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In Cloud Computing Last updated: November 3, 2022
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Looking for secure cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration? Try Sync! This file-sharing app offers advanced collaboration tools without compromising security.

Today’s data-driven businesses share files with external and internal members more than ever. Work from home, remote work, and hybrid workplaces have made data sharing more necessary.

Several computer and mobile applications have emerged for secure collaboration on data on the cloud. We have researched many of these tools and found that Sync offers better file security, convenient collaboration, and a user-friendly interface.      

Collaborative File Storage: Overview

What Is Collaborative File Storage

Collaborative file storage makes document and file sharing effortless. Team members can easily access the files from anywhere according to their job roles and content permissions.

In the past, on-premise servers would mostly serve as collaborative file storage though you must have seen many people roam around the office with USB sticks to transfer data because those servers were not efficient enough.

The onset of cloud computing enabled software developers to build truly collaborative data storage that can: 

  • Control document or file versions
  • Give role-based access
  • Wipe out data when needed
  • Back up to mitigate risk   

File Storage for Collaboration

  • Enabling remote work so that different team members can access content without visiting an office.
  • Allowing external clients and vendors to work with your teams securely without disclosing company secrets or intellectual property.
  • Making collaborative work convenient, compliant, and worry-free.
  • Keeping all the business files and documents in one place and backing them up regularly to mitigate ransomware risks.
  • Making your project team more productive so that you can increase your profitability.    

Sync: Introduction

YouTube video

Sync is a cloud-based document collaboration, file storage, and sharing platform. It is not just another Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox alternative. It brings novel file-sharing and collaboration practices such as workflows, advanced links, upload-enabled links, and more.

Not to mention, its hack-proof security and privacy policies ensure your business secrets stay only within your trusted group.

It creates a cloud of business data around you and your teammates. The app covers all of your devices. Hence, if you snap a design idea on your mobile while traveling, the designer can pick it up from the shared folder and start immediately working on it.

Additionally, you can keep tons of secrets and personal data on the same devices without sharing those with your team or employees.     

Document Collaboration Using Sync

Sync helps you by offering a super-easy file collaboration application Sync Pro. It is available as a web app, mobile app, Windows PC software, and macOS application.

When you create a account, you need to use it to log in to the web app. Not to mention, you need to install the desktop and mobile applications too.

Once Sync is active on every device, you can drop a document or file in the Sync folder from the source device, like a PC, tablet, or smartphone. 

Sync web panel interface

Sync’s blazing-fast FTP protocol uploads the content to Sync’s cloud storage in a few seconds, provided that your internet bandwidth can accommodate the upload speed it needs. 

Once uploaded, everyone who has access to that shared folder sees the content from their Sync app or web client. 

Sync folder on PC and Sync desktop app

An advanced version control system creates a copy when someone changes a shared document, along with a modification history. If there is any issue with a new version, you can always go back to the original file without starting the project from scratch.

Sync also offers business workflows, integrations, advanced link sharing, and more to help you stay productive and not waste time transferring files from one device to another.     


#1. Restore Deleted Files

Restoring deleted files on Sync

If you accidentally or intentionally delete a file and want to access it later, you can do it on Sync. It has a Backup Drive or Show Deleted Files option that helps restore deleted content. 

#2. Get Free Space

You can refer Sync to your friends and known associates to earn 1 GB of free space for every referral sign-ups.

Just go to Account Settings and copy the referral link that shows up beside the Sync Rewards option.  

#3. Selective Sync

Selective sync in Sync

If you do not have enough empty cloud storage on Sync, you can selectively choose documents and files from your PC for syncing. 

From the Desktop App, go to Settings and then select Preferences in the context menu that appears. Select Advanced and uncheck the content you do not want to sync. 

You can customize various aspects of a shareable link. For example, you can add the following to a link: 

  • Access password
  • Link label
  • Link expiry date
  • Download limit for the link
  • Email notifications for link activities
Upload-enabled link

You can create a folder for your client and convert it to an upload-enabled link. Your client can access the link using a password and upload content using that link. The content will show up in your Sync folder. The uploader does not need to be a Sync account owner. 

Solutions From Sync

Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing on Sync

It enables you to securely share files of unlimited size (with an unlimited storage subscription). Sync backs up uploaded content in multiple SOC-2-certified data centers. 

Furthermore, all the data transmissions are encrypted, and no one knows what you share. Only you and your collaborators can access the files using proper access credentials. 

Client File Protection

Client File Protection on Sync

This solution allows you to create a branded interface to collaborate with clients on files and documents. It also includes notifications, approval workflows, feedback, commenting, etc. 

Furthermore, your clients can preview their content in a native-like experience as they would on Adobe PDF Reader, Microsoft Word, Google Slides, etc.

If you manage multiple clients as an agency, you can create separate Sync folders for each client. Thus, it enables you to manage sensitive content from many clients effortlessly without mixing them.  

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration on Sync

You can effectively manage the circulation of documents and files within teams using the following functionalities of Sync: 

  • Centralized shared folder for teams
  • Real-time view of all the sharing and document modification activities
  • Role-based data access
  • Multiple content permissions like view-only, edit, copy, supervise, delete, and more
  • Wipe data remotely
  • Remote revoking and granting of access

Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage on Sync

Sync’s cloud storage solution is based on private cloud infrastructure. It offers:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Client-side encryption
  • Compliance as per EU GDPR, Canadian, USA, and UK data privacy regulations

Moreover, Sync does not collect your app usage data and sells that to third parties. It denounces data ownership. You are the sole owner of your content. 

