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Network engineers can rapidly and precisely calculate the subnets of a network using the IP subnet calculators.

You should look into subnetting if you want to increase the effectiveness of your network. Every organization needs a practical method for creating a communication channel that will allow for error-free and uninterrupted packet forwarding.

Numerous subnet calculators have already been developed since many novice IT engineers find it difficult to manually assign IP addresses and subnetting networks.

These subnet calculators can be quite helpful in maximizing the use of IP addresses and ensuring that your IP assigning is appropriately done.

Let’s first have a look at what a subnet is.

What is a Subnet?

Large businesses and those looking to grow strategically must prioritize effective network organization. To recognize the devices linked to your infrastructure, IP addresses are helpful. You would have to arrange the IPs logically to find a certain device.

More effective channels are required as networks get more extensive and more complicated to handle the load. To ensure the performance of a network in this situation, the subnetting concept was developed.

Subnetting is the process of slicing a network into several smaller networks. It is a methodology for dividing a given network environment into several more compact logical sub-networks. The proportion of routers and gateways that internet activity must transit over can be reduced by setting up a subnet.

In simple words, subnetting typically involves splitting your network infrastructure into smaller sections. Subnetting concept helps in easing congestion issues.

Subnets, also known as subnetworks, can be independently adjusted to meet the user’s needs. Subnetting must be used to give an alternative means of preventing IP address wastage.

Need of Subnetting

The subnetting concept aims to build a network infrastructure that is quick, effective, and dependable. Look at a few benefits of employing subnetting in a network environment.

  • The most fundamental justification for using the subnetting concept is that it effectively divides an IP address into smaller clusters by the requirements of the network.
  • Accelerates network performance by reducing network congestion.
  • It also facilitates the establishment of access control units over the communication link in order to prevent data breaches.

Need for Subnet Calculator

A tool for computing subnets is called a subnet calculator. This Subnet Calculator generally creates a list of subnets for a provided range of IP addresses. As a result, creating subnets for the network is much simpler since the user won’t need to compute any numeric adjustments manually.

Understanding networking concepts, IP gateways, and subnets can be challenging for network operators who are just entering the industry.

And making a mistake in subnetting might have disastrous results, both right away with the routing procedure and afterward with IP address imbalance. Making the proper decision the first time is crucial.

To assist you with that, we have compiled a list of the top IP subnet calculators. These may be quite helpful in maximizing the use of IP addresses and ensuring that your IP assigning is appropriately done.


SolarWinds is a well-known name among IT specialists. SolarWinds is one of the top industry leaders in making network administration & management tools. One such tool is the Specialized Subnet online Calculator, which is simple to use.

It was designed to make it easier for network operators to rapidly and precisely compute the subnets on a network.

You can construct your network as required and increase the productivity of your infrastructure operation by using this free subnet calculator.


Site24x7 is a handy and excellent web service to perform subnet calculations. This IP subnet calculator automatically calculates the CIDR notation, host range address, and wildcard mask (a sequence of bits indicating which portions of an IP can be examined) for the specified subnet mask and network addresses.

Additionally, this website provides many other free tools for network and Site Reliability engineers, such as HAR viewer, JSON generator, Regex tester, thread dump analyzer, and many more. Visit this webpage to learn more about these tools.

Subnet Ninja

One of the most popular sites to calculate the subnet of a network is Subnet Ninja. Whether you’re a student or a professional networking professional, this powerful Subnet calculator tool can simplify the subnetting concept. Click the “calculate” button to proceed after entering your IP address and subnet mask in the standard decimal system or CIDR syntax.

A table containing most of the data relevant to the chosen subnet will be displayed to you in seconds. Please do not hesitate to save this IP calculation tool and use it on any system since it is developed to be fully functional. is a simple and powerful tool to calculate the IPv4 and IPv6 subnets. Click “calculate” after entering the IP address and selecting the network class. It provides separate subnet calculators for both IPv4 and IPv6. Both are included on the same webpage.

Along with the IP Subnet calculator, this website provides other internet-related tools such as bandwidth calculator, binary calculator, and password generator.


MXtoolbox is another free and fantastic tool to perform the subnet calculation, Just type in the IP address and click Calculate to begin. You can also enter your whole network range simply using CIDR notation.

The host range addresses, mask bits, Hex subnet mask, and other information will be displayed on the screen immediately. This tool benefits network administrators and engineers who routinely assign and manage subnets.

Subnet Calculator

Subnet Calculator is another well-known online tool for performing subnet calculations. Type your IP address in the input field and choose the subnet mask.

It displays the subnet ID, bitmap, and octet range and finally calculates the network address to transmit data packets. by utilizing the specified IP address & subnet mask.

IPTP Networks

The user-friendly IP subnet calculator by IPTP networks is simple and powerful. IPTP Networks is one of the leading infrastructure Service Providers on the internet. Enter the IPv4 or IPv6 address in the input field provided and click on “calculate” to continue. It calculates and provides details about the given IP subnets using network type and netmask.

This tool will be beneficial for network management and troubleshooting that both novice and skilled IT professionals can use. This website also offers additional tools for network management, including an uptime calculator, Bandwidth test, and many more.

Wrapping Up

A subnet calculator is a handy tool that automates many tasks for you. Whichever tool you select from this above list helps calculate the subnets of a network.

After reading this article, you should better grasp the subnetting concept and the use of subnet calculators.

You may also be interested in learning about network bandwidth monitoring tools to monitor and inspect network connections.

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