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In Design Last updated: August 7, 2023
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Whether you like to casually share some glimpses from your life on social media or want to become a content creator, you should already know the importance of video content.

However, sharing everything in a single video clip is often impossible. While uploading such a video, you have to compromise a bit and leave some of the good things out. That’s where video collages come in. Video collages are a great way to highlight your favorite parts from different videos and bring them all together so that no important thing stays behind.

Regardless of your purpose, be it displaying the highlights of an event or promoting your YouTube channel, creating video collages can help you achieve that. At present, many video editors are available in the market, each claiming to be capable of producing the finest video collages.

To eliminate your confusion, we have curated the best tools to create memorable video collages. Read on to find out more.

How Does Video Engage More Audiences?

It is a known fact that video content can boost audience engagement effectively. But the question is how? Below, we will mention some of those reasons:

Humans are known for having short attention spans. As videos are more interesting, videos are more likely to hold your viewer’s attention when compared with text or images. Also, statistics suggest that people are 27 times more inclined toward clicking a video button than a static picture.

Interestingly, according to the famous McQuivey’s Forrester study, a video is worth 1.8 million words per minute. Yes, 1.8 million. No wonder why videos resonate more with the audience than other types of content.


Also, the retention impact of videos is way greater than any other type of content. Regression is a situation where you have to re-read the text of an entire page after you have just finished reading, as either you lost focus midway or don’t remember what you read.

Regression is a common phenomenon while reading texts. In comparison, studies show that the human brain’s retention percentage is 95% while watching a video. This is a huge difference when compared to the 10% retention while reading.

Plus, the human brain can process visuals better, which is 60,000x faster than text. That is why your audience engagement increases with videos. Studies have shown 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. Therefore, any brand looking for better audience engagement should focus more on creating video content than textual or static content.

How Is a Video Collage Different From a Regular Collage?

A video collage is a type of collage to display your photo or video montage. Unlike a photo collage, a series of photos put together, a video collage comes into being when multiple images, video clips, GIFs, etc., are put together in an eye-catching way.

Video collage makers are more advanced in terms of features when compared to photo collage makers. Video collage creators let users enrich their collages with background music, animations, transitions, and more.

Image collages are ideal for static content only. Video collages, on the other hand, create dynamic visual content that sparks more interest in the audience and boost engagement.

Let us now see some of the nicest video collage makers that can help you create superb video collages for your audience:


InVideo helps users make amazing video collages from their images and videos online. This online tool comes with a lot of cool features, such as artistic video templates, music, video transitions, stock media, animations, and more.

YouTube video

You can also make several brand kits and apply them to your videos with a single click. Users can add their teams as well to collaborate with their teammates too. Plus, you can record voiceovers for your videos and even opt for text-to-speech facilities.

Currently, InVideo has a free plan with limited features. Individuals willing to upgrade and use more features can purchase their monthly or yearly paid plans starting at 30 USD/month and 15 USD/month, respectively.


Canva is an easy way to make and customize video collages for various purposes. Canva’s video collage maker has features like free templates, layouts, free stock videos, royalty-free music, sound effects, animations, etc.

YouTube video

Besides still photos and videos, you can use GIFs to make collages as well. Canva’s easy download and sharing make everything all the more effortless. Also, if you want to use stickers, illustrations, icons, etc., in your videos, they offer a huge collection of design elements to choose from.

While Canva offers a free plan, it is limited in terms of features. For premium features, users have to buy their paid plans starting from 12.99 USD/month (billed monthly) and 9.99 USD/month (billed annually).


VEED’s video collage maker is an online tool that lets users make stunning video collages regardless of their purpose. Besides handy templates, VEED provides users with a bunch of great editing tools.

Also, it allows users to enhance their video collages with various filters, emojis, SFX, stickers, automated subtitles, and more. Its minimalistic, intuitive UI is a massive plus too.

YouTube video

Presently, VEED’s limited feature plan is free for all. Their paid plans have more features starting at 10 USD/user/month (billed annually).


Fastreel by Movavi is a simple tool to create professional-looking video collages to use anywhere you want. There are multiple templates to choose from. FYI, if you use multiple video clips, the tool will automatically loop the shorter clips to match the lengthiest video clip. The minimal, easy-to-navigate UI is perfect for those with little to no tech knowledge.


