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A sales funnel, built on the analogy of a funnel, is one of the most effective tools for communicating your business strategies and goals to your team. A sales funnel helps you visualize your prospects converting into qualified leads and eventually making a purchase at every stage of their buying journey.

Why’s that important? Better visualization leads to better identification of the best marketing strategies that seem to work. Plus, you get the chance to improve certain campaigns to improve conversion rates and sales over time.

What’s a Sales Funnel? Why Is It Important?

Moreover, a good sales funnel template helps your team experience the customer journey visually. All sales funnels begin at the top stage, Awareness, where customers discover your product or service. Soon after, you’ll pursue leads who show Interest. In the third step, you’ll enter the Decision stage, where you’re sending proposals or quotations.

In the fourth step, your customer and you will enter the Action stage, where they’ll make a purchase. Not every prospect will turn into a purchase. To understand how to improve it better and where they dropped off, you need a sales funnel.

Benefits of Using a Sales Funnel Template

Should you create a sales funnel or just opt for a template? We suggest using a template; here’s why:

  • Not having to create a sales funnel from scratch helps you save time
  • A sales funnel’s main task is to guide you to nurture leads, which you can do better when you’re able to devote your resources to analyzing insights
  • Most sales funnels come with automatic progress reports that cut out manual work time and increase productivity
  • You can get started without skills or getting into the complexity of making one
  • You can work with your team in real-time and test out your marketing campaigns


Available as an Excel spreadsheet as well as Google Sheets spreadsheet, Salesflare’s free sales funnel template helps manage your leads seamlessly. No longer do you have to spend time doing manual legwork in excel?

With a single sales funnel template, you’ll be able to convert leads better, forecast your revenue, and improve your processes. Not only will you be able to create a sales funnel that suits every stage of your journey, but you will also record revenue, conversion rates, and active sales reps.

Now, this template is all about a standard process. You can add or remove custom stages and team members, set targets, and add other data. Based on the data you put in, your Insights sheet will get updated automatically.


If you’re looking for one of the most reliable templates on the sales funnel, Hubspot’s free sales funnel template might just be the one.

Still wondering why? This sales funnel template from Hubspot will not only help you track deals in the pipeline but also help you prioritize the important ones. In fact, you’ll also be able to forecast your revenue to guide major decisions and plan for the future.

With this sales funnel template, you’ll be able to save time and money on your sales efforts. So that you can focus on designing strategies that ensure more conversions.


Get ready to close more deals with Gong’s sales funnel template for Excel and Google Sheets. If your deals are more of a miss than a hit at the moment, you should try this template to track your deals, close them, forecast revenue, and plan the next step.

Why build a manual sales funnel when you can use a ready-to-use template that helps you manage opportunities from the qualification stage to close? The tracking funnel stage with Gong empowers you to track opportunities in a detailed manner and understand your hits and misses.

You’ll be able to measure sales performance across teams and calculate revenue forecasts with premade data in seconds. To use the template, you need to customize and populate the data and update each opportunity. And the revenue forecast will be automatically generated.

Moreover, you can see where your leads are dropping off to improve sales pitches and processes for future rounds.


Available in Word, PDF, and Google Docs, this sales funnel template by Backlinko is the perfect fit to get more traffic, build trust and convert leads.

Whether you’re an age-old business or you’re just starting, don’t make the mistake of overlooking sales funnels. They help you turn cold leads into buyers. In addition, they say a lot about revenue forecasts and processes that need to be implemented or altered.

In this template, you’ll find three important stages with the goal. Plus, ideas to create conversion points and how to get traffic at each stage of the sales to funnel. Moreover, think of this as your guided blueprint for a successful sales funnel. You’ll just have to update the data, add or delete columns, and you’re good to go!


If you’re looking for a sales funnel template that you can demonstrate or present, this SlideModel powered sales funnel template are just the thing.

Their templates are ready-to-use, downloadable, and easily customizable. Every business, whether big or small, has a distinct business journey. Without meaningful sales templates that can help convert leads and help demonstrate to a larger audience, a lot of your effort can go to waste.

Their templates can be used on Windows as well as Mac devices. They’re also accessible via PowerPoint, Keynote, Office365, and Google Slides.

You’ll find a lot of detailed sales funnel presentation templates. Out of which, full-funnel marketing template, AARR metrics diagram funnel template, sandler pain funnel PowerPoint template, and marketing funnel design template are quite popular and universal in usage.


Visualizing your sales funnel has never been easier, thanks to Creately useful templates! With Creately, you get access to numerous meaningful templates that help you forecast revenue and generate leads.

Moreover, you’re in a better position to demonstrate your future growth plan. Any good marketing team understands the value of a good sales funnel and a better way to demonstrate it.

With Creately, you get access to Sales Funnel Template that you can easily edit and customize with their online diagram editor. It can be saved in multiple formats: PPT, Word, PDF, Excel, JPEG, PNG, and SVG.

Get ready to generate helpful insights about your customer behavior and use them to positively impact your growth story.


