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In Gaming Last updated: April 15, 2023
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If you are into streaming, you would have considered starting with Twitch, right? Read further to get an idea about the best Twitch Panels.

Twitch is one of the best online streaming services. After joining the wild world of live streaming, you might have encountered the word Twitch Panel.

Along with the other elements of a Twitch channel, the Twitch panel is also a crucial element that can maximize the potential of your stream video. If you want the best quality from your stream panel, you can get this by adjusting your Twitch panel size. 

However, this might not make your streaming content enjoyable, but it can enhance your stream’s quality. In this article below, we’ll discuss a few Twitch panels that can help users boost their streaming potential and quality.

What exactly is the Twitch panel? 

Twitch panels are used as an information banner under a user’s live stream to give viewers a better idea of what the user is streaming.

However, streamers can use such panels to direct viewers to their content and channel. Other than that, these information panels can be used to organize the facts related to your channel.


Moreover, a perfect Twitch panel size can vary according to the streamer’s requirements. As the dimension of the Twitch panel width is fixed, you are only allowed to make adjustments within its height.

Furthermore, if you are still wondering how to design a Twitch panel for your stream, you can use many free Twitch panel makers available online. You can seamlessly customize your Twitch panel with fabulous icons and Twitch images. Let’s put a glaze on the benefits of including a Twitch panel. 

Benefits of Twitch panel for a content creator and streamer


After reading this article till here, you have estimated that Twitch is a fantastic platform with many supportive users. It is a powerful streaming platform with a variety of advantages and benefits. Streamers can earn on this platform.

However, Twitch doesn’t pay streamers directly, but streamers can earn money using various methods like sponsorships, affiliate links, advertising, etc. 

Furthermore, Twitch allows streamers to interact directly with their viewers. Chat rooms on the platforms allow viewers to communicate with their favorite streamers and can receive responses too.

Plus, the Twitch community organizes content into specific categories so viewers can get what they want without wasting time. Custom Twitch panels can keep your channel standing out and reflect your channel’s personality and content more efficiently. 

Are you still looking for Twitch panels to reach a wider audience over Twitch platforms? Searching for the best options is quite a difficult and time-consuming task. Here we have mentioned our best-known Twitch panels to help you find yours out of the best. Thus, leveraging Twitch panels for live streaming mentioned above can significantly impact your stream’s potential. 


Canva is an excellent and free online Twitch panel builder for producing many creative Twitch panels. It has made connecting with the audience easier with its beautifully designed templates.


Whether a newbie streamer or a seasoned Twitch Partner, you must paint well-curated content for your live-streaming audience and viewers. With Canva, you can customize your Twitch panel using millions of photos, icons, and illustrations. 

Furthermore, streamers can select a catchy design for their Twitch panel from Canva’s colossal library and personalize it by uploading it to their Twitch channel’s About page.

Just by selecting a template, you’ll get a pack of outstanding creative ideas for your panel, which can spice up your channel’s interactions as viewers will be more likely to engage, relate, and recognize your channel without fail.


If you’re searching for a free online Twitch panel maker, try NerdOrDie. This platform provides various design resources and tools for streamers and content creators.

YouTube video

If you have a creative idea to design your Twitch panel, you can create or download free Twitch panels to make your streaming channel profile stand out. Users do not need Photoshop, GIMP, or editing software to design.

Once after signing in, you can design and download your customized Twitch panel. Moreover, various Twitch panel templates are available for quickly setting up your streaming channel profile.

You can also customize your panel using its high-quality, eye-catching artwork. Lastly, a good Twitch panel design will create visual separation. Overall, it is a fantastic platform for creators to design panels without spending much time or money on Graphics. 


Streamlabs is a popular platform that allows you to design a fascinating Twitch panel for your streaming channel. It enables you to express your thinking using tons of features, i.e., backgrounds, colors, fonts, and graphics available in this.


Dozens of icons and fonts can help you customize a fantastic Twitch panel. Tip panels are also available to engage viewers and monetize Twitch streaming.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel like starting from scratch, you can start with readymade templates.

Streamlabs allows streamers to promote their websites and merch stores. If you are looking for all-in-one live streaming software, Streamlab is your best choice.


Fotor making unique Twitch panels is a chore. With lots of HD images, hundreds of stickers and icons, and readymade Twitch panel templates, it has embedded everything streamers can look for while designing Twitch panels. Users can download existing templates, or else they can use tools to customize. 


Besides these incredible images, thousands of vectors, icons, and various fonts are available. Fotor offers rich elements, thousands of high-res and 100% royalty-free stock photos in the library, and customizable graphics, shapes, and texts to customize your Twitch panel. 


Velosofy is a platform that offers a wide range of Twitch panels and other graphics for streamers and enables them to use their resources to create content and grow their channel branding. Templates available in Velosofy are compatible with After Effects, Cinema 4D, Blender, and many more.


Velosofy lets you create engaging panels using different sources available. It offers a clear, easy-to-use settings panel that allows streamers to manage various editing options. 

Additionally, Velosofy has almost everything you need for live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc. You can free-stream many themes and overlays with Prime to look more professional. Velosofy allows streamers to go live smoothly and help them to interact with their audience to grow their business value.


Placeit is an easy-to-use and valuable online Twitch panel maker available free of cost with extraordinary designs and templates. With its Twitch panel maker, streamers can seamlessly customize professional-looking panels to enhance their account’s appearance.

YouTube video

New templates are constantly added so streamers can make their channel more attractive. Templates are super easy to customize. You can make your channel’s panel stand out and be attractive in just a few clicks. 

Moreover, Placeit’s ever-growing library of designs provides users with everything they seek to design their templates; from there, they can choose various premade panel designs or create a new template independently.


