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About Ping Online Tool

What is PING?

Packet Internet Groper (PING) tells you about the latency of a network connection. High latency is troublesome to many internet applications like video calls or gaming.

PING is also used to tell if the target server can respond to user requests.

What is PING Testing?

PING testing involves sending data packets to the subject server and analyzing the response. Afterward, round trip time is presented with some crucial parameters like the % data loss.

Why should you care?

Ping is an additional, powerful source of diagnostics for Internet connectivity. You can’t be sure a website is down until you’ve seen the ping response. Because otherwise, there are way too many factors that could result in a connection failure.

However, the most important output of PING testing remains latency check. If you’re running a game server (or playing a game) and suffering from a laggy response, then a high PING might be the culprit.

You can confirm that by taking note of the latency value, where a high enough value can cause players to misread each other’s movements as it takes 0.5-1 seconds for data travel.

While named PING test, Geekflare Ping tool gives you Latency from London (UK), Northern Virginia (USA), and Singapore. The results typically consist of % loss, minimum, average, and maximum latency information.

What’s a Good Latency value?

It depends on the application at hand.

Some use cases like online multiplayer gaming need lower value, in the order of 50ms. A latency value below 200ms is standard for broadband internet connections. Anything more than 300 ms is considered as high latency.

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