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In Digital Marketing Last updated: July 31, 2023
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Check out the best Twitter marketing platforms to keep you on top of the Twitter game.

It can be quite difficult to market on Twitter compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn because Twitter is more of a media platform.

You shouldn’t let that stop you from using it, though. Your current business situation could be completely turned around by Twitter marketing.

Maintaining your streak of consistency is no longer a challenge with Twitter marketing platforms. Although there are many options available in the market, you should make sure that you pick the one that best suits your needs.

An effective Twitter marketing platform can be your one-stop shop for all of your tweets, from creation to analytics gathering, and make those 280-character posts count.


Here are some stats by Hootsuite about Twitter that will make you understand that you shouldn’t miss the chance to market on Twitter:-

  • 5.8% of the global population over 13 sees Twitter advertisements.
  • The 9th most popular website worldwide is
  • Twitter is the seventh most popular social media site in the world.
  • It’s anticipated that there will be more than 329 million active Twitter users.
  • One of the liberalist social media channels is Twitter.
  • The average income of Twitter users is higher.
  • 54% of Twitter users are likelier to make new product purchases.
  • First View on Twitter lengthens the time spent watching videos by 1.4X.
  • 77% of Twitter users have a more favorable opinion of companies prioritizing the community and society.

The above stats are just the gist of ‘what wonders twitter marketing can do for your brand with the help of Twitter marketing platforms.

Twitter marketing tools are not just for scheduling posts or bulk posting but will also give you content curation ideas.

Furthermore, many online Twitter marketing platforms are available to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Below are some of the best Twitter marketing tools and their features so that you can select them as per your needs.

But before discussing Twitter marketing platforms, Let’s first check how brands approach Twitter for business growth and what kind of content you should post on Twitter.

How do Brands Approach Twitter?


Marketing your business is easy with the right strategy and the right tools. Today, brands are getting smarter and trying every possible way to stand out.

Using Twitter marketing, brands interact with their followers, learning more about their customers and retweeting their followers’ tweets on their brand page to increase customer loyalty.

Moreover, Brands now know that Twitter works as a media channel, any controversial post (good or bad) can go viral in minutes, unlike any other social media platform. Therefore, a bad or good tweet about any brand can change ‘how people perceive the brand.’

Here, Twitter marketing platforms help to quickly revert to any tweet and make it handy to address customer queries.

In addition, popular brands like Starbucks, Samsung, and McDonald’s never miss a chance to tweet about their brand values, interact with their followers, and reply to their customers. Thus, these activities will surely help the brands make a mark of your brand and increase sales.

Brands also know that keeping an eye on competitor tweets is as important as building a tweeter marketing strategy for their brand. They use Twitter marketing tools to check what their competitor is tweeting, how they interact with customers, and how their tweets perform.

So, If you want to establish a brand and increase your ROI, then Twitter is the right place to let our customers know about your brand and solve their queries. Twitter marketing platforms help you to ease the job.

What Content Works Best on Twitter?


Some particular types of content can benefit your traffic and branding on Twitter.

Here is a comparison of each type of content to the others. However, you can post any content on Twitter, like videos, images, and text.

Here is the comparison of each type of content to the others by Quick Sprout.

  • Videos are less effective than images.
  • Images typically receive more than twice as many retweets as compared to videos.
  • Text performs better than images, and
  • Quotes outperform questions. However, questions had more responses than quotes did. Questions generally receive 1,050% more responses.

Note: Memes aren’t a big thing among Twitter users. There aren’t as many memes shared on Twitter as there are on Facebook and Instagram. And they account for a very small portion of the tweets on Twitter.

Now, looking at these facts, you might wonder, “What kind of content should I post on Twitter?”

Well, it is not rocket science; whatever content you post, make sure to maintain brand voice and consistency. Here, Twitter marketing tools will help you choose trending topics and what type of content is popular.

Let’s check out the best Twitter marketing tools available.



Audiense is a Twitter marketing tool that works like a gem if you want to focus on Twitter and build a community. This tool helps you to know your audience better.

You can check your audience demographics, interests, and personality with community management and analysis. Furthermore, the Chatbots and Broadcasts feature automates the process of connecting directly with your followers (or customers).

Fundamental characteristics.

  • It tells you when it is the best time to post on Twitter for more engagement.
  • Filter out potential users and followers, and detect spammers and inactive users.
  • Know your Twitter community by getting your followers’ demographics.
  • Get clear analytics of the tools.
  • The influencer identification feature can check which individuals are influencing your brand.
  • Customers may use data to inform planning and creative development at every stage, from the pitch to the post-campaign evaluation.

With this tool, you can compare your Twitter account with your competitor’s account to check what works for them and how their followers react to it, which surely helps you to ideate your content.

Thus, it keeps you ahead of your competitors.



SocialPilot is not just another Twitter marketing tool but a full package that enhances your Twitter marketing and lets you achieve your marketing goals faster. You can handle multiple Twitter accounts and schedule over 500 tweets simultaneously, keeping you and your brand up-to-date.

