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In Mobile Last updated: September 15, 2023
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A significant difference between an Android and an iPhone user is that many Android users look to upgrade to an iPhone sometime in their life, but an iPhone user rarely wishes for the same.

There is great encouragement from every side when an Android user intends to switch to iPhone.

This momentous shift happens sooner or later, but it also comes with a set of doubts and hesitation. Android is widely used globally, with over 2.5 billion active users. However, iPhone is slowly catching up. Over a billion active iPhone users acquire about 23% share of the global smartphone market.

It’s common to switch from Android to iPhone.

Many people wait to switch from Android to iPhone to avail themselves services exclusive to Apple users only. Why? Because iPhone is known for being user-friendly, its clean interface, fast processor, frequent updates, exclusive Apple store, and Apple integrated products.

Let’s discuss why it is beneficial to switch from Android to iPhone.

Why to Switch from Android to iPhone?

Android to iPhone

Fewer Apps

Apple offers fewer apps in comparison to Android. Since Android phones may get viruses from the Google Play store, Apple is strict and only allows those developers’ apps that pass through specific criteria. So, the chances of a data breach through third-party apps are way less than that from any Android device.

Apple ecosystem

Apple Ecosystem

Apple has introduced many products like Mac, iPad, smartwatch, music players, and more. All these Apple products enjoy a closed ecosystem. They all work seamlessly together, and there is no need to link them through separate apps as a single Apple ID is enough to connect them all and work with them efficiently.

More Software updates

Software Updates

Apple releases frequent software updates, and every year, they release significant iOS software updates that improve the performance and better the security of the device. The main USP of an Apple product is that the company provides iOS updates to the latest versions of their product and push updates to their 3-4 years older products.

Use new apps first

Some developers use the Apple Store as a launch platform. They exclusively release high-end apps on Apple and may never release them on Android. Some apps like Snapchat and Super Mario Run were first introduced in the Apple Store and arrived later on Android. This brings the exclusivity of many apps after buying any iPhone.

Better Resale Value

Since Apple is a single manufacturer, it doesn’t launch new models as frequently as Android. iPhone is also a high-end product and uses high-quality material. All this helps get a better resale value of the iPhone than Android. Swappie buys and sells used and refurbished iPhones.


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How using an iPhone for the first time could take some getting used to it!

A leap of faith from Android to iPhone will not cause a nasty fall. Instead, it will be an even better landing. A person who has been using Android for decades can feel a little confused while using iPhone.

However, many popular third-party apps work on Android and iPhones like Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix. Google apps work fine on iPhones, but they cannot become default apps. To exemplify, if the user opens a mail link, it will open in Apple’s mail app instead of Gmail.

First-time users should use Apple’s apps to get used to the iPhone ecosystem. Use Siri instead of Google Assistant, Browse in Safari instead of Chrome, try Apple photos instead of Google Photos, and use Apple maps instead of Google maps. These first steps will help a user become familiar with the iPhone quickly.

Different methods and tools to transfer your Android phone contacts to iPhone

A phone’s primary purpose is calling, and for that, a contact list is essential. Here are some easy methods and tools that will help transfer android contacts to iPhone.

During the Initial Setup Process

Apple provides a “Move to iOS” app for Android phones. However, it only works while setting up a new iPhone. This app works as an excellent tool for transferring Android contacts to an iPhone. If the iPhone is not set up, Android users can also download the app from the Google Play Store.

Move to iOS

The instructions below cover the entire process of transferring contacts.

  • Install the “Move to iOS” app on an Android smartphone.
  • Agree to terms and conditions.
  • Grant access and give permission.
  • A find your code screen will appear.
  • Now, switch to the iPhone.
  • Tap on the “move data from Android” during the setup process.
  • A six-digit or ten-digit code will appear on the screen.
  • Enter this code in Android phone.
  • A transfer data screen will ask the user to select the data they would like to transfer.
  • Tap on contacts, and the transfer is done.

Apart from this, other apps like Copy My Data and Smart Transfer can also transfer the data and files from Android to iPhone.

Import Google Contacts

Google account is the easiest method to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. First, the contacts need to be synced with a Google account. However, if they are not synced, navigate to settings > tap on Google account > tap on account sync > tap on three dots to sync everything.

Now that the Google contacts are synced, it’s time to switch to iPhone.

Go to settings > click on mail > tap on accounts > Add account > enter the same Google account > make sure that contact toggle is on > Android contacts are now transferred.

Import/Export Option

Another easy method to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is to export contacts from any Android smartphone and import them to iPhone. It can be done by following the below instructions:

  • On the Android phone, navigate to contacts.
  • Select three dots or gear icons and select the import/export option.
  • Tap on export to .vcf file
  • The vcf file of the contacts is now created in the phone storage.
  • Send this file to the iPhone either through the mail, or upload on the cloud or via Bluetooth.
  • Now, open the vcf file and select add all contacts, or if it asks which app you would like to open in, then choose contacts.

SIM Card

The oldest and easiest method to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is through a sim card.

Sim Card Method

On the Android phone, navigate to contacts > tap on the gear icon or three dots > click on sim card contacts > again tap on three dots menu > select import from phone > select add all contacts.

It’s time to remove the sim from the Android device and insert it into the iPhone. Navigate to settings > tap on contacts > Select import sim contacts. Contacts are now transferred.

Transfer Contacts using third party applications

Along with all the above methods, if anyone wants to try third-party apps, here are some worthy suggestions.

Copy My Data

With over 10 million users, Copy My Data is a go-to app for people looking for a simple data transfer solution. Copy My Data makes it easy for a user to transfer data from one phone to another over a Wi-Fi network without needing a computer.

Copy My Data

It easily transfers contacts from Android to iPhone and can also transfer important data like photos and videos. However, it’s essential to use the same Wi-Fi network on both devices for this app to function correctly. 

Smart Transfer: File Sharing App

An app that provides a cross-platform data transfer solution from an old device to a new one, from Android to Android or iOS. It supports all smartphones and tablets and ensures free, secure transfer of large data files via a hotspot/Wi-Fi network. This app can quickly transfer files such as contacts, pictures, calendars, WhatsApp, and videos.

Smart Transfer

Moreover, one can switch phone data or move data seamlessly in no time with this Smart Transfer app. It provides connectivity between two phones through exclusive QR codes relieving the user from cables and wires. It supports multiple languages like German, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and many more.

iMobile AnyTrans

Anytrans provides a smooth transition from Android to iPhone. There is no need to abandon any data that holds value to you. It migrates contacts, books, documents, photos, videos, ringtones, downloaded videos, compressed files, messages, and even call logs. 

YouTube video

It also ensures no overwriting of existing data and files that can otherwise make the phone full of junk and fill up internal storage. For a first-time iPhone user, Anytrans can become a one-stop solution for managing any apple product-based demands for iPad, iCloud, iTunes, etc. 


Most Android users desire to own an iPhone in their life. Although Android is a very competitive market and involves many manufacturers that strive to provide users with good-looking models, new features, and an overall great experience, still, an iPhone as a stand-alone product continues to lure Android users to its side.

It’s easy to switch from Android to iPhone as well. The major problem for any iPhone user is how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. This article has covered all the primary methods for transferring contacts from Android to iPhone. The transition is pretty smooth and will not annoy the Android user.

You can also read about ways to transfer contacts from one Android phone to another or from an iPhone to Android.

If you have also purchased a Mac, you can transfer your files from Android to Mac with these tools.

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