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About Broken Link Checker

What are Broken Links?

These are the internal or external dead links that have been migrated to a different URL without a proper redirect or just have been abandoned.

While external broken links are common, internal ones can be uncommon for a new website with little content. But as you grow and host more content, chances are you’ll have dead links without your knowledge.

There can be hundreds of broken links on a single web page. And if you sum it up, a fully-fledged website can have thousands (or even more) of those non-working links lying around.

And that’s exactly why tools like ours exist, to make you aware of those annoying, useless hyperlinks so that you can update them in time.

Why Bother?

A web page with too many broken links decreases users' trust in the website, resulting in fewer visits, higher bounce rates, and revenue loss.

Though indirectly, this is not good for search engine optimization. So, a webpage with broken links has a lesser chance to rank above one with an equal number of good working links.

How to fix broken links?

Depending upon the source, internal or external, broken links can be fixed at two levels: by you or by the original publisher.

While fixing the internal links is up to you, it’d be nice if the original publisher created proper redirects for external dead links before moving on, but that doesn’t always happen.

So, it adds to your to-dos to fetch a list of all the broken links on your website (yes, using a tool like this!) and edit them one by one.

Geekflare's broken link checker can crawl up to 3000 links. However, if the site has a massive number of dead links and needs more advanced tools, you may consider using SEMrush

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