance of knowing the truth about a person’s location. By verifying the authenticity of the dwelling or establishment, the Social Catfish software significantly creates trust among the two parties involved.

Besides the reverse address lookup feature, this tool can also verify other personalized details of individuals.

Benefits of Social Catfish Reverse Address Lookup

The Social Catfish uses an advanced content recognition mechanism for decoding the matched results over the internet. It is one of the leading reverse search tools to get featured on Forbes, CNN, Reuters, and many other prominent media channels. This makes Social Catfish a credible reverse address lookup online software that you can trust for finding out the validity of a claimed location.

Here are some of its most efficient benefits.

  • This multi-functional tool also verifies images, contact numbers, email, and usernames. Therefore, a single portal lets you uncover all the doubts in a few minutes.
  • The software design offers an easy and understandable panel, which is self-explanatory. You won’t need assistance while looking for an address during a reverse search.
  • There is less waiting time, as generating the complete search report takes just a few minutes.
  • Some of its functions are free, while others are available at minimal charges.
  • Social Catfish, being a proprietary online setup, has powerful algorithmic programs to generate accurate results that fraudsters cannot deceive.
  • They ensure to intact the privacy concerns of the user data.
  • The users can connect for tech support during the EST office hours.
  • The reports generated on this web portal are approved by the government for filing complaints.

Apart from this, if you think the tool doesn’t serve your requirements, then you can ask for a refund and cancel the membership anytime.

How Does the Social Catfish Reverse Address Lookup Work?


Social Catfish is a proprietary online tool with a search bar to enter the values, similar to a search engine. It has a dedicated program targeting the entire web pages on the internet, including social media profiles and posts.

The tool works in reverse format to reach the origination of information. In the case of address lookup, it can authenticate the location details with the help of authorized agencies. Social Catfish does not spare criminal records while looking up information on a place or person.

After retrieving the facts about the query, it takes a few seconds to make an internal analysis. The software then compiles a report to display a list of everything that is related to the input value in a relevant manner.

You will get to know about the property’s price, owner, pending taxes, loans, crime records, rented or free, etc. It is an efficient tool for cross-checking the identities of individuals and saves users from getting cheated.

How to use Social Catfish Reverse Address Lookup


Social Catfish has designed the most accessible online tool for users to reverse search for information without any hustle. The website offers separate panels for specific functions like reverse image search, address lookup, email, phone, etc.

The tool panel is displayed on top of the website as you open it. For reverse address lookup on Social Catfish, you need to click on the “Address” option to redirect to the desired section.

This section shows a blank space as a search bar for typing the address for verification. You can start entering the postal address here, and as you begin, the tool will suggest the options to choose for the street or area. It, thus, helps in auto-completing the searchable address in a suitable format.

Once the address is complete with street, area, city, and code, you have to hit the “Search” button to begin the reverse address search process. The result starts to appear on the screen very soon, showcasing the complete details about the location.

Methods of Doing Reverse Address Lookup

No doubt, the reverse address lookup function of Social Catfish is sufficient in searching for the authenticity of a location. But what if you do not have any hint about the person’s stay, while there is an urgency to investigate more information about their personality, lifestyle, and the belonging place?

Let’s find out how any of these details can get you an individual’s postal address.


♦️Picture: If you have the person’s image, just use the reverse image search function and upload it on the panel. The software will instantly find out the places where the image has been used before.

By this, you will get to know the person’s name and other relevant information, along with authorized public records showing the address. Remember to verify the address on reverse address lookup.

♦️Name: Enter the name on the reverse name search panel to get crucial details about the person. The report generated by the tool will have all the information about the person, including their own or rented house, if it is declared on any portal.

♦️Email/ Phone/ Username: The same is the case with other information such as email, phone number, or username. You can use them to find the person’s name, picture, and residence as well.

You can simply rely on this online tool to fetch every possible information about anyone if you know their name, phone number, email, picture, or social profile username.

Where can you Apply the Reverse Address Lookup Feature?


Reverse address lookup is a highly appreciated technique for internet usage. In the age of information technology, it is evident to have methods that can disclose the truth behind a claim, especially if it is about a property.

Here are some of the real-life applications of the Social Catfish reverse address lookup software.

