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In Collaboration Last updated: September 12, 2023
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Standup meetings are essential for remote teams to get everyone on the same page and remove communication gaps. But some disadvantages it brings are that it runs too long, can disrupt your workday or your priority tasks, and sometimes require you to sit through the whole meeting that isn’t relevant to your current project.

To overcome these problems, there are various standup meeting apps that we are going to discuss in this article.

Issues with Remote Team


Meanwhile, working from home has multiple benefits but a few distinct disadvantages. The managing department and the employees can’t have any face-to-face conversion in remote work, which may bring several challenges due to the lack of support and communication in the team-

  • Whether remote or on-site work, it will always be hard for the team to progress if the communication is unclear. Employees feel isolated from other team members in remote jobs due to a lack of communication. 
  • Due to working from home, team members don’t get familiar with each other personally, nor about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which may create a lack of confidence in the team.
  • Working remotely requires more guidance and clear instructions; the employer may lack purpose if it is not documented well.
  • Managing remote workers is more burdensome for managers to make the system transparent. If any employee is missing clarity about the working hours, deadlines of the projects, pay structure, and company’s vision. So on, they may quickly become frustrated with the management.
  • Keeping track of who is doing what, how much is done, and what to do next is also challenging in remote work.
  • Sometimes managers need to manage on-site and remote workers together, and balancing both teams is required to get benefits. It could look biased when one team has flexible working hours while the other one is not, which might hurt the team spirit.

Overcoming these hurdles and managing remote workers effectively may bring massive success. As most teams use Slack and Microsoft Team to manage the remote units, we will share a few apps that will empower collaboration.

Benefits of Daily/Weekly Standup Apps


Daily Standup meetings are short and to-the-point meetings that are held each day. These meetings are usually 5 to 15 minutes long to discuss progress, share reports, identify blockers, etc.

To overcome the hurdles of managing a remote team that we have discussed above, daily/weekly standup apps can help immensely. These apps help in building cohesiveness in the team and keeping them engaged irrespective of the different locations they belong to.

  • Standup apps help automate daily standups, send reminders to the team members, generate meeting reports and send them to the employees, and more.
  • These apps allow scheduling asynchronous meetings considering different time zones that the team members are having. 
  • They track the team members’ performance, status, and health and record them. It improves collaboration and communication and boosts the morale and motivation of the team, getting them on the same page.
  • Standup meetings are informal, but these apps make them organized, data-driven, and progress-oriented. They make it easy to follow a clear meeting format and agenda.
  • These apps help reduce the required meetings by avoiding unnecessary meetings, eventually boosting productivity and coordination.
  • They feature fun activities and support emojis that create a healthy environment among the members.

There are several standup meeting apps for Slack and Team. Some of them are-


When you and your teams work from different geographic locations and time zones, Geekbot can save time by automating standup meetings, daily reports, and surveys. To make the standup meetings effective and to build a culture in the team who works remotely, Geekbot helps immensely.


Key Features:

  • Geekbot helps automate recurring tasks like organizing daily standups, collecting surveys, sharing responses, and posting updates in Slack or Microsoft Teams at a suitable time and pace.
  • It can speak all major languages.
  • It is perfect for tracking sales progress, and important KPIs, accessing meeting notes, looking at past events, taking feedback, and more.
  • It can interpret instructions like “login,” “report,” and “off,” and primary users can find out who has editing access and who is restricted to reporting.
  • Supervisors can track engagement with Geekbot and conduct monthly check-ins with the team.

It offers subscription plans for more extensive and established companies and a free plan for small teams with up to 10 participants.


StatusHero is a tool that connects the team with their work and the other team members with smart check-ins, live goals & OKRs, and unifying dashboards. It helps productivity by avoiding unnecessary lengthy meetings and emails and focusing on more relevant things.


Key Features:

  • It helps align the team by setting goals and OKRs; this arms the team with the bigger picture, the company’s vision, and an understanding of the real progress.
  • It replaces time-wasting meetings with async daily check-ins.
  • It provides live dashboards & reports that give a quick view and synopsis to help tackle issues that matter.
  • It helps track the team’s engagement by following their goals, progressions, check-in rates, requests, and more and prep for one-one and retro meetings.
  • It creates a progress report that everyone can access to keep the team updated.

StatusHero has premium plans with a 21-day trial period that starts at $6.99/user/month.


Standuply is another daily standup bot for Slack that automates standup meetings and other advanced Project Management and HR workflows. It has an internal Q&A System to increase the team’s productivity.


