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A sedentary, inactive lifestyle brings in many health and body problems. An adjustable standing desk proves to be worthy of use. 

Work From Home (WFH) has resulted in people having an inactive, sedentary, and sitting lifestyle with little or no physical activity. A lifestyle of this kind does more harm than good. You may be able to complete your deadlines or push your team to meet them, but it will all come at a cost.

Your body will pay the price. Having pain around the cervical area, restricted movements of the neck, and migraine from sitting for hours in front of a screen are all linked to prolonged hours of sitting. 

Sitting for a long time results in restricted muscle movement and obesity. This can further result in the breakdown of the immune system and the body’s calorie-burning process, increasing the risk of heart problems and diabetes. Obesity can further lead to concern as the enzymes break down the lipids decreasing the level of good cholesterol and increasing the harmful cholesterol levels.  

The best option to exercise for the WFH lifestyle is to have an adjustable standing desk at your home. It is a desk allowing the person to work while standing. It proves effective and can reverse the effects of sitting to some extent. Moreover, a height-adjustable desk is a piece of ideal equipment for tight-spaced workplaces. 

Standing allows the body to move limbs and other body parts without restrictions. Also, blood circulation to all body parts is carried out smoothly and equally while standing. A person cannot stand upright for hours while working in front of a screen or file work. Changing positions while standing or roaming within a few meters of your workplace naturally stretches muscles. This helps burn more calories throughout the day compared to sitting.  

It will also remove laziness to some point, and you will be happy to walk your way out if stuck somewhere while doing work. This will prove beneficial in decreasing unwanted stress and fatigue.

Benefits of Adjustable Standing Desks

Adjustable standing desks are becoming popular these days because of the following advantages:

A standing desk may help reduce blood sugar levels: Our blood sugar levels tend to increase after a meal. It can be a cause for concern in diabetic people. Standing or doing any physical activity only for 3 hours after a meal is more effective than sitting.

Helps reduce back and neck pain: A sedentary life brings a truckload of body and health problems. Back pain is one of them. It is a popular complaint of the employees who sit all day at work. After prolonged neck positioning at one position, the muscles become stiff, resulting in pain. The neck pain can further develop into severe spondylosis and other grave concerns. 

After several weeks of standing and working, the back and neck pain problem gradually diminishes. It can happen as quickly as two weeks. 

Helps in improving energy levels: It has a positive effect on the holistic well-being of individuals. Employees tend to have less stress and strain after using an adjustable standing desk. This helps in improving the mood, further elevating the energy levels. 

Boosts Productivity: While it may take some time to gel up with the adjustable desk’s work routine, it will not hinder your work rate. In turn, it will only enhance your productivity by keeping your mind active and focused on the work. Standing and moving throughout increases the mood compared to your colleagues who prefer to work while seated. 

Increases comfort levels and may help you live longer: Various studies have found it the most vital link between sitting for more than 6 hours a day and death. People who sit over 6 hours daily reduce average life expectancy by nearly two years. However, this does not prove any causes or effects, but it is advisable to stand and walk than sit. 

These desks are fitted with electric motors for easy height adjustments or a gas spring. Height adjustments can also be made manually with the help of a manual bar. It significantly enhances the individual’s performance and contributes to having a healthy life. Adjustable desks are becoming popular day by day.

So, let us look through some of the best adjustable standing desks you can purchase from the market.

Autonomous Electric Standing Desk

The Autonomous Standing Desk is designed to make your work life comfortable. It promotes a healthy way of working using the principle of stand and work. The desk helps you bring the necessary zeal and energy to carry out the work.

It also corrects the posture and helps you stand upright with its adjustable height. However, it can also be used while seated, but it is preferred not to do so. The desk is fitted with electric motors and has a programmable height setting feature. 

It can remember up to four different positions. This allows you to share your table with others without compromising your comfort level. The desk has a high-lifting capacity allowing you to stack other items on it. Furthermore, it only takes as much space as your older desk or, in some cases, maybe even less. 

Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Standing Desk is easy to assemble, durable, and strong with a long-lasting finish and was voted the best standing desk in 2021. The T-shaped legs provide the needed strength and a wide range of height adjustments. 

You are just a touch away from the optimum position with programmable height settings. It comes with an in-built LED display and memory settings to make your adjustments seem easy. Assembling the standing desk takes only under ten minutes of your time without requiring special tools.    

The desk can support weights up to 90 kg and is available in different dimensional ranges. It is super large and can accommodate your laptop/PC and your office files on a single desk. Moreover, it is also well-balanced and sturdy and lets you work limitlessly. The customer satisfaction rate of Vari adjustable standing desk is also top-notch, with many buying and recommending it to their friends and colleagues.


ApexDesk is one of the youngest standing desks out in the market. It has been among the users’ favorites just after it came out in the market. ApexDesk is a stable, quieter, and comforting desk that has improved over the years. 

