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In Mac and Windows Last updated: November 18, 2022
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Recovering lost data and multimedia content from your system is made simple and straightforward with the data recovery software.

The practice of recovering lost or deleted contents from a filesystem is known as data recovery. Data recovery is the greatest choice for getting file access that might have been mistakenly erased or damaged if there isn’t a backup. Data loss is an undesirable aspect of the internet world that every system user may experience at some point.

What Is the Process of Data Recovery?


The data loss and the degree of file corruption determine how such a data retrieval application tries to restore or fix the deleted data from the system.

The excellent thing is that data recovery is typically possible in most situations. Unsaved files and content that have been replaced make an exception to this principle. You probably won’t see your lost data again here in these situations.

Among the greatest data recovery tools on the internet, the Stellar Data Recovery application supports a broad selection of file format types, fully customized queries, and built-in advanced search capabilities.

Let’s examine this all-encompassing data recovery solution and see why it’s a useful software program to keep available in the system.

What is Stellar Data Recovery Software?


The Stellar Data recovery software is one of the best comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for data recovery. This tool can often restore records and data files that have been mistakenly erased or damaged.

This software application can recover corrupted or lost information from several file systems, such as those on computers, smart devices, and removable media.

Over 30 years have passed since the application first became available. The business has built a solid name for itself over that period.

You may use it to develop a model to repair files, databases, emails, and other data types. Using the Stellar data recovery tool, you can also restore documents and multimedia content from SD cards, compact flash cards, and USB drives.

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This data recovery application operates by looking for signs of damaged or missing files on the file system. When the application locates the deleted content traces, it copies them to a selected folder so that you can retrieve them immediately.

Since it can scan for all sorts of data, this tool makes no distinction between the data types that need to be retrieved. It is also compatible with Video recorders, drones, digital cameras, and security cameras for recorded video repairing. Both desktop and mobile applications are available to download.

Customers of Stellar Data Recovery can get live assistance. This tool is very adaptable, and You may choose the categories of file types you want to recover from the user dashboard itself.

Stellar Data Recovery Features


Stellar data recovery tool works on both Windows and mac OS. It has strong capabilities to enhance the customer experience being one of the best hard disc data recovery solutions available in the market. Although the Stellar Recovery tool offers a pervasive range of functions, some of these functionalities aren’t included in the free subscription.

  • Three-step data recovery – Stellar provides a straightforward three-step process for restoring deleted files on any device’s storage with their tool. Choose the storage drives and the data formats you want to recover. The Stellar Wizard tool will scan the disc for recoverable files, which you may evaluate before exporting to your selected place.
  • All data types can be retrieved – Digital images, MP3, MP4, multimedia libraries, PowerPoint presentations, eBooks, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and many more can all be successfully recovered with the free data recovery subscription.
  • Examine recovered files before exporting to storage location – Recovered images and videos can be played in overdrive mode using the Preview Files function.
  • File recovery from a damaged volume – Your memory drive may get corrupted by system file problems, malware and other factors, rendering the entire data segment unreadable. That data also can be recoverable.

The below features are only available for premium and professional editions.

  • Retrieve a lost file system – Capable of scanning, finding, and recovering corrupted disk contents using the sophisticated Advanced Search function. The tool supports NTFS, FAT32, and ex-FAT disk formats.
  • Getting data back from a broken system – It assists in building a bootable Backup recovery device that enables access to damaged workstations.
  • Restore faulty videos and images – This Can fix damaged video files in various formats.
  • Sophisticated RAID recovery capabilities – The tool recognizes unidentified RAID characteristics to enable virtual RAID building and launch the data recovery procedure.

Stellar Data Recovery Pricing

Six distinct bundles of functionality are available in the Stellar Data Recovery, with annual costs ranging from $0 to $299. Let’s examine each plan’s features in more detail.

Free Edition

The free edition of the stellar data recovery tool can recover up to 1 GB of erased files. The free edition comes with a 25 MB file size limit for each file to retrieve. To retrieve more than 1 GB of data, you must upgrade from the free version to Advanced or Prime Edition. Any of these paid editions retrieves an endless number of files in any format.


It is possible to retrieve records of any file system using the Standard plan, which has almost the same capability as the Basic plan. With the standard edition, you can restore any file of any size. It comes with a yearly subscription of $49, and the subscription plan supports only a single device.


The Professional subscription includes all the Standard package features and the ability to restore lost files from optical drives, such as CDs, compact flash drives, and USB drives. The professional edition comes with a yearly subscription of $89.99. This professional subscription plan can only cover one PC or system.


All of the features offered by the Professional subscription are included in the Premium package and the capability to remove tags from photographs and fix corrupted data. It comes with a monthly subscription of around $60 and a yearly subscription of $100. Only a single device is supported for this premium subscription.


