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In Cloud Computing Last updated: July 4, 2023
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Cloud PC enjoys increasing popularity by offering a consistent experience to its users.  

Cloud PC, also known as a virtual desktop or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), offers a unique desktop environment that the end users can access from anywhere. However, it is not only limited to desktop virtualization technology as it provides a range of flexibility and security features.

This cloud solution has the agility, flexibility, and security enterprises look for to support a remote or hybrid work model. Find out the top reasons for getting cloud PCs for your remote team in the following sections.

What Is a Cloud PC?


Cloud PC or cloud desktop refers to the virtual desktop service provided by the cloud instead of some on-premises data center or physical devices. Using this solution, users can access their desktops and applications from any remote location or device using the internet. 

This virtual desktop functions in a cloud-based centralized infrastructure from where users can get this service using web browsers or specialized applications. In such a setup, the OS, applications, and other components of a user’s desktop are stored and implemented on servers of data centers.

Users can use any device to access their desktop environment as the device works as a display terminal that sends input and receives output from the virtual desktop. To learn more about this concept, you can read our article on desktop virtualization.

When it comes to remote teams and employees working from home, here are the top reasons they should get cloud PC.

Centralized Control


Cloud-based desktops allow companies to have centralized control over all their computers. Organizations also do not have to worry about installing software or operating systems, as the cloud will take care of it. It also eliminates the need for managing multiple machines or purchasing additional hardware.

Speedy Access

Cloud desktops need fewer resources to process different tasks. As a result, remote employees can quickly connect to these systems and access the necessary information at a faster speed. Furthermore, these desktops get updated automatically and, therefore, are more in nature.



Data security is a prime concern for all remote teams. Cloud desktop solutions come with powerful security features like encryption and authentication that keep your personal and sensitive information out of the hands of hackers.

Financial Benefits


If you choose to use cloud-based desktops as a remote team, there is no need for additional hardware or software licenses. Even for adding new features or functionality to your existing infrastructure, you can pay for what you use. Thanks to no monthly charges or long-term contracts, this solution helps you stay within your budget.

Comprehensive Visualization


Having a remote team means every system is working in different locations. With virtual desktops, you can visualize the performance and behavior patterns of every PC. It also makes you understand which PC is having an issue and why.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss

Cloud PC back up the data offsite; hence, you have less chance of data theft from internal and external sources. It also offers enhanced security measures to protect your systems from hackers, viruses, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Easy Setup, Deployment, and Operation


It is quite easy to set up and deploy cloud PCs — you just need to use your preferred device and a fast internet connection. You do not have to offer lengthy training sessions to your remote workforce as they can easily operate these computers.

Increased Collaboration


Remote teams often find it difficult to collaborate as they are working from different locations. Cloud PC offers features like simultaneous syncing, sharing documents, and recording in real-time that support efficient collaboration among remote employees.

Improved Productivity


Cloud desktops let you forget about power requirements, memory space, costly computer hardware, or software updates. Thus, you can concentrate more on productive tasks instead of worrying about them.


Another reason to get a cloud PC is its flexibility. It enables you to scale up or down the use of service according to your business requirements.

Why Cloud PCs Are Better for Remote Employees



Remote workers can access their work files and applications from anywhere with the help of a virtual desktop. They can even stay connected to their work with the help of any internet-connected device from their home or vacation.


Employees that are part of a distributed or remote team often need to use remote desktop tools to access their work computer. This process is usually slow and unreliable, which causes frustration among the team. For such teams, a cloud PC is an excellent option as it provides a fast and reliable connection.


Cloud PC services can easily be scaled up or down according to business needs. If a company needs to hire new employees, virtual PCs can be provisioned easily without any additional hardware or software license. 


Enterprises that are concerned about compliance can also go for virtual desktop services that meet various compliance requirements. Many virtual PC solutions let you track user activities through auditing and logging. You can also protect the data from unauthorized access through data encryption.



When remote workers use a cloud PC, they can securely connect to their work platform and access several security features to protect sensitive and personal data. In addition, they get other security features such as data encryption, two-factor authentication, and malware protection that make cloud PC a more secure option than on-premise computers.


One of the biggest benefits of using a cloud PC for a remote team is its low cost. Most virtual PC solutions offer a pay-as-you-use model. It also saves organizations from investing in upfront hardware costs as they need to pay only for the resources they use.

Moreover, these desktops can be accessed using public WiFi, and thus, you can save the cost of getting a premium internet connection at your office or home.  

Cloud PC Use Cases

Call Centers


Call center executives need to instantly access the user data and manage them without any glitches. The use of cloud PC ensures customer data security through automated encryption and firewalls. Cloud desktop solution also helps call centers through different helpdesk services, like ticketing, remote assistance, and session shadowing.

Development Teams

Cloud PC is also an ideal option for developers and other IT professionals. It offers them a persistent environment with elevated permissions. While new members of a developer team might not have all the necessary applications on their computers, they can use virtual desktops for a high level of app compatibility and personalization.



Cloud PCs are also densely used by healthcare professionals for sharing sensitive information and files with themselves and patients. By using HIPAA-compliant virtual desktop services, users can protect sensitive information from being leaked. This solution is also useful in telemedicine practices.

IT and Accounts

For remote and distributed IT teams, it is difficult to keep every physical PC upgraded and patched. For this reason, they use virtual PC to avoid the risk of internal and external security breaches.

Accountants can also manage their financial tasks more efficiently cloud PC. It lets them collaborate with colleagues in real time and ensures the safety of sensitive financial data. 

Top Cloud PC Solution Providers

#1. V2 Cloud


If you are a small business owner and IT manager who are searching for a simplistic cloud PC solution, go for V2 Cloud. On this platform, you only need less than 10 clicks to deploy your visual desktop on the cloud. This cost-effective solution is not only scalable but also does not need your team to go through a steep learning curve for deployment. 

V2 Cloud partners with top-grade data centers from all over the world. Hence, you can have quick access to your virtual PC regardless of your location. It also comes with daily backup, antivirus, secure remote access, and all other features necessary for a virtual desktop solution. Moreover, it offers accessible pricing with no minimum order or hidden charges.

#2. Shells

YouTube video

Shells offers you a personal cloud PC solution that lets you transform any device into a robust virtual desktop in less than five minutes. With its help, students, coders, remote workers, and employees of small business organizations can work on their projects from any device.

Now, you do not have to choose between Windows or Mac as this solution assists you in accessing all applications on any device, such as MS Excel on your iPad using Shells. You can also stay assured of your data security thanks to its features like automatic data backup, firewalls, and end-to-end encryptions.


If your organization is run by a remote team, you should seriously consider getting a cloud PC for your team. Besides ensuring quick and easy access to your work applications, it also saves your cost of hardware maintenance and software licensing.

Above all, your data stays secure in virtual desktops, and you can scale up or down the service instantly according to your business needs. If interested, you can check out the top virtual desktop hosting platforms.

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