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  • How many plugins do you have installed on your WordPress site?

    There is a plugin for everything, thanks to the open-source and growing community. But, do you know to have so many plugins can slow down the site? And, not just at risk of slowing down the page but also extra maintenance in continuously updating and security.

    I’ve been using Thrive products for many years and recently amazed with their Thrive Architect plugin. There are many modules available which eliminate the need for having another plugin.

    If you are not sure what I am talking about – Thrive Architect is an advanced visual editor to create a stunning and conversion focused page, faster. Probably, one of the best WordPress editors in the market.

    There are hundreds of features, but I am not going to discuss here. Instead, let’s focus on the following which you can use and reduce the number of WP plugins.

    No more Contact Plugin

    With the help of “Contact Form” module, you can create a beautiful and customizable contact form page.

    There is a predefined field like name, email, phone, website, a message field, reCaptcha which you can use and customize and use it.

    You can configure the after submitting an action to show the success message, reload a current page or redirect to the custom URL. Thrive Architect also lets you set where and how you want to receive an email.

    As you can see, you can use a variable in the subject line or add more recipients. Better than some of the separate contact plugin.

    Goodbye Pricing Plugin

    “Pricing Table” module helps you to create an attractive pricing page for your in minutes.

    You can customize every element – font, color, design, button, icon, etc. There are more than ten templates.

    Try all of them to see what works for your online business. And yes, they are responsive.

    Showcase Testimonial

    Why use another plugin for showing the testimonials you have received from your customer? Use the “Testimonial” module.

    With more than 30 templates, you can always find one which fits your branding and style.

    Every template is customizable; you can change the shape, design, color, image style, position, etc. to create a perfect testimonial section on your web page.

    Show Countdown

    Launching something soon and need another plugin?

    No, you can do that in Thrive Architect. You can create a standard or evergreen countdown page.

    Choose what style you prefer and show the message when countdown complete. A handy module if you are frequently launching something

    Collect Emails

    Use the “Lead Generation” module to create an opt-in form to collect more emails quickly. You can change the look and feel of the form and connect to your favorite email marketing platform.

    You can configure to show a success message or redirect to the new page after submitting action.

    There are many other modules available, and if you are using a plugin for everything, then you may consider trying Thrive Architect to create a beautiful page and reduce the number of plugins.