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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 31, 2023
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As Instagram is one of the top social media platforms currently, there’s no doubt that its ads have a lot of potential to generate revenue and acquire new customers for your brands.

However, without a skilled graphic designer, generating spectacular Instagram ad mockups might be difficult. That’s where Instagram mockup generators come in!

These tools are built to help you preview ad content so that you know exactly what your audience will be looking at. The major advantage of Instagram mockup generator tools is simply this: they help showcase what works and what doesn’t.

Does the placement work? Is the image aspect ratio all right? Is the text getting cut off, or is the call-to-action text not impactful? Get insights in real-time as you visualize your Instagram ad mockups.

Now, these tools have templates to help save time and effort. You don’t have to do anything from scratch. You can just add your digital assets and brand themes. With the availability of so many Instagram mockup generators, how should you pick one that works for you, especially if you’re starting out?

How to Select a Good Instagram Mockup Generator


Choosing a good Instagram mockup generator should depend on several factors that make your campaigns the talk of the town:

  • Choose one that has a free plan for single-project needs, or at least a free trial
  • Opt for an Instagram mockup generator with template options to help simplify your work processes
  • If you want to be playing 3D elements to keep up with viral content, choose an editor that supports 3D elements
  • Also, pick one that allows access to a seamless and power-rich editor to help you create communication that’s on-brand
  • If you’d like to speed up client approvals, select a tool that’ll let you share destination links for easy feedback

Now that you know what a good and power-rich Instagram mockup generator looks like, here’s our pick on the most popular ones:


YouTube video

Why spend hours working on an Instagram post when you do wonders in seconds? Use MediaModifier‘s templates to come up with post and product mockups for Instagram.

From logo mockups to marketing ad campaigns to post designs, MediaModifier lets you unlock your creative powers and go big with your social media game. Moreover, what’s remarkable about this Instagram mockup generator is you can combine multiple mockups.

With options to customize mockups that well, MediaModifier works for marketing teams of all sizes and even individuals. Furthermore, the plans are really flexible: you can play one time, monthly, or yearly.

The starter pack is free, and the professional pack is for one-time projects, accessible for 7 days. Now, depending on whether you’re going to be using it for individual use or team management, you can go for the professional pack or the team pack, billed monthly or yearly.


YouTube video

Previewing Instagram campaigns before they are live is incredibly effortless with Previewed. From 2D blank to 3D blank, Previewed has templates you can easily work with. Choose a template, customize it with colors, videos, angles, and positioning, and export it to visualize the ad campaign in real time.

  • You can upload images from your camera if you would rather not use their templates
  • Not only that, you can visualize mockups in animation mode for videos
  • Previewed has app mockups for different use cases, and pricing is relative to what functions you’re using

Now, coming to plans and pricing, Previewed has a free version that goes by the name Lite. Perfect for single apps and projects, it gives you access to unlimited 2D exports at 720p and a CC attribution license.

Out of two premium and paid plans offered by Previewed, Plus at $9.99 paid one-time, it gives you +10 features at 1080p, 3D exports, video exports at 30fps, and a commercial line.
Whereas, Pro, at $19 paid monthly, gives you unlimited exports, video exports at 60fps, 3D exports, commercial license, attractive features, and priority customer support.



It’s always better to visualize your ads from different angles and placements to see what fits best. This Instagram mockup generator, inBeat, first lets you select placement between reel, story, or feed. Once done, you can play around with different formats and visual assets like images, videos, and carousel posts and check out these changes in real-time.

In fact, what’s spectacular about this mockup generator – inBeat, is it’s 100% free. Not only that, it has free resources that can help you scale your social media ad game. For instance, their library Ad collection houses all the best-performing ads on Instagram to give you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

In addition to giving you the inspiration you need, inBeat can help you with insights about different elements of an ad: visual assets, copywriting, targeting, placement, budget, goal, and optimization.

There’s also a great Toolkit, again available for free. You can use it to check engagement rates, fake followers, collaboration costs, and more!



Looking for a mockup generator that’s free yet feels premium? Mockupduck might just be the one for you! This Instagram mockup generator, which works on browsers, can help you preview your social media marketing campaign effortlessly!

Moreover, no design experience is required to work on visual-rich mockups. Gone are the days when you’d spend hours downloading templates that aren’t up-to-date. In fact, an easy-to-use interface can help you brew magic in minutes.

  • Add photos, unlock the full range of emojis, change names, bio, links, and more
  • Get size-appropriate, high-resolution profile and cover images for easy uploading to live pages
  • Furthermore, you get full security with two-factor authentication
  • Access your uploads from the Assets pages, and skip the ritual of uploading again and again
  • You can also keep multiple mockups organized and grouped by project names, promotions, or even clients for easy access

In fact, get access to new mockup templates and a library that constantly gets updated! You can get a $12 7-day pass for one-time projects and Pro for $14 billed monthly, perfect for marketers.

