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In EdTech Last updated: June 1, 2023
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What do your employees truly want?

Snacks, tea or coffee, or even a shorter workweek?

While these perks may provide temporary satisfaction, employees truly desire training.

Investing in your employees’ growth and upskilling them is vital for reducing job-hopping and fostering a healthy office culture. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, providing continuous learning and development opportunities has become more crucial than ever.

Moreover, When a person joins a company, the foremost thing they see is what they will learn from the company and accelerate their career.

Employee training is best for both company and its employees. It is like a WIN-WIN situation. Therefore, Investing in good employee training platforms is important for your company to become future-proof.

This article will explore the top employee training platforms to help you upskill your team effectively. But before we delve into that, let’s understand why employee upskilling is essential and deserves your attention.

Why is upskilling employees essential?


Because employees are the asset of a company, if your company has employees who have top-notch skills in their respective fields and excellent soft skills, then nothing can beat your company to grow exponentially.

In addition, the modern workplace is constantly changing due to technology, market demands, and customer expectations. To remain competitive, your employees must quickly adapt and upgrade their skills.

Upskilling employees increases retention and reduced turnover. When your employees learn new skills, it gives your employees a reason to stay longer with your company.

Moreover, you might know how people change jobs nowadays. So, It’s essential to recognize that some people may not know certain things, but that doesn’t mean they lack skills.

As an employer, it’s valuable to invest in your employees’ development by providing training and upskilling initiatives. It shows your dedication to their professional growth, making them more valuable to your organization.

According to PwC Report, 41% of CEOs agreed they had created a good company corporate culture by upskilling their employees. Employee training platforms for upskilling make your workforce more authoritative and confident.

Now that you know the importance of upskilling your team, let’s check what are employee training platforms and how you can effectively use these tools in your organization.

What is an Employee Training platform?


Employee training platforms are software tools designed to provide training and development programs for employees within a company. These platforms differ from other online training as these are specially built for employees to learn and upskill in their respective fields.

These tools help you conduct internal training and offer a centralized and efficient way to monitor, track, and analyze employee performance. In addition, the devices provide quizzes and assessments for a practical approach.

Furthermore, unlike traditional learning or training programs, employee training platforms are the most cost-effective way to train your employees for the future. Therefore, you can provide employees with a flexible, standardized, and engaging training experience with employee training platforms.

Why are employee Training platforms needed?


Every company wants its employees to be proactive, take ownership of their work, and be growth-oriented. An employee training platform can impact the entire environment of a company.

If your employees are well-trained and they feel that the company is investing in their knowledge and growth, they tend to give their best and stay with your company for a long time.

Here’s why employee learning platforms are needed now more than ever:

  • Employee training programs contribute to continually improving skills and knowledge, aligning employees with the evolving dynamics of their respective industries. By enhancing their competencies, employees become more adept at their tasks, positively impacting overall productivity and bolstering an organization’s profitability and operational efficiency.
  • Organizations can effectively address areas of improvement identified through employee performance appraisals by implementing targeted training programs. These programs are designed to satisfy the recommended enhancements in specific subjects or skills, proactively addressing identified gaps.
  • Employee training and onboarding platforms can be useful for streamlining the onboarding process for recruits, helping them equip themselves with the best practices and processes within an organization.

Overall, employee training platforms are critical for any organization looking to stay competitive and attract and retain top talent.

Benefits of using employee Training platforms


Reduced learning time for employees

Employee training programs provide an organized and practical approach to give new hires or current employees the skills and information needed to execute their positions successfully. It may reduce the time and energy it takes for people to become autonomous and effective in their jobs by giving them the right training.

Flexibility in learning

You may allow employees to learn quickly and conveniently using different training techniques and available platforms. Employees can access training materials and resources according to their needs through face-to-face seminars, online courses, or blended learning methods.

Increased knowledge retention

Putting money into employee training shows employers care about their development, greatly influencing employee retention. Therefore, employee retention rates increase when employees believe their employer values their professional growth and stays with the business.

Cost savings

While putting staff training programs into place has upfront expenses, it may save businesses money in the long run. Employees may learn new skills and information through training, eliminating the need to pay consultants or outside help. Additionally, skilled employees are more productive, resulting in higher output and cost savings.

Identify and fill skills gaps within your organization

Employee training programs provide a great way to find and fill any skills gaps within your company. You can determine areas where your employees are underqualified or new skills are needed by performing training needs analyses.

Thus, by filling these skills gaps, you can be sure your staff has the knowledge and abilities to satisfy their expectations now and in the future.

Improve your preparedness for crises

Organizations can prepare for unexpected challenges and emergencies by providing comprehensive training to their employees. When your team has diverse skills and knowledge, they can quickly adapt to changing situations, minimize risks, and effectively manage unforeseen scenarios.

Promote a culture of learning

Employee training fosters a culture of ongoing learning within organizations. Employees are more proactive in seeking information, sharing best practices, and keeping up with industry developments. Thus, a learning culture encourages creativity, teamwork, and individual growth, driving overall.

