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In Test Management Last updated: August 17, 2023
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How fast your website is in China?

Website Should be Fast!

Having a slow site hurts the conversion rate and could potentially cost you $2.5 million in a year if your e-commerce website is making $100,000 per day.

There are plenty of online tools to test your website load time from the USA, UK, India but very few have options to check your page load time from China.

If you are running a business in China or expecting visitors and if your website is hosted out of China, then most probably your may load time would be miserable.

Let’s see the following tools to find how your site performs.

Web Page Test 

webpagetest is one of the most used tools to test your load time. It has the option to check the load time from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ningxia using IE, Chrome, Safari, Brave & Firefox.

This provides the first view and repeats the view in a waterfall, so you have a complete understanding of your resource’s load time. 

Site 24X7

Site 24X7 has many useful tools; however, to check load time from China, you can use Analyze Full Web Page, which has the option to test from Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and more.

This has very detailed information like DNS resolve time, Connecting time, First Byte time, the number of requests, resources summary, and domain summary.


DotCom Monitor‘s ‘Great Firewall of China’ test lets you test if your website is blocked in China.

Just enter your website URL and the cities in China from where you wish to perform your test.

china firewall test

You also have the option to choose between various browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android, and iOS and multiple screen resolutions. On clicking the ‘Run Test’ button, you get the below report.

From this report, you can check how your website appears to visitors, whether there are any errors, the average load time for the first visit, the load time for repeat visits, and how your website performs in each city.

If you want your website to be visible to visitors from China, this tool is a must-have.

WebSite Pulse

Check if your website is accessible behind the greater wall of China with Website Pulse. You can choose to perform the test in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.


Result page contains the following essential metrics.

  • Overall response time
  • DNS resolution time
  • Time is taken to load the first byte
  • Last Byte
  • Page size
  • HTTP Header information


A great tool to have an overview of page load time from multiple locations, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Chinafy test result shows page load time, TTFB, First Paint, Interactive, Page Size, and a number of resources.



If you register for a FREE account, then you get an option to perform a speed test from Hong Kong. It is visible when you click on the Analysis Option.

I hope the above tools give you a guideline on how your website loads in China. If you find it’s slower than expected, then you may consider hosting your site in China or using a CDN service that got POP (point of presence) out there.

Lighthouse Metrics China

Lighthouse Metrics China is an innovative tool that gets you lighthouse performance data in real time. It is recognized as the groundbreaking lighthouse metrics tool meticulously designed for the Chinese environment. The sets itself apart from generic metrics tools by providing rigorously customized output optimized for Chrome PageSpeed. 

Lighthouse Metrics China

This tool ensures that the influence of China’s Great Firewall has no effect on your metrics. Thus, it performs page analytics within the boundary of the firewall.  Moreover, it provides access to the raw reports produced by the Lighthouse CLI. So, you will get a performance evaluation with a more in-depth level of understanding. 

China Firewall Test

Utilizing the China Firewall Test tool, you can take proactive steps to ensure compliance as well as accessibility. Its main purpose is to empower website owners to assess if their websites are reachable from China. Moreover, it scans if the websites are complying with the strict legal requirements in that country. As a result, you will be able to take proactive steps to ensure compliance and accessibility.

China Firewall Test Tool

You just need to put the URL on the input box and click Test My Site. The program will then create a report on your site’s compliance status by requesting access to the URL from servers within China’s Great Firewall. You will notice a green checkmark on your report if the website complies with Chinese legislation and is compliant.


Since the digital landscape grows massively, the importance of serving Chinese users grows. Thus, we’ve come up with above-mentioned tools that play a crucial role in enhancing user experience.

These tools provide crucial information on latency, server response, and loading speed, helping companies to identify performance issues and resolve them. As a result, businesses can proactively manage latency issues, expedite content delivery, and provide their Chinese audience with a smooth online experience.

You may also explore the best ways to reduce DNS lookups time for website owners.

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