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In Mobile Last updated: November 22, 2022
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Once a hopelessly difficult task, How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android is now just a few clicks thing. Let’s see that in action.

The battle for major Smartphone OSes has almost settled with the two prime candidates, Android & iOS:

smartphone market share
Source: Statista

While the second half of 2021 had started to witness a gradual shift in favor of the Cupertino giant, a majority is nowhere on the horizon.

iOS is still miles behind Android. And that will be the case for many years to come.

In addition, it would be interesting to know that over 20% of iPhone users are planning a switch to Android. This data came out during the Epic Games and Apple Inc trial.

That loyalty change can happen for so many reasons like:


I can’t emphasize this enough. There is so much you can change on an Android phone.

You can pretty much theme everything: fonts, dialers, launchers, notification panel, icons, default apps, and whatnot.

There is simply no end to how much creative you can get with an Android smartphone.

Buyer’s Choice

When you visit the Apple store for a purchase, you see these five devices to pick from:

That’s it!

iPhones simply won’t cut it if you crave alternatives.

One has to remain content with just a handful of similar-looking cousins. And that can become boring after a few years, especially when you see your friends with these state-of-the-art Android handsets: Choice.

That’s the pinnacle of buying an Android-powered smartphone. They come in a variety of form factors to match the taste of every living soul on the planet Earth.

Bleeding Edge Tech

Even mid-tier Android phones have features like Notchless displays and in-screen fingerprint sensors that are absent even on the top-of-the-line iPhones.

And talk about foldable phones, and iPhones quickly start feeling out of context.

Regarding the battery, it takes only a little over 50 minutes to fully charge the OnePlus 9 Pro vs close to 120 minutes for iPhone 13 Pro.

In addition, you don’t have to shell over 500$ to get a decent Android smartphone.

Conclusively, Android users get their hands on flashy new features far more quickly than their iPhone counterparts.

The so-called iPhones’ stability takes years to materialize for every single feature, with the Android frequently outpacing the Apple with a significant margin.

So a next-generation user has plenty of reasons to part ways with the Apple ecosystem to a more pocket-friendly, power-packed, and flexible alternative: Android.

Consequently, the first thing that comes to mind is…

How To Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android?

There are a few ways to do this. Let’s start with the most obvious ones, followed by some 3rd party applications.

Using iCloud

Head over to Settings>Passwords & Accounts>iCloud. Check that the Contact sync is toggled on.

transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

Now open any web browser on your computer and log on to using the same Apple ID. Afterward, tap on the Contacts icon and select the contacts you want to transfer (press Ctrl+A/Command-A for selecting all contacts). Alternatively, you can tap Select All to select everything at once.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android using icloud

Subsequently, tap on the Gear icon on the bottom left and click Export vCard. This will download the selected contacts in a VCF format.

Finally, visit with the google account that you’ll use on your Android smartphone, hit Import contacts, and select the downloaded file, and it’s done.

export to google account:  Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Using Gmail

Open Settings on your iPhone and then tap Mail.

Now select Accounts and click the Gmail account to sync contacts to the Android device. Verify that the Contacts toggle is turned on.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android using gmail

Now use the same account on your Android smartphone to pull the synced contacts.

Using Google Drive

Tap the hamburger icon on the top left of the Google Drive applications. Click Backup. Subsequently, enter into Contacts.

Now verify that the toggle is turned on

contacts backup on iphone using google drive

Afterward, go back and click START BACKUP.

backup contacts on iphone to transfer contacts from iphone to android

Finally, use the same Google account on your Android phone.

So, that concluded some workarounds to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

But we can also do the same with some 3rd-party apps.

Using 3rd Party Apps


MobileTrans by Wondershare is a one-click data migration solution.

YouTube video

They support major brands, including Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.

The process includes downloading MobileTrans on both phones, designating new and old devices, scanning the QR code, and selecting the data category to transfer.

In addition to contacts, MobilTrans can migrate pictures, audio, video, etc.

Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer is yet another hassle-free application to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Similar to the previous one, the data is seamlessly transferred via a WiFi hotspot. You need to download the application on both devices, connect, and select the appropriate category to transfer.


AnyDroid makes the transfer of contacts from iPhone to Android look easy. But it’s clearly more than that. You can use their premium application to migrate effortlessly from iPhone to Android.

anytroid: how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

You can download their application and use it to transfer up to 30 contacts without any cost. This limit (30) is valid for the trial that applies to documents, videos, music, messages, etc., as well.


While all the listed methods solve the puzzling how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, the easiest way is to use the same Google account on both devices.

However, we have one tutorial about multiple ways to transfer contacts between two Android phones if you’re just dabbling within Android.

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