Work Remotely

Work Remotely on Sync

You can work offline on collaborative documents; the desktop or web app will update the parent file when the device goes online.

Furthermore, you can start working on one device and pick up the work on other devices since Sync always updates the document or file you are working on. 

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage on Sync

Your business can get unlimited cloud storage on Sync with the right subscription plan. Moreover, your teams can share unlimited files without any size restrictions. This solution is mainly cost-effective for startups, medium businesses, and enterprises. 

Use Cases

From the look of its tool interface and functionalities, Sync is useful for any business that needs to collaborate extensively on documents, files, and multimedia. 

However, the official website has highlighted the following industries can benefit a lot by adopting Sync:  


Virtual, hybrid, and brick-and-mortar educational institutions can use Sync to create a secure, purpose-built, and privacy-compliant cloud storage for document and file sharing. 

It can securely host sensitive files like study materials, exams, lectures, student records, etc., and give role-based access to institutional staff.

Teachers can create Sync folders for classes, sections, study groups, and more.

Students can conveniently upload class assignments, exam papers, project data, etc., to upload-enabled links without subscribing to Sync.   

Financial Services

Financial Services in Sync

Financial institutions and banking entities can use Sync to collect and share customer data with internal and external parties without violating privacy regulations or financial services acts.

The industry can use upload-enabled links to collect KYC documents from any customer. Then, it can securely share redacted parts of the documents with a third party for verification purposes.

Sales, marketing, and business development agents can use Sync in the frontline to share financial product brochures and quotes with prospects.   


The healthcare industry needs to deal with its patients’ protected health information (PHI). Also, hospitals and clinics need Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant cloud storage to process patient insurance claims securely. Sync fulfills these requirements effortlessly. 

Law firms can also use Sync to collaborate on legal documents, notices, content-based legal workflows, and more. 

Your legal team can easily share sensitive attorney-client conversations, witness videos, evidence documents, etc., internally without any security breach. 


Government data management on Sync

All levels of government must interact with the public. Document and file sharing are unavoidable in such public interactions. 

You must do good for your constituents in the federal, state, or municipal government. 

For instance, you can create a digital governance portal using Sync as the cloud storage provider. Here, you can collect applications, documents, testimonials, etc., from the public online and deliver certificates or licenses digitally directly to the applicant. No one needs to suffer the hassle of travel.   


When you start using Sync, you get the following application-level benefits: 

#1. Desktop Application

Desktop Application fo Sync use

The desktop app on Windows and macOS devices enables you to add documents, folders, and files to the shared Sync folder by simply copy-pasting the content. 

The desktop software adds a dedicated folder to your computer. You can drag and drop files in the designated folder to make files available online. 

#2. Web Panel

The web app of Sync app

Using the Web Panel, you can conveniently control your Sync account, users, sharing rules, and content. 

It also lets you stream shared videos online. If you are working on video content creation or video marketing projects, Sync is the right cloud storage partner. 

#3. Mobile App

Sync mobile app

A mobile app for Sync is available for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app is suitable for frontline agents collecting field data.

You can also use the mobile app to Sync images, videos, and documents with your PC.  

#4. Phone Support

The Sync app is ridiculously simple. Most of the user interface (UI) components are self-explanatory. However, if you face any connectivity issues, version-controlling errors, etc., there is a robust phone support team that you can reach out to. 

Pricing Plan

Sync has three simple subscription plans, and these are as mentioned below: 

#1. Free

The free plan is for trial purposes and for individuals that need basic file sharing. It comes with 5 GB of cloud storage. 

Sync Pricing Plan

#2. Sync Pro

Sync Pro is available at attractive and cost-effective pricing. You can choose from Solo Basic ($8/mo/year), Solo Professional ($24/mo), Teams Standard ($6/user/mo/year), and Teams Unlimited ($18/user/mo). 

You get all the features of Sync Pro, and cloud storage ranges from 1 TB to unlimited, depending on your plan. 

#3. Sync Enterprise

If you need Sync for the entire business, where over 100 users will be using the tool, you can contact Sync for a price quote. 



YouTube video

pCloud offers military-grade data encryption for cloud data storage. It offers different pricing plans for individuals, families, and businesses. Its standard tool features are:

  • File and document collaboration via links and folders
  • pCloud Crypto encryption on your end, apart from standard encryption
  • File versioning
  • Reverting deleted files or accounts
  • Five backups in different cloud storages for one file


YouTube video

Internxt cloud storage service focuses on a cloud drive, photo storage, and file sharing. To serve these purposes, it has created three separate modules: Drive, Photos, and Send.

Drive and Photos are there to store personal and professional documents, files, and images. The Send module enables you to generate shareable links for collaborative work or simple sharing.  

Wrapping Up

Sync is a one-stop solution for secure collaboration and file sharing using cloud storage technology. You can try out its essential features by signing up for a free account.

If you like the tool, you can pay for subscriptions depending on your business needs and team size.

Next, you can check out ways to transfer contacts from one Android phone to another.

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