Key Features:

  • Standuply offers features like retrospective meetings, backlog grooming, planning poker, feedback reviews, data integrations, Team Polls, and more.
  • It automates complex Agile, HR, and project management processes, such as sharing team goals, Sprint planning 1-on-1 automation, Team mood check-ups, OKRs check-ups, Time tracking, lunch ordering, and employee onboarding.
  • It connects your team and internal Q&A System that contains repeated questions and essential knowledge that answer recurring questions. If there is no answer, it redirects the question to the respective subject matter expert.
  • It allows automating daily standups with flexibility and manages workflows.
  • It integrates with JIRA, Trello, HubSpot, Asana, GitHub, and more.
  • The reporting system is dynamic; it has distinctive categories and illustrated reports.

Along with a free plan, it comes with three different premium plans starting from $6/month for three users when billed monthly.


The Range is a team collaboration tool that might help you get connected and updated well. It collects daily tasks and activities from other devices and simple daily Check-in or standup that shows a clear insight into the progression. Your team can view the information and be updated on other team members’ actions.

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Key Features:

  • Run async standups with Range to keep your remote team connected and engaged.
  • It pulls updates from 75+ apps and async to Slack or MS Team team.
  • It features daily mood-sharing and 350+ icebreakers, who get notified once team members share their feelings.
  • Use hashtags to mention goals in Check-ins and pull related work together in seconds.

Range provides a free plan for teams of up to 12 users; it offers two premium plans that start at $8/user.

Troopr Check-ins

Troopr helps automate standup meetings and retrospectives that help stay organized, collaborate, and progress with the team. It has 12 different check-ins, including daily standup, task check-in, and planning poker.

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Key Features:

  • It has built-in templates for standups, retrospectives, planning poker, instant planning poker, team mood, and Jira issue Check-ins. 
  • It offers hassle-free engagement providing easy setup, Check-in questions, and tracking progress, and allowing users to answer check-in questions in a conversational format.
  • It features a full report dashboard, insights dashboards containing the performance of employees, a history dashboard to view user engagement, and a home dashboard to view the entire list of their team’s Check-ins with the option to search and filter them.
  • It provides deep Jira integration.
  • It offers great security for enterprises partnering with external auditors annually for SOC-II and ISO 27001 compliance and also provides customization and auto-scaling.

Trooper offers Trooper Check-ins with four subscription plans that start at $39/month, along with 14 days free trial.


Tatsu is a Slack app to help your team do asynchronous, remote standup meetings. It has an easy user interface that enables you to organize standup meetings by notifying the channel and start calling one by one.


Tatsu allows users to skip or dismiss attendees until the rotation ends. It also sends a report via email after the meeting is over.

Key Features:

  • Besides being an asynchronous standup app, Tatsu also works as a chat assistant that notifies users about the meeting and asks them specific questions.
  • You can set recurring meetings or start a daily scrum session.
  • It allows users to add and customize questions that align with the team’s work.
  • It allows skipping or dismissal of calling any participants; it helps in case any member is on leave.

Tatsu offers a $1/participant/month subscription plan with 14 days free trial.


ScrumGenius is another daily standup app to keep your agile team connected by organizing quick and productive asynchronous standup meetings in Slack. Along with Microsoft Teams and email, ScrumGenius is one of the only standup tools that integrates with Cisco Webex.


Key Features:

  • It allows check-in via chat on Microsoft Teams or Slack, and the check-in notifications can also be sent via Email.
  • It features automating your daily status meetings, weekly retrospectives, and one-on-one check-ins.
  • You can connect it to popular project management tools like Github, Asana, Azure DevOps, and more. You can search and select tasks from there directly on the check-in page and see all your team’s work in one place.
  • It configures multiple reports and shares access with various managers. Team members can also access the dashboard and member settings to customize the notification, profile, and vacation settings.
  • It also gives the option to celebrate the wins with emojis and reactions.

ScrumGenius has 3 plans starting at $3/month/user and a full-featured trial.

Standup Alice

Standup Alice is a hassle-free, online, async daily standup tool to boost your team’s productivity. It makes creating standups easy and sends reminders; it also collects members’ standups. After the meeting, Standup Alice sends reports to the team channels and emails.


Key Features:

  • Standup Alice reminds the team members to post their standups, collects members’ standups from different time zones, and sends standup reports to the team’s channel and emails.
  • It supports multiple teams like marketing and dev teams for your organization and also supports various workspaces, shared channels, and shared members in Slack Connect.
  • It features customization of standup questions, customizing standup days and time that is most suitable for the team.
  • It provides a thread conversation that makes the summary of the standup more comprehensible.
  • It can run both sync and async team standup.

