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In Gaming Last updated: July 28, 2023
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Pokemon has been an attraction since our childhood, isn’t it? So, here we are with some top Pokemon mobile games to try out.

We all love to play video games, and there is no doubt that one day, you will have tried playing Pokemon mobile games. Pokemon is a substantial fan-based franchise. From TV shows to games, it has been ruling people’s hearts since the start. If you are one of those fans, this blog is right for you.

Today in this blog, you will be led to some amazing Pokemon mobile games. Finding the best matches from millions of games per your preferences can be challenging. The same is the case in Pokemon games. According to a survey, there are up to 122 Pokemon games.

Trying each of them to find the best one isn’t a solution. Therefore, to make it easy for you, we have come up with some of the best Pokemon mobile games to add entertainment and fun to your device.


How is Pokemon one of the most successful game franchises of all time?

We all are familiar with the Pokemon franchise in one or the other way. Whether it’s through the TV show or the games, the Pokemon franchise has enough fandom to get anyone engaged, regardless of age. But what made Pokemon one of the most successful gaming franchises? 

You would know that Pokemon is familiar to the audience. It was initially released in front of the world in 1998, and it has been successfully ruling the hearts of people for two decades. As a result, Pokemon has created a loyal fan base from its initial days.

The other point that makes it even more loved by people is that it isn’t limited to only TV. Pokemon has a virtual universe where it offers trending cards, games, TV shows, movies, and more.

In addition, the creators of the Pokemon franchise have never compromised with their audience’s needs. They keep improving their content by adding new Pokemons and characters with the evolving world to keep their audience connected to the games and TV shows. 

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was released in 2016. It became a profitable mobile app with more than 500 million downloads worldwide. These numbers are more than enough to predict the game’s environment. 

YouTube video

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game. The gamer needs to establish an account and avatar. Once the avatar is created, you will notice that it will get displayed on a map based on your geographical location.

In this game, the player needs to move physically within their surroundings to find different species of Pokemon. Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game, but you can also make in-app purchases for in-game items. 

The game’s creators constantly keep adding and improving the game for players. For instance, the game was launched with around 150 species of Pokemon which is currently increased to 700. And as said before, you must locate these pokemon in your surroundings.

Pokemon Go is a fantastic game if you want to be physically active while playing games or vice versa.

PlatformsiOS, Android

Genre – Augmented reality

Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX is a free-to-play game published and developed by DeNA. Pokemon Masters EX is a competitive game in which a tournament of 3-on-3 battles is held. This game is entirely held on a virtual island called Pasio. The primary goal of the player is to become a champion in the tournaments. 

YouTube video

If you read the instructions, you will probably think Pokemon Masters EX is an old-school game. In comparison, the reality is way different. When you start the game, you can’t enter the league directly. Instead, the player must collect a minimum of 5 Badges by winning against PML leaders on the same virtual island.  

Besides this, the other positive aspect of the game is that it allows cooperative multiplayer events. In this multiplayer game, the players can team up to defeat enemies and get in-game rewards and prizes. 

PlatformsAndroid, iOS

Genre – Role-playing video game  

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a battle arena game. The game consists of two teams, each with five players. So, you can consider playing Pokemon Unite with up to 10 friends. Pokemon Unite is a battle arena game, and each match is limited to 10 minutes.

YouTube video

Furthermore, the game also offers Quick Battle mode, in which the match is just 5 minutes long, and you can play it with up to 4 players on each team. This directly indicates that it isn’t essential that you always give the entire 10 minutes. You can even play a quick match with your friends to freshen up your mind. 

When talking about the battlefield, every player gets control of a Pokemon whose strength entirely depends on the player’s achievement. And one player has to fight with the opposite team’s Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite is a power pack of attractive features like a scoreboard, unite moves, and more. Hence, it would help if you didn’t miss playing this with your friends. 

PlatformsAndroid, iOS 

Genre – Real-time strategy  

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump 

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump was released in May 2017. It is a jumping contest game. In this game, the player has to increase their Mahikarp’s jump height through various methods. 


Pokemon: Magikarp Jump is a cute animated game in which every player role-plays as a trainer and trains Magikarp. The main goal of Magikarp is to raise their Magikarp to jump higher and higher.

The player can increase the jump power of Magikarp by making in-game purchases and rewards. Pokemon Magikarp Jump has different colors of Magikarp with other qualities. 

PlatformsAndroid, iOS

Genre – Incremental Game

Pokemon Quest 

Who doesn’t like action-adventure games? Pokemon Quest is here to complete the need. Pokemon Quest was initially released in May 2018. In a week, it reached over 7.5 million downloads. This voxel-style game has been ruling games since then.

