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In Digital Marketing Last updated: April 27, 2023
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Text marketing is one of the most affordable and easy-to-manage marketing campaigns to grow your brand, product, or business.

TextMagic magically transforms your whole SMS marketing campaign!

Small, medium, and startup businesses must rely on aggressive marketing strategies to grow reach, customer base, and ultimately revenue. However, conventional marketing platforms like TV ads, online ads, Google Search campaigns, Facebook ads, etc., are costly.

Instead, SMEs and startups are switching to text or SMS marketing. Text messaging has developed a lot since its beginning. Now you can send text images, multimedia content, and deep links. If you are also willing to explore the affordable SMS marketing niche, try the TextMagic texting app. Below is a detailed review of its features, functionalities, and pricing.       

What Is TextMagic?

TextMagic is a text message marketing app. You can use it on most of the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. Also, there are mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.


By registering with TextMagic, you get free access to the SMS marketing solution on the web and mobile devices. When you need to send SMS to your clients, employees, or vendors, you pay per SMS.

Furthermore, this app lets you integrate its application programming interface (API) with your business apps for easy text marketing and sales operations.   

Text Messaging Marketing Challenges

Though SMS marketing is a great way to engage with your customers, there are the following challenges that slow you down:

  • Text messaging by businesses uses short marketing codes or ad identities. Thus, it becomes hard for the customer to remember your brand, product, or business.
  • Though text messaging is a great way to stay on top of the mind, customers easily lose you because they receive so many texts from other businesses.
  • In most countries, text messaging marketing is a regulated niche. Businesses can only send promotional and marketing texts to customers who opted in to such a messaging campaign.
  • Creating engaging texts for your customers is a challenging task if you do this from a smartphone or tablet. 

How TextMagic Helps You Solve These Challenges

TextMagic works as a rescue tool when you are facing many challenges with your marketing and sales operations through text messaging.

  • It offers a user-friendly text-composing interface on the web and mobile, where you can import bulk contacts from business apps, compose a marketing message, and send a text to thousands of customers in one click.
  • With purchased business numbers, you can create custom brand names as SMS IDs so that users can recall your brand easily.
  • Your customers, leads, employees, etc., can reply to your SMS, so user engagement is higher on TextMagic than on conventional text messaging services.
  • TextMagic offers various data privacy and security features. You can flaunt those in your newsletters and marketing emails to persuade customers to sign up for SMS marketing. Thus, you can send messages to many by complying with local SMS marketing regulations and guidelines.  

The Best Features of TextMagic

#1. Online Texting Service

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You can send texts to customers, employees, clients, collaborators, and more online from a computer or tablet—no need to type text messages on a tiny keyboard of mobile devices. Thus, you can work faster, especially in business setups.

Furthermore, the tool also provides you with means to manage online messages by offering various SMS management tools. Here is how you can use these tools:

  •  Export SMS text messages in bulk to an Excel spreadsheet for data analysis, SMS performance tracking, and data archiving.
  • The Contacts module enables you to manage thousands of contacts effortlessly. You can group your customers or clients according to product, location, campaign, etc. Then, you can add thousands of marketing SMS recipients to a campaign with a single click.
  • If your SMS marketing team needs to go on vacation for the holiday season, they can plan and schedule marketing SMS campaigns ahead of time using TextMagic. The online tool will release the messages automatically on a preconfigured date.  

#2. Bulk Marketing Texts

With a single click, you can send bulk marketing texts and promotional messages to leads and customers. The marketing SMS service covers more than 700 networks in over 190 countries. To route all the bulk SMS campaigns, TextMagic uses a Tier 1 network to ensure maximum text message delivery performance.

Find below additional functionalities of TextMagic mass messaging that help you when sending bulk texts:

  • The SMS editor shows text prompts by analyzing your bulk SMS campaign.
  • You can also use the bulk messaging service to collect feedback.
  • The mass messaging editor enables you to add attachments of flyers, brochures, discount codes, and deep links.   

#3. Two-Way SMS Chat for Businesses

If you send an SMS to a customer and they like your services or products, they can reply to you on the same SMS. It’s not a no-reply marketing SMS ID. When there are multiple SMS exchanges between the sales rep and the customer, TextMagic stores the messages as a thread. Thus, you can use the two-way messaging feature as a conversation history with customers and leads.

Using the TextMagic API, you can transfer text threads from one representative to another. Thus, the two-way messaging system becomes an excellent tool for affordable and quick customer service for your business.  

#4. SMS Integration Using Zapier


You can integrate TextMagic with other third-party apps or business CRMs using Zapier. For example, an inbound SMS can automate ordering, contract creation, sending quotes, etc. Find below various interesting integrations you can use with TextMagic and Zapier to automate your text marketing campaigns:

  • Configure your meeting apps like Google Meet, Calendly, or Lucid Meetings with Zapier and TextMagic. When a lead replies to a potential sales SMS, the online meeting app will create a virtual sales call between the client and the sales representative.  
  • TextMagic and Typeform integration via Zapier enables you to send rewards, promotional discounts, and special thank-you notes to leads and customers who respond to form-based texts.