Vecteezy is a design platform that offers millions of high-quality free images for personal and commercial use. The premium version of Vecteezy is also available, from where you can download unlimited photo vectors without any hustle.

The users can upload their graphics to customize their selected design or start with a readymade template available. One of the key benefits of using Vecteezy is that it doesn’t need any design experience or software. 


Furthermore, the top-notch design of templates makes your channel’s Twitch panel different from others. Once after completion, users can download their final designs in PNG format.

Besides resource availability, Vecteezy also provides straightforward licensing and fresh content for any budget. Whether you’re an immature or experienced designer, this tool will help you create excellent panels.

Overlay Forge

If you want to elevate your channel’s visual appeal, Overlay Forge is one of the best creator communities available online. With their easy-to-use user manual, this Twitch panel maker will make you feel the sun, and you can create visually stunning panels to highlight your brand and essential information.

Moreover, the Free Tropical-Polygon Twitch panels are available in 320×100 pixels. Plus, these Twitch panels are made to fit your Twitch perfectly. Fifteen branded panels are there, and these files are available in PNG format.

Streamers need to drag and drop it on their Twitch channel interface. Hence, streamers can create high-quality Twitch panels without breaking the bank with customizable designs, a user-friendly interface, and no watermarks

Nubi Design

Nubi Design is an alternative worth examining if you seek an easy-to-use Twitch panel creator for your streaming platform. The Twitch panel mainly represents the streamers’ content and allows them to engage with the community.

A wide range of resources is available to design your Twitch panel. We all agree that the better the panel looks, the more engaging they are to your audience. 


Streamers can use premade templates or switch to the premium version to access free elements to customize their Twitch panel. If you want to add a splash of colors to your stream for a unique look, you can try its electric pink Twitch panel, which is entirely free to download and makes your profile more eye tempting. 


Pngtree has millions of PNG images and other graphic resources. Streamers seeking a trendy and catchy Twitch panel for their profile can try Pngtree. Its free PNG images, vectors, backgrounds, templates, and text effects keep this out of the crowd and can maximize your stream’s potential. 


However, Pngtree keeps on updating its designs based on upcoming festivals. The best part is its trendy template availability without compromising its quality.

Moreover, streamers can transform their background with a collection of eye-catching images from here. They focus on saving the time of users and improving their tasks thoroughly. Here streamers can get every possible template for their Twitch panel. 

Visuals by Impulse

A streamer himself designs Visuals by Impulse. This platform lets users download free Twitch panels in just a few clicks. If a user wants to design their template, they must choose a theme and color and customize it according to their requirements. This Twitch panel maker is 100% free to use. Plus, Visuals by Impulse are best for both premade and custom graphics content.

YouTube video

Visuals by Impulse contain 70+ panel types, plus Photoshop files, using which you can create your fascinating design. Eye-catching templates can add a professional, aesthetic touch to your channel to attract an audience quickly. Best of all, users also can have an experience and expensive software to design and make it beautiful. 


If you want to design a Twitch panel within seconds, Pixelied has tremendous resources to help you. Pixelied is designed for an immature artist not looking to hire one. Using Pixelied will remove the stress of using software like Photoshop and Illustrator.


All essential tools are available in one place for the user to design the template. Several free and paid packages are also available, which are affordable for users. 

The premium version is also available, where users can choose templates from the vast library. Moreover, tons of stock photos are available with a background remover tool that removes backgrounds using AI technology.


If you want to create professional content within seconds, PosterMyWall is the perfect solution for professionals. You can join millions of businesses, organizations, and individuals worldwide.

This Twitch panel maker is a one-stop platform where you can connect with your viewers. Moreover, its wide variety of customizable panel templates makes it easy for all streamers to create panels that match the look and feel of their content. 


However, you can add tools and graphics to your Twitch panel. Embed your content’s information to reach a vast audience easily. Moreover, PosterMyWall allows users to customize 250,000+ event flyer templates which you can share easily. In short, PosterMyWall is an affordable and mobile-friendly Twitch panel maker that allows users to collaborate with multiple team members. 


Freepik allows access to over 47,504,000 editable images, icons, and fonts. Its high-quality curated photos and many other options speed up your work. The premium version of Freepik is also available with Flaticon. Flaticon provides 9.8 million+ icons, logos, and stickers in SVG, EPS, and BASE64, which is compatible with professional tools. 


However, its ad-free interface enables users to work seamlessly. You can select your best fit by scrolling through the screen of high-quality assets and images. Plus, these collections of vector art are professionals’ choice. Overall, the platform’s vast collection of resources, user-friendly search function, and beautiful templates make Freepik a valuable tool. 


WDFLAT is an online platform for streamers and content creators with striking elements to design your streaming profiles. Streamers can have a rapidly growing catalog in PSD format free of cost.

With super high quality and an instant download facility, WDFLAT makes customization easier. It is the home of the best overlay templates for streamers and content creators. Moreover, users can explore dozens of the best Twitch overlays and stream packages available. 


The easy-to-use interface makes WDFLAT the most accessible tool to create all custom stream graphics. Lastly, the streaming quality is perfect for brands and influencers to engage with viewers. The best part is you will get everything here as it tends to avoid using any third party for streaming functionalities.


To sum up, streaming nowadays carries a tremendously successful future ahead. With proper guidance learning how to stream can become a straightforward task. Moreover, streamers can elevate their streaming content to the next level of success by designing a proper and accurate Twitch panel.

Twitch panels can help streamers promote their content on platforms other than Twitch. In this article, we have highlighted a few Twitch panels that can elevate your stream potential.

Next, check out the best tools for creating Twitch logo.

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