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In Business Operations Last updated: September 18, 2023
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Tenant screening is crucial as distinguishing between good and bad tenants ultimately determines the well-being of your property.

Good tenants are punctual with their rent payments, keep in touch on significant issues, and maintain their apartments. Bad tenants make it difficult to collect rent, don’t notify you of problems with the property on a regular basis, and generally don’t take care of the place😢. 

Luckily, the tenant screening platform is intended to prevent just that kind of problem. With the help of good tenant screening platforms, landlords and property managers can perform reasonable but trustworthy credit scores, criminal history, job and income checks, as well as eviction history checks. 

In this article, we will see what tenant screening platforms are and how they work. We will also see the benefits of tenant screening platforms. Lastly, we will have a look at some of the best tenant screening platforms for confident landlords. 

And for those of you who are impatient to get to those platforms, here’s a handy list to give you a quick gist!

Simple 3-step tenant screening with data protection.
User-friendly property management software, global reach.
Affordable tenant screening with extensive checks.
Free tenant management platform with automatic checks.
Extensive tenant screening service with budget-friendly plans.
Nationwide tenant screening with educational tools.
Free rental property management app with screening.
Rentec Direct
Instant access to tenant data with security measures.
Tenant screening, lease generation, and payment automation.
Rental management with thorough screening and legal documents.
Free property management software for efficient rental.
Mobile-friendly tenant screening and rental automation.

Since finding a good tenant isn’t easy these days, now let’s check out these tenant screening platforms to eliminate this problem from the roots!

What are Tenant Screening Platforms? 

Tenant screening platforms are online tools that help property managers examine potential tenants before leasing a property. These systems compile application data from credit bureaus, judicial databases, and rental archives, combining it to provide detailed reports that cover financial soundness, lease history, and other information.


These systems allow landlords to choose their tenants carefully by instantly reporting undesirable records like payment defaults or prior evictions. Tenant screening systems have become crucial in contemporary property management, providing the best tenant choice while minimizing possible dangers. They offer a streamlined rental process, enhanced decision-making, and the promotion of safe property leasing.

How do They Work? 

Platforms for tenant screening integrate data collecting, verification, and analysis. This helps to give landlords thorough insights, which helps them in making decisions while reducing risks. Given below are the steps used by these platforms to generate accurate tenant screening reports:

  • You enter application information on the platform’s portal, such as job and renting history.
  • The platforms cross-check data to ensure that the data is correct and validate identities.
  • When you enter your data, they get information from sources, including criminal databases and credit bureaus.
  • The platform checks your credit report to see whether you have debt and how you have paid it off.
  • They also conduct a criminal search to look up any prior criminal records in databases.
  • It also analyzes previous rental behavior for problems like late payments or evictions.
  • Then, the platform’s algorithms evaluate data to determine tenant risk.
  • It provides detailed reports to you or landlords, including creditworthiness summaries, rental history, and financial stability.

Thus, managers or landlords can use these reports to choose tenants wisely.

Benefits of Tenant Management Platforms

For property managers and landlords, tenant screening platforms have several advantages. These platforms give thorough information on possible tenants, allowing for more informed judgments. These platforms aid in reducing risks connected with unreliable tenants and guarantee a more secure renting environment by spotting warning signs like payment problems and criminal histories. 


They speed up the screening procedure, reducing time and labor costs while simultaneously maintaining legal compliance and fostering uniformity. Platforms for tenant screening improve decision-making and draw in excellent tenants, thereby providing landlords peace of mind, all of which promote effective and profitable property management.

After all, while landlords need to look after the upkeep of the property and maintain property management systems as well for smooth running, it helps if tenants are amicable, pay their dues on time, and do not harm the property intentionally.

Now, let us explore the best tenant screening platforms.


TransUnion’s SmartMove is a highly-rated Tenant Screening Platform that provides a simple three-step approach to obtain a comprehensive tenant screening report.

A landlord would only need to sign up for a free account and invite a prospective renter to a background check. The potential renter has to accept an invitation to a rental screening and submit their application.

SmartMove Tenant Screening Platform

The tenant’s background check, criminal, eviction, and financial insights reports will be verified by the SmartMove platform and sent to the landlord. The credit score and personal information of the concerned parties are entirely safeguarded on this platform. 

A tenant can submit their personal information into SmartMove’s system, which subsequently compiles and sends screening results to the landlord via a secure online process. The entire procedure is effortless and uncomplicated, which makes SmartMove the most preferred tenant screening tool.


DoorLoop is the most user-friendly property management software, assisting in administering tens of thousands of units across more than 100 countries.

Their objective is to simplify your life so you can accomplish more in less time and boost profitability and occupancy while lowering workload and attrition. The mobile app has almost all of the screens and features of the desktop version of DoorLoop.

YouTube video

DoorLoop is ideal for individuals just starting with one property or huge enterprises managing thousands, as it offers limitless customization and flexibility.

It is designed for anybody managing a property anywhere globally, including property managers, management firms, owners, landlords, investors, and renters. The best thing is that anybody can utilize DoorLoop, regardless of age or computer proficiency.


E-Renter assists owners in effectively managing rental properties by providing thorough tenant screening services. E-Renter’s services are quick and fast, with 24/7 online direct access to consumer and business credit files. Its plans include every detail from credit reports and eviction history to judgments and address history. The site also provides forms and disclosures that are useful for streamlining processes.

E-Renter tenant screening services

When compared to other tenant screening platforms, E-Renter is the more affordable option. It offers complete internet access to databases for things like driving records, eviction records, criminal records, and credit histories.

The company’s screening service includes thorough checks, such as SSN validity, insolvencies, evictions, and criminal cases.


Avail is ideal for small and medium-sized landlords searching for a free tenant management platform. This platform includes economic tenant screening services and automatic reference checks.

