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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: November 21, 2022
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If you are planning the same old Halloween party with jump scares, spooky masks, and horror stories, wait till you hear what your daily gadgets can do.

We all dream of a spooky Halloween party, but designing scary pranks is often tedious and time-consuming. However, we have brought you the best prank ideas you can implement with the daily tech gadgets around you.


We, as users, are accustomed to using our tech gadgets in a specific way, and it really becomes terrifying when these devices don’t work as intended. That’s why we have brought you some of the best prank ideas that need nothing but your household tech and a little innovation. 

Train your Alexa to Scream

Imagine the reaction of your friends after they hear an unexpected spooky scream out of nowhere. Your Alexa-enabled smart home gadgets can easily do that for you, and the best part is that you don’t need to give it any commands for the scream.


Instead, you can enable a spooky scream or sound of your choice from the Alexa skills store and use it to scare everyone at your party.

The best way to execute this prank is to set a timer on the screaming sound. You can say, “Alexa play Spooky Scream in X minutes/hours,” and that’s it.

Imagine playing with the joke and pretending to be unaware of the screams while recording your friends’ reactions using a hidden camera. The recorded responses would become a hilarious talking point for years. 

How about a Haunted Mirror? 

Imagine your friends checking them out in the mirror when they see a spooky ghost appearing from nowhere on the mirror! Well, you don’t need to go to a sorcerer to find such a haunted mirror, as your smart TV can do the job without bringing those evil spirits to your Halloween party.


The idea here is to place a two-way mirror on your smart TV, which makes it look like a regular mirror rather than a television. Next, the TV should have a pre-installed spooky image that can go live with the click of a button.

Then, as soon as one of your friends goes to check them out in the mirror, you may turn on the image and watch your friend scream louder than the Alexa scream we just planned. You could also go a step ahead to place a hidden camera just below the TV screen to record the reactions of your friends. 

It would be better to have a TV that supports smartphone commands, as carrying the TV remote in your hand all the time could make people aware of the prank. 

Put a Head in the Jar! 

Remember those old movies in which the serial killer or the mad scientist would keep heads in glass jars? So why not let your friends experience the same horror that too in person? Yes, we will create similar jars, but you don’t need to murder your close ones for this prank.

Instead, a colored printout of a head-sized image and some food coloring would do the trick for you.


To perform the trick, you will need a transparent glass jar big enough to support a human-sized head, a colored printout of a head-sized image, and some pale-yellow food coloring. First, place the colored printout inside the glass jar and fill it with water.

Later add a few drops of food coloring to give the impression of an organ preservative. Finally, place the jar in a slightly hidden section of your house, such as a kitchen cupboard, and wait for the scary reactions when your friends open the closet and find a human head. 

Ghost Drone  

Drones are great for numerous reasons, but they can be highly spooky if you execute this prank well. The basic idea is to create a ghost-like image that makes a horrifying sound and flies on its own. Now that’s something that can scare even the brave-hearted!


To execute the prank, you will need a drone powerful enough to support a small speaker and some extra weight. The execution of this prank totally depends on your creativity and how you design your drone to make it scary.

Using paper cuttings to give a ghost-like impression would be an excellent way to move forward, but the possibilities are endless. So, don’t wait and surely try this prank on your friends if you already have a drone on your side. 

Install a Jump Scare App

A jump scare is a sudden and unexpected horrifying visual that pops out of the blue, and horror movies always use this trick. What if I told you your phone is enough to create a powerful jump scare?


 Yes, you read that right! Jump scare apps are common on all major app stores and do a pretty good job of scaring people.

All you need to do is install a jump scare app of your choice and hand over the phone to a friend, unaware of the prank. Also, make sure to record their reactions when the app pushes the jump scare when no one expects it. 

You could also go ahead and install the app on your friend’s phone, which makes the prank scarier. 

Scary Prank Calls with Voice Changer 

Prank calls have been there since inception, and the effectiveness of this prank depends on your creativity. However, contrary to a conventional prank call, you can use a voice modulator to better prank your friends.

Download a scary voice changer for your phone, like the Scary Voice Changer on Android or the Scary Voice Change and Modulator on the App Store.


 Now use a mobile number that is new or isn’t saved on your friend’s contact and proceed with the prank call. You may even record a scary message and send it to your friend. This prank has enormous room for improvisation, so don’t shy away from using all your creativity to scare your friends. 

Make your Lights Flicker 

Take any horror movie, and flickering lights are one of the most effective ways to bring chills down the viewer’s spine. So imagine a scenario where all the lights in your house start flickering together.


That would be enough to scare the heck out of all your friends. You could even go a notch higher and use your smart home device for some scary screams.

For this prank, you would need a bunch of smart LEDs that let you customize their lighting mode. Go ahead and change the flicker rate to something like 0.5 seconds on all your bulbs and set a timer for the prank. Also, align the Alexa scream to match the flickers and wait for some hilarious reactions. 

Make sure to record all of it and have a good laugh out of those reactions. 

Final words 

Halloween parties only become interesting when scary pranks lead to a good laugh. We have listed some of the easiest yet most effective Halloween pranks you could perform during your Halloween parties.

While these pranks are great, we also recommend not going too far with them. Remember, these pranks should act as ways to bring your party together and not traumatize your guests. 

Now you may check out the best voice changer apps for phone calls. 

  • Samyak Goswami
    Samyak is an engineer, tech lover, and content writer. He has the eye to see certain nuances in everyday tech that most people simply ignore.
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