#5. Performance Analytics

The analytics functionality helps you to track the delivery status of SMSs, monthly outbound SMS volumes against sales or sign-ups, and so on. You can also create detailed campaign success reports using templates on the analytics module. 

The default Reporting module will populate the following reports against the SMS marketing campaign you run:

  • Messages sent – total outbound texts from an account (marketing campaign)
  • Messages received – this number is for the incoming messages for the campaign
  • Delivery rate – it tells you how many of the leads’ or customers’ mobile numbers are active
  • Reply rate – this figure is an important indication of the SMS campaigns’ success rate
  • Payments – the dollar amount mentioned in this analytics helps you understand how much you spend on SMS marketing. Then, factoring in the sales you are making from such campaigns, you can calculate the return on investment (ROI)

#6. Text Message Marketing Templates

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You can create many templates for different marketing campaigns. Then edit the templates to send custom text to your clients, leads, visitors, and customers. The Templates module on this online bulk messaging app organizes all the templates in an effortless table. The template reflects details like the following:

  • Name of the campaign for a bulk messaging template
  • The content of the text message
  • Mail merge fields also show up if you added any
  • Last modified date
  • A list of quick actions that you can perform on the template

Selecting a bulk messaging template when creating a new marketing campaign is also easy. Just beside the SMS editor, you will see a hyperlink to the templates table. Therefore, templates are always available whenever you need them.

#7. Data Security

This is one of the unique selling points (USP) for TextMagic. By showing that you use TextMagic for SMS marketing, you can tell customers that their mobile number is safe with your business. Find below some notable security features of the SMS marketing tool:

  • All the apps and web apps of TextMagic come with SSL / HTTPS data encryption for online data transmission.
  • TextMagic has the Soc 2 Type II Certification. This confirms that the web app’s information security policies, practices, operations, and procedures meet the highest security standard required by countries like the UK, the US, Canada, etc.
  • TextMagic also complies with the EU data protection requirements, otherwise known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Regular third-party penetration testing for SMS gateway and SMS database security.     

How SMEs and Startups Can Use TextMagic as a Text Marketing Suite

Now that you know all the features of this outstanding text messaging marketing app, you may wonder how the app would help you with your marketing operations. Find the answers below:

Contacting Customers

You can engage with the customers directly on their phones. Furthermore, the live SMS chat enables you to convert the leads into customers in minutes. 

Let Leads and Customers Bypass the Queue

If a lead or customer likes your promotional text, they can reply directly. A customer service agent or autoresponder can acknowledge the inbound customer message and route it to the sales team for follow-up. 

Real-Time Messaging, Alerts, and Reminders

If you run services businesses like product deliveries, limousine service, online taxis, etc., you can use the real-time texting feature of TextMagic. When your cab or delivery driver moves to a particular location, the app will send an SMS to the customer automatically. 

Collect Customer Feedback

Collecting unbiased customer feedback is a key measurement to know if a marketing campaign is successful or not. You can run elaborate but simple SMS polls and surveys to collect campaign feedback directly from the customer.

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Then, integrate these customer feedback SMSs by using the TextMagic API into your business CRM or web app for performance analytics.  

Message Customers Dynamically

You can use the geofencing feature of TextMagic to send promotional texts to opted-in customers who are near your business outlets.  

Personalizing Messages 

Using various native automation of the TextMagic app, like templates and mail merge, you can create personalized texts for thousands of recipients in minutes. 

Text Magic Pricing

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The best thing about the TextMagic text message marketing platform is a completely free marketing suite. You do not pay for the web app or mobile app. Also, all the services inside the app, like creating texts, analytics, scheduling, etc., are free. You only pay for outgoing SMSs. Incoming SMSs are also free. Find below the pricing plan for TextMagic here:

  • If you want to send messages to the US locally or from supported international destinations, you pay a flat fee of $0.04 per SMS
  • Multimedia messaging service will cost you $0.04 per MMS
  • You can also perform Carrier lookup and Email lookup for $0.04 per Lookup 

TextMagic Alternatives

Find below a few alternatives you can consider:


SimpleTexting text marketing app

SimpleTexting brings you a two-way conversation with the business ecosystem. You can chat through text with your prospective leads, existing customers, field agents, vendors, and employees from a simple web app. Also, it includes the standard marketing assistance tools like Keywords, Autoresponders, Analytics, etc. And not just marketing! You can use it to send Reminders, set up Text-for-Info, manage HR & Recruiting tasks, and so on.    

EZ Texting

EZ Texting interface

Are you a custom-centric business looking for an easy solution to chat with customers, leads, visitors, agents, and other business stakeholders? You can try EZ Texting. It gets you set up with an effective text marketing campaign in minutes. Type the message, add collaterals, and set the customers’ numbers. The tool converts the input automatically into an SMS format. 


Zendesk SMS app

Zendesk customer service tool comes with an SMS texting app for business conversations and marketing purposes. Along with the real-time chat feature, Zendesk also includes API, business app integrations, native automation, measurement of marketing campaigns, SMS marketing growth tracking, and so on.


TextMagic is a complete text marketing suite that SMEs and startup businesses use to boost their sales and marketing campaigns by leveraging advanced texting technologies. Enjoy the free trial of TextMagic and check if this tool is the right choice for your marketing efforts.

You may also check these SMS APIs.

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