Landlords can take advantage of extensive property management tools, including syndicated ads, online rent collecting, and maintenance tracking, without paying a dime with its free membership plan. 

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The automatic reference checks offered by Avail are another distinctive feature. Avail automatically calls prospective renters’ past landlords to inquire about whether they paid their rent on time and maintained the rental property once they submitted the online tenant application form.

The platform also allows landlords to undertake income verification and paperwork to guarantee that potential tenants can pay the rent on time.


MyRental provides an extensive tenant screening service, including thorough criminal record checks, credit reports, eviction and residence history, and landlord acceptance rates. On several software review websites, it is ranked as one of the top tenant screening services.

MyRental helps locate a qualified renter for landlords with the help of its good reporting and extensive database.

MyRental tenant screening service

To assist landlords and companies that don’t need a comprehensive solution, MyRental also provides individual monitoring and tenant screening services in addition to tenant screening packages.

They provide budget-friendly plans that are jam-packed with common and useful features, such as a range of payment choices and landlord acceptance rates.


In addition to traditional tenant screening services like credit checks and address histories, RentPrep provides countrywide eviction reports, judgments, and liens. This tenant screening software has performed over two million screenings.

It offers educational tools to help real estate managers and landlords with their tenant screening procedure, like audio recordings, video lectures, and guidelines.

YouTube video

Users of RentPrep have access to several valuable elements that simplify the rental and property management processes, such as landlord forms, podcasts, and other useful materials.

Landlords can also allow the applicant to pay using RentPrep’s TransUnion Full Credit Report package. It provides comprehensive tools to assist landlords in navigating the rental process. RentPrep provides special pricing for businesses with several properties.


TurboTenant is ideal for independent landlords looking for a simple, free application to manage their rental properties and identify qualified applications. You can access entire credit, criminal, and eviction reports and previous landlord references through its free tenant screening function.

Additionally, it enables you to advertise rental vacancies, accept applications online, collect rent payments, keep tabs on spending, and even manage maintenance requests without cost.

YouTube video

TurboTenant is a well-known company that serves over 450,000 landlords and rental agencies. The property accounting application features transaction synchronization, monitoring of revenue and expenses, and financial reporting.

The TurboTenant smartphone app makes it simple for tenants to chat with landlords, submit maintenance requests, and also pay rent online. It offers details on rental estimations, landlord-tenant regulations, and data on the rental market.

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is a market-leading property management tool that gives you immediate access to a tenant’s credit report, criminal record, and history of evictions without the tenant’s involvement.

It covers financial reporting and general ledger accounting, with an optional Quickbooks synchronization.

YouTube video

Rentec has put in place bank-grade solid security requirements to protect client data. This platform has two-factor authentication, third-party security authentication, and immediate secure data backup. 

With its tenant site and app, Rentec Direct allows tenants to make online payments. Its owner portal gives owners access to information about the performance of their properties. To advertise your business and assets online, it also provides a bespoke website and website hosting. This application is compatible with all mobile devices and the Windows and Mac operating systems.


Zillow Rental Manager is tenant management software intended to assist companies in the real estate sector in tenant screening and rent collection on a single platform. Including property information and images enables landlords to build rental listings that can be posted on various websites.

Zillow tenant screening software

With the help of Zillow, landlords may verify the backgrounds of potential renters and produce a number of reports. Additionally, it enables real estate brokers to generate or edit lease agreements using pre-built templates and then send them to renters.

Zillow Rental Manager allows for API interaction with a variety of third-party applications to retrieve data such as mortgage rates, customer feedback, and more. The software allows tenants to set up an autopay system for periodic payments as well as direct rent deposits into landlords’ bank accounts.


For the new landlord, ezLandlordForms is a one-stop platform for rental management. This platform gives landlords access to tenant screenings and paperwork for the most thorough background check. They also offer a lease-building tool that assists property owners in creating leases that are compatible with state regulations. 

YouTube video

Users can execute tenant screenings, generate forms, and modify your paperwork to safeguard you and your property.

You can easily create the legal documents you require with ezLandlordForms for a fraction of the expense of a lawyer. This ensures that you never have to deal with an expensive eviction from a problematic tenant. 


Innago is a free and simple property management software solution that is meant to save you time and money. It makes it simple for landlords to manage their rental properties more effectively and affordably by providing a variety of tools and services.

These services include rent collecting, tenant screening, scheduling work orders, e-leasing, communicating, and more.

YouTube video

Innago aims to gradually and organically lead landlords to a solution that reduces their effort and enhances tenant management.

Landlords can manage their rents using the tools it offers, based on what works best for their particular business. For landlords of all sizes, this platform makes renting easy, accessible, and reasonable.


RentRedi is ideal for landlords who seek the ease of mobile technology while evaluating prospective tenants. You can easily send out tenant screening requests using its feature-rich mobile app, and the applicant can approve the request directly from their phone.

RentRedi also provides crucial features that help you automate your rental procedures, such as online rent collecting and accounting, tenant screening, and form applications.

YouTube video

RentRedi offers comprehensive credit, criminal, and eviction data as part of their tenant screening service.

Additionally, RentRedi features an instant tenant screening tool that enables landlords to get a finished tenant screening report as soon as a potential renter submits an application. These features assist landlords in managing current renters, screening qualified applications, and protecting their real estate investments.


The real estate and property management industries place a high priority on tenant screening. Renting a home has security implications in addition to financial ones. Tenant screening platforms analyze reliability, which promotes financial stability and increases turnover. 

These screening platforms support the development of safe and peaceful rental settings. It does this through efficient processes, adherence to laws, and a dedication to justice. To ensure that your property is in the correct and trustworthy hands, make sure you use the appropriate tenant management platform!

Next up, the best facility management software to streamline operations.

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