Pokemon Quest’s design is similar to Minecraft. The game is based on a virtual island named Tumblecube. The game’s essential character is a cube-shaped Pokemon called Pokexel, whose main task is to complete levels on the island by beating the wild Pokemon. 


The gamer has to do various tasks to keep growing in the game, including preparing dishes and doing decorations to attract new pokemon, going through multiple locations and passing 3 to 7 levels in each, training the new pokemon for upcoming classes, and more. The game’s introduction may seem as simple as a bubble shooter, but Pokemon Quest offers much more. 

PlatformsAndroid, iOS

Genre – Action-adventure 

Pokemon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle is a free puzzle game released in 2015. The game is entirely strategy-based. In this game, the player must fight against other Pokemon with three or more similar Pokemons. For instance, you can think of Candy Crush rush.

The player can complete this task by swapping around Pokemon at the bottom of the screen. 


In addition, the game allows you to take up to four more Pokemons to help you complete the level. Each of them has a different quality. To go further, the players must complete the given task in limited moves.

This seems simple, isn’t it? Pokemon Shuffle isn’t that easy. Besides meeting the task in little activities, one must catch the Pokemon with their Pokeball. The game contains in-app purchases and in-game currencies for different needs.

PlatformsAndroid, iOS

Genre – Puzzle 

Pokemon Smile 

Pokemon Smile is a cute, kid-friendly, and the best parenting app. Pokemon Smile is a kid’s game that can help them keep their kids’ hygiene and perform all necessary daily tasks like making the bed, brushing their teeth, etc., quickly.

The game uses the front camera and turns teeth brushing into a game that visualizes the bacteria on kids’ teeth and forces them to clean the teeth entirely to upgrade a new Pokemon. 

YouTube video

Searching for a game that not only keeps your kids busy but also helps in daily routines is a difficult task. But Pokemon Smile can handle this quickly as the game keeps them engaged and excited to win rewards for simple tasks like brushing their teeth. Overall, Pokemon Smile is one of the must-have apps if you have a toddler in your home.

PlatformsAndroid, iOS

Genre – Educational 

Pokemon Playhouse 

Pokemon is a franchise that is loved by people regardless of their age. As there are many Pokemon games for adults, how could there not be for kids?

This game is for cute 3 to 5 years old Pokemon fans. Pokemon Playhouse is a pretend play game for toddlers. This game allows your child to interact with cute Pokemon while exploring locations like towers, lounges, etc. 


Pokemon Playhouse is one of the best games to keep your kids busy without any worries. Every location in this game includes activities that are specifically designed for kids. For instance, taking care of Pokemon, grooming them, etc. Besides this, Pokemon Playhouse also has features that offer audio and virtual stories for them. 

In terms of gameplay, Pokemon Playhouse is quite simple and adorable for 3 to 5 years old kids. Initially, the game gives the player an egg to track. The player has to perform and pass different activities to see growth and development in the egg. Pokemon Playhouse doesn’t contain any in-game purchases and is free to use.

PlatformsAndroid, iOS

Genre – Pretend to play 

Pokemon Home 

Pokemon Home is a mobile game that was initially released in February 2020. This one isn’t like other straightforward games for mobile users. Instead, it mainly provides cloud-based storage for Pokemon. In addition, Pokemon Home also contains a ‘Global Trading System’ that is excluded from Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. 


The Pokemon Home has both free and premium versions. This app allows you to trade Pokemon with others using multiple features.

Overall in simple words, Pokemon Home is an excellent app if you play Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch and mobile phones, as this app allows you to transfer Pokemon around various games. 

PlatformsAndroid, iOS

Genre – Utility 

Pokemon Trading Card Game 

Pokemon Trading Card Game was initially released in October 1996. However, with time, it got acquired by Nintendo and made a lot of improvements.


Pokemon Trading Card Game is a strategy-based card game. This multiplayer game is played between two players who role-play as Pokemon trainers. Each player puts one Pokemon as their Active Pokemon to attack their opponent and get them knocked out to win various rewards.

The game includes multiple Pokemon cards with different qualities from the Pokemon video games series. This one is an excellent way to spend time with your friends.

Platforms Android, iOS

Genre – Strategy


Pokemon has been our favorite TV show since its initial days. Nothing can be better than having your favorite TV show character on your device to kill your boring time. Playing video games is the first idea we get to kill time, and getting a suitable game is the most challenging task. Therefore, today in this blog, we picked the best Pokemon games you must try, whether for you or your kids.

You may also explore top eSports games.

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