Each subscription comes with more sophisticated features than the edition preceding it, such as virtual drive recovery, virtual RAID creation, and the creation of bootable USB devices for data recovery from damaged PCs, among others. It comes with a yearly subscription of $200.


Additionally, Stellar provides a whole toolbox of premium data recovery software that includes cutting-edge solutions to restore data from corrupted volumes, completely erased files, unintentionally wiped USB drives, and many more. The Toolkit subscription costs about $300. This plan offers simultaneous coverage for three different PCs or systems.

This Stellar Data Recovery program also comes in a Mac edition. However, it’s constrained to only the Pro, Premium, and Technician subscriptions. You can the quick comparison of free and all premium editions.

Stellar Data Recovery Alternatives


Since Stellar Data Recovery is so frequently recommended, it’s simple to forget about other data recovery software tools that you may use to effectively and conveniently restore lost data.

To make it simple for you to choose the best choice for your preferences, we’ve included the top Stellar data recovery alternatives in this post.

4DDiG Data Recovery

4DDiG by Tenorshare is the most effective and dependable data recovery software, which is completely trustworthy and secure. This robust tool supports 1000+ file formats to restore from Windows systems, macOS, and portable storage media such as compact flash cards, USB drives, and many more.


Your lost data can be restored using a sophisticated system while retaining its size and structure.

Accidental deletions can quickly arise after a technical glitch. Users can build a portable and detachable drive using 4DDiG software to reboot a damaged PC and obtain information without technical expertise.



Recoverit is one of the best tools for recovering data from all types of data loss. Wonder Share Company developed this tool.

Using the assistance of this elevated data recovery tool, corrupted or lost data files can be quickly recovered from almost all types of storage media, including hard disks, Flash drives, SSDs, tape drives, dashcams, camcorders, drone cameras, and multi-media players.

All file formats and shared folders, including Attributed File system (ATFS), File Allocation Table(FAT), and many more, are supported for restoration.

Users can quickly recover data from any device or media that other tools have declared irreparable with this cutting-edge data recovery program. Available to download for both windows and macOS.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Data Recovery Software

Don’t use data recovery applications directly without ensuring it’s the right tool for the task. In the worst-case scenario, you could sabotage your chances of getting your erased data back.

Consider the following factors in addition to spectacular advertising promises while choosing a data recovery application.



The program must integrate with the user system and be capable of restoring the deleted files regardless of how they transpired. Additionally, the application must be simple to use and able to recover data in a structured sequence. The system shouldn’t encounter any errors throughout the recovery procedure.

The effectiveness and performance of data retrieval are unquestionably the most crucial parameters you should consider when choosing the finest tool because your key aim is to restore all destroyed files.

Data format support

All frequently accessed file formats, such as MP3, MP4, PNG, jpeg, pdf, doc, executable files, journals, and all folders, must be capable of being recovered by the tool.

OS compatibility

Choose an application that runs on the primary functional OS unless you don’t bother switching to another OS merely to retrieve your erased files. The software’s effectiveness is influenced by how smoothly it integrates with the machine OS.


A program’s ability to be downloaded and installed without price does not imply that it may also be used to restore erased files without a premium subscription. The free editions are often provided not simply because they are inferior but because the development teams seek visibility.

The free version of any tool, however, often has less functionality. Therefore, choosing a commercial version with more functions is a smart option.

Security and frequent updates

Installing a program that is malware-infected or was made by someone inexperienced in safely recovering lost data is the worst way to expose your personal info. And also, the frequent updates keep the updated with new features and security patches,

For this reason, you must adhere to widely used solutions and have a huge amount of favorable internet evaluations from delighted customers.

Why Should You Always Back Up Your Files?

Loss of data can result from a variety of unanticipated circumstances and have potentially devastating effects. For this reason, you must frequently back up your information onto an alternative storage device or the cloud.

If your system or mobile experiences a technical problem, the data backup mechanism makes sure you have a duplicate of all records.

Backups have the drawback of taking a lot of time. Most individuals don’t frequently go back up their data. Another factor is that just a limited number of files constitute protracted investments. Data recovery will be your only option if you simply want to safeguard a few records.

However, having both data recovery and backup tools in the system will be extra beneficial in the event of a system crash.

Final Words

The Stellar Data Recovery tool is an excellent choice for beginners and experts seeking a sophisticated and powerful solution for data restoration.

Stellar recovery tool provides various easily portable and extensive characteristics, to the point that they may be applied in run-time environments.

Stellar keeps the graphical interface and restoration choices basic enough to ensure that even non-technical individuals can restore their information without any problems.

I hope you found this article helpful in learning about Recovering your Deleted or Lost Data with Stellar Data Recovery Software. You may also be interested in learning about Best Software for Android Data Recovery.

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