Now you can create a sales funnel for a single product or multiple products with Simvoly funnel templates. With 30+ options to choose from, these templates help you visualize and track your opportunities in the nick of time.

Fully customizable to suit your products and growth journey, Simovoly has different templates to fit different purposes.

There’s one for digital products, there’s another for membership & subscription-based models.

In addition, you’ll find sales funnels for tracking physical and tangible products. Plus, a direct payment checkout page and a universal one that works for all!

You Exec

You Exec sales funnel presentation templates will help you visualize, illustrate and implement the digital customer journey of your TG in the future.

Use it to present four basic stages of the sales funnel journey (awareness, consideration, decision and retention) to finalize the sales processes you should employ. A good sales funnel presentation like the one by You Exec will also help you identify prospects, map out the needs of the company – financial and growth-related.

You’ll be able to strike a great impression on your audience by listing marketing initiatives and campaigns. Not only that, you can utilize the slides to illustrate actionable plans to increase your sales and improve your retention rate.

Get WPFunnels

Why spend hours designing the perfect sales funnel templates when you can use pre-made templates by Get WPFunnels? You might think that getting niche-specific sales-to-funnel templates is challenging. Get WPFunnels is here to change your mind!

If you’re ready to get sales almost immediately, you might want to take these templates for a spin. In fact, this site has templates specifically crafted for Oxygen, Divi, Elementor, and Gutenberg.

You can use a sales funnel template in less than 5 minutes. Choose, customize, and optimize your sales!


SmartDraw sales funnel chart templates offer you a chance to streamline analysis and planning in a matter of minutes. You don’t require any drawing experience to try these chart templates.

All you need to do is add your sales information and apply a professional theme, and your presentation will be premium. However, if you’re looking for more than sales funnel chart templates, you can also try their wide repository of planning diagrams, mind maps, and marketing charts.

The best part is if you’ve doubts, you can reach out to SmartDraw’s team for any support for free! This is one of the best chart templates you can work on along with a team.

You can do that in two ways. Save your file in a shared SmartDraw folder or use sharing apps like Dropbox®, Google Drive, Box® or OneDrive®. If that wasn’t enough, you can email your teammates a link, and they can work alongside you.

Slide Hunter

Looking to create thought-provoking funnel presentations about analysis? Slide Hunter’s sales templates can help.

It’s a 4-step presentation that can be edited and customized to suit your needs. In fact, you can use this template to adapt easily to any funnel design. Not only that, Slide Hunter’s sale funnel template can also be very useful for conversion rate optimization funnels.

Though easily available as a .ppt file, you can also use it in any presentation design software—Keynote, OpenOffice, or Google Slides. Wondering how the template works?

You can edit it according to your needs. You’ll have completely editable text placeholders where you can include your info. Use this template to visualize the act of finding, engaging, and converting prospective customers while also retaining them for a longer period.

Visual Paradigm Online

Visual Paradigm Online sales funnel template is built on the analogy of a funnel. That’s because multiple customers start off the buying journey, while only a few end up converting.

To best envision where your customers are dropping off, use this fully customizable template to assess your business’s needs.

Moreover, guide your marketing and sales effort at every stage of the journey with a drag-and-drop template that improves your processes. In fact, you’ll also be able to support remote working and online collaborations in real time using this template.

Besides, it has layout aids, easy share-ability, media-adding functionality, and more!

A perfect CRM template, the sales funnel templates empower product and marketing teams in streamlining analysis. can be used to analyze important datasets like qualified leads, ad performance, and conversion rates. Not only that, but get ready to visualize your customer engagement and retention efforts in a single place!

You can also integrate useful tools like LinkedIn, Slack, and Asana, among many others. In addition to tracking and optimizing your efforts, generate quotes and flash in a minute! Plus, support remote sales via our mobile app.

Not only that, start with a free trial to explore how you can eliminate email clutter, understand deal stages, and figure out what to prioritize at a glance. Time is money; save both with easy-to-generate dashboards that reflect your data automatically.


Visualizing your sales funnel has never been easier. Try this sales funnel chart template by Moqups. Are you tired of having your diagrams and your flowcharts exist in isolation? Why not make them useful?

Moqups allows you to link them to other useful assets like mind maps, mockups, and wireframes within a single project. You’ll be able to collaborate on prototypes in real time.

Back to the sales funnel template’s features –, its free template is easy to start. And it can get you up and running in 15 minutes! Every block on the template is customizable, and you can add images, icons, and comments!

Plus, you can use their stencils to create all the things you require in a matter of seconds (once you figure your way around the site).

Improve Sales Processes With the Right Sales Funnel Template

If generating more leads and converting them is your end goal, your starting point should be a sales funnel. By that, we don’t mean just any sales funnel template. Use one that helps you visualize your buyer at different stages and empowers you to collect insights.

Oftentimes, the right sales funnel templates come with dashboards and progress reports. You can use the insights from these to convert soft leads into hot leads, MQLs, and SQLs.

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