  • You can search the address of old friends and find out if they are still dwelling in the same location. Inversely, you may also search their name on the panel to find out their current location, if updated on any digital platform.
  • While buying a property or planning to get it on rent, you may use this software to find out complete information about the property, such as square footage, deed, ownership, cost, pending loans, etc.
  • Before choosing a place to stay or use it for commercial purposes, you must check the reverse search report about the address. It fetches the crime records on the site or if the neighbors living around have been offenders in the past. It also details the number of people staying currently as renters or if the place is empty.
  • The tool is capable of listing the purchase history of a property, showing all the past owners of the place. This avoids floating misinformation about a property.
  • An obvious use of the Social Catfish reverse address lookup is when someone makes false claims of staying at a location and asks for money or other favors. You can investigate the given address on this search panel and find out if the person is fake or genuine.
  • It also helps businesses like insurance firms verify customer details before registering for a product.
  • The report also shows if a person owns multiple properties, which is helpful for real estate leads.

There have been several scenarios when the Social Catfish tool has helped people find details about a location. This facility has resolved many problems and has also saved people from falling into traps of blackmail and scams.

Privacy Concerns in Using the Social Catfish

Social Catfish has a well-written privacy policy for its customers and is guided by US law. Their primary concern is to ensure the user about the database security on their system that cannot be breached. It means the personal data collected on the Social Catfish app or website is safe and is only used for information disclosure.

They collect personally identifiable information along with device details, web activity for analytics, and commercial information. But out of these, only commercial data is shared and sold, while everything else is preserved.

They usually store the member’s personal and search data for three years, but you can opt to get it deleted anytime by deleting the account. The company strictly prohibits the use of any sensitive data that may harm an individual’s identity and respect.

Social Catfish Alternatives

While Social Catfish is a reliable name in reverse address lookup, few other online tools offer similar services. Here, I have listed some of its top alternative online platforms that provide reverse search facilities.

#1. PeekYou


PeekYou is mainly a people search tool and offers to reverse search about individuals using fast-paced technology. It is a free access online software and is designed with the intent of re-connecting friends, relatives, or colleagues who have lost touch.

The company promotes keeping people at the center of the internet by making them find each other on this online platform. They have worked to form a systematic program that targets more than sixty prominent sites over the internet to generate a comprehensive report.

This tool analyses social media channels, news portals, blogs, and other such websites to cross-check personal profiles and relative details on web pages to gather trusted results.

The search report displays all the profiles with similar names, along with their location🏡. It also gives direct links to public records, phonebooks, emails, and images, as well as Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The panel has options to search either the person’s name or username. You can enter your First and last name and select any specific or all states in the US for the information. If you know the person’s social profile username, then search it directly on the panel to fetch exact details.

#2. Spokeo

YouTube video

Spokeo has been a recognized name for more than a decade as a people search engine. Their motto is to create transparency and trust among the people by providing real data. They claim to manage about twelve billion records, which includes property, business, consumer, and other data, and compile them in understandable format for non-tech users.

The tool remembers the search queries of the member login and keeps updating them on the changes in the reports. This means it keeps analyzing the database in the backend and rechecks the result to help the users.

This online software has options to reverse search name, email, phone number, and address. The generated reports usually include personal information with contact details, location, wealth, family members, associates, and criminal records of the person.

It is helpful for both the general public and professionals with small or medium business setups. Using this tool, you can deal with unwanted phone calls and email scams, find an old friend, review the neighborhood, or connect with prospects. 

Social Catfish vs. PeekYou vs. Spokeo

These are some of the finest reverse search tools in this segment. However, there are some significant differences in their features. Here is a brief comparison of these tools based on certain key parameters.

ParametersSocial CatfishPeekYouSpokeo
Reverse Image SearchAvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Reverse Address SearchAvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Reverse Name SearchAvailableAvailableAvailable
Reverse Username SearchAvailableAvailableAvailable
Reverse Email SearchAvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Reverse Phone SearchAvailableNot AvailableAvailable
ChargesPaid membership for a few servicesEntirely free usagePaid membership for complete report
Search AnalysisEntire web of English contentSixty important sites and channelsTwelve billion web records

Final Words: Are Reverse Address Search Tools Legit

The reverse search mechanism is an entirely legitimate technique as it uses publicly available information to generate verification reports. The purpose behind launching a reverse search platform is to keep people informed about reality rather than getting cheated in romance scams or business frauds.

The Social Catfish reverse address search tool is the finest combination of utilities that helps the user extract every possible detail and actual facts in one place.

The reverse address lookup feature by Social Catfish works comparatively better than other tech providers. It lets you know the hidden truth about a property, such as criminal offenses or pending taxes, and enables you to make the right decision after clearing the doubts instantly.

You may also use the reverse image search function by Social Catfish to verify people or search products and personalities online.

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