PPC Ad Editor

YouTube video

Use the PPC Ad Editor to build Instagram and Facebook ad mockups and share them for client approvals instantly. The best thing is, your client/team manager doesn’t require an account to view the ad mockup link you have sent.

Moreover, this is perfect for story ads, carousels, and single-image post ads on Instagram. Perfect for account executives and PPC managers, this Instagram mockup generator can help you amp up your ad campaigns with a visual ad builder.

You also have the option to import a prebuilt ad using the Google Ads Editor importer feature. Furthermore, you can generate a preview/mockup in seconds and share it with a secure link.

You can also get ads imported from the bulk sheet template. In fact, when you collaborate with your clients on this, you can ask them to add comments for feedback or just edit text straightaway for faster campaigns!



OTTSEO, or OverthetopSEO, is a professional Instagram mockup generator, perfect for videos, photos, and stories. However, using OTTSEO, you can also create mockups for app installs to engage new users and encourage them to install your apps!

You don’t need to have the time or money for a professional graphic designer with OTT. It’s simple to use, cost-effective and can help test out your ad visuals before launch. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Either upload your ad creative
  • Or, create it within the OTT tool using the editor
  • Next, select placement: post, story, videos, carousels
  • Once done, opt for a format from the options to see what works best
  • And then, when you’re happy with the overall look, customize the ad with text, colors, and images as applicable
  • You can save it as a JPG file or a PNG file, and you’re good to go

OTT’s Instagram mockup generator is free to use, intuitive, and helps you visualize launches quickly! OTT’s also a premier Google Partner, which gives it an edge over others to understand the world of ads, SEO, and peak performance.



Sendpreview is more than an Instagram mockup generator: it’s a social media marketing tool. Creating Instagram mockups for riveting ads is effortless when you have an easy interface, and that’s why Sendpreview is a good choice!

Moreover, you can make live edits on each of your ad mockups, and you can access all your ad mockups at one place. Sort them by projects or clients, and find digital assets quicker with Sendpreview. In fact, there’s also the option to share your ad mockups using mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly links.

Sendpreview is for marketers, marketing teams, and creative agencies. Besides exporting your ad mockups in PNG format, you can export entire campaigns with Sendpreview.

All in all, you can generate a media package with numerous ad variables and media assets. In fact, you can also customize ad previews with branded elements like logos, custom colors, and taglines.

There’s also the option to keep your campaigns private on the platform to ensure no one else gets a sneak peek! There are two plans offered by Sendpreview:

  • The free plan, for 2 brands, 3 campaigns, unlimited ads, 1 GB storage
  • The pro plan, at $29 paid monthly, for 10 brands, unlimited campaigns, ads, and 100
    GB of storage with custom brand themes

You can also bank on its resources like ad specifications to understand aspect ratios, format dimensions, text character limits, call-to-action variables, hashtags, and additional suggestions. For example, Sendpreview lets you know that Instagram ads run only on mobile devices. Hence, you grow as you go through your ad campaigns and marketing journeys.



Unlock the power of visual storytelling within your Instagram ad mockups with Primal. While essential for highlighting your brand or advertising a new product launch, Primal can help you design and preview Instagram ad mockups quickly.

A free tool, Primal’s Instagram mockup generator, can help you with mobile app installs to acquire new customers. And retain existing users using video posts, photo posts, and Instagram stories and turn them into dedicated customers.

Primal’s also a Meta Business Partner, which gives you exclusive insights into visually appealing Instagram ad mockups. Furthermore, you can use the paid plan to design advertisements that’ll help you convert customers.

Use the tool’s seamless features and editor to showcase ad previews that allow you to envision what your audience will see. If you like what you see, you can always go ahead and use the Instagram ad mockups for ads and campaigns.

You can also get a free strategy audit to see how your site performance is and what can work in future campaigns and platforms.



Searchandsocial, as an Instagram mockup generator, is a free resource that can help you maintain a consistent visual style for your Instagram ad mockups. One drawback is this tool doesn’t offer many placement or format options.

You can just use it for Instagram posts and story ad mockups. You can add an image or video thumbnail, messages, and call-to-action variables.

In fact, you also get the option to download an ad mockup for preview or even use it for real ads.

Add finesse to your Instagram ad mockups

Why run the risk of running Instagram campaigns on ads that aren’t previewed, tested, or envisioned? Instagram mockup generators can not only help with a realistic presentation of how your ads will look to the audience but also simplify the process of creating visual-rich ads.

While some Instagram mockup generators will allow you to preview and download ads in video and image formats, others will also have carousel choices and stories. Depending on the extent of usage, you can choose a tool and a plan that makes the most sense.

Having a consistent brand theme, using select custom colors, and taking advantage of stunning templates can help elevate your Instagram game and reach your desired audience.

You may also explore some Instagram analytics tools for social media success.

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