This Twitter marketing tool does not just let you tweet smartly, but it gives you content ideas as well with its curation feature, which your audience will like.

In addition, you can post images, videos, and text and personalize them with emojis and custom fields. Thus, you can set your benchmark and let your target audience remember you.

Furthermore, SocialPilot lets you do the following:

  • Get a comprehensive view of all your scheduled tweets for a particular account daily, week-by-week, and monthly.
  • Make your tweets account-specific.
  • Make images and GIFs more accessible by adding alt text.
  • Share relevant links using in-built URL shorteners.
  • Analyze tweet performance based on likes, retweets, engagements, etc., with analytics reports.

In addition to Twitter marketing, SocialPilot serves various purposes, like social media analytics for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Business.



Twitter marketing is difficult, but not with Tweepi. It helps you take your Twitter marketing to another level. Tweepi’s artificial intelligence powers Tweepi and makes it one of the best Twitter marketing tools.

Suppose you have thousands of followers. They will be meaningless if you don’t interact with them and answer their queries. But engaging with each follower and waiting for a few to respond takes a lot of time.

Moreover, its following features enhance your marketing.

  • Analyze your follow list and identify inactive, irrelevant, or unwanted accounts so you can take action as you want.
  • Find relevant hashtags and those that your competitors are using.
  • Get an idea of your audience’s paying capacity or social worth.
  • Increase your engagement rate with Tweepi’s advanced features.
  • Track specific users or competitors.
  • Get users relevant to your topic of interest and fit your engagement.

Tweepi makes Twitter marketing simple.


YouTube video

Monetize your Twitter account with Tweethunter like never before. It lets you post 100 schedules of up to 100 tweets in less than 60 minutes. It comes with AI technology that understands your brand and target audience and provides you with a wide range of content ideas and market trends.

In addition to that, with Tweethunter, you can do the following:

  • Find trending tweets and get inspiration
  • Receive daily customized tweet suggestions, rewrite tweets you like, and maintain content threads.
  • Get clear and concise tweet analytics of your previous tweets and sort them as per your preference.
  • Get more reach and followers with automation.
  • Check which tweet is performing well.
  • You can check the profile visits as well.

Moreover, this tool will guide you to find out your potential leads and their data.

Social Bearing

Get to the bottom of things with this powerful Twitter analytics tool that enables you to locate and filter followers according to factors like location, demographics, or engagement.


If you are trying a Twitter marketing tool, choose Social Bearing and get an idea of how Twitter marketing tools work, as this tool provides a 7-day free trial.

Furthermore, check out these features of social bearing:

  • Customize the dashboard as per your preference
  • Get Premium reports for all previously published tweets
  • Check out who is talking about you or your business.
  • Sort tweets by engagements, language, and other factors.
  • View top hashtags, mentions, and influencers
  • Find friends, followers, and timelines of users.
  • Twitter picture walls
  • Sentiment analysis of tweets
  • Filter mentions, engagements, and your timeline
  • Geotagged tweets and a map
  • Export Twitter graphical data

Furthermore, it has a unique feature that lets you track your follower growth over time.



Know your followers better with twitonomy. This Twitter marketing tool provides you with deep data analysis to help you understand user behavior patterns, how they think, and what they prefer.

Twitonomy provides statistical analysis of a user’s account, followers, campaigns, hashtag performance, etc.

Here are the features of Twitonomy:-

  • Get comprehensive and visual analytics on anyone’s tweets, replies, mentions, and hashtags. Additionally, it is excellent at analyzing which of your tweets earned the most retweets.
  • Browse, search, and filter the people you follow and the individuals who follow you.
  • Tweets, retweets, mentions, and reports can all be exported to Excel and PDF with just one click.
  • Keep track of your interactions with other Twitter users, including mentions, favorites, and retweets.
  • The two export using any phrase, hashtag, URL, or @user, search analytics.
  • Discover information about and download any user’s favorites and retweet tweets.
  • Discover whom you follow but who isn’t returning the favor quickly.
  • Access the tool on your phone anytime, anywhere.

It also does a great job of analyzing which of your tweets received the most retweets. Furthermore, it has a unique feature that lets you track your follower growth over time.



Get real-time data with all the mentions, retweets, hashtags, followers, etc., in one dashboard with Foller. Find the most popular terms on Twitter with “tag clouds.”

Additionally, Foller gives you precise data about Twitter users, like when they joined, their timezone, and the followers-to-followers ratio. Thus, it helps you to decide whether to follow anyone or not.

Foller’s concise table feature provides users’ recent data, meaning their posts, tweets, tags, retweets, and comments. Therefore, you can quickly identify automated accounts and spammers with this data.

You can check at what time users are most active. Consequently, you can post and schedule your posts.


Twitter has immense scope if you want to market your business or do personal branding, but you need the right strategy and tools. We have listed some of the most useful and error-free tools above. Compare and test these Twitter marketing platforms and choose what works for you.

You may also look at an advanced search on Twitter that helps your marketing and branding.

Keep tweeting!

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