Attract new talent

Investing in employee training and sharing their expertise and progress on social media strengthens your employer’s brand. Candidates value companies that provide professional development opportunities and prospects for progress.

Increase your competitive advantage

Employee development helps provide a long-lasting competitive edge. Organizations may produce superior goods and services, beat the competition, and maintain market leadership with well-trained staff.

Employees become proactive and share new views and creative ideas as they pick up new skills and expertise, fostering continual progress and preserving a competitive edge.

Boost the effectiveness and productivity of employees

Productivity and efficiency are directly impacted by employee training. You may improve procedures, streamline workflows, and reach higher levels of success by developing your workers’ skills and competencies.

Now that we understand the significance of upskilling, let’s explore the top five employee training platforms that can help you provide the necessary tools and resources to upskill your team effectively.

Coursera for Business


Coursera for Business is a well-known online training platform. It is also a great choice for businesses seeking a dependable online learning platform for business-related courses. Coursera has an extensive range of courses from renowned colleges and institutes. It covers various topics like business, technology, and data science.

Key Features

  • This software helps promote and evaluate the information’s efficacy and offers tests, quizzes, and software simulations.
  • It contains web-based collaboration that is self-guided and instructor-guided, as well as tracking of completion for compliance.
  • Enables team members to learn by working together.
  • It allows managers to monitor the development of team members.
  • Enables the storage, organization, and search of all training content
  • By utilizing role-based evaluations, one can identify any skill gaps and potential career opportunities.
  • Develop your skills in roles that can facilitate rapid change within your company.

Companies looking to augment their employees’ skills can greatly benefit from Coursera for Business, which offers unparalleled flexibility in learning options and an exhaustive course selection.

Udemy Business


The broad online learning platform Udemy Business provides a huge collection of courses taught by professionals in the field. It covers various topics, such as business, technology, creative abilities, and personal growth.

Key Features

  • You can access a huge selection of courses
  • You can also put your company’s logo and URL
  • Easily accessible from any device.
  • Outstanding teachers and subject professionals
  • Give your managers and leaders the freedom to grow together to influence cultural change at your company and produce tangible outcomes.
  • Learning on Demand for everyone provides anytime access to current, pertinent courses on leadership, technology, and other topics.
  • Your team or employees gain technical abilities more quickly by engaging in learn-by-doing learning activities.
  • Identify and fill skills shortages to promote innovation and growth.

Udemy Business offers businesses a scalable learning solution that enables employees to learn new skills and keep current with market trends.

Skillshare For Teams


Skillshare for Teams is a collaborative learning platform emphasizing professional growth and creative talents. It provides a huge selection of video-based courses taught by professionals from the business.

Key Features

  • Skillshare is more affordable as compared to other online employee training software.
  • To allow you to fully experience the learning process before making a financial commitment, Skillshare offers a free trial for its Premium membership.
  • It is engaging and enjoyable due to its active community.
  • Skillshare has hundreds of training programs on various subjects, including design, photography, video, marketing, and more.
  • This tool emphasizes developing practical skills via hands-on projects, which is a wonderfully fun approach to learning.

Skillshare for Teams promotes a culture of ongoing learning and skill-sharing inside organizations by encouraging team members to study together.

Pluralsight Skills


Pluralsight Skills is an enterprise-level learning platform that teaches IT and technology skills. It offers organizations access to courses, interactive laboratories, and examinations to improve technical expertise.

Key Features

  • It provides gap analysis tools to show precisely which areas require improvement.
  • It includes pre-course evaluation in skill development courses.
  • It Offers brief in-course tests to provide understanding and recall of the material.
  • It provides material and course recommendations based on the outcomes of skill and role evaluations.
  • It Provides multi-user collaboration for the entire team to overcome skill gaps brought on by team or company-wide changes.
  • Also, it provides live technical support.
  • You can have real-time analytics updates with Pluralsight Skills.

Developers, IT pros, and those looking to upgrade their skills in software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more may turn to Pluralsight Skills for assistance.

edX For Business


A global online learning network called edX For Business provides courses from prestigious universities and organizations. Its diverse topics include business, technology, science, and the humanities.

Key Features

  • This software is suitable for any size organization and sector, with flexibility and scalability.
  • It provides direct integration, and bulk course access is available as a purchasing option.
  • It provides Customizable learning to meet your company’s unique requirements.
  • Employees can access the material at any time and from any device.
  • You can use learner data to assess course advancement and enhance staff performance.
  • Also, you can Utilize edX’s skilled user base to fill the recruiting funnel for more effective recruitment.

The ability to establish cohorts, personalize learning courses, and monitor employee progress with edX For Business makes it ideal for individual skill development and business training programs.


In conclusion, a company’s development and success depend on employee training and upskilling investment. Utilizing employee training platforms may empower your employees to learn new skills, stay competitive, and promote innovation.

Knowledge is the best gift you can give to your employees. Moreover, you need a more confident workforce in this fast-changing digital world. Take advantage of the power of ongoing education to unleash the potential of your staff and lead your company to success.

You may also explore some employee recognition software to reward the best workers.

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