The top of the table is ergonomically designed and eco-friendly since it is made through bamboo, measuring 60 degrees and giving the user ample workspace. The top also comes with a pre-installed metal plate making the installation and re-installation easy.

A single touch can move the table with the help of a robust power lifting mechanism. One can assemble the entire desk in around 45 minutes. Height can be adjusted from 29″ up to 49’’under a minute.  

ApexDesk helps you get the perfect balance of a sit-stand life at your workplace and home. It also improves stability and promotes a healthier work schedule. 


IDASEN is one stable, comforting, and adjustable desk providing the user with a truckload of space. You can also personalize the look and functions of the desk suitable to the workplace. 

It is constructed by using constructed boards that are light, stable, and powerful. Coming with a 10-year product warranty, the IDASEN desk has a top-notch two-stage gear system.

It comes with a table management net under the tabletop and helps manage the desk’s cleanliness. Your smartphone devices can remotely control the desk by downloading the Desk Control Application that guides the user through the method. 

The resources available are sustained, and less wood is used in making the desk. Fibreboards substitute the excessive lumber here.

Autonomous A1-A294 Desk

When working with the Autonomous A1-A294 adjustable standing desk, the user is filled with the required energy and zeal to initiate the task by activating your body and making your posture get into its standard position of working as it should be. 

Its smooth, silent, and robust electric motor help in adjustments of height according to personal needs having four programmable push buttons. The motor is a Germany-built top product producing sound as minimum as in a library. The XL-sized table top gives ample space to work with a matte finish.

It is built from engineered wood, which recycles the wood particles resulting in a minimum amount of wastage, and is environment-friendly. The material also repels termites’ attacks and is humidity resistant.   


The UPLIFT Desk V-2 provides quick and smooth height adjustments supporting various devices. Now, save your height for the desk using the one-touch digital memory keypad. 

It is one of the top industry-leading desks in all aspects. An UPLIFT V-2 frame is fitted to the desk for enhanced stability, safety, and reliable adjustments of height and comforts. It also includes two separate motors for various functions. The two motors are fitted to each leg to keep the desk sturdy. 

The legs of the desk offer a capacity of 355 lbs to take the load of essential things. It comes with easily accessible attachments that can be fitted according to personal needs. Also, with its advanced digital keypad, one has room to explore new features and exercise them. The desk’s functionality can be enhanced as the T-shaped legs come with 48 patent-pending points. 

Jarvis Standing Desk

The Jarvis Standing Desk is easy to assemble and is backed by timely, responsive customer support and management. This desk is known for its stable, solid, and outstanding top and bases. 

The tops are made from protected UV-coating and sustainable materials that can be saved, and easy cleaning can be carried out. Furthermore, one can get a customized desk by visiting the store.

The desk is highly durable, reliable, and strong enough to carry a load of up to 350 lbs. This will always let you pursue the work-related path and maintain your overall well-being. It also allows you to work in a calm and quiet atmosphere since it has quiet electric motors with rubber grommets that reduce the effects of vibrations. 

Jarvis desk also possesses an anti-collision that protects you, your children, and your pets from getting hurt accidentally. 

Vari Standing Desk

A Vari Standing Desk is well-suited for office purposes. It is electrically handled, adjustable, and ergonomically designed. The three legs provide an enormous range in height adjustability between 25 to 50 inches, ensuring a smooth and quiet lift with a single press.

Being a sit-stand desk, you will not need to worry about your preferred height preference since it saves three height positions. Some of its standout features are getting assembled in under five minutes and possessing a study frame for better stability. 

It has a load handling capacity of up to over 110 kgs. Further, this desk by Vari is one of the trusted products sold by the company and comes with a tray cable. The tray then makes it easy to store cables and cords of the electric adjustable desk. It comes with a reliable, long-lasting, and laminated finish that can be set up within minutes. 

FLEXISPOT Standing desk

The FLEXISPOT adjustable standing desk is ergonomically designed to fulfill the user’s needs. One can set up two monitors and a laptop on the table and still have space left for other things. 

Adjust height using the electric height lifting mechanism smoothly and quietly. It is constructed using a topmost industrially-welded steel frame. It can be made from a sitting to a standing desk in around ten seconds with a single button’s touch.

The desk is coated with a layer of steel and can resist any strain or scratches. It is specially built for WFH purposes and allows remote workers to work with keeping health as the primary importance. Adjustments of the desk according to the desired height further promote healthy movements. 

So, one can say that an adjustable standing desk can increase the work rate and help lead a healthy lifestyle.


It is seen through the advancements in technology that humans are decreasing their daily physical work. This may help shift the focus to more critical tasks, but it makes a person lazier.

As a result, humans are at a point where they have a predominantly sitting lifestyle. It is required to note that sitting for prolonged hours idly or at work is unhealthy for the mind and body. Standing desks can cut out laziness and enhance productivity in your life. Also, standing is much better than sitting at work or in general as it burns more calories. 

Next, read about some of the best under-desk bikes to help you keep fit.

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