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In Design and Gaming Last updated: April 3, 2023
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Want to spice up your live streams on Twitch, YouTube, etc., using custom alerts and widgets to engage with the audience in real-time? Start using stream alerts and widgets from these popular websites.

Live streaming should not be just video streaming where you showcase gameplay, unbox tech gadgets, promote beauty products, or just do a Saturday night live with your fanbase. It can contain more content than you can think of. It can come with graphical notifications, tickers, subscription statuses, thanks to a supporter, and funny animations. 

All popular and high-value Twitch streamers like Ninja, Auronplay, Rubius, ibai, and much more use stream alerts and widgets to add value to their content. Now, you might think making such alerts and widgets is a costly and time-consuming business.

In reality, it is easier than you think. You just need to visit any of the following Twitch alerts and widgets portals and choose one from a vast library.  

What Are Steam Alerts and Widgets?

What Are Steam Alerts and Widgets

Celebrity Twitch and Esports streamers use high-tech content in their streams to excite the event. Such content also allows them to interact with their audience visually. Among many such items, stream alerts and widgets are the most useful.

Stream alerts are nothing but Alerts by Twitch. Twitch showed the way, and almost all streaming sites now let you add custom stream alerts. These alerts could include any of the following, but you can get creative and invent something new: 

  • Personalizing stream events with brand texts or slogans
  • Thanking audiences for Bits, Stars, Super Chats, etc., and other forms of tangible or intangible support
  • Welcoming a new paid or unpaid subscriber to your channel during live streams to honor new joiners
  • Show highlights of live stream achievements like real-time audience count, subscriber count, monetary support earned, defeating a popular streamer during online game events, etc.

Stream alerts require compatibility with the streaming software. You can not just log in to your YouTube or Twitch account and start showing custom alerts. You first need to create one in streaming suits like OBS Studio. Then, you need to add the content visually or using codes.

Stream alerts and widgets are synonymous. However, some streamers consider only the following as stream widgets: 

  • Tickers or real-time streaming data feeds
  • Legend
  • Layer List
  • Print Widgets
  • Attribute Table
  • Goal or objective progression bars or charts
  • Event List
  • Chat Box
  • The Jar
  • Sponsor Banner  

Importance of Stream Alerts and Widgets During Live Streaming

Here is why you must use stream alerts and widgets in your live streams on Twitch, Esports, and other platforms: 

  • Present your content to the live audience in style.
  • Give a message to the audience that you are unique.
  • Showcase your brand.
  • Promote sponsors or brands who are funding your live stream.
  • Display stream and channel-related information to the audience.
  • Give the audience a message that you are tech-savvy and aware of the trending technologies in the streaming industry.
  • Engage with the audience through texts and graphical content.
  • Stream alerts and widgets work like a call to action so the audience interacts with you by joining, subscribing, donating, supporting, and so on.

Differences Between Stream Alerts and Stream Widgets

Stream alerts and widgets are the same: stream overlays that add value to the live stream. Stream alerts mainly last a few seconds to inform the audience about anything happening in the live stream. On the contrary, stream widgets may last throughout the whole streaming session. 

Another major difference between stream alerts and widgets is the content. Stream widgets mainly consist of figures, goals, numbers, monetary amounts, numbers of subscribers, etc. On the contrary, stream alerts are to inform the audience about upcoming contests, giveaways, polls, etc.

Stream alerts help you to engage with the user by ushering in a new channel subscriber, Patreo account member, Discord member, etc. This cheers up other casual viewers to subscribe. Contrarily, stream widgets simply tell people about the value of the stream, like current viewers, subscribers, achieved goals, etc.   

So far, you have learned the basics of Twitch alerts and widgets. Now, find below some websites that offer free and paid stream alert templates, widgets, layers, and many more:

Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die is a popular platform among live streamers. Besides other features, it is a great place to find the best stream alerts and widgets for platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming. You can use these chat and goal widgets for better engagement and interactions on your live videos.

The alerts and widgets are completely compatible with StreamElements or Streamlabs. You can pick from the huge collection of widgets and alerts that allows customization of size, fonts, colors, labels, icons, event timer, and many more. Nerd or Die widgets can be installed effortlessly regardless of your experience as a streamer.



Streamlabs is a comprehensive software for live streaming. Here, you can get two types of widgets for your streaming requirements. The widgets of the first category can be used to increase engagement with your audience. 

The stream elements include the following:

  • Alert boxes for tips, followers, and subscribers
  • Chat boxes for live audience chat
  • Viewer count for different platforms
  • Gaming widgets for YouTube and Twitch
  • Rolling end credits
  • Stream poll widgets

It also has a collection of monetization widgets that offers a sponsor banner, Tip jar, tip ticker, and goals. The widgets mentioned here are available for free. Streamlabs Ultra users get animated widget themes as a part of their subscription plan.


OWN3D stream alerts and widgets

OWN3D offers you cost-effective alerts and alert sounds to make your streaming look more professional and interesting to the viewers. It has separate collections of alerts for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. 

Some popular alerts of this platform are:

  • Call of Duty Neon Verdansk
  • Chapter 2 
  • DarkMode 
  • Modern
  • Spaceship

Whenever someone starts following you, becomes your subscriber, or donates to your channel, the alerts get triggered and inform the audience and the streamer about the event.


