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In Mobile and Windows Last updated: November 22, 2022
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If you are photogenic, you would have definitely found it the most tedious task to transfer photos.

The task is still a bit simpler for Android users, but transferring data is never too easy for iOS devices. When you start clicking photos on an iPhone, there is no end to the number of pictures. Those photos stay with you forever as memories to cherish in life.

But once you click the photos, you won’t need them in daily life. They are essential as memories for you. This is where you think about transferring your photos from your iPhone to the computer. You will get enough space free on your iPhone, and even your memories will remain intact on your PC.

If you are thinking about transferring all the photos manually, let me tell you that it will be pretty time-consuming and tedious. Moreover, there are high chances of errors, or it might even happen that you miss out on some photos. To avoid such problems, you should take the help of some software to transfer photos.

You need photo transferring software to automate the process and make it more convenient. There are plenty of tools available for transferring your photos from iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices to Windows or macOS.


Whether you wish to transfer photos between two devices or migrate them from your iPhone/iPad to your computer, EaseUS MobiMover Pro can handle it all. The software is compatible with all the latest iOS versions to avoid any inconvenience for the users.

Well, this tool is not only useful for transferring photos because it allows you to transfer any type of file. It is an extremely powerful iPhone data manager and transfer tool. All you need to do is make a single click, and all your data will be transferred.

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Now, there is no need to worry about your iPhone getting slow because you can easily transfer the unnecessary ones to your computer. This is a cost-effective solution for personal or business to transfer data from multiple devices.

You can even send your favorite music from your computer to the iPhone to get access to your favorite songs offline.

EaseUS MobiMover Pro is not only useful as a photo transferring tool, but you can even use its other top-notch features. If you have forgotten your iPhone/iPad lock screen or passcode, this tool will help unlock your device. You can transfer everything from books and photos to audio and videos from your iPhone to your computer.

Dr. Fone

Dr.Fone has come up with a one-stop solution to manage all your media management and transfer of data. Everything from your SMS and photos to music and video could be transferred from your iPhone and iPad to computer systems pretty easily. You can select the desired photos or select all of them in bulk to transfer with a single click.

There is no need for you to install iTunes for data transfer. Even if your photos take up all your memory, you can directly install the Wondershare Phone Manager tool for an easy solution. You can not only transfer but also manage, delete, and convert your data into different formats.

Follow the below steps to transfer all the photos from your iPhone to your computer.

Step 1: First of all, install the Wondershare Phone Manager software on your computer.

Step 2: As soon as you download the software to your computer, you will be asked to connect your device through USB. Make the connection to continue with the process.

Wondershare Step 1

Step 3: Now, you will get to see a screen just like below. Choose the “Phone Manager” option to transfer data. Here, you will be able to select the photos and other files that you wish to transfer to your computer.


Step 4: Select the appropriate location where you wish to store your data after transferring it.

Step5: Now, sit back and relax until the transfer gets completed.

You can either transfer all the photos and files from your iPhone or select some particular ones and get them transferred. Any individual without any tech knowledge can also complete this process effortlessly.


Waltr Pro is actually a pro software for handling and transferring data from iPhone and iPad. The tool provides hassle-free transferring of photos and all the other files with a few clicks. The best thing about Waltr is that it will automatically detect the file and convert it into an appropriate format before pushing it to the target location.

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Another excellent feature of Waltr is that you can not only transfer files from iPhone to computer, but you can even perform the vice versa transfer. Now, there is no need to first convert your files to an Apple-friendly format for transferring because the software does this work for you.

You can convert your audio and video files to Apple-friendly formats with a single click. There won’t be any issues when it comes to the quality of files. The drag-and-drop feature for performing any task makes it the simplest app for use.


Transferring your photos, videos, and data from your iPhone to your computer was never so simple. CopyTrans allows you to select the photos that you wish to transfer, or you can simply select all the photos to transfer the photos from iPhone and iPad to computer.


As soon as you download the software, you are good to go. The best thing here is that you can transfer data from iPhone to computer and transfer the copy of your photos, videos, and music to iTunes. 1-click and everything is on the other side. Copying data to your computer from iOS devices has been made simpler with CopyTrans.

You can even save all your contacts, notes, and calendars to your computer easily. Managing iPhone data was never so easy. The entire album of photos can be transferred and stored to your PC or just backup everything on iTunes. Now, you can keep all your iOS devices backed up and restored with a single tool.


Syncing your data across different devices makes it easy to view them at any place and at any time. FonePaw DoTrans allows you to sync all your data, including your photos, videos, contacts, and everything among your iOS, Android devices, and also computers. If you are near any of the devices, you can view the files and get your work done.

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Copying files over different OS is also allowed by DoTrans. So, you can easily transfer your favorite photos from iOS to iOS, iOS to Android, Android to iOS, and also Android to Android.

The best thing about DoTrans is its minimal UI design, stable and fast functioning, and it supports a majority of file formats. Other than that, there are several other features offered by DoTrans, such as creating playlists, deleting duplicate contacts, backup and restore contacts, and a lot more.

The steps to work with DoTrans are pretty simple. As soon as you are done downloading and installing DoTrans, you need to connect your device with your computer. Select the files that you wish to transfer, and click on transferring them to the connected device.

Final Thoughts

Transferring photos from your iOS devices to a computer is a bit complex and difficult if you go with the manual method. Instead, you can take the help from the above tools to automate the process and make it pretty easy.

Next, you can have a look at the best iPhone and iPad Backup Tools.

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