Collages created using Fastreel’s free plan come with watermarks. They have paid plans starting at 5.95 USD/video for watermark-free outputs. It also has a best-value 49.95 USD/year plan, giving access to all templates and tools. lets you create mix numerous clips side-by-side and create eye-catching video collages with ease. It also provides several other useful features like templates, stock footage, layout, intuitive UI, multiple platform support, and more.

Besides, allows you to add BGM, texts, etc., to your videos to give your viewers a more enriching experience.

YouTube video

At present, has a free plan with limited features. To unlock additional features, users have to purchase one of their monthly or annual paid plans starting at 20 USD/month and 16 USD/month, respectively.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express assists users in creating mind-blowing video collages in minutes. Features like templates, subtitles, easy-to-apply effects, easy sharing, stock photos, animations, etc., can help take your video collages to the next level.

YouTube video

Adobe Express also empowers you to pick a theme and decide your video content’s overall look and feel. Needless to say, this makes the collage creation process a hassle-free experience.

Adobe Express with a free and premium plan starting at 9.99 USD/month, with the former offering basic features and the latter all premium features.


Kapwing lets you make video collages or split-screen videos easily. It helps you create video collages using videos, pictures, GIFs, and more, along with background music. Kapwing is a nice way to build striking narratives with 60+ templates to choose from.

YouTube video

Besides, you can add stickers, increase/decrease the volume, merge multiple video clips, collaborate with others, etc., for increased efficiency and productivity.

Kapwing offers a free plan for those just starting out, with multiple restrictions. Advanced features come only with their paid plans starting at 6 USD/month (billed yearly).


Creating wonderful video collages is like a cakewalk with Smilebox at your disposal. Just pick your images or video clips, and Smilebox will take care of the rest. This convenient tool has many features, including templates, background music, easy sharing, unlimited storage, business signature, animations, etc.

YouTube video

Smilebox lets users tweak colors, add texts, change backgrounds, and more to create professional-looking video collages within minutes. And the best part? Smilebox is absolutely free to use.


Flixier is a simple way to create visually appealing video collages online directly from your browser. Not just that, Flixier also aids users in adding texts, motion texts, effects, music, animated titles, graphics, etc.

After your video collage is ready, you can download it easily or share it with up to seven online platforms at once.

YouTube video

At the time of publication, Flixier’s online video collage maker is free to use.


Creating video collages with music has become easy. With Abraia, you can effortlessly mix different images, video clips, etc., to make something dazzling. Scale, crop, or resize your video to suit your specific needs.


In addition, users can customize fonts, styles, and what not to tailor their video collages. Also, you can record voiceovers and use them in your collages. Abraia auto-merges and syncs the audio. So, you can always expect a hassle-free collage-making process.

As of now, Abraia doesn’t have any monthly/yearly subscriptions. Instead, they offer credit-based purchase options starting at just 9 USD.


Using Renderforest, you can make impressive video collages to increase your engagement. From a plethora of templates to interesting color palettes to stunning styles – Renderforest has it all to become your ideal video collage maker.

Additionally, Renderforest allows you to add a catchy BGM or your self-recorded voiceover to enhance your videos to a great extent.

YouTube video

At present, Renderforest has a free forever plan with limited features. Premium plan pricing with extra features starts from 9.99 USD/month.


Typito is an online tool for making superb video collages by mixing different photos and videos and adding background music.

Unfurl your creativity with Typito’s amazing features, including overlays, millions of premium stock footage, quick preview and export, a brand kit, an easy drag-and-drop editor, etc.

YouTube video

Apart from their free plan, Typito offers different paid monthly and annual plans with extra features, starting at 18 USD/month and 15 USD/month (billed yearly), respectively.

Final Words

To conclude, video collages are an interesting way to attract more viewers and increase your social media/channel engagement. Here, we listed the best tools to create memorable video collages.

Identify your needs and refer to this article to find your ideal video collage maker. Unleash your creativity and show what you are truly capable of. Good luck!

Next, check out the best video maker and editor for macOS & Windows. Also, learn how to combine videos on iPhone.

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