Their subscription starts at $0.99/user/month when billed monthly and $9.99/user/month when billed annually. However, they offer at least a 45-day free trial to get your team familiar with and accustomed to the bot.


Unlike other asynchronous standup apps, Spinach is the only app made specifically for simplifying live standup meetings. Whether you prefer live standups, async standups, or a mix of both, Spinach can handle all of them.


It organizes faster and optimized daily standups, runs itself, and focuses on connection and alignment instead of status recall.

Key Features:

  • It supports both synchronous and asynchronous standups.
  • It sends Slack reminders to prepare for standups.
  • Spinach makes the standup organized by giving you a space called “Team Topics” to put questions and discussion topics; it saves time by keeping everyone on track.
  • After the meeting is complete, Spinach sends reports, including updates and blockers from each team member and all of the Team Topics.
  • Spinach offers integration with Zoom and Google Meet and is also available as a web app.

Spinach offers a Business Plan that starts at $6 per user/month, along with an Enterprise Plan. But for up to 5 users, it provides a free plan.


DailyBot is an AI and ChatGPT-powered assistant that is ideal for asynchronous daily standups, team check-ins, retrospectives, team feedback surveys, and more. You can create numerous teams, set reminders, and schedule check-ins effortlessly with DailyBot. It also tracks your team’s health and helps find improvement areas.

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Key Features:

  • Use DailyBot to be an efficient Scrum Master, it can run team check-ins, standups, retrospectives, 1-on-1s, team feedback surveys, 360 feedback reviews, icebreakers, mental health checks, collect anonymous responses, and more.
  • It offers daily reports to get an overview of your entire project without micromanaging your team. You can use the report insights to solve any issue effectively.
  • You can customize the Bot aligning with your team’s goal and collect check-ins from multiple time zones. 
  • The automated and asynchronous report generated by DailyBot helps in having clarity for both the product owner and the development team.
  • It helps in keeping the team engaged and focused by creating a team culture of continuous recognition and positive feedback with Kudos.
  • It offers integration with JIRA, Trello, or Bitbucket for check-ins. It also allows integration with 2,000+ apps using Zapier, like Google Sheets, Webflow CMS, and more.

DailyBot offers 3 paid plans along with a free plan. Paid plans start at $2.5 per user/month, and the free plan is for small teams of up to 20 members.


Kaapi is another Slack standup bot that offers automatic reminders, post-meeting reports, and many more. It features fun icebreakers and text-based fun games that build familiarity in the team and boost morale. 


Key Features:

  • Kaapi automates daily standups and sends reminders to your team to give daily status updates. 
  • It also generates downloadable reports inside Slack. You can Search via name, see blockers and mark important team updates for taking action on them.
  • It offers customizability in standup questions, timings of the reminders, and the name of your team’s channel.
  • It allows markdown editing & Slack emojis.
  • It is a perfect tool to run asynchronous standups across the globe.

Kaapi offers its all-in-one toolkit to lead your remote team at $2 /month/user and a 2-week free trial. 


Dixi is an all-in-one, asynchronous meeting automation tool that comes free of cost for any team size. Using Dixi, you can easily organize multiple meetings for your distributed remote team.


Dixi also pays attention to building a healthy team environment through mood tracking, developer happiness, employee feedback, and more. 

Key Features:

  • With Dixi, you can schedule and conduct multiple standups and sprint meetings as per a team member’s timezone or use a common timezone for all.
  • You can set daily standups, team meets, and status updates on autopilot.
  • It auto-generates real-time reports on Slack after the meeting. It also generates notes and records.
  • It automates HR processes like employee feedback, mood tracker, team surveys, and Q&A.
  • It simplifies unprepared, informal team communications through introductions, movie suggestions, etc.
  • You can customize standup questions, modify a scheduled standup and pause it.

Dixi is the best choice for those who want to fully automate their daily standup for more productivity and for scrum masters to run daily meetings competently. This automation bot is free for any team, regardless of size.

Final Words

These are some of the best standup meeting apps for remote teams, I hope you have found what you were looking for. These are the best options to let your team focus on priority tasks and won’t let the team’s workflow get interfered with. Go through each and find which one suits best for your team’s requirements.

You can also explore AI notes taking tools to summarize meetings in seconds.

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