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In Security Last updated: September 13, 2023
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While the Digital Age has seen unbelievable technological progress, it has simultaneously seen the rise of cybercrimes as well.

These predators are scattered all over the digital realm and waiting for new victims every day. One example of such heinous deed is catfishing.

Catfishing is when a person presents themselves as someone they are not to fool others and benefit from their misery. A surprising number of netizens fall prey to such catfishing during their typical online interactions.

However, thankfully, Social Catfish’s Reverse Username Search service can be their savior by allowing them to verify somebody’s online identity via their username. Read on to discover what Social Catfish has to offer and how it can aid you in averting fraud.  

Social Catfish Reverse Username Search is a handy feature that lets users obtain information about a person from only their username. This includes their full name, phone number, physical address, and social media profiles.

Running a Reverse Username Search offers many cool perks. Here are some of them:

  • One can verify the online identity of someone using their username and see if it matches with what they claim to be. This can help users keep scammers and fraudsters at bay. 
  • If you have lost touch with someone yet remember their username from years back, you can conduct a Reverse Username Search. Many people like to keep the same username across various platforms for easy recollection. Chances are that your old pal might have done something similar, and upon discovering their social media profiles, you can reignite your connection.  
  • If you own a company and are thinking of hiring someone, a Reverse Username Search can serve as a background check for that potential employee. With just their username, you can get important information regarding them and see if what they are and what they portray to be matches.   

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How Does Social Catfish Reverse Username Search Work?

Social Catfish’s Reverse Username Search tool takes a username. It searches through a huge database of over 200 billion records, including educational websites, news articles, social networks, public records, and more.

Social Catfish Reverse username Search

The results that Social Catfish provides are pretty accurate and detailed, thanks to its extensive database. Moreover, you can utilize its reverse email and phone search features as well to further verify your leads.

Once it finds information regarding the owner of that specific username, it tells you everything you want to know about it. These contain their name, address, contact info, social media profiles, etc.        

Even if somebody lacks significant technical knowledge, they can run a Reverse Username Search on Social Catfish.

All they need to do is provide the username of the person about whom they want information in the given field and click the green-colored ‘Search’ button.

That’s it! Relax for a while and watch the advanced algorithm of Social Catfish look for that particular username through a massive stack of records. And within a short time, it will give you a detailed report on that person’s online identity.

But remember that the service is not free. So, you must opt for their paid subscription beforehand.

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Real-Life Applications

Now, we will provide you with a few real-life instances of Social Catfish Reverse Username Search: 

#1. In identity verification


With an overwhelming number of swindlers flooding the online world, it has become difficult to separate the real from the fake.

Using a Reverse Username Search, people can verify whether the person they have met over a dating platform or the company that offered them an alluring job is legit or not.

Once they smell something fishy, they instantly know not to engage with that individual or organization again. 

#2. In online business interactions


When engaging in online business interactions, encountering the wrong client can make the whole experience go south.

However, by performing a Reverse Username Check, people can get details regarding the reputation and genuineness of a company.

If the organization has a shady track record, people know they should not establish any corporate relationship or do business with it. This has helped keep fraudsters and con artists away.       

Are There Any Privacy Concerns Surrounding the Service?

Whenever someone thinks about using a particular service, one of the foremost questions that come to their mind is, “Will it protect my privacy?” And with so many reports of privacy breaches and leaks reaching our ears frequently, it is a valid question.

Luckily, Social Catfish gives utmost importance to your privacy. Every Reverse Username Search performed on the platform remains incognito.

Plus, the official website of Social Catfish clearly states that it never shares its users’ personal data with any non-members. Hence, users can acquire info about a person through their username without worrying about their privacy and safety.    


Let us now take a look at some of the most noteworthy alternatives to Social Catfish Reverse Username Search:

#1. InfoTracer 

InfoTracer’s Instant Username Lookup is a good alternative to Social Catfish Reverse Username Search.

Like Social Catfish, this tool finds out the full name, physical address, mobile number, social media accounts, photos, and more from solely a username.


Besides, you can also obtain details about that person’s online activity. In addition, InfoTracer often lets you know who associates are or what social groups they belong to.

The website is quite easy to navigate and allows users to run free searches. But there is a little catch: although checking for a username costs nothing on the platform, downloading the report does. For report downloads, one has to activate their account by paying 2.95 USD, which includes Unlimited Search Access for a whole week.

After 7 days have passed, InfoTracer will auto-enroll you in a monthly subscription plan whose pricing is set at 24.95 USD/month.   

#2. IDCrawl

Like Social Catfish, IDCrawl’s Username Search feature is a solid choice for all your Reverse Username Search purposes.

The service empowers individuals to discover the real person behind a username. The service makes use of an extensive database to bring you accurate results. This comprises various records, such as email databases, phone directories, deep web sources, social networking sites, etc.


IDCrawl displays the results in an organized manner so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

Unlike Social Catfish, IDCrawl’s Username Search is completely free at face value. Nevertheless, when you dive deeper, you will find that several of its results will redirect you to sponsored websites like BeenVerified and Spokeo.

Needless to say, they are paid services and will charge you money for every lookup. This can be puzzling to many, as the tool claims to be free on its official website.


As is clear from the above discussion, Social Catfish’s Reverse Username Search feature is useful for unveiling a person’s true online identity. The tool can be an ideal companion to anyone seeking secure online interactions and prevent themselves from falling victim to deceit. 

Social Catfish employs a cutting-edge algorithm to search through billions of available archives to detect all the scammers lurking out there. By ensuring that all your searches stay anonymous, the tool assists users in making reasonable choices in the online ecosphere without any privacy-related fears. 

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