YouTube video

On Strexm, you do not have to get widgets and alerts separately. As you choose to use its overlays, you get access to a number of built-in alerts. There are free overlays on this platform, and choosing those will give you access to the alerts that come with these. Some popular overlays include:

  • Plasma
  • Ignite
  • Aqua
  • Blitz
  • Green Edge
  • Grass Haven
  • Red Devil
  • Morgana

There are alerts available for new followers, subscribers, and donations. There are also host alerts included in the overlays. Not to mention, the alerts are fully customizable. You can either start streaming right away or make changes to get the alerts aligned with your brand. 


StreamElements widgets and stream alerts

StreamElements overlays ensure your live streaming looks beautiful, tidy, and interesting. With these overlays, you can enjoy the alert box on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Trovo. When you add this overlay during live streaming, these alerts will display who became your follower or subscriber. 

These alert boxes come with a limitless customization facility that you can use to personalize the boxes according to your brand. The assets are stored in the cloud server, so you can easily launch them from any device. 



Streamdps offers compatible widgets and alerts for the Twitch streaming platform. However, these stream elements are also highly compatible with the OBS Studio app. Thus, if you are using OBS Studio for live streaming gameplay and other events on Facebook Gaming, YouTube, Esports, etc., sites, Streamdps assets will work fine. 

It offers a moderately large library of stream widgets for free. Inside the widgets menu, you also get the following: 

  • Twitch Alerts
  • Custom Twitch drops
  • Donation alert animation
  • Animated lists
  • Alert sound
  • All animations with IDs 

If you don’t find something that catches your eye, you should hit the Go Premium button inside the Stream widgets menu to access premium alerts and widgets for live streaming. 


StreamSpell stream alerts

Are you looking for premium Twitch widgets and alerts? Then you must checkout StreamSpell. It offers a vast range of different types of paid alerts and widgets. Though the site claims there are some free stream elements for you too. However, I could not check out free ones because the gateway does not work well when you add free stream elements to your shopping cart.

Some of the notable stream alerts and widgets are as outline below:

  • Spirit blossom animated alerts
  • Elements: fire stream alert with 3D animation
  • Sky maiden stream package in anime theme
  • Neo stream deck icons 

There are three categories of streaming elements on this site. These are Featured, Collections and Themes.

Hexeum (Twitch Alerts)


Hexeum (Twitch Alerts) is the go-to destination for alerts and widgets highly compatible with Streamlabs streaming and recording software. It also offers stream elements for other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, etc. All of its stream layers are compatible with the OBS Studio app.

Its stream alerts package includes components like Follow, Donation, Sub, Bits, Hosting, Raid, Subscriber, Member, Super Chat, Stars, Support, Likes, etc. You can filter the alerts library according to color and pricing. 

Hexeum (Widget Packs)


If you liked the stream alerts from Hexeum (Widget Packs), you would also like its range of stream widget collections. Most of the widgets come with the following common stream elements: 

  • Chat Box
  • Event List
  • Goals/ Objectives
  • Alert Box

Hexeum designed the widgets so that you can reuse the elements on different platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Also, if you mostly use OBS Studio or Streamlabs for streaming, then you do not need to set up these stream widgets separately on different platforms. 

Sound Alerts


If you are a busy Twitch or Esports streamer and got no time to set up individual alerts and widgets, then you must check out this streaming extension from Sound Alerts. Just install one Twitch extension in your Twitch account and ensure your Twitch audience gets the best engagement experience during live streams. 

It is like a hub for all additional content you broadcast during live streaming. Along with alerts and widgets, the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension offers custom sounds to greet audiences who donate Bits, join channels, support you, etc. The extension automatically adjusts itself for viewers who join your live streams from smartphones and tablets.


If you are particularly looking for stream alerts for gaming needs, then you should check out the Twitch overlays shop. Its store is easy to navigate. There are seven different stream elements you can get from this stream overlay portal.

Among these, one option is Alerts. The Alerts section includes stream alerts for different types of gameplay live streaming. These are anime, action games, ghost games, first-person shooting games, and so on. 


Entermedia stream widgets and alerts

Entermedia offers some cool streaming widgets you want to add to your Twitch or YouTube streaming events to improve the event’s look.

In its Stream Widgets menu, you can access different streaming elements like Twitch alerts, Twitch widgets, TikTok widgets, Trovo widgets, animated donation alerts, and animated lists. The portal creates an HTML code for you that you can just append to your Twitch or YouTube streams.

Twitch Overlay


Twitch Overlay is a platform where you can get free Twitch alerts for streaming. With interactive alerts, you can engage with your viewers. Whether you use Streamlabs, OBS Studio, or Stream Elements, you can use these compatible alerts on your preferred alert service. 

The popular stream alerts include:

  • Neon Titan
  • Razor Purple
  • Diamonds High
  • Carbon
  • Streamdrome
  • Kyut

Here, you can also get premium alerts with unmatched quality.

Final Words

Now you know which stream alerts and widgets star streamers use in Twitch, Esports, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and other compatible sites. You will find stream alerts for different complexity levels in these stream widget platforms.

Start with easy ones that you can simply download, link to OBS Studio, and broadcast over Twitch or Esports. Then, you can dive deep into the portals for customizable and high-tech stream widgets or alerts.

Next, check out the best places to get stream overlays.

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